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RAYWOOD, January 25, 2016 – Hello, after my second tour in Iraq, I bought a house on C. R. 1840 in Raywood, from the time I purchased the residence in early 2012, I was told the road going into my place was a private road, even after checking and finding out that it was actually a county road, the county would not take responsibility for it, even after many attempts of tying to talk to the county commissioner, as well as the county engineer.

This is the end of County Road 1840 in Raywood. This section was adopted by the county in 2007, and has not seen any help since then. The drainage and roads are in dire need of help. I have included a picture with the yellow marking the part of the road that was adopted in 2007.

A few months ago, I had enough of the terrible drainage and road repair having to be done by myself as well as my 4 neighbors living on this so called private road. I started going back to the commissioner Mike McCarty, he kept dodging me and telling me that it was a private road, and putting everything off on the county engineer. After finally succeeding with talking to the county engineer, he pulled it up and showed me on the county computer system that the road that myself as well as my neighbors live on was actually adopted by the county as a county road in 2007. However even after talking to the County Judge, Judge Knight, and bringing documents to my county commissioner, Mike McCarty, I cannot get the county to take responsibility for the road that I have been paying taxes on, for the last 5 years, at least, there has not been a county employee do a single repair to the road, or any maintenance to our ever degrading drainage system.

It has gotten so bad, that if there is a light rain, any car or suv cannot make it down the county road. How many county roads still have cattle guards on them? Out of the 5 families that live down this road, 4 of them have small children. The local school buses refuse to drive down this road for fear of getting stuck.

After being indicted on two charges in June of last year, you would think our county commissioner, Mike McCarty would be trying to do everything to prove to the taxpayers of Liberty County that he is not a crooked politician. But when a man looks you in the eyes, and shakes your hand and tells you one thing, and immediately turns around and does the opposite, it tells the taxpayers that he is not worried about his reputation. Mr McCarty thinks that he is above the law, and does not work for the taxpayers. Please join me in reminding him of his oath he swore to uphold.

I have pictures of this terrible road and drainage system, and the documents from the County Engineer, as well as the County Judge proving county road's existance. I would like to make this as public as possible to bring light to the political ways of Mr McCarty in our terrible Liberty County.

Mr. McCarty”s office can be reached at 936-587-4922, mike.mccarty@co.liberty.tx.us

Thanks for your help,

Brandon Shellhammer

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