Bobby Rader is Watching YOU!

LIBERTY, September 6, 2016 – In the Liberty Radio Blog on Monday August 3. 2016 it sights the problem of slow response time by the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department to respond to calls.

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Well it’s all a matter of priorities. We’ve seen how taking five deputies off the street and assign them to drug interdiction on US 59 in Cleveland reduces the response time to answer calls for service. This is the direct decision of Sheriff Bobby Rader.  This is an allocation of resources to solve a problem that is not even ours to solve as it benefits communities largely out of state and does nothing to solve our own drug problems.

The radio blog article tries to make the case for more money and personnel at the Sheriff’s Department.

But even more disturbing news has come to light and the issue is license plate readers purchased by the Sheriff’s Department for the use of the drug interdiction group on US 59. These surveillance machines allow the drug interdiction team to more efficiently profile vehicles to stop.

License Plate Readers process the license plates of cars traveling on US 59 through Liberty County and could be used for many purposes. However, according to the Wall Street Journal they are predominately used in the seizure and forfeiture of assets without any evidence that a crime has even been committed.

The personal privacy concerns for citizens is a grave concern as the machines collect information about all the passing motorists and document there travel, including location, date and time and other information.

Does the Sheriff’s Department have proper policies about the collection of the data, how long is it retained, who and how many people have access to it and what it can be used for?

This allows the drug interdiction Officers to notice vehicles that frequently travel in the area and allows them to better profile vehicles of interest. But no one knows for what purposes the information is being used for and just who has access to it.

We’ve seen how the allocation of labor resources increases the time for calls to be answered. Now we see how the allocation of monetary resources to purchase such equipment does as well.

There are two machines located on US 59. One cost the Sheriff’s Department $35,337.00 and the other cost $39,120.00. That’s almost $75,000 dollars so that the LCSO can keep an eye on you.

The problem of increased time for calls for service to be answered is one of management and allocation of limited resources. And, our Sheriff should not be begging county commissioners for money we don’t have to give him.

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