Ken Coleman VS. the RLC (Repbiican Liberty Caucus)

LIBERTY, March 29, 2016 - Liberty County Republicans. Background A small but organized group known as the Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC) was in attendance at this year’s LCGOP Precinct and County Conventions. Complete with instructions from their state organization on how to manipulate the Republican Party Convention process1, they placed their representatives and supporters in key committees to push their agenda and to generally disrupt the LCGOP County Convention. They successfully had Chairman Ken Coleman removed as Chair of the County Convention in favor of Chairman-Elect Ryan Daniel.

Since the County Convention, it has been learned that prior to the convention, RLC representatives contacted their supporters and membership to coordinate which people would be members of the Nominations and Resolutions Committees. At the convention itself, it was learned some in attendance were invited by RLC members specifically to support their agenda and votes. In one case, 18 year old students (and invited friends of an RLC member) were dropped off at the front door of the County Convention by their parents specifically to back the RLC agenda.

Who is the Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC)?

Despite the disingenuous use of the words “Republican” and “Liberty” in their name, this group has more in common with libertarians than with Republicans. This group is not an auxiliary of nor affiliated with the Republican Party of Texas or of Liberty County. They are a “527 group”. A “527 group” is a taxexempt organization whose goal is to influence the selection, nomination, election, appointment or defeat of candidates to federal, state or local public office (“Swift Boat Veterans for Truth” was a 527). While they claim to be the “The Conscience of the Republican Party”, the RLC chapter here in Liberty County does not support the LCGOP in any way. They do not pay dues to the party, fundraise for the party, nor are they involved in the party’s local community efforts. Unless one of their candidates is running for office and asking for your vote, you won’t see local RLC members at Rotary Club meetings, Lions Club meetings, Chamber of Commerce meetings, or voluntarily donating their time or energy to 1 Republican Liberty Caucus County Convention Pack - anything in our communities. Politics is their only interest. The local RLC’s actions are to attack Republicans, create fractures within the local party, and to create confusion among Liberty County Republicans in order to get their candidates elected.

The local RLC’s modus-operandi is to deceive and divide. Using terms such as “grassroots” to describe themselves and “establishment” to describe Republicans, they will talk the conservative talk while they walk the more libertarian walk. Presenting themselves as subject matter experts on all things “conservative” and “republican”, the duplicitous nature of this group becomes glaringly evident when one compares what they say to Liberty County voters as opposed to what their organization promotes. Describing what the local RLC stands for is not unlike describing a chameleon. Depending on what issue they are promoting, which of their candidates they want Liberty County voters to elect, or whom they are tearing down (understand this group always has a Republican in its crosshairs), the local RLC’s principles seem to change on a whim. For the purposes of this statement, the Texas RLC Principles2 will be used since those seem to change with less frequency and since the local RLC seems to be heavily involved, influential leaders in their state organization. Please see footnotes at the bottom of each page for verification. While the local RLC will tell you they are against abortion, very clearly in their principles they take “no position”. While the local RLC will tell you they are God-fearing Christians, their principles acknowledges “every human being is endowed by nature” as opposed to God. While the local RLC will tell you they are in favor of traditional family values, their organization seeks to lower barriers to homosexual marriage, to legalize gambling, and to legalize marijuana3. These are just a few. In fact, many of the RLC’s stated principles are in direct conflict with the Republican Party of Texas Platform. Some might even say the RLC’s principles are not at all conservative.

In contrast, The Texas Republican Party Platform4 is a single, unified document that all County Republican Party’s adhere to and adopt as our values. The Party Platform does not change except for every two years at the Republican Party State Convention. There is a process and procedure. A committee is formed of Republicans from all across the State of Texas to ensure all conservative Republican values are included in our Party Platform. This process is what the RLC desires to manipulate.

Liberty County is host to prominent members of the Republican Liberty Caucus. Dayton resident Jeff LeBlanc is a founding member of the local RLC, past local chairman, and current State Chairman of the RLC of Texas. Jeff’s wife, Kay LeBlanc is the current Treasurer of the RLC of Texas. The current chairman of the local RLC and at-large chair of the RLC of Texas is Wesley Thomas.5 And one of our current run-off candidates is also a founding member of the local RLC.

Isn’t the GOP welcoming of everyone?

Yes. The Liberty County Republican Party welcomes and encourages all Republicans to engage and participate in our functions and organization. In fact, RLC members have been welcomed and encouraged to participate. Until the convention, the local RLC has purposely chosen to do none of the 2 Texas Republican Liberty Caucus Principles - 3 Republican Liberty Caucus County Convention Resolution Pack - for-rpt-conventions/ 4 The Texas Republican Party Platform - uploads/2014/06/2014-Platform-Final.pdf 5 Texas Republican Liberty Caucus Officers - above. Instead, they have chosen to publicly and personally attack, ridicule, and deceive Republican Party elected officials, candidates, and volunteers6. The local RLC’s efforts to deceive and divide Liberty County Republicans has introduced ugliness to the LCGOP that previously has not existed. In summary, the Liberty County Republican Party exists to oppose Democrats. We welcome anyone who wants to join us. In contrast, members of the local RLC don’t oppose Democrats, they fight against and oppose Republicans. The local RLC chooses not to work with the Republican Party. Through manipulation and deception, they want to run and reshape the Republican Party to match their liberal agenda and values.

Statement of Chairman to Voters

As Chairman of the Liberty County Republican Party, I want to publicly educate voters as to what groups are in our community. I want voters to be aware the Liberty County Republican Party and the Republican Liberty Caucus are NOT the same group, do NOT have the same principles, and do NOT have the same intentions if elected. Be sure you are voting for those who stand for your beliefs. Please do not be misled by the Republican Liberty Caucus.

by Ken Coleman, Chairman Liberty County Republican Party

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