Red Light Cameras

AUSTIN, August 31, 2015 - More municipalities are using photographic traffic signal enforcement systems, or red light cameras, to improve safety at their intersections.

Although TxDOT does not install or operate these cameras, we do allow municipalities to install them on state highways under certain conditions.

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A motorist running a red light often leads to tragedy.
Nationally, more than 100,000 crashes and 1,000 fatalities occur because of red light running each year. In Texas, there were over 12,000 crashes in 2008 due to red light violations.

State Law

Chapter 707 of the Texas Transportation Code gives local jurisdictions the authority to install photographic traffic signal enforcement systems, or red light cameras, at their intersections.

How They Work

Red light cameras detect motor vehicles that pass sensors after a traffic signal has turned red. The sensors are connected to computers in high-speed cameras that take photographs of the violation.

Trained law enforcement officials review the photographs and mail a citation to the registered owner of the vehicle.


The objective of using red light cameras is to improve intersection safety. Municipalities are prohibited from using the devices as revenue-generating sources. They are required to install signs along each roadway that leads to an intersection where a red light camera is in use.


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