Road Rage Report

AUSTIN, June 3, 2015 - Expedia just released their 2015 Road Rage Report, a yearly analysis of driving etiquette, where their research team surveys 1,000 Americans about their top aggravations towards other driver’s road etiquette. According to John Morrey, Vice President and General Manager of “…we’ve set out with the Road Rage study to examine what sorts of behavior make travel more pleasurable, and what sorts of behavior should be avoided. The study demonstrates that travelers, whether they’re on the road or in the air, expect – and reward – courtesy and respect from their fellow travelers.” Below are some top highlights of the report.

The worst drivers are:

The Texter (26%) That one guy that has his eyes glued to the phone, only looking up sometimes to make sure he isn’t swerving out of his lane.
The Tailgater (13%) That driver refuse to leave enough space between cars, clearly trying to force you out of the lane because he thinks you’re going to slow.
The Left-Lane Hog (12%) This is almost the opposite of the tailgater. This is the driver that is driving way below the speed limit in the fast lane.
The Crawler (10%) The driver that take his/her sweet time, enjoying the scenery, admiring the sunset, just driving REALLY SLOWLY.
The Multitasker (7%) We know this driver well. The one driver that puts on makeup, talks on the cell phone, eats breakfast, rocking out to music all at the same time, while driving.

The least popular in car characters are:

The Back Seat Driver (52%) That passenger that won’t hush and keeps spouting out what you should have done. It’s one thing for them to tell you to buckle up, it’s another for them to nag you about every single thing you do.
The Reluctant Copilot (12%) While the back seat driver talks too much, the reluctant copilot doesn’t say a word. You could probably need help, be it directions, a designated texter, or minimizing distractions for you. This guy just doesn’t do anything and leaves you hanging.
The Radio Hog (10%) Can we stop listening to Taylor Swift? For the fifth time, please?
The Snoozer (8%) This passenger is especially useless during late night or long distance trips. This person totally ignores the fact that you, the driver might be tired too.

All these characters directly relate to some of the major risk for young drivers. Unfortunately, according to the study “51% of Americans report that they loathe sharing the road with bad drivers, more than cyclists, buses, taxis, joggers and walkers combined. Nearly all Americans (97%) rate themselves as “careful” drivers, but feel that only 29% of fellow drivers merit the description.” It’s clear that everyone tends to be too confident about their own driving skills.

Bottom line, be courteous and always take the proper precautions while on the road.

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