LIBERTY, December 3, 2015 – received the following FEEDBACK REPLY today after the events in San Bernadino, CA yesterday.

I feel safe in Liberty because we have a trained Sheriffs department that has kept abreast of the necessary response to protect us from the same thing that happened in San Bernadino today. Make fun of his purchase of explosives and cost of training all you want to. He is the best this county has ever had. Thank you Bobby Radar and his staff.

This person obviously saw all the armored cars, robots and other equipment on the evening news employed by the San Bernadino Police Department which is the lead agency in this mass shooting incident because it occurred in their town.

What the person fails to mention in the FEEDBACK REPLY is that the City of San Bernadino, CA has filed for Chapter 9 Bankruptcy Protection because it has no money to pay its’ bills.

Just read about all the problems they are having at the following link…

Also be advised that ABC News is reporting that the only suspect now being identified as one who was killed is Syed Farook, a disgruntled San Bernadino County Employee who had worked for the county for about five years.


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