More Drama at LCSO

LIBERTY, March 4, 2015 - A news story involving an investigation usually has a short life. Something that is news today is old news tomorrow. That’s the way it usually happens but such is not the case concerning Sgt. Tim Niemeyer’s take home vehicle, an LCSO Chevy Tahoe.

See related story… Where Our Tax Dollars Go reported in May of last year how Sgt. Niemeyer is allowed to commute from Pearland each day in his county vehicle. learned today that Sheriff Bobby Rader only recently confronted an officer from another law enforcement agency claiming that he was the person responsible for the photograph which was published with the story in May of last year.

What’s going through Rader’s mind? This story and the photograph are almost a year old, yet are still significant enough to Rader they still bother him. Evidently that's one story that's struck a nerve.

Rader can certainly stir up a lot of drama and make no mistake he is the source of it.

All the courthouse drama caused by the Courthouse Security Situation was caused when Rader decided to write a letter to the District Judges telling them of his plans to remove his Deputies from Courthouse Security duties.

Perhaps Sheriff Rader just likes to stir up drama that we don’t need or perhaps he suffers from paranoia over just who is responsible for news stories published almost a year ago.

Is it any wonder other law enforcement agencies in the County want little to do with LCSO?


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