James "Monster" McGowan Arrested on Drug Charges

DAISETTA March 1, 2015 – On Friday, 02/27/2015, at approximately 3:30 PM, Liberty County law enforcement officers successfully apprehended 36-year-old W/M James Michael McGowan, also known as "Monster," of 204 Bobcat Lane, Daisetta, Texas, for the offense of Possession of a Controlled Substance Penalty Group 1 (Methamphetamine) with Intent to Deliver greater than 4 grams but less than 200 grams (1st Degree Felony) with an additional charge of Posession of Marijuana less than 2 ounces, a Class B Misdemeanor.

McGowan, a suspected member of the Aryan Circle, reportedly boasted that he was "untouchable" even in the aftermath of his 05/01/2014 arrest by the Liberty County Sheriff's Office for an identical methamphetamine charge as well as numerous previous narcotics related arrests by the Daisetta Police Department and other law enforcement agencies.

Liberty County Pct #4 Constable's Office and the Daisetta Police Department developed intelligence which indicated that McGowan was expected to be in possession of a sizeable amount of methamphetamine on 01/27/2015. The Daisetta Police Department began surveillance of McGowan's vehicle, utilizing unmarked units, and followed McGowan's 1999 white Chevy Tahoe from the Daisetta area into the City of Liberty where surveillance was then transferred to another unmarked Pct #4 Constable's Office unit. At that point, McGowan took a stationary position in the Wal Mart Parking Lot located at 2121 Highway 146 By-Pass in the City of Liberty where Pct #4 Constable Robbie Thornton and a deputy constable maintained constant stationary surveillance of McGowan's vehicle from that point for the duration of the operation.

While Pct #4 Constable's Office maintained surveillance, marked units with the Daisetta Police Department took up stationary positions on the Highway 146 By-Pass and on Highway 146. Members of the Liberty County District Attorney's Office, City of Dayton Police Department, Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS Narcotics) and the United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) were already involved in the investigation, however, since the surveillance operation had moved into the City of Liberty, Chief Mike Parrish notified the Liberty Police Department of the specifics concerning the investigation and requested their assistance which was readily provided.

As Pct #4 Constable's Office continued their surveillance, they observed McGowan exit his vehicle and enter into a green Pontiac Grand Am which then moved from Wal Mart to the Jack-in-the-Box restaurant located at 2320 N Main Street in Liberty. The vehicle then returned to the Wal Mart where McGowan re-entered his vehicle and the Pontiac Grand Am then left the scene traveling southbound on the 146 By-Pass while Daisetta Police Officer Mike Leffew followed. The vehicle then turned westbound on US Hwy 90 then then southbound on Lawrence Street then westbound on Neyland Street during which time Officer Leffew observed two separate traffic violations. Officer Leffew notified Chief Parrish of his location and Chief Parrish initiated a traffic stop at the intersection. Chief Parrish then notified Liberty Police Department while making contact with the driver of the Grand Am.

The driver of this particular vehicle was found to be 45-year-old W/M Joey Ray Adams of Liberty, Texas. A warrant check was conducted and it was learned that Adams was wanted on three outstanding felony warrants issued via Live Oak County, Texas, including Theft (Copper Wire), Criminal Mischief and Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity.

Adams was taken into custody by the Daisetta Police Department and transported to the Liberty County Jail by the Liberty Police Department.

At approximately 3:30 PM, Pct #4 Constable's Office notified Daisetta Police Officer Terry Cosgrove that McGowan's vehicle, bearing Texas License Plate #DDM5093, was leaving the Wal Mart parking lot and the vehicle was subsequently stopped for the offense of defective brake lamp on Hwy 146 north of the by-pass in Liberty. Cosgrove obtained consent to search the vehicle which was given to her by McGowan himself who was quoted as saying, "Tear it up, I don't care."

Officer Cosgrove was assisted on the traffic stop and search of the vehicle by Officer Mike Leffew and members of the Liberty County Sheriff's Office Drug Interdiction Squad Deputies Paul Young and Robert Dunn. Officers of the City of Liberty Police Department were present as well.

During the search of the vehicle, the officers discovered a useable amount of a green leafy substance believed to be marijuana inside the glove box then they located a hidden compartment located in the vehicle's console. Once the compartment was opened, the officers discovered five (5) clear plastic baggies containing a white, crystalline, rock-like substance believed to be methamphetamine with a combined weight of approximately 135 grams along with scales, unused baggies and clean hypodermic syringes. These items were immediately seized as evidence and the suspected methamphetamine would be later forwarded to the Texas Department of Public Safety Crime Lab located in Houston, Harris County, Texas.

28-year-old Codi Jenea McGowan, also of 204 Bobcat Lane, Daisetta, was arrested for the offenses of Defective Equipment, Failing to Maintain Financial Responsibility and Resisting Arrest with charges pending for Possession of a Controlled Substance Penalty Group 1 (Methamphetamine) greater than or equal to 4 grams but less than 200 grams and Possession of Marijuana less than two ounces.

James Michael "Monster" McGowan" was arrested on the two illegal drug charges. After releasing their two (2) young children into the custody of a grandmother, James and Codi McGowan were then transported to the Liberty County Jail for booking.

Codi McGowan was released from custody on 02/28/2015 after bonds were set at $500 for the No Liability Insurance charge, $500 for the Defective Equipment charge and $2,500 for the Resisting Arrest Search or Transport charge.

James "Monster" McGowan remains incarcerated at the Liberty County Jail with bond set at $1,500 for the Marijuana charge and $100,000 for methamphetamine.

"I'd like to thank all the local law enforcement agencies, municipal, county, state and federal that participated, as well as our District Attorney's Office, for their much-appreciated assistance in both gathering intelligence and effecting this arrest," said Chief Parrish. "James McGowan has operated throughout several southeast Texas counties and communities for far too long and it's good to see closure in this case. In the past few weeks we've seen the arrests of several of McGowan's associates, such as Daniel Ray Burch (Short Fuse) who was apprehended in a stolen vehicle after leaving
McGowan's residence as well as the arrests of Kevin Wayne Nobles (Twitch), William Dale Perkins (Rabbit) and others, all of which share roots in supremacists groups such as the Aryan Brotherhood, Aryan Circle and Southern White Soldiers."

Liberty County Precinct #4 Constable Robbie Thornton stated, "It's a great thing to see all of our local law enforcement coming together for a common purpose. This past Friday (02/27/2015), several local, state and federal agencies focused their attention on one of Liberty County's most infamous drug traffickers and I'm glad to see there was a safe conclusion to this case."


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