LCSO Narcotics and Criminal Interdiction Statistics

LIBERTY, January 21, 2015 - Sheriff Bobby Rader is committed to decreasing the usage, manufacturing and trafficking of illegal drugs in Liberty County, and when possible, even stopping those illegal activities all together. The sheriff has a two-person interdiction unit that focuses primarily on the thoroughfares were people are known to transport large amounts of illegal drugs. He also has a three-person “hot spot” unit that works with the Patrol Division and Narcotics in areas of the county that have reported problems to the Sheriff’s Office. Without the assistance from citizens as well as other law enforcement agencies, the Sheriff’s Office’s efforts wouldn’t be nearly as successful as they are today.

Sheriff Rader thanks all of the citizens that have helped. That goes for the kind of calls that are anonymous tips, and the kind that are willing to go on record and prosecute offenders. Knowing that LCSO’s success comes from coordinating its efforts with other law enforcement agencies, the sheriff thanks the police departments of Cleveland, Daisetta, Dayton, Liberty, and Cleveland ISD, the constable offices in Precincts 1,2,3,4,5 and 6, Texas Department of Public Safety, U.S. Marshals, D.E.A., Department of Homeland Security, F.B.I. and the Border Patrol. The sheriff also commends District Attorney Logan Pickett and his staff for all of their work in preparing the cases for successful prosecution. Everybody, no matter how big or small their particular contribution, has made LCSO’s efforts great.

Another change that Sheriff Rader has instituted is how the proceeds from illegal endeavors are seized. In the past, LCSO cases were filed in Federal Court. The resulting court-awarded funds were split with LCSO receiving 80% and the Feds receiving 20%. The sheriff now has LCSO file their cases in Liberty County District Courts. The resulting court-awarded funds are now split with LCSO receiving 70% and the District Attorney’s Office receiving 30%. Although the Sheriff’s Office receives 10% less, all of the funds now stay entirely in Liberty County and are used law enforcement and criminal justice purposes.

Sheriff Rader has used funds that were awarded to LCSO to better equip and educate his employees.  The following are statistics on how seizure funds were spent for the fiscal year October 1, 2013, to September 30, 2014:

Equipment (firearms, protective gear, etc.) …………………… $132,840
Training/Training Supplies………………………………………. $78,125
Vehicles……………………………………………………………. $58,513
Communications/Computers……………………………………. $40,647

None of these items were paid for with money that was budgeted for the Sheriff’s Office. While seized funds are never guaranteed, when they are awarded to LCSO, Sheriff Rader feels they should be expended on items that can enhance the overall resourcefulness of LCSO’s mission.

The following are statistics for calendar year 2014 and highlight the efforts of the Interdiction Team and the Hot Spot Team:

340 felony cases
162 suspects arrested
19 Narcotic search warrants executed
$600,000 is U.S. currency seized
Four (4) vehicles seized

Illegal or prohibited items collected by the teams for evidence (some cases disposed of by courts, some still pending):

1,300 pounds of marijuana
150 marijuana plants
17 pounds of cocaine
1 pound of “crack” cocaine
1 pound of methamphetamine
500 Ecstasy pills
30 grams of Phencyclidine (PCP)
1.2 gallons of liquid codeine
300 prescription pills

Sheriff Bobby Rader’s statement on LCSO’s narcotic and interdiction efforts:

“Our two teams have worked hard and have made some solid cases. But they know there’s more to achieve. The hard work that our patrol deputies and investigators start, along with the tips from citizens, is bringing to bear what we can on the narcotics problem in Liberty County. Our deputies and staff are encouraged by the cases being made and we hope to continue receiving the good support of our Liberty County citizens in combating a problem that affects us all.”

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