We Ask the Questions of Candidate Rex Evans

LIBERTY, October 10, 2015 - i-dineout.com compiled a list of questions and asked them of Sheriff’s Candidate Rex Evans. Below are our questions and Evans’ responses.

i-dineout.com - Can Liberty County Taxpayers afford to allow Sheriff’s Department employees to commute in their County vehicles to their homes outside of Liberty County?

Evans - No. And as your Sheriff, I would not allow this practice to continue.

i-dineout.com - Do you think a non-certified employee should have a take home vehicle?

Eveans - No. Absolutely not. This practice, sets a dangerous precedent. One which as Sheriff, I would never allow. An unarmed, civilian in a marked Law Enforcement vehicle is a very dangerous combination. 

i-dineout.com - How can/will you address comp time issues currently plaguing the Department?

Evans - As Sheriff, I would re-align Shifts and Personnel to create a much more efficient and effective overall operation. These two changes will have a direct and significant impact on reducing rising comp time.

i-dineout.com - The Liberty County Sheriff’s Office has a larger budget than ever before. How can / will you manage this and will you be asking for more every year?

Evans - We, as a Sheriff’s Office, must learn to live within our means. The Liberty County Sheriff’s Office must be conservative in how it conducts business. I would not anticipate having to ask for more funds every year, baring such incidents as Natural Disasters or major market fluctuations in fuel or oil, etc.

i-dineout.com - Can Liberty County Taxpayers afford to have a Sheriff’s Department Employees use their County Vehicles and fuel to perform “Extra” jobs for extended periods of time?

Evans - No. To me, this practice is not in line with current ethical Law Enforcement General Practices.

i-dineout.com - Does performing Drug Interdictions on US 59 provide meaningful benefit to the Taxpayers of Liberty County?

Evans - In my assessment, our neighborhoods and communities come first. Liberty County residents and their families come first. Not Interstate Highway Interdiction.

i-dineout.com - Is the cost of providing Drug Interdiction on US 59 justified by the income it brings in?

Evans - I really do not see how it can. In all actuality it tends to simply fund itself and anything above its operating costs are marginal, at best.

i-dineout.com - Are Chevy Tahoes and Pickups currently the only vehicles suitable to patrol our neighborhoods? No. Of course not. There are far more, less expensive Certified Police Vehicles which, as Sheriff, we would be purchasing and using. Also, these other less expensive units have a less expensive annual operating costs, which also allow for savings of taxpayer dollars.

i-dineout.com - Does the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department need a SWAT Team and can its cost be justified given our population?

Evans - No. I believe Liberty County in no way, has the fiscal resources to operate and maintain a full time-stand-alone SWAT Team. Furthermore, this is one of two “Special” units within the Sheriff’s Office creating some degree of animosity between those in said “Special” units and those who are not.

i-dineout.com - What can you do better now to stay within the budget set for the Sheriff’s Office?

Evans - Our employees and equipment should always be a top priority. Certainly, we can identify more effective and efficient means to conduct our overall operations and business. Saving more, not spending more, should be the motive behind every business decision made.

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