City of Liberty Power System Analysis

LIBERTY, October 28, 2015 - By the Liberty Community Development Advisory Board to the Liberty City Council.
The City of Liberty has begun a major refurbishment and improvement program for the power infrastructure in Liberty, Texas. The emphasis is now to restore or replace and improve performance in the power provision to the citizens of Liberty.

Unfortunately, recent nature events in floods, winds and soaring temperatures in the summer and just aging of facilities have damaged and weakened the existing power system in Liberty, Texas on an accelerated basis.

The purpose of this analysis is to update the primary reasons for the excessive power failures in 2014 and 2015; then to enumerate the power outages in recent days that have reeked havoc for many in multiple power outage events.

Following is what has been done to correct what is within the ability of the City of Liberty to perform and then what is the program and plan to attempt to reduce significantly the negative power events for the City of Liberty both tomorrow and in the future.

To prepare this report, the Liberty Community Development Advisory Board to the Liberty City Council has requested from City of Liberty management information relative to the recent power events in the City of Liberty and appreciate the extensive time and efforts given to provide the information needed.

City of Liberty Power Improvement projects at present total $2,841,913 both budgeted and anticipated as enumerated in known detail below. It is the recommendation of the Liberty Development Advisory Board to the Liberty City Council that an additional $2,000,000 be committed now to a Power System Reconditioning and Replacement Program to more rapidly implement and expand the area of performance enhancements in the power system for the City of Liberty.

Power Failure Events Prior to October 25-26, 2014-2015:
Limbs breaking and falling on power lines have caused numerous distribution reductions and interruptions. The City of Liberty budgeted and contracted for limb removal in the City in the amount of $103,000 for the 12 months from October 2014 through September 2015. Additional funds are anticipated in coming months for additional tree limb trimming. An issue is many poles and adjacent trees are in areas inaccessible to trucks and truck mounted trimming equipment.

Several transportation accidents have been caused by drivers hitting and breaking power poles with line and pole destruction. A pole replacement policy for the City is now in progress with 120 poles purchased and being put in place first in Forest Hills, Ridgewood and Tree Top Terrace and in the Feeder #3 area involving the eastern portion of Liberty.

Entergy provides the power transmission lines and delivers power for Liberty and, like the Liberty Municipal Electric Department, has suffered from weather related transmission 2

interruption for power into Liberty, with the most recent event being a faulty insulator that was traced and repaired by Entergy, but not before power interruption in the City of Liberty.

Several power outages have been attributed to large permit truck loads approved by TxDot that require raising current transmission lines over streets and then lowering same safely. In extremely large equipment instances, power has had to be discontinued with no review or input by the City of Liberty for a brief period of time until travel through Liberty is complete, with electrical work done by independent contractors not associated with the City of Liberty. The City of Liberty to date has no control and notices have been sooner and sooner prior to arrival, but the City is seeking discussions to provide better coordination and reduction of related power outages in Liberty.

Power Outages on Sunday, October 25, 2015 and Monday, October 26, 2015 (9 inches rain in City of Liberty in 48 hours)

Liberty Municipal Power Department:
Sunday morning the cross arm on a pole located at Webster and Texas broke into pieces, disrupting power – repaired in rain.

A protector as hardware associated with Feeder #5 in the City of Liberty interrupted proper grounding and, combined with fallen tree limbs, caused periodic power disruptions.

Pole at Maple and Edgewood had an overhead guy wire that had become loose due to rain and wetness; thus tracking or shorting out causing periodic power interruptions. Repaired in rain.

Line on Primary at Magnolia and Browning had 2 sets of limbs from large trees adjacent hitting the line, causing periodic power interruptions. Repaired in rain.
Limbs at Kipling and N. Main lines associated with Feeder #5.

Sam Rayburn Municipal Power Authority (SRMPA):
SRMPA owns transformer T1 at the Liberty Substation that started fluctuating with incoming and outgoing power out of balance causing relays to open up; then tripping offline causing power interruptions. SRMPA was called for repairs for which SRMPA, not Liberty Municipal Electric, are responsible. Repairs could not begin until Monday, October 26, 2015.

SRMPA brought in contractors on Monday to analyze and attempt to repair transformer T1 owned by SRMPA. Dissolve Gas Analysis testing was performed for transformer oil supply. Additional testing were performed on insulating properties on bushings and windings. Testing did not indicate the problem cause and additional evaluations are in progress by SRMPA. Due to switching directions given by SRMPA personnel, an incorrect switch was activated resulting in a total City of Liberty outage for about 30 minutes. After a switch correction, the transmission line was reenergized and power restored. 3

The City of Liberty Electric crews have joined with Bright Star Construction to implement a power improvement program for the City with the first phase having begun June 23, 2015 and involving an $841,913 expenditure. The expenditures were budgeted for the following:
Forest Hills (now complete)
Contractor-$160,000; Materials-$42,180 and Tree Trimming-$20,000 to Total $222,180
Ridgewood Subdivision (In progress as of October 27, 2015)
Contractor-$150,000; Materials-$34,380 and Tree Trimming-$20,000 to Total $204,380
Treetop Terrace (scheduled)
Contractor-$125,000; Materials-$23,515 and Tree Trimming-$20,000 to Total $168,515
Beaumont Feeder #3 (scheduled)
Contractor-$200,000 and Materials-$46,838 to Total $246,838
Project Total: $841,913

FUTURE POWER IMPROVEMENT PROJECTS (Projected but not funded or scheduled)
PHASE I (Order of project implementation not finalized)
Distribution Feeder-double circuit #4 and #5.
Live Front Transformers Replacement (N Main Baptist Ch, First United Methodist Ch and adjacent office building, City Park-3 locations, LISD-behind elementary school on Grand, Regency Subdivision switching cabinet, Church of Christ at Bypass @ Hwy 146.
FUTURE POWER IMPROVEMENT PROJECTS (Projected but not funded or scheduled)

PHASE I (continued)
Knife Blade electrical equipment removal and air switch installations at various locations
Regency Subdivision – underground to minimize weather related power interruption
Project Estimated Total $1,000,000
PHASE II (Order of project implementation not finalized)

Layl Subdivision
Pine Place Subdivision
Whittington Subdivision
Travis Park Subdivision - underground to minimize weather related power interruption
Featherstone Subdivision - underground to minimize weather related power interruption
Project Estimated Total $1,000,000 4

In an attempt to communicate facts and not rumors associated with the City of Liberty Power status, the following questions recently posed on social media are answered:
1. Does the City have to shut off the power in order for Boomerang to repair any power issues at the manufacturing plant? No. Boomerang has a separate substation for power for which Boomerang is paying over time by a management fee and Boomerang power usage and issues do not impact the City of Liberty power supply.

2. When Boomerang Tubular bankrupted did the City of Liberty forgive the power bill due and forgive advalorem taxes due? Boomerang by agreement with the corporation and approved by the Bankruptcy Court has never been delinquent on utilities; no bills have been forgiven and Boomerang utilities are paid current A payout plan for advalorem taxes on non-exempt inventory was approved by the City which included applicable penalties and that payout plan for advalorem taxes is current. No Boomerang advalorem taxes due were forgiven and the payout plan is approved by the Federal Bankruptcy Court plan for Boomerang and to be paid in full in the next few months.

3. Is the Liberty power supply provided by Centerpoint? No. The City of Liberty has an independent power department which purchases power from the Sam Rayburn Municipal Power Authority (SRMPA) with the power transmitted through Entergy transmission lines from locations outside the City of Liberty.

4. Is the City of Liberty working to have better communications on power issues? Yes. Both the website at and the City of Liberty Facebook page will be better utilized to inform as timely as possible with needed information.

5. How do I report power issues? Please call 936-336-3684 where a local dispatcher is on duty 24 hours a day; seven days a week.

Submitted this date, October 28, 2015 by Frank Jordan, Chairman
Liberty Community Development Advisory Board to the Liberty City Council

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