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DAYTON, March 20, 2014 - Letter to the Editor, I Wonder If, the Sheriff's Dept., tested the tobacco, for drugs, on the tobacco, like PCP or packages of "grass", not Bugler. Yes, it can be opened and resealed, has been smuggled, inside Jails and State Prisons. A pistol is in the county jail, and many law enforcement officers agree, they believe the same thing. Remember 5+ inmates escaped from the State Prison, in Livingston, where Death Row, is Housed, a high security unit, by going over the fence, at night after a class, going back to their cells. A few days later, in Arlington, Texas, coming out of an Academy store, shot and killed a very young Police Officer, outside the Academy store. Where did that weapon, come from, that killed the young Policeman, possibly from inside the State Prison, they all left from. The Sheriff, Mr. Bobby Rader, by Texas State Law, is ultimately responsible for the Liberty County Jail, no matter, if an outside company runs it, at a high price to taxpayers. Has our new Sheriff and his people, shook the jail down, since 1/1/13, my money, says the answer is no! The "slime employees" constantly smuggle contraband, into the jail, like cell phones and narcotics and tobacco, into the jail, on a daily bases. I personally know, of one inmate possessing cocaine, for nearly one year and was not discovered until; the inmate was bound for State Jail. So, are we the citizens, safe, with a powder keg of a County Jail, ran like a kindergarten of harden criminals and when will a Liberty County Deputy get killed, responding to a problem, at the County Jail? Citizens, we have been duped by The County Judge and 4 Commissioners worried about their own fiefdoms, and not our safety or LCSO’s Deputy's safety or running with no contract, even though a contract, has been completed, for 1 year and never signed into a binding contract, by Commissioner’s Court. Why do we accept this crap and pay daily for inmates, at a higher rate, than the contract that has been rat holed, in the Court House, for a year. Are we fools, have we turned our heads, sex in the jail, with inmates, has caused these problems of smuggling. Wake up Liberty County residents; we are the fools, in this hot potato, called "Liberty County Jail"! I am a person, that spent many years, in city, county and state prisons, and have accreditations from, "Institute Of Contemporary Corrections and the Behavioral Sciences, at Sam Houston State University and has Fulfilled the Requirements in Criminology and Corrections for the "Certificate in Corrections", signed August 16, 1975. Also, I hold a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminology, from Sam Houston State University. I am an old man, but have volunteered my expertise in in the County Jail, because if you lived and breathed this type security, it becomes second nature and you never forget the details. I was also involved with the case, Ruiz vs. Estelle, which started in 1972, as a handwritten Petition and settled in court in 1979 with a 118 page decision, by Federal Judge William Wayne Justice, in 1980. I left the Prison System, after this decision, because at a meeting of Supervisors call by the Warden. I ask a question, about my liability, was told to stop by and read a Federal Judge's 181 page opinion “the most far-reaching lawsuit on the conditions of "prison incarceration in American history". I hardly had the knowledge of a Federal Judge, who rendered it. I left and was employed in private industry, in the summer of 1980.

Murrie G. Kinney, Jr. Dayton, Texas



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