Former Commissioner Todd Fontenot Endorses Jay Knight for County Judge

LIBERTY, May 26, 2014 - Hello, my name is Todd Fontenot, former 12 yr Commissioner of Precinct One. I’d like to thank all the supporters in Liberty County who voted for me in the Primary County Judge’s race, and I’m asking all of you to carry your support over to Jay Knight in the Run-off Election. While our current County Judge is heavily campaigning for re-election, I’m hoping Liberty County voters will remember his first 3 years of service and the issues raised during that time.

His inability to timely manage the Jail Contracts which resulted in higher cost to the county, not enough time to consider other vendors and winding up with a contractor whose employees took advantage of our female prisoner population. His right out the gate plan to halt progress on the Wal-Mart (Jack Hartel Bldg.) building which cost the County millions in additional expenses and halted progress on preparing for the future regarding better working conditions and better facilities for them and our taxpayers. He lost the Park and Ride planned for that facility, and ability to increase direly needed storage space.

While Craig is a nice guy, it is KNOWN he has given misinformation, he does NOT communicate properly with Commissioner’s Court, and he does not rely on responsible and knowledgeable resources at his disposal and tends to want to handle everything but doesn’t do it very well. Since he’s taken office, the general fund has consistently decreased; he’s ignored recommendations that would benefit departments by saving money, and tends to serve as a less than forthright communicator to his peers in Liberty County Government. While he resides in Liberty County, it’s known he has residence in another state and has been unable to attend very important Special Court meetings because of his travel.

Although Jay Knight is inexperienced in County Government, he does have experience in working together with other civic/municipal entities through his long time involvement with the Dayton Community Development Corporation and Dayton City Council and, I believe, that his direction towards leadership would be a different approach. While campaigning, I got to know him and his stance on things and I feel Jay would be more open minded to better communication and dialog with other Commissioners and Department heads. He’s open to advice from people in the know who have been through hard times and difficulties and can help advise and recommend better solutions to long range planning, while our current Judge handles things “Solo”, resulting in non- thought out consequences of his actions.

Liberty County needs new Leadership! Unless we change direction now, the County will be subject to continued poor decisions and directions costing Tax Payers more money.

Please join me in voting for Jay Knight as our new County Judge and having the right kind of Leadership for our future! From a knowledgeable person who served honorably and for the good of the whole county on Commissioner's Court for 12 yrs (2 yrs with Craig), Liberty County needs NEW leadership and direction. Thank You for your consideration.

Sincerely, Todd Fontenot

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