Throw Out the Lifeline THEN We Shall Overcome

LIBERTY, December 28, 2014 - Is “life” getting you down, getting to you, and overwhelming you? Are you feeling defeated and hopeless? Do you need uplifting inspiration and motivation to just keep on keeping on? Do you vaguely remember THE DREAM? Is THE DREAM completely out of reach? Isn’t somebody going to make a difference today…during these trying times?

Well, it could be you…yes, you! You and I together can make a difference in many ways. No, life may not be easier or even where we once hoped to have it be by this day and time. Yes, we hear less and less good news and catchy phrases that motivate us to greater and greater things. However, we must remember that “we” were passed the torch and “we” must be the ones to continue the struggle.

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. did not live and die pointlessly; he continues to provide all the inspiration and motivation we need, if we just look around and look inside ourselves to review THE DREAM. Dr. King’s words and works are still as powerful today as ever, if we just continue to look at the documentaries and listen to the recordings and read the manuscripts and visit the memorials and the libraries and continue to talk with and listen to our elders who “were there” if we happen to fall on the younger generation side of the equation.

It is great to continue to memorialize Dr. King but we are called today, as always before, to continue the efforts and continue to reach and accomplish the goals established during his era. He left a legacy and a legacy means an inheritance, a birthright, a bequest, and a heritage. He left us work to do, a continuous and continuing effort.

Throw out the lifeline to your brother or sister in need of better housing…some have no home at all. Throw out the lifeline to someone in need of medical attention…take a loved one to the doctor even during times when it is not on the national agenda. Throw out the lifeline to the young hopeless person with words of encouragement and hold them accountable to better behavior and more education so that the coming generation can be strong and prepared to face a better future. Throw out the lifeline to a senior citizen whose meager monthly income leaves them in dire need and want for basic life necessities. Throw out the lifeline to the fatherless children who need “old school” teaching on how to be “real” in these days when so many of our young ones seem to be losing their way in society.

THE DREAM will always be alive and well, THE DREAM will always be a beacon of hope like the lighthouse calling and guiding us safely back home from the stormy seas of life. Yes, you and I still have much work that we can and should be doing within our family, within our neighborhood, within our community and our extended world. It is incumbent upon us to “throw out the lifeline” as the old Spiritual goes (paraphrased):

Throw out the lifeline, someone is drifting away;
Throw out the lifeline, someone is sinking today.
There is a brother whom someone should save!
Why do you tarry…hasten today!
Soon, the season of rescue will end!
Throw out the lifeline; you can help save
If only your hand you would extend.

We are all in this life together and Dr. King’s immortal words will forever ring true: you can help somebody and someone can help you.

That is precisely how we shall overcome: we shall overcome by being there for one another. We shall overcome by not forgetting about the needs of our brother or sister. We don’t have it all; so, be comforted in the knowledge that there is somebody out there who can assist you as well. We must walk hand-in-hand; we must not be afraid; we are not alone; surely, we shall be free; we shall all be free some day.

Dr. King realized that through the love of God and the work of our hands, together we could and still can find healing in this, our land. The United States of America came to be because by hardship and struggle and, more importantly, working together to make our country a better place for living.

We still toil, but not in vain.
We still seek, though we stumble.
We still desire, as our human hearts will.
We still reach out, because that is what we are called to do.

Do all that you can do to help somebody believing that someone will, in turn, be there for you!

Throw out the lifeline THEN we shall overcome.

Liberty County Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration Committee, INC.
Message from the Chairman
Dr. Henry L. Dugat, Sr.


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