Who wants to spend $64,000 Dollars

LIBERTY, October 9, 2014 - In a special meeting on Thursday afternoon Commissioners Court took up the question of spending $64,000 Dollars to hire a jail consultant to tell them what to do about a question that the incumbent court and the County Sheriff have failed to handle for over three years at great expense to Liberty County taxpayers.

New Commissioner Eddie Lowery is pushing the effort to hire the consultant and lame duck Commissioner Norman Brown whose done nothing for decades wants to spend the money and get the answers that have alluded him for years, as he says, “…Before he leaves office.”

Taxpayers are not interested in educating you before you leave office Mr. Brown. If you don’t know by now you never will.

Furthermore in only about 70 days, we will have a new Commissioners Court with two new commissioners and a new county judge. Having done nothing for this long, why take steps to spend such a large amount of money now? Why not let a new commissioners court take on this problem and allow the new office holders, that citizens want to represent them, to way in on the subject and take the necessary steps to solve the jail problem since this commissioners court and our County Sheriff have done nothing despite the fact they are the ones responsible for stopping the bleeding that has cost us millions.

Why should this Commissioners Court spend the money, then leave office and not have to be responsible for their decision?

The vote on whether or not to hire the consultant ended in a tie with Commissioner Lowery voting for it, Commissioner McCarty voting against it and Commissioner Brown abstaining. County Judge Craig McNair and Commissioner Charlotte Warner did not attend.


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