When and Why do Warrants Get Served?

LIBERTY, DICKINSON, October 24, 2013 – Recently Ken Morrison of Liberty County was served a Felony Warrant for his arrest out of Dickinson, TX by the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office.

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Questions have arisen about when and why the Felony Warrant was served at this time since the incident that gave rise to the warrant occurred over two years ago.

i-dineout.com contacted the Dickinson Police Department to find out about the warrant and the case in reporting our news story of October 18, 2013.

We did our report and thought that was the end of the story.

Today a representative of the Dickinson Police Department called i-dineout.com unexpectedly without any apparent reason, asking if we had any questions. Our question was, since this warrant was so old, why was it served only a about a week ago after Morrison announced in a Republican meeting about three weeks before that he was thinking about running for the office of County Judge.

The Dickinson Police Department claimed that the Felony Warrant for Mr. Morrison was issued on September 14, 2011 and that someone with the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department had discovered the warrant and contacted the Dickinson Police Department to confirm the warrant was still valid which is common procedure.

Furthermore the Dickinson Police Representative claimed they did not have anything to do with the timing of when the warrant was served on Mr. Morrison here in Liberty County.

i-dineout.com thanked the representative for his unexpected call and told him that the answer to our question as to why this old Felony Warrant for Mr. Morrison was served only a couple of weeks after Morrison stated in a Republican Party meeting that he was thinking about running for County Judge must lye here in Liberty County since he claimed his department had nothing to do with the warrant being served at this time and we thanked him for his call with this new information.

i-dineout.com then placed calls to local sources here in Liberty County to answer the question as to why the LCSO served the Warrant on Morrison about a week ago.

About thirty minutes after concluding the call from the Dickinson Police Department and after pursuing the matter with local sources, the Dickinson Police Representative called back. We didn’t know why he was calling back as we thought our business in Dickinson was finished.

The Dickinson Police representative quickly changed his entire story about the warrant and how it was served. He simply stated that that the outstanding warrant for Morrison had been discovered in a routine audit of felony warrants and that the Dickinson Police Department had contacted Liberty County and hung up the phone.

Some time ago sources contacted i-dineout.com concerning the outstanding warrant for the arrest of a known Liberty County resident on serious felony charges stemming from an auto accident that resulted in the death of a child.

i-dineout.com pursued this information with the LCSO and confirmed the existence of the warrant and the fact it had not been served even though the case involves the death of a child.

As of today there is no evidence this warrant has been served and confirmed by LCSO.

When questioned about these matters Sheriff Bobby Rader stated, “The Sheriff’s Department does not have a warrant division,” yet we can devote time to assisting other out of town police departments in serving their warrants while warrants in our local community here in Liberty County go unserved even after being questioned about them some time ago.

This brings into question the priorities of the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department as to which warrants are served and which are not and what influences those decisions.

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