Letter to the Editor, Tanner Response to Hartz Chicken

DAYTON, September 24, 2013 - how about we ask the owner of hartz chicken for the video tape from the security and lets pray that it has sound. everybody makes a mistake even hartz chicken, I assure you if our money would have been refunded then we would not be at this point in our lives. I work very hard for my money.

if I m wrong about my accusations then why is so many people coming forward with the same or similar stories about the owners wife and her attitude and rudeness. And im not related to any cop that I know of. I hate cops. they are bullies with badges, and I assure you I am not related to a cop anywhere that I am aware of. you called the cops because your a wimp who cant come up with the correct means of getting past a very bad mistake your business made and you know you laughed at us. your husband was so embarrassed when you started cussing at us. the look on his face said why did I marry her. and if im so wrong then how come so many people are coming forward with similar stories of nasty food, ok sure a restaurant makes a mistake from time to time. last time I checked you had one customer happy and about 15 to 20 mad at you, America is a statistic country, not looking to good for hartz chicken. and In regards to the public response, there is no health inspector in Dayton, I asked the police who responded and they all informed me I would have to go to the health board for the state of texas.

I don't think the city council will do anything about the place. it been there for years.

this is just a sure example of the society we live in and the society that we will have to know more of in the very near future if we as voters don't start doing something very soon the next time we vote.

this whole event goes to show you how business in Dayton and liberty and just about everywhere are protected like the bald eagle. in my opinion due process was not practiced. facts are facts that cant be disputed, if we hadn't been given bad food we would not have asked for a refund, hartz would have not called the cops and I wouldn't be sitting here typing at 4 am in the morning before I run off to work. the public has said it well, I even seen a response from somebody who lives in Alabama who said the samething about bad food at hartz.

hartz is definitely wrong here and needs to be closed down before they make somebody deathly ill. this kind of stuff should not be allowed to continue.

Mike Tanner, Liberty, TX


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