Letter to the Editor from Hartz Chicken

DAYTON, September 24, 2013 - responded [In response] to Tunner [Tanner], what he was post it isn't all correct , I will explain what happened that day before we call the police on them.

He came with his family in four and he spent about $30 for food and drink. The first time they came the said " where all the food? the employee response we are cooking sir it take about few more minute , we try to get fresh food to our customer , what we missed are Liver, Gizzard and Tenders, !

after every body finished their two plate he came and said to the employee didn't even asked for a manager ! " hey who is the cook ? and he was yealing to a cook guy " hey you are bad cook, the liver so bad ! and attitude like playing with all employee! And other employee said " sorry sir sometime it happen to the liver because they have chicken heart inside that we cannot see it !" he just said ok next time I will eat free food, and the employee said ok! He wasn't ask for his money back! after that four of them go to get more food and they threw some food on the floor and table and come to complaint againt with my employee ! hey you think I was play with you and you think it's funny ? that is what Tunner said! they smiling and respone no sir but we are sorry !after that I was taking other customer order from drive thrue I heard, he was cursing to employee and none stop ! I just said oh my god ! because I heard what Tunner said is " MY FAMILY IS A POLICE, I WILL CALL HIM NOW AND COME TO SHUT DOWN YOUR STORE" I am a united state citizen I know the law, police cannot come and shut down anybody if they didn't do anything wrong !! After that I responded, you can do what you want sir but I don't want to hear any screaming please, he keep going and going on and his wife came and scream and cursing everybody, my husband he is one of the employee too, he came and said " ok we are apology so what you do need from us ? they still curse and scream and I was told them " I want you to leave my store now or I will call to the police if you don't stop " I never refuse to refund their money , but they didn't ask ! they ask only they came back next time to get free food ! if you are a business owner and customer cursing and creaming and they didn't tell what they need ! what will you do ? they wont stop , they even ask one of my employee to go out side and fight with him ! what kind of person is it ? I am so apologize to all my customers that used to have bad experience to our store and we are welcome you back for any reason to give us another try ! pleases just don't judge us only one side !! Thank you to spend your time to read my respond !! GOT BLEESED YOU !

Janny Khuon, Hartz Chicken, Dayton, TX

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