Where are Your Priorities? EDITORIAL

LIBERTY, February 5, 2013 - According to the Dayton News concerning the recent dismissal of the Liberty County Grand Jury, One of the cases they were expecting to hear was the March 2010 incident of tampering with the mail of 253rd District Court Judge Chap Cain.

The Dayton News further claims it is believed that as many as four persons — including one courthouse employee, a former elected official, a local attorney and his wife — may have conspired to access Cain’s mail and provide copies of a campaign contribution to members of the media in an effort to accuse Cain of accepting donations that exceeded the law. Cain, however, returned the check to the donor and requested another be written for the amount allowed by law for campaign contributions.

The Dayton News States the statute of limitations is only a month away for the incident, which happened in March 2010, meaning that the ability to indict the persons believed to be responsible for the mail tampering will soon expire.

According to the Dayton News the Liberty Police Department, which investigated the incident, reportedly has given the case to the DA’s office, but as of yet the case has not been presented to a grand jury.

Citizens of the City of Liberty get very little for the County Property Taxes they pay. Their needs for fire, ambulance, police protection, streets, etc., are provided by City Tax Dollars by property owners in the City.

We have numerous problems in our town which have a direct negative impact on our neighborhoods, but the City of Liberty Police Department spends precious time and limited resources delving into what amounts to little more that childish Courthouse Drama which those who serve there seem constantly wanting and willing to participate in and continue to do so. Then the Police Department gets the rug pulled out from under them when the Grand Jury gets dismissed.

This is a county problem and a courthouse problem NOT a City of Liberty Problem. The County needs to clean up their own act at their own expense and the Liberty Police Department and its’ investigators need to focus on Liberty neighborhood priorities which have a dramatic affect on quality of life in Liberty and cost us all a lot of misery.

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