Mr. Otto What Say You?

AUSTIN, January 22, 2013 - After Rep. John Otto of Dayton authored HB 553 one of our readers had the following questions. What say you Mr. Otto?

A couple of questions for Otto:

1. What about the supremacy clause in the U.S. Constitution, that says Federal law preempts conflicting state laws?

2. Under your proposal a state employee either faces federal criminal charges or state criminal charges, is that the choice you want for your constituents?

3. How are we going to pay for these new “criminals” your bill creates? (By the way it is very difficult to get probation in the federal system.)

4. When you took office did you not take an oath to uphold the laws of United States and the state of Texas? Just a thought, but wouldn’t a better public education system cure a lot of the state’s problems. Arm your constituents with a better education not political BS.

P.S. I support the second amendment but not HB 553 (for painfully obvious reasons).

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