A Foundation Laid by a Dream

LIBERTY, January 7, 2014 - We, the inhabitants of this world, continue to be reminded of the struggles that remain constantly in focus of many people from yesterday to today and perhaps, unfortunately, until tomorrow. The struggles of the African American, the struggles of the poor, the struggles of the elderly, the struggles of the inexperienced young, all seeking a better life as everyone dreams of a better lifestyle. The legacy of past generations, especially during  the era of Dr. King and his four young children, of the slaves and their young children, of the immigrants and their young children, has resulted in some significant changes and improvements; however, too much has remained unchanged with the continued existence of poverty, unequal employment and housing, insufficient healthcare, injustice in the legal systems of this country and of the world.

With the passing of Nelson Mandela, just as with the passing of Dr. King, we are certainly reminded of the many successes and improvements that have occurred over the past fifty-plus years, but also of the numerous unchanged elements of society that should, by now, be much different than they actually are.

With the dream of Dr. King and of Mr. Mandela, the world is a different and better place, although it is not yet the desirous place of a majority of people, especially minority people. With the dream of Dr. King and of Mr. Mandela, there is thankfully more attention paid to the situation that exists which separate the “haves” from the “have nots” of this earth. Equality should not be a dream. Inequality should not be so prevalent. The Bible clearly states that the poor will always be with us. The Bible also states that we should be our brothers’ keeper, doing all we possibly can for one another who are our brothers and sisters in the Lord. Even those persons who may not consider themselves religious have an innate sense of right and wrong, good and evil, fair and unjust.

Martin L. King, Jr. brought to light, or rather brought into broad focus, issues that needed to be addressed during his lifetime. Issues that had existed long before his life began which disturbed him and his generation to the point of actively pursuing solutions and equity among all citizens of these United States and, as a result, among all citizens of this world. Attention was given through the Civil Rights Movement that grew into other movements, other methods of seeking resolutions to unhealthy trends and behaviors that were “acceptable” during various periods of history which could no longer be ignored or continued to exist.

Dr. King voiced what was indeed in the hearts and on the minds and held captive in the spirit of those who for such an exceedingly long period of time needed to be changed or altered to bring more dignity to more citizens of this world.

Yes, Dr. King provided a foundation laid by a dream, a vision, a revelation whose time had come, whose time continues to exist, whose time still requires change. Dr. King provided a foundation laid by a dream to challenge the status quo and to demand action be taken to establish new and better opportunities for all citizens. A foundation laid by a dream of not only Dr. King but also of the world took roots and grew in many ways but this foundational dream is still a young sapling that needs to continue to be nurtured and pruned as mankind journeys onward into the future. This foundation laid by a dream cannot remain an unfinished work. This dream cannot remain unfilled. This legacy of the recent past generation cannot become completely dormant. Dr. King provided a foundation upon which we, today and tomorrow, must continue to dream and erect and expand. This foundation laid by a dream started during the creation period. This foundation laid by a dream started during the birth of a new nation.
This foundation laid by a dream started with each new child born into this world crying out for the best that life has to offer; a dignified life, a successful life, a creative life and a life allowing each person to be the best they can be.

Each day every one of the citizens of these United States and of the world must bear in mind the need to continue the struggle that one day will make real the corrections of those injustices and inequalities that continue to exist disappear. Each day every person of the world can contribute to the successes of the foundation laid by a dream and voiced by one man, a resounding echo to overcome the ills and the pains and the heartaches experienced by too many of the often silent minority until the prevailing majority accepts that this dream need not continue to reflect negatives of life but embrace and expand the positives of life.

Dr. King , by the foundation laid by a dream, can and should remain the guiding star that leads of all peoples these United States and of the world to the Promised Land where “one day no one will be judged by the color of their skin, but the content of their character.”
Each day every one of us must search within and ask ourselves just what we are contributing to the success of the foundation laid by a dream.

Liberty County Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration Committee

Chairman Dr. Henry L Dugat




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