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DAYTON, September 22, 2013 - HOW ABOUT SOME HARTZ CHICKEN... last week my family and I decided to treat ourselves to some good ol fashioned home cooking at the hartz chicken in Dayton Tx.

we entered the place about 5:45 pm and purchased 4 meals w/drinks for about $38.00 to find out there was no meats on the buffet. the people behind the counter said ten minutes and we have fresh meat for us to enjoy. so we sat down to enjoy the tv playing in the air above our heads to good ol disturbing local news from fox. the people started brining out meat to the buffet and we rose to enjoy some fresh hot chicken and fixings. my wife and I both fixed ours and the kids plates and sat down to enjoy our meal.

my chicken was green and rotten and so was my wifes chicken and livers. we both instantly rose and proceded to the counter to ask for a refund to be told no and was laughed at when we explained why we wanted the refund by the owners wife and a younger guy. they both stated it happens from time to time and it would be ok.

I explained we wanted our money back again to be told and cussed at the we were definitely not getting our money back my wife asked why to be told that the manager/owner would be up and explain it to us. the lady turned around and walked off.

we waited for the manager to see three Dayton officers pull into the parking lot and explain to us along with issuing us a criminal trespass citation that we could no longer return to hartz chicken.

CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME WHY WE ARE AT FAULT FOR THIS BUISNESS MISTAKE. THAT IS FOR SURE THEFT OF SERVICES BECAUSE NOW THEY HAVE OUR MONEY AND WE HAVE NO WAY TO EAT OTHER FOOD OR TO ATTEMPT A REFUND. the officer explained we could file a suit against the business if we so desired. wow hire a lawyer and court filing fees for $38.00 yea right.... get real.

the laws need to be corrected and some of the money spent in this county needs to go to hire a health inspector. my opinion is that this is definitely thet on there part because they have our money and we have yet to eat. whats the difference between a armed robber and having the cops back you up to no perform your services as promised and advertised on the sign you pay so much money for.

please give me your opinions and explain to me where I went wrong besides the fact I should have not entered hartz chicken.

Mike Tanner, Liberty, TX


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