Woman Killed in Fatal Dog Attack

DAYTON, July 1, 2013 - At approximately 10:13 AM Monday, the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department received a “911” call from a man who advised that his wife had called him at his job and told him she had just be bitten by a dog. At that time , she sounded weak and the phone went dead before the conversation could be completed. With the husband still on the telephone with the dispatcher, a Sheriff’s Deputy was dispatched to the location on CR 6478 in the Woodland Hills Sub-Division along with a Liberty County EMT medical team.

Upon his arrival, the Deputy advised the dispatcher that he and the medical team were unable to enter the fenced in yard because there was a large black and very aggressive dog with blood on his head and body that was preventing entry. The husband who was still on the phone with the dispatcher advised to shoot the dog if necessary so they could check on the welfare of his wife. Upon entering the fenced in yard, the dog charged the Deputy who shot it one time. The dog ran to the far side of the yard and the Deputy and EMT’s approached the front door of the home when the dog turned around and charged them again. This time the Deputy discharged his weapon two more times at the dog, striking him at least one more time. The dog, again, turned and ran to the far side of the yard and crawled under the fence running into nearby woods.

While the Deputy stood guard at the front door, the medical team entered the home and found Linda Oliver, age 63, lying on the living room floor, deceased, from a large amount of blood loss  from  what appeared to be several severe dog bites.

Sgt. Investigator Billy Knox, lead investigator, reported that from information gathered at the scene, it appears the larger dog jumped on one of the family’s smaller dogs and when Ms. Oliver rescued the smaller dog from the larger one, the larger dog turned on Ms. Oliver and began the attack.

According to Mr. Oliver, the dog was a stray  they had been feeding for approximately two (2) weeks therefore, it is unknown as to who the owner may be.

Ms. Oliver was pronounced deceased at the scene by Justice of the Peace Judge Barry Graves who has ordered an autopsy.

Deputies are patrolling the sub-division looking for the dog which is described as a “large longer haired dog, black in color with white on his chest and covered with blood…”. Although the breed is not known for sure, it is thought to be a “Lab” and not a Pit Bull as earlier described.

The Sheriff’s Department is asking that if anyone sees this dog to please call the Sheriff’s dispatcher at (936) 336-4500 and to NOT approach this animal as it is obviously very aggressive. In addition, it would not be wise to allow small children or family pet animals to remain in the yard(s) of the Woodland Hills Sub-Division until this dog is captured and, perhaps, tested.

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