Liberty Overrun with Cats EDITORIAL

LIBERTY, July 13, 2013 – Friday evening having a strong desire for some fried chicken I drove to Popeye’s on US 90. As soon as I entered the parking lot I noticed about six cats of various sizes all having taken positions in different areas of the parking lot cunningly watching the ever more of everyone in the parking lot.

After picking up my meal at the drive in window, I told the lady working at the window that the business appeared to have a problem with cats. She replied that she knew all about it and that some had recently had a litter of kittens. She also volunteer that Taco Bell had cats as well, although their cats were mostly black in color.

I thought I would check this out so when I left the Popeye’s I drove to the Taco Bell and sure enough found five black cats stacking out the parking lot. As customer and others left the restaurant and got to close to them they would dart under some parked car in the parking lot and hide out of view of restaurant patrons.

After observing this, I called a friend who told me that Mas Amigos was the same way.

Sure enough when we drove to Mas Amigos late one night we found the same thing. Cats had taken over the rear of the store and parking area.

This reporter has had trouble with cats invading the yard and garage and City of Liberty Animal Control had trapped some cats on my property to get rid of them.

Furthermore we wrote about Springtime flowering bushes one year and mentioned that a white cat had chosen a spot in my flower bed near the front porch steps as his final resting place and died there. It was four or five days of seeing him lying in the flowerbed before I checked it out and realized the cat was dead.

The way things are going in Liberty it will be the cats that survive us all and inherit our town.

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