Alligator Captured in Liberty Garage

LIBERTY, May 31, 2013 - Normally when you go into your garage, one would expect to see their car waiting for them rather than a six (6’) foot long female alligator with a bad attitude tucked along the wall, apparently with no intentions of going anywhere on its own. This was the scene for a city of Liberty family yesterday, May 29th  around 11:am.

The residents called the City of Liberty Police Department and they in turn called Liberty County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Joshua Cummins who has a permit from the State of Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to remove alligators that are considered a “nuisance” or are considered a potential danger to humans and/or animals. Dep. Cummins confirmed with the Parks and Wildlife Department the fact the alligator was inside the garage of a resident and thus it was decided that IMMEDIATE action needed to be taken for the safety and security of the public.

Dep. Cummins used a “hoop loop” rope configuration to snare the alligator which allowed the alligator to thrash around until it became too tired to resist any further. After the alligator was tired, Deputy Cummins straddled the alligator and secured the jaws with tape and then it was loaded into a waiting truck. The alligator was transported to a breeding farm in Anahuac, Texas where she will be cared for in a controlled environment.

Deputy Cummins stated the resident was near the Mizell Lake area and it is thought, of course, the alligator may have come from there. Dep. Cummins also would like to take this opportunity to advise the public that May through June is the mating season for alligators and they can be expected to be quite aggressive during this time frame. In addition, Dep. Cummins warms against feeding an alligator in the wild because an alligator relates the person feeding him/her to a food source and the alligator does not distinguish between the source and the provider. To an alligator, it is all one and the same.

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