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LIBERTY, March 10, 2012 – The following letter to the editor was sent to i-dineout.com by Amy Waller whose elderly parents are having difficult because several vehicles in recent months have wrecked out and left the roadway crashing at times through the fence in front of their house causing damage to their property. We reported on once such incident a few months age and since that time there have been at least two other such incidents. Mr. Waller told i-dineout.com that in the two incidents she mentions in her letter as well as the incident i-dineout.com reporte on earlier have here parents been reimburse for the cost of damages to their property. Ms. Waller relates their experience below.

On the morning of Saturday, March 10, at approximately 11:15, a truck ran off FM 563 plowing through two mailboxes and a fence. It is evident from the scene that the vehicle went through the fence sideways on the driver's side. Then it made a u-turn and drove back onto FM 563, heading south, fleeing the scene. An eye witness to this accident described the vehicle as a 1995-2005 Chevrolet Silverado extended cab truck.

It is navy blue and gray. This truck will have significant damage to the driver's side, and it is missing the mirror to the rearview mirror. The mirror itself and silver trim that covers the outside of the rearview mirror, along with the plastic piece under the front bumper were found at the scene.

The property and fence belong to Brooks Miller. I contacted the Liberty County Sheriff's Office twice, at 11:43 and 12:54, but no deputy ever responded. During the second call to LCSO, the dispatcher told Mrs. Waller that they notified Texas Highway Patrol. Mrs. Waller told them no one has shown up for over an hour at that time. The dispatcher said as soon as a deputy came in, he would have someone call. But guess what, no one ever called or came to the scene!

This is the third vehicle since February 4 that has damaged property and/or fences belonging to this property owner. We are asking for the public's assistance in this matter. If you have any information regarding the vehicle's owner and/or whereabouts, please contact Liberty County Sheriff's Office. Due to the response, or lack thereof, of LCSO, (Recommendation Deleted), These accidents have cost money for the owners of the property and the mailboxes as well.

Joe Warren's stepson ran his truck off FM 563 on Sunday, February 4, 2012. He ran across my parents' yard, across a culvert, and stopped just short of a ditch full of water. The neighbor across the street called the police to report the accident. The Highway Patrol (name unknown) came out and so did a wrecker truck. After pulling the wrecked vehicle from the ditch, the highway patrolman allowed the driver to leave the truck on the side of the road rather than having it towed.

The truck had two flat tires on the passenger side leaving it undriveable. It sat in my parents' front yard for a few hours until the driver and a couple of other people came back to change the tires. Mr. Joe Warren spoke with my parents at that time about who he was, and he said the driver was his stepson. After speaking with some friends, my mother was told that normally wrecked vehicles are supposed to be towed, not left at the scene. Interesting!

I have attached some pictures of the truck.

Amy Waller

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