The Thanksgiving Season was Just Great! EDITORIAL

HOUSTON & LIBERTY, November 22, 2012 - My Thanksgiving began on Wednesday when I headed to Houston around 8:30 AM Wednesday morning to get a haircut and get ready for the big day. I spent most of the day in Houston and my last stop was the Galleria. As I entered the parking garage I told myself as long as I get through and I'm on the road by 3:00 PM I’d beat the rush hour traffic and get home at a reasonable hour. Let me tell you, I was just so, so wrong. Because of stop and go traffic for miles on Houston freeways, it took over two hours to get home. I was so ready for a great calm day at home on Thanksgiving and I really did enjoy the day doing just that.

However, shortly after nightfall in Liberty on Thanksgiving Day, things began picking up locally. By 10:00 PM on Thursday night, Palais Royal, Sears and other stores were doing a brisk business in the North Main Shopping Center.

But when I visited Wal-Mart and ran into a couple of Liberty’s finest Officers on Bike Patrol in the Wal-Mart Parking lot and saw the crowd of people and vehicles I couldn’t believe it.

Wal-Mart Parking as viewed from Chili's Parking lot.

Although the Chili’s restaurant was closed all day for Thanksgiving well over half the parking lot at Chili’s was being utilized as overflow parking from the Wal-Mart Parking Lot as all the parking spaces were taken while people just drove around looking for a space.

Officers of the City of Liberty Police Department were patrolling the parking lot on special bikes equipped with flashing lights and dressed in special gear equipped with the customary complement of weapons prepared for just about anything, writing lots of tickets, confronting people who appeared to be checking the parking lot for unlocked doors on vehicles and other human nonsense.

There were lots of empty beer cans in brown paper bags littering the parking lot and being smashed flat under the tires of passing vehicles and parked cars.

People were pushing fully loaded shopping baskets out the main exits and loading the goods in the beds of pickup trucks to haul the merchandise home.

There were so many people exiting the store we could not stand the thought of trying to go against traffic and enter the store to observe what was going on inside. That's a job I'll reserve for next year.

According to Law Enforcement sources Officers were not only patrolling the parking lot but were also stationed inside the store through the evening and into the early morning hours as needed.

Here's wishing all of you a happy and joyous holiday season!

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