Liberty County, News Organizations and Psychic Sued

DALLAS June 8, 2012 – The Liberty County Sheriff’s Office, a Psychic and others have been sued in a Dallas Count District Court in a lawsuit filed on June 5, 2012 all over Captain Rex Evans and his pursuit of the claims of a psychic searching a residence near Hardin looking for dismembered bodies of dead adolescents that the psychic claimed he would find.

The Lawsuit against Liberty County, News Organizations, and a Psychic makes the claim as fact that, “Defendant LCSO repeated the psychic’s false statement to various news media organizations. Defendant LCSO claimed that a mass grave of 25 to 30 bodies had been found and provided the news media organizations with the Plaintiff’s address.

At 3:38 PM on Saturday in seeking a response from County Attorney Wes Hinch, Hinch wrote, "To date, I have not seen the suit and, as yet, have no information regarding service. If the Judge has been served, I presume I will be notified on Monday."

Questions that will most likely be answered during the litigation of this lawsuit will most likely be…

1. Who received the law enforcement tip?
2. Who in Liberty County Law Enforcement made the tip and why?

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Watch the video below to learn about Dallas Attorney, Andrew B. Sommerman, attorney for Joe Bankson and Gena Charlton, who have filed suit against Liberty County Sheriff’s Office, a Psychic and News Organizations.


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