Car Struck by Lightning

LAPORTE, September 26, 2012 - Sue Bradshaw, a Jacobs’s employee working at the DuPont LaPorte Facility in LaPorte, Texas shared her true story account of an incident that occurred on Tuesday September 13, 2012.

Sue left home driving to work about 6:30 am on the morning of September 13, 2012. She had just gotten on a new constructed toll way. The weather was dark and poring down rain. Sue looked up to the sky and observed multiple lightning flashes within the clouds. Seeing this Sue thought that it might not be a good ideal to put away her cell phone Looking down at the clock in her car she noticed that it was 6:40 am. Then moments later her car was struck by a Lightning bolt. Her car immediately ceased to operate and the engine died. Sue remembers that the light resulting from the strike was brighter than any light she has ever seen. The light from the strike left her temporarily blinded for a few seconds. The sound of the strike was so loud that it left her ears ringing for the rest of the day. Sue reacted by holding the wheel to steer the car straight and clear of the toll way wall. Sue did call the police and upon their arrival they instructed her to get out of the car by manually lifting up the lock on the door to open. Sue was scared and had a thought to reach for the window breaker in which she had received as a Jacobs trinket giveaway but she remember that she had lift it in her desk at work.

Results of Strike to Car:

The result of the Lightning strike pushed the car 100ft away from the location of where it was struck. The Lightning struck the defrost lines on the back windshield causing the window to melt. The heat of the strike also caused all of the electronic units to burn out, the transmission and drive train to melt along with the under carriage unit of the car.

The Police also told Sue that if she had been on the cell phone during the strike that the electrical charge would have caused her to be electrocuted. The charge cord and phone would have become a conductor of the electricity.


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