Consumers Urged to Find Stronger Debt Management Solutions

NEW YORK, September 30, 2012 - As credit card issuers are doubling their effects to recover bad loans in a post-recession era, courts discover an increasing number of flawed, inaccurate and erroneous credit card lawsuits that put the consumers’ financial and security status at high risk.

A recent report from The New York Times revealed that an estimated 90% of credit card lawsuits have been found by judges to be based on “erroneous documents, incomplete records and generic testimony from witnesses.” Consumer groups have been further concerned with revelations that the errors often go undetected, bringing borrowers to extreme situations. Many have experienced having their wages and bank accounts frozen, or being embroiled in endless court battles.

In response to this issue, top debt management company National Debt Relief announced that they have fine-tuned their tools and methodologies to make credit card debt solutions more targeted and directly aligned to the needs of the general public. To help people in debt avoid being dragged into deeper monetary problems, consumers are now urged to take a look into more focused solutions for debt consolidation by

“National Debt Relief programs offer a clear direction for people who are having problems with their unsecured debts and wondering which debt program is best implemented to help them recover their financial stability and get their lives back on track again,” says a representative of the company. “If you’re spending sleepless nights, stressed out by collection phone calls, struggling to shoulder minimum payment, be assured that there’s a precise plan of action to help you get out of the rut fast.”

One of the tools considered most invaluable by consumers is the debt settlement calculator available to use for free at The calculator shows how much savings a person can get with debt settlement, which is the most recommended course of action for clearing unsecured debts faster and more effectively, in a way that is most forgiving on the borrower’s current capabilities.

“Of course, actual payments depend on your unique situation, but you’ll be happy to find that payments under this plan tend to be significant lower and manageable compared to minimum monthly credit card payments,” says the National Debt Relief representative. “Since the repayment strategy is structured to your specific budget, you’ll benefit from the low program payment and get out of debt sooner compared to other common forms of debt programs such as bankruptcy repayment plans, consolidation loans and credit counseling.”

Thousands of Americans have enjoyed a zero-balance life with the comprehensive framework of National Debt Relief programs. Financial specialists negotiate with creditors, targeting to actively lower the principal balance of delinquent debt by a significant amount. They work with borrowers to map out a viable monthly plan that will ensure a debt-free status within just a few short years of undergoing the program. Even the nagging collectors are kept at bay by assigned negotiators.

“National Debt Relief acknowledges that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to get people out of debt,” says the company representative. “So we offer a structured, specific and strong scheme to get you a debt-free life with the best debt relief option designed for you.”


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