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ESD 3 going for another huge tax increase after just being defeated in March. With little being said, the increase from .01 to .10 is back on the ballot in May (early voting started today) after it was just defeated in March. Of course, May. When no one knows its happening and a .10 increase can be slid in by just a few ESD friends and families.

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DCDC, what's this I hear on the 99.9 the Lambright's are getting another grant from DCDC, must be nice to have friends in high places, the DCDC is aware there are other's in this community??? At a certain point, you need to stop suckling from the taxpayer teet, you business is established, fund your own projects! 

General Comments

Most folks don't know the Liberty-Dayton Chamber has had 2 of the 4 most recent Chairman from Dayton, including the present mayor; and 50% of Liberty-Dayton Chamber Directors are always from Dayton. Also, the Sam's Distribution Center land in Dayton was made available based on an option paid for by the Liberty-Dayton Chamber. Why has the Dayton City Council frozen out the Liberty-Dayton Chamber from the Dayton City Center and most Dayton Community involvement? 

The Dayton Chambers has no idea how to run their own office much less the civic Center in Dayton. If it wasn’t for the ambassadors and the junior ambassadors that lady Paula at the Dayton Chambers would get nothing done. That office is a joke and for the earlier post wanting to know why the city of Dayton is pushing out liberty Dayton Chambers. It all started when that lady Paula started working at the Dayton Chambers. The Dayton‘s civic center took a huge turn for the worst . Has no one noticed that the city no longer runs the Dayton trade days after all those years they gave it to the Dayton Chambers and has anyone noticed that the Dayton Chamber has taken over the civic center. We now have less community events i.e. the gun show. Now I understand that the city let long-term loyal employees go because this lady Paula and the Dayton Chambers . A little confusing I thought the city tax money built the Civic Center and I thought the Dayton Chambers was a private nonprofit; not ran by the city how can this be?  

General Comments

Paula Moorhaj flat out lied to our City Counsel mornday evening in reference to the Gun Show. She has no ideal what a benefit to our fire department and others departments that Gun Show has been, to include the Seniors. Shame on you Moorhaj for lying to our Counsel! 

The statement that the Dayton Chamber said about the Gun Show is the exact reason I am not a part of that chamber. Not everything is about making them money. The gun show has been a positive event for the community and the Dayton Chamber is incapable of seeing that. Not only did if support or Dayton Senior Center and our Dayton VFD; but it created a much enjoyable event for many in our town. Apparently the City and the Dayton Chamber is out of touch with the public in our town. This town is made up with families that enjoy the outdoors and mainly hunting or sport shooting. This is why this Chamber has not and will not be as popular and successful as the Liberty Dayton Chamber. 

General Comments

Daisetta Mayor election: People be careful who you vote for here! The current mayor just really hasn't done much for our city, and Mr. Benny Carroll is a nice enough guy, but his wife will try to run the city if he is elected total control freak, she was elected to the City Council a few years back and was removed from her position, so please be careful, we need to get this city, government back on track" If that is even possible". Thank you, a concerned citizen. 

Meet Shirley Laytons

Shirley sounds just like a Democratic candidate when she pledges broadband Internet for everyone. Gotta get those healthcare prices down and she's gonna fix roads and bridges. Truth is, she doesn't stand a snowballs chance in Moss Hill Texas.

Problems with Dayton Water Department Explained

Dayton Police Dept. investigates the Dayton Water Dept. and three people lose their job. Who is going to investigate the Dayton P.D. and all the corruption in that department?

Dayton is expecting this Hugh growth but cannot run their water department with only 7000+ population. 

General Comments

Can someone tell me if employees of the CAD have special dispensation to trespass on private property? I have pictures of this happening and I am concerned. When talking to a friend ,the friend showed me a similar incident that happened to him. 

The CAD has no right to trespass! Who appoints the memebers of the CAD to the board and how long do they serve?

To the poster requesting “who elects members of the CAD Board of Directors and what are their terms”? 1. Voting member taxing units are entitled to vote on the appointment of voting members to the CAD Board of Directors. 2. The members of the CAD Board of Directors serve a two year term which is voted on during odd numbered years. So, in layman’s terms, the Cities, School Districts, County...which are taxing on each member’s appointment and each member has a two year term.  

Eric Wayne Brown Arrested for Assault

Hey Donna Hillary Brown, can you please defend him in this domestic violence case!!!!??

Oh Donna what a great job you have done raising your doesn’t fall too far from the tree. A bunch of BAD apples if you ask me!

Hope Brown ain’t sitting in our Jail he’s costing us Liberty folk money.

I give up who is Eric Brown and why do I care if he was arrested? I'm sure it must have something to do with a political enemy you are attempting to shame. A mug shot and rap sheet means nothing to me and where do you get your hands on classified information like that? The deputy leaking that should be fired.I thought the mud slinging and local races were over for a while. 

I remember very well how Donna defended her criminal sons in her campaign. Did you listen to her on the radio? That’s a legitimate reason for Mr. Youngblood to put her sons mugshot on idineout. I would love to hear her explanation for this disgusting incident. I’m sure she’s blaming the poor girl for him beating on her. Donna Brown you are disgusting. Fine job Raising a wife beater, what a real winner at life.

This is directed to the lady that said," A mug shot and rap sheet means nothing to me and where do you get your hands on classified information like that? " Just FYI this is not classified information. Anyone can go check and see whose in jail and why they are in jail. In case you're interested, the web address is .

To the person who said you can get information on anyone charged with a crime is full of it. They can deny you getting it. Just ask the Attorney General of Texas. 

Who ever stated, “you can get information on anyone charged with a crime” ? I read, “anyone can check and see whose in jail and why”. Which is correct, You can go to the sheriff’s page and click on the link at the bottom and literally put in any day of the week, past or present and see who was arrested and why. It’s public, not classified. Why in the good Lord’s name would anyone try and object to this criminals rap sheet becoming public. To assume it was a deputy is naive. It could be any of the 2000 or more anti-Donna Brown voters who sent it in, you know, considering it’s not classified and all. Eric Brown you are sick and if I was your momma I would be whooping your butt. Of course I’m sure your getting coddled instead. I hope you get what is coming to you boy.

Measles: Once Gone, Its Threat Has Returned

Do you know why measles are back?

Taxi & Livery Car Safety

I must hurry and run out to hail a taxi cab in Liberty! I will be hailing a long time!

General Comments

The water dept. in Dayton is needs to have someone new running it. I haven't received a water bill in months. I dont know how they expect people to not be upset when the bill has charges on it because its late. I have gone to them and asked that i be mailed a bill I am told i will be mailed one then as the time comes around to pay my bill i dont have one. The workers dont read the meter they drive by and make just write down what I was charged for the month before. I know that I had a leak but its been fixed and no other leaks were found but yet I am still charged the same amount every month. The workers for Dayton are lazy and can be seen around town doing nothing, sleeping in city trucks, standing around stores, or standing around work sites talking never see anyone working 

We have the same problem in one reads the meters.they just drive by.the who city municipality is horrible. 

What is REALLY going on with the city of Dayton's Water Dept ? My water bill has been doubled for the last few months ... and i would like to know why ! I have also paid monthly for sewer service which began in October of 2008 ... i am STILL awaiting these services to be provided !! So once again i will ask ... What is REALLY going on ?! 

To the Dayton water Dept. When the City if Liberty has any doubts about how much water any particular party has used, charge them all the same. That's what Liberty did when the new meters we're installed several years ago. Everyone was charged to have used 11,000 gallons. Regardless of what the meter read. They got away with it beacuse the public could not dis prove it.

General Comments

Bullying. The fact is parents have raised a bunch of cry babies. Children today could not have survived 30 years ago. We didn't run to mommy and daddy ever time someone called us a name or when the teacher got on to us for acting up. Children have no respect for anyone including themselves. Take away their phones and they go nuts. I drive around and on a nice day I don't see kids out playing and people wonder why kids are gaining weight and being lazy. The problem is the way parents raise their children today. No discipline. Quit being lazy parents, take away that phone and the computer every now and then. Spare the rod spoil the child. It's already to late for some of the teenagers however you still have time to help the little ones. Signed: Concerned 

TPWD, Partners Launch Arundo Awareness Campaign About: Giant cane. 

General Comments

I see people already complaining about the county government and we just had an election. If you voted for a change, you have a say. If you voted for the same old good ole boys club, then zip it! 

General Comments

The extra money taxpayers have had to throw in the county coffers because of the increase in the appraisal values is close to $10 million but the increase in services or decrease in bonded debt is el zero. While the libertarians involved in the local political party showed some promise as to holding local politicians to truly practicing smaller more conservative local government, they got all involved in other things. Those of us who would like to see bonds paid off early or taxes reduced or both are left wondering why such self-appointed purists even bothered to get involved in local politics if they are going to get off track every time someone hollers "squirrel". Unseating two District Judges for very dubious reasons with swamp creatures is far from the libertarians' stated goals. 

To the poster who is addressing he actions of the local 'Libertarian'' faction and the increase in the appraisal value in Liberty County: You are incorrect on the debt figures. As of October 1st, 2014, the outstanding debt obligation for Liberty County, ncluding principal and interest was $18,326,891. As of October 1st, 2017, the outstanding debt obligation for Liberty County, ncluding principal and interest
was $12,906,834. Therefore, there has been a reduction in the County's debt obligation of $5,420,057. As for additional  services, 6 more Deputy Sheriffs have been added to the LCSO, along with additional capitol expenditure funds for that department ... and that's just a short list of additional services realized since 2015. But, hey ... you are spot on as to the actions of the Libertarians during the most recent election cycle!!!

 I am happy to read where Phil Fitgerald's financial evaluation that he used for his campaign has been refuted. Bonded debt is being paid down and the sheriff gained six more deputies. Why Phil is complaining about the local Libertarians in the Republican party trying to "unseat two District Judges" is beyond me. Many of us already know Phil and mark Beausoliel and Mike Little pushed Donna Brown out front and tried to fabricate a reason for voters to turn against the judges. If he is disappointed in the Libertarians falling short...... well that is what Libertarians always do. 

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Has anyone at your website looked into the recent lockdown of HDISD and how it was handled by administration?

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Didnt realize, that the jubilee was a county or federal holiday and the court house tax office would be closed today??? Wonder if the is a paid holiday?? Liberty dang redneck 

About the Federal, State, County Holidays: When in doubt, go to the County Website and look at the “County Holiday Schedule”. All holidays are listed and it’s really easy to find and read. Point, Click, Boom. It’s that simple!

General Comments

The total value assessed for property in Liberty County increased by $1.8 billion in less than two county judge terms in officedue to rising values for existing property and the addition of value from new construction. Those increases create approximately $10 million per year in additional tax revenue for the county. Despite having that extra $10 million dollars, the budget records show this year Liberty County will spend $2.6 million more than revenues, creating a deficit for the year. Thta is irresponsible. What happened to conservatism? 

General Comments

We are now at that very important time in the lives of people who live in the city of Liberty. The Jubilee is here! Time to leave town and leave it to those who wanted it and who promote it and who live it. 

I've never been a fan of the Liberty Jubilee. And since the city council wants to be in the entertainment business, the bewly aquire MRCC w I uld be be a great transition for the Jubilee. At least get it out of downtown where 90% of the Post office parking is taken up by jubileers. 

General Comments

Did anybody figure out what is going on with the water department in Dayton? I went to pay my bill as usual on the 5th to be told I was late ad had to pay 68. Okay and then she said the next one was due on Mar. 22, so I went ahea and paid 61.16, then she said we would get another one for April on the 15th. Okay she said the one I had paid for Februuary was for January water, okay, I am following that, so the one I paid for on the 5th of March was for February so the one that I went ahead and paid for March 22nd was for what Month, since we are going to have one due on April 15th which should be for March's use or am I missing something? Where did the extra month come from or ar we paying for March on March 22nd and April's water o the 15th of April, this does not sound right at all. Some folks do not get paid until the 3rd so I guess they will always be paying later unless it does come due on the 15th of April but we still have a month of water un-accounted for with her explanation on how it was paid from the last month on the following month then why did I have to pay two March payments because I was not behind by any means. 

General Comments

There is nothing unusual about a county sheriff pushing for more funds so he she can better protect the community. I am concerned that we now have a very popular sheriff here in Liberty County that has somekind of political militarization using his spheres of influence to try and force his desire for more funding on elected officials. 

I see where someone commented on our sheriff and his push for more funding of his department. Every sheriff we have had since I can remember has wanted a bigger budget. Taxpayers want to be protected from criminals. And taxpayers want to be protected from ever growing tax bills. Rather than back some really questionable candidates for public office, the sheriff would be better off working within the same constraints everyone else has had to. The type of people that may have said they would give the sheriff a bigger budget are the same people that did not respect the taxpayers when they were in public service. 

Liberty Jubilee Coming Soon

Don't you think it's time to end the Liberty Jubilee? Anahuac, Crosby and Winnie bring pretty big name entertainers. Now we have gone from Tracy Byrd down to Southern Breeze. I don't know if I can stand to hear "Stars On The Water", one more time! 

I think the only way to get the attendance up at the Liberty Jubilee would be to bring Stormy Daniels to do a show.

No, don't end the city of Liberty's Jubilee. Move it to the city of Liberty's golf course.Move the city of Liberty's fourth of July celebration to the city of Liberty's golf course too. 

Election Night Results


thank goodness phill lost he ripped this county off last time he was in office he should be in jail but o no comes back for seconds 

Ole Phil thought everyone would forget his Shenanigans from the past, NAW He Gone! 

As for " Ole Phil's shennnanigans from the past", clearly Mark Beausoliel and Donna Brown were willing,and even excited about, forgetting about Phil's problem with always trying to turn an extra buck. 

I listened carefully with an open mind to recently defeated political candidate Donna Brown on her complaints and the one or two others that voiced theirs about our District Judges. I was ready tojoin them and rid the county swamp of bad actors until finally hearing exactly what their complaints were. They were all bullshit. Even using the complaintants accounts only,I would say Liberty County would be the envy of the country if their statements were all they had bad to say about our judges. It was all nonsense! 

Dayton Council and Commissioners Hold Joint Meeting

TIRZ. Making the rich boys richer on the backs of the taxpayers. The good ole boy club never ends.

To the poster concerning the TIRZ in Dayton: Apparently, you have no clue as to how these types of economic development tools of counties and municipalities work together. So, why don’t you attend the joint meeting on Thursday evening in Dayton and receive your free education. It’s all about industrial growth potential and the creation of good paying jobs...and the taxpayers will reap the benefits when new industry takes the tax burden off of our rooftops. That’s something that’s been sorely needed for many, many years in our County.

RE: TIRZ While a TIRZ is a good thing, Gulf Inland touting rail access is worrisome. Their facility is on the south side of Highway 90 and the railroad is on the north side. I doubt they intend to truck goods across Highway 90 to load or unload from rail cars. Are we in for another train crossing on Highway 90? The economic development group should talk to local and nearby business owners. They will find the biggest detriment to a business moving to Dayton is the Highway 90 rail crossing and the traffic congestion on Highway 90 through town. 

General Comments

On her Facebook page I asked Emily Cook if she supported school vouchers. Her non-answer after several rounds of ignoring the question was "vouchers are not a priority of mine." I also asked if she sought the endorsement of Empower Texans and made some comments to others about Empower Texans' endorsement of her. I was never rude, but truly wanted information on her platform. She has deleted all of my comments and has blocked me from commenting further. This really bothers me. If she were to win, would she treat her constituents that disagree with her the same way?

Ernest Bailes advertises that he is 100% against abortion. He lies! Check it out at, Research say's that he is a moderate and voted on abortion bills 42% of the time. So, that means he voted 58% in favor of abortions. Emily Cook is considered "very conservative" and she gets my vote. 

General Comments

As of As of Thursday early voting returns show republicans are outvoting democrats 173.9%. The totals are; Rep.3825, Dems. 267 

General Comments

So let me get this straight: the country club can't make it on its own, so now the taxpayers get to pay to keep it going? Sounds like a deal, well for some! 

Re: Country Club sale. The City of Liberty will do just fine since they won't have to pay all those pesky high taxes! Maybe they will get a discount on sewer, water and electricity as well. Let's Hope! 

Country Club. You mean the good ole boy system is still in effect? Vote to change it for a change. 

Sounds to me like there's some shady members of the country club who wants the Liberty taxpayers to cover all the unpaid membership dues and bar tabs. Crooks. 

The City of Liberty in the bar business with the MRCC.I can see it now. City council will have meetings at the bar? I thought that was in the City of Ames.

Magnolia Country Club . boss hogg's at it again . since the city will own it will it be open for all to attended ? without any membership dues ? since the tax payers will be funding it . things that make you go hmm. . .

MRCC...wait so are you telling me it would bother someone if people "below" them were allowed to come visit since the city would be over it? That would mean anyone is allowed. I'm pretty sure anyone would be fine visiting and taking part in activities out there...or are you worried about their status or color of their skin? Because that is what it truly sounds like. 

Just saw where Liberty was buying Magnolia County Club. I sure hope this is a lie. Why would they do such a thing? This is not a facility where ALL the citizens gets to use. So if this is true, all the BARS and RESTURANTS IN liberty SHOULD BE ABLE TO GET TAX MONEY TO STAY OPEN. So line up Club 770, Lazy H and others, Liberty will pay your bills too. Should't this be put for a VOTE. 

Buying MRCC should be put to a vote? Looks like the City Council has already voted on it. Maybe some questions need to be answered about the legality of it.Is it in the city limits? Is the City taking on the liability of the bar?Who is keeping up the golf course? Who is paying the employees? Are the employees now city employees? 

OMG!! City owns an airport that less than six people use and now they are going to buy the country club because it is failing due to too few members. Never mind that the streets and utilities are falling apart. I think it is time for a some changes in how the city operates. Do something for all the citizens instead of the chosen few who have lots of money.

The Liberty City council had visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads when they voted to annex MRCC. All those tax dollars from the the housing and Club room/giftshopetc.,etc.

The City Of Liberty. hospital ,airport ,golf course ,hey how about a yacht basin at the port ? it could very well attract some up-scale people to the area .what's next a pipe mill ?  

General Comments

Please be careful about your voting choices. I am a lifelong republican who may be voting democrat in November. Some of our choices for the March election are not who they say they are. It makes me ill for men to campaign and use dirty tactics against women yet they say they are pro abortion and believe in equal opportunities for women.

General Comments

Just a heads up to anyone who has had a DWI in felony court. Donna Brown has been adding charges on to a lot of fine and court costs without telling anyone. The auditors office found out the clerks were screwing a bunch of cases up, so what you signed for got changed without them even notifying you. I signed a collection agreement and paid everything off six months after I went to court and then they went back two years later and added $160. Then they tell me if I don’t pay it they are going to issue a warrant for non payment. They’re the ones who should be in jail. 

Brown has manufactured this entire “war” with the judges to distract the public from her own abysmal record in office. Electing people like Donna Brown, Phil Fitzgerald, and Mark Beausoleil is foolish and irresponsible. It is what keeps Liberty County from progressing and becoming a place we can be proud to live. 

This woman lies and cheats as naturally as she breathes. Have any of you actually read the audit of her office? It is not a financial audit; it explains in plain English her failure and inability to do her job. Those failures are numerous, and they are serious. Incredibly, she has accused Judge Morefield of taking files home and removing documents or otherwise sabotaging them. Ask any attorney and you will learn that they have to keep copies and detailed records of anything submitted to the clerk’s office for filing “so that when they get to court Judge Morefield knows what is SUPPOSED to be in the file”. Despite her hysterical cries of “tampering”, Ms. Brown and her staff are slow to file documents, and when they do, they are often careless and documents end up in the wrong files. Ask around. 

Do any of you good, decent, God fearing people who have fallen under Donna Brown’s spell know what a false prophet is? “The false prophet comes like a lamb, winsomely, with persuasive words that elicit sympathy and good will from others. He (she) may be an extraordinary preacher or orator whose demonically empowered words will deceive the multitudes...” Ms. Brown’s scripture-laden posts on Facebook are an insult to people who want to elect sincere and honest Christians to public office. Her true character is on full display when she makes statements such as “The cockroaches are running cray cray”. I want to believe that most people supporting Ms. Brown’s re-election think she is exactly what she claims to be. Unfortunately, unless these well-meaning people start thinking for themselves rather than blindly following a silver-tongued serpent, they will continue to be deceived. If that happens, we will all pay the price. We will be doomed to another four years of parties, incompetence, disrespect and embarrassment. To quote the serpent, “TRUTH”. 

Someone please call the men in white coats. She’s beyond delusional; she’s probably dangerous. 

Wake up people. What you’ve read here is true and undoubtedly written by people who work in or around the courthouse and know what is going on in the District Clerk’s office. As to posting anonymously, why would anyone be stupid enough to make oneself a target of a Donna Brown Psychotic Rampage? For Pete’s sake, she went on public radio and implied that the district judges are planning to kill her. Remember these statements “I think anyone in Liberty County would view that as a THREAT. I put Jay Knight and Matthew Poston on notice, if anything happens to me....” Excuse me while I go vomit. 

Okay, here’s an issue for those Donna Brown sheeple: Child Support. According to the Texas Attorney General’s office, there are hundreds of children in this county who are GOING WITHOUT the basic necessities because the Liberty County District Clerk cannot be bothered with filing the paperwork timely. It seems Ms. Brown and her staff can’t or won’t process the case filings fast enough to get the deadbeat dads served within the legal time frame. That time frame is SIX WEEKS. I personally spoke with a prosecutor from the Attorney General’s office over a year ago who advised there are enough cases pending in this county for TWO deputy clerks to work on AG cases full time! He stated the filing fees in these AG cases would more than pay for the two salaries. Obviously, financial support for these children simply isn’t a priority for Ms. Brown. Of all her inadequacies, this has to be the most disgusting. These children and their mothers deserve better. 

The day Ms. Brown spoke on the radio I never once heard her implie that the District Judges were planning on killing her. Did I miss something?

I am sorry, but I have been living here for over twenty five years and Donna Brown has been bitching about something all twenty five years of my time here.

General Comments

Emily Cook willsupport the Republican's choice for Speaker, Ernest Bailes has joined the Democrats and Joe Strausss has kept Republicans from enacting what voters want. Vote Emily Cook! Both nice people, Cook conservative, Bailes all over everywhere. 

Oh no you don't Ernest Bailes! You may stuff my mailbox trying to make me forget how often you voted with the Democrats, but there are plenty of people who will send in a few bucks to make sure Emily Kibodeaux Cook matches your deceptive mailers with actual conservative positions she can be trusted to advocate for! 

Please tell me one thing Emily Cook has said she is going to do for this district. NOTHING! She runs a campaign on abortion and that’s it. She will not answer any questions as far what else she will do except trash Mr Bailes. I want to know what else she has plans for in our district besides abortion. That is an important issue but that’s all she wants to discuss. 

Somebody has been sleeping through political forums if they are there at all. Emily Cook is a wonderful person but behind that pretty face is a wonderfully capable attorney that has covered issues and ideas at least as well as her not-as-well-trained opponent. Her positions do not sound near as political as pratical and he sounds like the Democrats in Austin. Her position on education and other big important issues does not just happen to line up with Governor Abbott's but it is what conservatives are "for". Bailes' positions try to sell teacher block votes on how all of our statewide officials are against education. But as Governor Abbott and the Lt. Governor have advertised, they are "for" the teachers and pay raises and are for reducing administrative cost. Those "administrative" costs are the money people and union types who push for Bailes. 

Ref: Walmart, woohoo robot cashiers, maybe they will be faster than some of those they got now, lord they slow. I use the self checkout, especially when I buy lubricants, rubbers, vagisil etc. I don't some walmart cashier judging me. LOL 

Wal-Mart. So your head must be in the sand. There are robot stories all over the place. They will be taking jobs. Pull up a video and see them make a car.

General Comments

Some of the local Walmart employees are saying that Walmart is closing the store in Liberty and it will be a distribution center. 

Wal-Mart employees seem unsure of their positions need to talk to their boss. This is not true. 

A Wal-Mart employee told me today they are going to remodel in two years and have robot cashiers

Wal-Mart has plans for more self-checkout places which resulted in other Wal-Mart locations that have already been remodeled and a larger place for the self-checkout places but there is still a human to help people through the process, there are no robots. People please, if you want to gossip it is one thing, if you want facts, ask the guy that is running the store. Go visit Mont Belvieu it has already been remodeled and you will see the difference. It is true that some checkers and zone managers have no longer have a job in these wal-marts, but please be realistic when posting about it, because it causes undue stress for employees and their families. These employees need to trust their top manager of their store for the truth in these matters.

I am surprised at the people that have nothing better to do than to mind other people's business. If you work at Wal-Mart you know the truth. Actually, if you don't work at Wal-Mart, why are you causing undue stress and Wal-Mart has always been at the end of a joke with the postings of people of Wal-Mart that are just rude and exaggerated somewhat like lets bring up the robots putting the cars together, yes, there are robots but there are also men in the assembly line. Kindly remove your upsetting remarks and find a yourself a life where you are not always preying on others peoples lives. These people working and waiting o you at Wal-Marts have families to support, too. Since you are so opinionated why are you shopping there, so you can belittle the ones who are? Who are you? What kind of person are you? That is the intelligence factor that drives people right out of these ittle towns.  

General Comments

If buying signs wins elections,the candidates most of the people commenting on this site are against will win the election.Their signs are all over the county. Poles,street signs, etc. 

General Comments

If you want to see the local Republican party begin to collapse, vote for Mark Beausoliel, Phil Fitzgerald, and Donna Brown. That is not meant as a mean statement,it is just reality. When a party elects candidates that have scandal filled backgrounds, its days of winning are numbered. Period. 

General Comments

I can not make up good answers for Candidate for District Judge Mark Beausoliel when he was questioned about some of his courthouse behavior and he took the 5th twenty-nine times. The way I look back at the million dollar plus goldmine he got away with, is that he chose a big payday in exchange for ever holding office. the way I look at the family deal where mail was stolen from a public official, is he knew he could never win office with his personal baggage unless he did whatever was necessary to make his opponent look bad. 

General Comments

If you ever want to hear "it", get ready to be stunned by the nothingness of Donna Brown's defense of all of her troublemaking in the courthouse. And she now is being joined by people with ridiculous complaints trying to help Mark Beasolil get some votes versus Judge Cain. Instead of complimenting or simply recognizing the normal efficiency of a Judge trying to give both sides an opportunity to make some kind of settlement before trial and save money and hard feelings, Donna has fans writing in acting like that is illegal or bad or immoral. Her high-mindedness is not rooted in law or Christian values. Anytime two people can settle their differences without the court, it is a good thing. So her saying, "see they have scandals too", is not only a stupid defense, it is a lie. 

If Donna wants to run things she needs to get her law degree and run for Judge. If she did do that she could call meetings when and with whom she wanted. She could also never push for litigants to compromise beofre a trial if that makes sense to her. Her criticism of our judges does not justify her behavior. It simply adds to the chaos she creates. 

As usual Brown gets one of her boys to call in to the radio debate a question that only an incumbent is likely to know the answer to. Rather than arrange to look smarter than your opponent Ms. Brown, please behave like you have some sense. Voters know after the one week training every elected clerk goes to, the winners all know the answers to the Brown boys questions. Delia Sellers is extremely qualified and her track record as an elected official insures voters they will get trustworthiness and dependability as well as a team player when she wins. 

I know alot of people are mad at Donna Brown for some mistakes she made and her getting so political and trying to replace our judges, but nobody is perfect. Delia Sellers will make mistakes. I am voting to give Donna a second chance. Everybody deserves a second chance. the candidates Donna is helping however have had second and third chances and if elected they will ruin this county. 

General Comments

Emily Post conservative who would vote for a conservative Speaker of the House. Ernest Bailes a supporter of the Joe Strauss as he helped the Democrats elect one of the most liberal Republicans left in Texas.

General Comments

Lee Chambers and her opponent are running such a non-controversial political race that I sometimes worry voters don't know the tremendous experience Mrs. Chambers has in actually serving as County Clerk. In the last few years Liberty voters have tended to elect the most qualified person and without any negative about her opponent, Lee will not have much of a learning curve 

Attorneys Speak out in Support of Local Judges

We should all be proud of our legal community for standing up for the truth. If Donna Brown retaliates, as is her style, she should be prosecuted. 

This is another typical example of how folks are letting us know how bad of a Job Donna Brown is doing. When u have Attorney’s that are working for us and our problems that need to be resolved but she is not competent to do the job! She needs to be replaced.

If your going to talk about Donna Brown's office let's get her staff members to be drug tested, I know a few who would not pass one who's running for Daisetta school board. And a couple of other who have no business working there than maybe Donna Brown could do her work. 

I just can’t see as an average hard workin American that’ loves my Town and the County that I’ve grown up in as being as bad as Donna Brown says it is. Something is wrong here folks and I don’t think it’s all that she points it out to be. If there’s smoke then there is fire and I think she has poured the gas to cover her mess up. I do know I or my family will not be voting for her. Enough is Enough 

Bravo to these brave attorneys for not letting their names be used to drag our judicial system through the mud. While not an attorney myself, I have firsthand knowledge that what this letter states is completely accurate. There are many more that know as well, but did not sign this for fear of retribution. Can you imagine having your profession being used for political gain because Donna, Beausoleil, Fitzgerald want power and revenge? Our attorneys are not politicians. They are officers of the court and have worked hard to get there. Donna and Beausoleil have repeatedly stated that all the attorneys are unhappy with and fearful of the court. These two are dragging private citizens and their careers and reputations into their lies and quest for power. Mark Beausoleil is the only attorney I've heard complaining and he is proven to be corrupt and unethical. I commend these attorneys for standing up for theirselves, their professions, and our legal system. Thank you all for no letting the lies and corruption of the few taint the truth for the many. 

looks like someone at the Liberty County Courthouse needs help with getting their resume updated.

I have always read I often find myself in conflict with the majority of opinions expressed on the website but read it nevertheless to keep up with ideas that are different than my own. In this election I have noticed something very different on i-dineout (and in conversations around town), it is almost universally true that facts have been presented to inform voters of reasons to keep Fitzgerald and Beausoliel from returning to the courthouse and the scene of some of their well chronicled scandals and reasons to free Donna brown so she can go be unhappy somewhere besides where it effects our justice system. To be exact,I have not talked to one person who disagrees. 

Many,many ,many of us who have been around heretry to avoid conversation with Donna Brown. She repeats herself to much and she never stops until she feels like she can claimshe convinced the poor listener. When she offers for the public to come hear her side of all the chaos she hascaused in our courts, I double dare a few of you suckers to take her upon it. Take some vacation time before heading to her office. 

Oh my gosh! I wasted part of my life listening to our District Clerk on the radio and waiting for her (Donna Brown) to say what "injustice" had been done to her. To put it in a nutshell, she was disturbed beyond reason because she was not invited to a JUDGES MEETING. She is a clerk. And I can understand why nobody, be they judge or janitor,would want to meet with someone who talks incessantly! In explanations that could be made with one sentence, Brown could easily stretch it to ten sentences and then rinse and repeat it again to extend her monologue. The trouble she caused the four judges could have all been easily bypassed if Brown only realized that what she "thinks is unfair" is not illegal. And thatif she really had no intention of going paperless, sign a revokable statement giving the judges a commitment that they will continue to have the legal documents they need in paper/hard copy to run their courts. But rather than do that Brown "researches' and finds out she can cause these judges that refused to meet and talk about this some more hell. Again describing their "order" as illegal....... signaling for the umpteenth time she hasno law degree. Brown claimedover and over she was a "team player" but at every turn she is not trying to provide what the judges say they need to run the courts, she is trying to win some debate points and make the judges regret not meeting with her. 

Integrity in Personal Financial Affairs

Ref: Integrity This does not surprise me any more about this Lady. It’s another reason she should be voted out of office. ITS TIME! I pay my bills and dedts and there should be no reason she shouldn’t do the same. Its just the right thing to do as an American. 

I am beyond exhausted with our current District Clerk, Donna Brown. Her constant attack on our judges has got to stop. Do we want someone in office that has respresented herself in the way she has for the past 7 years. I have been a long time friend of Mrs. Brown and no longer. She has never taken blame for herself or her boys. Her boys do not love a quiet life. Each boy of hers has had dwis, countless arrest and have been married or unfaithful to ever one of their wives. Donna Brown should be more concerned with her capabilities to do her job correctly than throwing parties, babysitting in her office or which plastic surgery she’s going to do next. She has covered up her own divorce filing to Billy Brown and tried to fastly file for her son during his divorce filing. Donna Brown has made a mockery of our Courthouse and it needs to stop. She just like her sons have made our county jump through hoops to keep them out of trouble. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck then it’s a duck. The constant lies that our District Clerk tells is unjust. Why would we want her back in office? Her posts on social media really have me concerned! She has lost all sight of reality. Have you ever asked yourself why all of her sons have been in constant trouble or why they have been unfaithful. They take after their mother. Let’s elect an official that can do her job and not worry about her next breastfeeding augmentation or have her trouble maker sons get away with anymore unlawful acts. 

I understand that Ms. Brown manages and is responsible for almost $1 MILLION of public funds (our funds) each year. How can we trust her to manage our money when it’s obvious she cannot mange her own?

General Comments

i see phil is running for office again heshould be in jail the way he ripped off liberty co.during the storm slimmbag an all of the people cleaning up after the storm watch what u vote for 

General Comments

"I am tired of these politicians throwing mud to try and get elected instead of using the brains and hard work." It's not mud they're slinging, and it's not just the politicians that are the biggest fertilizer problem in our county. It's BOTH sides of the street that have issues, the Democrats get away with so much illegal activity and they're supporters turn a blind eye. The Republicans can't lift a finger for fear that the Demonrats are going to file a complaint like little two year olds. GROW UP for God sake you little pansies! 

General Comments

The passage of alittle time has caused a little argument and a little bet among friends. Can someone please tell me how many times Mark Beausoliel pled the fifth when asked about the theft of one of the District Judges mail? I say it was 39 times. 

Well, you lost the bet, LOL!! Beausoleil took the fifth ONLY 29 times. If you ever want Beausoleil to know something, simply write it down in a letter and mail it to Chap Cain at the courthouse. I BET he'll get it.

Whether it was 29 times or 39 times that Beausoliel took the fifth, he should have to stand before an ethics commission and explain why he deserves to keep his law license. Stealing a judge's mail and cash payoffs in the courthouse are allegations that officers of the court must answer to keep the public's trust. 

Suggestion for Mark Beausoliel: GO OUT AND REPAIR YOUR REPUTATION BEFORE RUNNING FOR PUBLIC OFFICE! At least wait a few years before your latest scandal and give voters a chance to forget or forgive. You keep running and running and running.You remind me of that Shauberger man that did the same thing. He lost by more and more and more every time he ran.  

General Comments

Donna Brown’s hysterical rants on social media about the “war with the judges” are apparently becoming tiresome, even to those who initially supported her. However, I haven’t seen or heard anyone ask the most obvious questions: 1. Did the judges force you to open after school child care in your office? 2. Did the judges force you to open a retail boutique in the courthouse? 3. Did the judges force you to use your official position to let your clerk file her divorce for free, and later lie about it to auditors and the county attorney? 4. Did the judges force you to use your official position to hide your own divorce action against Billy Brown when such records are legally public information? 5. Did the judges cause your audit to be a legal liability to Liberty County due to your own derelict of duty? 6. Why did you refuse to continue keeping hard copy court files when the judges asked you to do so? 7. Do you really expect voters to believe that the Texas Supreme Court gave you legal advice and discussed its intent regarding the e-filing mandate? 8. Do you expect anyone to believe you are so intelligent that you have outsmarted these “all-powerful”, politically savvy and experienced judges, who have spent their entire lives studying and practicing law??? 9. Do you think the numerous inconsistencies in your lies are not obvious to those who take the time to read the accusations? 10. Do you really believe that if these judges were out to get you, that you would have had seven years to run your office like some kind of circus full of incompetent monkeys? 11. Have you been evaluated by a mental health professional?

 You forgot # 12. If she gets re-elected after stating that everyone is after her, to include the Judges, the Auditors, the the Commissioners and Co Judge, the Texas Rangers, the Bonding Dept and all others how’s does she even thinks she will have a working relationship with all mentioned and be able to serve the Citizens effectively. I really don’t think SO. She needs to GO!  

Ooooo myyyy Lordddd! Did any one else see on Donna Browns Facebook page where she appears to call our Judges Cock Roaches? Lady I’m tru with YOU! 

Question #13 forBrown and possibly the most important; "What do you see when you look at these ink blots?" 

Not sure Donna Brown is divorcing Billy Brown as one person eludes to in the comments. I could be wrong, but more than likely Donna was sneaking around and filing one of her children's divorces. She has given people in this county hell for those kids and it is more likely. I do believe she is going through a "passedmid life crisis" though. There has to be some explanation for her bizarre behavior. 

To the poster implying Donna Brown didn’t cover up the divorce she filed on her husband, but did file for the divorce for one of her sons, you are wrong and correct. In the audit, if you go back and read it, you will see that there was some connivance in both presumptions. She filed for a divorce from Billy Brown and kept it hidden in the system instead of it being public which is against the local government code (LGC) 115.0035. She also e-filed for her son (when she found out that the wife had already filed against him) Instead of following proper procedure, she rush filed herself and got it stamped and pushed through to Tommy Chambers desk as pro se instead of following protocol and chancing it going to one of the other district judges. I’m assuming the motive was to ensure her son was the plaintiff and had the upper hand in the divorce. She is as crooked as Phil and Beausoliel. There is a common denominator here, which is they each have taken advantage of the power in the position they hold.

Donna Brown says "I am a woman, hear me roar" what in the world is that suppose to mean????? 

General Comments

When is law enforcement going to come and rid Ames,especially Baker sub.and ameswood of these people selling drugs?looks like a bunch of zombies walking around. 

General Comments 

As a resident of the City Of Dayton, I have been noticing that the City is going downhill. The streets in our community look like they have not been taken care of in some time. So many potholes and do not let me begin where it looks like were they dug up the street to fix a water line or something. How can they leave it looking like crap. So I decided to look at the City's page to see who the leaders are an I see why it looks like it does. They have let most of the employees that cared so much for our town go. So please when you go to the poles to vote for council members for our town, please make sure they love your town as much as you do, our it will look like trash. I also read that there is a council member under fire for grouping an employee, I am so glad she stood up against him. So not all council are innocent and here for what is best for this town. 

As a citizen of the City of Dayton, I have an urgent request that I feel has been falling on deaf ears. Drainage is in NEED of attention, streets need major repair, there is a large hole in the middle of the street on Dunlap and Arcadia, the hole has been covered with 3/4" medal sheet plate. This hole has been there for months, I guess covering it with sheet plate is the City street departments way of repairs,NOT. EACH time it rains myself and many others get concerned if the poor drainage is going to back up in our homes. Please take care of these problems before spending money on frivolous projects and perks. 

General Comments

Kenny Brand is a good man. I support him asking to be Commissioner for Liberty County Pct. 2. He has solely financed his campaign and not accepting any contributions from any source. He loves his country, his county, his city. He will work hard for the citizens of the county physically,mentally,financially,responsibly, and ethically. I firmly believe he will be a good commissioner. 

General Comments

Imagine if someone were rejected and not promoted in their hometown because of a well known inability to be nice to everyone. Imagine a person like that leaving town to climb the ladder elsewhere in places where people don't know each other the way we do in a small town. Instead of changing and becoming a person able to be "nice", imagine that person coming back to Liberty and working in our schools with our children and somehow rising to favor with our Superintendent. This kind of favoritism and lack of perception may, I can imagine, begin to make people want to find new leadership in our schools. 

We have two kids in thehigh school and I hope any changes being made will consider the fact that ultimately good parents will exercise oversight in the types of people the school hires. Children are our priority, not friendships among the administration or anything else. 

The problemwith vague commnets like the one asking readers to imagine Liberty ISD hiring people that are not even remotely "nice" is thatmost of those kind of people are very nice and respectful to the people who can give them the job they seek. How about a little bit of courage and making your little warning more specific. Taxpayers, not the Superintendent, pay these people's salaries and we want people that lead and live through example, not people who push and shove and drive those under their thumb.

Don't know or care about who Liberty ISD hires, but do not like building new buildings for us to pay for when the district has not gotten bigger. 

My kids say he is a weird Dude, or Bro, or something like that, so they try to avoid him.I do appreciate Dr. Abshier upgrading some of Liberty's facilities however. Teacher friends tell me he is all about how things look to the public. That is not all bad.  

General Comments

We have two good judges and two stable courts that have had very little controversy over the years. I'm tired of the district clerk trying to defend herself by causing chaos. Both men have worked and served honorably and deserve both competence and support from the county and district clerk. Delia Sellers and Lee Chambers are the twomost qualified people running and they have no history of scandal. I hope we do not elect people that are going to embarrass this county with more of the growing drama that was seeded in the district clerks office. 

General Comments

 I guess McNair wants Judge knight to ride the bus to work or ride a horse. Those plates are good to drive on the highway, not just on the farm. That's being just a little bit unjust and elementary for my part. Or should the taxpayers pay for him an automobile to drive back & forth to work. Think not. 

How petty can one be, just heard on KSHN Craig McNair filed complaints on the current Judge Knight for the most pettiest of complaint. Haven’t been a Jay knight fan myself but I can tell you one thing; I will not be voting for McNair as of today. I am tired of these politicians throwing mud to try and get elected instead of using the brains and hard work. 

Well you can tell Craig McNair is taking lessons from Donna Brown on how to be nasty and a mud slinging low life.. 

Ooo my Lord! How stupid can you be Craig McNair. 

It is ok Craig. Every candidate running against an incumbent looks for anything to give himself a edge. Without an investigation people get away with all kinds of things. And especially when they "know people". 

I have keeping up with everything going on around here. I find very funny that Craig world have the nerve to question where anyone lives. The four years Craig was County Judge he was gone about 75 percent of the time. Some say he spent most of his time in Tennessee, I don’t know or care where he was. All I know is that he was not at the Courthouse. It doesn’t really surprise me that Craig would pull something as silly as this, he does not any other choice. He can’t run on his record and to listen to him talk he seems lost and don’t know what he is doing. Well it will be interesting to see how this turns out. 

General Comments

Today, Feb.9th. I was going to Wal-Mart and I notice this weird person with sun glasses standing there on the Garden side, with all her stuff. Why was she standing there? Does anybody know what happened? 

You only saw one weird person at Wal-Mart? You are a lucky person.

General Comments

PHIL STRONG Thanks to all the IKE refugees that bought supplies and fuel at my inflated prices. Special thanks to the taxpayers of Liberty County for supplying the generator to power my store. TOGETHER, We got the job done. 

On the PHIL STRONG THANKS for helping him overcharge "IKE" refugees with his gas prices, and his gnerator, these country folks knew then what he was doing running in and out changing up stuff, but what could they do about it, that was a long, hard time for the old country people in the heat without electricity with far longer outage than most, out in the country, but they knew then, they just didn't know what they could do about it. Apparently, nothing as he still seems to be living well and still has the audacity to look you in the eyes and smile like any other lying candidate. 

One thing we gotta give ole Phil. He has a great deal of nerve! He arranges to give his own family a huge contract in his role as County Judge and then after being rejected by the citizens he runs for office with the idea his return to office would make us "PHIL STRONG". Between him and Mark Beausoliel's candidacy, I have a difficult ti me trying to understand why they thinkeven their family will vote for them. 

General Comments

Bobby Rader has always been such a friendly nice man. He still is. He hugs and high fives everybody and has always been so civicly minded. With that said, it is sad to see and hear of him becoming so political. Sheriffs are always at their best when they put their nose to the grindstone and keep their eye on catching the guys. Unfortunately Rader has been in office long enough he has become involved in all kinds of behind the scenes political manipulation. It is hard to beleive but I am starting to think he has completed a good job as sheriff and giving him another term may not be good for him or the county. 

I totally agree its time for him to ride off in the sunset. He can also take his buddy Donna Shelia Jackson Lee Brown with him. 

 I ahsolutely agree with all of the positive sentiments about Sheriff Rader and believe he would be wise to make this his last termin office. 

It has always made me mad to see comments on here trying to make Bobby out to be a typical Liberty County politician. He is nearly seventy years old and had hip replacement surgery and is not likely to run again. if the people sounding like they are his friends would refrain from pushing him out the door I am sure he will finish with well deserved dignity. 

Letter to the Editor

Bahaahaaaa! LeBlanc and Smith are such tools. Smith thinks Edmund Burke is a false identity someone is using. I'm not sure that felon can read. Those must have been some very dangerous drugs he did. The last line of the letter to the editor that I read, is a quote from Edmund Burke! Lol....what a couple of window-lickers! They love to listen to Donna droning on about how everyone is so mean to her. I mean, she isn't even invited her to their Judge meetings. Can you believe it?! News's a JUDGE meeting!! She just thinks they don't follow that law thing right, in her opinion. I think I missed the part where she discussed where she got her law degree. I can't imagine why two serious, low key, accomplished District Judges wouldn't want gossipy Donna "Sheila Jackson Lee" Brown in their meeting. This woman would blame Moses for getting a little water on her when he parted the red sea. She is a damn nut and has found her home with the criminal elements of our county. LeBlanc, Smith, and Brown are perfectly willing to saddle up with proven criminals like Beausoleil and Fitzgerald while slandering people with long, disguised, and proven track records.....that are crime free by the way. Criminals and liars supporting criminals & liars. Just remember that these people are backing FEMA Phil, and Cash in a Brown Bag Beausoleil. Beausoleil and Fitzgerald actually stole the mail of a District Judge and attempted to try and take him down. That's who Donna and the rest of these fools are willing to support. This election is simple. You have the two criminals and there stooge of a mouthpiece. Donna, bless your little fake heart, you are being used like a tool....but we know you like the attention. Might want to ask Mitchell, Lisa, and a few others about being that tool for Fitzgerald & Beausoleil. Look on the bright side, maybe Beausoleil will give you 20k in a paper sack as well! "Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience." 

City of Dayton Investigates Sexual Harassment Complaint

KSHN radio has been announcing that the City of Dayton has initiated an investigation into sexual harassment charges made by a city employee. Word on the street is that the focus of the investigation is Councilman Josh Townsend. Supposedly the guy doesn't know how to keep his hands in his pockets. Isn't this the same Dude you used to see jogging with the DISD girls track team. 

Sexual Harassment, all over the news. Why is it that stuff that happened years ago is now being brought out. I'm not saying all women do this but, some of them flirt and dress the way they do and when a man reacts back now it's harassment. Don't wait months and years to complain, when you do wait it appears all your wanting is to be in the spotlight. 

Sexual Harassment -- What primordial mud did you ooze out of? A woman has the right to dress as she sees fit. If a man can't control his hands and his comments then maybe he should go live on an island. The DISD school board might want to look into its policies regarding who has access to our children.

Courthouse Corruption and Revenge Gone Bad

Courthouse Corruption & Revenge Gone Bad: Wow! There it is in Black & White court documents and depositions. Beausoleil, Brown, & Fitzgerald are the crooks tying to take power back and exact revenge on the very people we put in place to correct their actions. If any of these three get one vote, that's one to many. They should not only be in any position of power, they should be shamed out of town! We get the government we deserve.

I have often wondered what had happened with that fiasco but now I know. Enough said Brown must be elected out and the other 2 never elected in.

"Problems in the courthouse" You'll never solve the problems in Liberty County. The Democrats in this county are thieves, theRepublicans can't do anything because the people who didn't get elected are constantly nit picking every little thing that they always got away with because their people never said a word. Face it, Politics in Liberty County is as crooked as the Trinity River, and will never be fixed until Federal indictments get handed down and people start serving the Jail time they need to. 

The facts are in and irrefutable. Mark Beausoleil and Phil Fitzgerald are disgusting. They are the very worst kind of people. They are opportunists that prey off the people in their very own community. They are willing to screw their neighbors to make a dollar and Donna Brown fits right in with them. She hitched here wagon to the two guys that SHE KNEW had criminally rob our county and gone after a District Judge. She knew there history and their capabilities and wanted in. Why do you think she is now being used to attack our Judges now? The three of them are more than willing to destroy people's lives and reputations in order to make money or promote their own personal power. This is sick people! It's all there in documentation. Read up! 

There is now Absolutely NO doubt about who Beausoleil & Fitzgerald are. This isn't opinion, feelings, or grudges. There are the investigation documents and depositions. These two men are morally bankrupt. I can't believe they would ever be considered for any elected position. I would hang my head in shame and move away if I were them. How big must their ego be to think they should be back in any political office? It just astounds me. I'm not sure how Beausoleil even still has a law license! I don't care how friendly these two guys are to you personally or how long you have known them. Their morals and character are on full display in these official documents. Anyone supporting them now knows full well what and who they are and is therefore supporting thieving lying criminals for judgeships. This is were I grew up and now am raising my family, but if these men can be in and political office, especially Judges, my family must consider a move. This is a very sad state of affairs and Liberty County deserves better. 

Haaaaaaaaaa! Anyone seen the ranting and raving by Jeff LeBlanc? That diude is loosing it like Donna Shelia Jackson Lee Brown. 

Is it true Mark Beausoliel only started practicing law in 1999? I ask becuase I hear he has gotten a little better in his court appearances and that he has now been there long enough to understand the small details of how to run a court. There seems to be a implication that he is lazy because the case that made himover amillion dollars was a simple referral that he was not asked to contribute any expertise to. But I hear he is about as energetic asmost of the Liberty lawyers and that the 253rd court would keep up with its heavy twocounty load if he were to win. it is just all confusing to me to read such onesided information and i wanted to speak up for the challenger and try and say something nice about him. 

RE: Mark Beausoliel: I personally do not know him nor his family but I will say that when I had to file a law suit against my insurance company for Hurricane Ike damages he was the only attorney that wanted or would help us in Liberty. He was able to get my home owners insurance to finally pay up what they owed us. I will say that maybe our personalities were not even close to each others and on a personal level we would probably but heads but the man did do what he was hired to do. 

Never ever would I vote for Beaisoliel or Fitzgerald. Do any of you remember hurricane Ike? Do you not recall that Firzgerald's family member got the bid for clean up costs of over 3 MILLION of our....the taxpayers money? If you remember...only one bid was offered and accepted instead of the required 3 bids. Yeah Firzgerald "got off" on some technicality but that whole scam was too ridiculous for words. Chap Cain is a fair and honest Judge. He has proven himself in this rgard thousands of times. Mark Morefield has changed in a very negative direction over the past two years. It is discraceful how he speaks to and treats citizens in "his" courtroom, especially those who have court appointed attorneys. It is shameful and has to be illegal. Got some free time...go listen to him in"his" courtroom. 

The person talking about Beausoleil & Fitzgerald are right about them being corrupt and a joke, but your remarks about Morfield are not only false, but rediculous and undfounsed. I absolutely back Cain over that criminal Beausoleil, but Morefield is the absolute true conservative constitutionalist Judge. He doesn't operate on feelings only constitutional law. You might not like his bedside manor, but he is the most ethical, lawful, and brightest legal mind Liberty County has ever seen. Cain is fair and Morefield is constitutional. We have great judges and I'm tired of a two-bit clerk calling their honor into question. Both men have worked and served honorably and deserve better from us. Get rid of Drama Brown me let them Judges work with a professional. 

General Comments

Look at the people running for school Board in Daisetta , we already have Beth Johnson that lives in the Bars a d now her daughter in Law Nina Johnson is running I'm sorry I don't want a person who post on Facebook they don't believe in God her and her husband has posted they don't believe in God, I see they cleaned there face book up some when someone told poped it in there ear about losing votes over it , man this town has lost there minds did Beth Johnson even graduate. Where all the so called Christians of this town 

In response to the persons running for school board in Daisetta and on questioning their personal character, what do you expect from people in that community. Its no surprise these women are drug using, alcoholic, atheist democrats.  

In response to people running for school board in Hull Daisetta. I personally will not vote for an atheist. We need God in our schools more than ever! With that Being said, it dosent matter who you put on school board. Mary Hucabay has the wool pulled over there eyes and the whole group go along with whatever she wants and rarely question anything, most are just taking up space for there free trip to San Antonio , and to say "look at me" I'm on the school. Hull- Daisetta ISD has really become a joke. There are Aids teaching classes because she will not replace teachers and coaches that where fired and or quit. It's really sad! 

I know Beth Johnson I don't know her daughter in law. But the posters who posted that insinuating crap about them I do know their type, and they are a dime a dozen. Beth isn't perfect but she is decent, more than I can say about those posters. And posting that we need God in the schools is simply retarded, Beth Johnson as I know her has acted more Christ like than most people who post on this site. 

School board elections in HD. The two candidates running for school board are good people, who cares what the choose to believe in or not. However, my instincts tell me that they are trying to stack the board so important votes go the way they want, and that is NOT something I am ok with. I have not heard who they are running against, but I do know that 2 out of the 3 positions up are held by people who live in the Raywood area. With the damage done to the elementary in Hull from Harvey, there are a few options on the table to move the campus to Raywood. Beth does not like that idea. I'm sure there are many other older people who do not like that idea either. Once again, I say--WHO CARES. Many parents, including myself, don't care if they remodel, rebuild in Hull, or Daisetta, or Raywood, or try to get an entire new consolidated campus built. We just want our kids to be out of Hardin's old campus. ASAP. We are grateful for what our neighbor's have done for us, of course, but we are beyond ready to be home, in our own safe, healthy environment. Neither will have my vote if that is the case. As for aides teaching classes? Specifics please? As far as I know, the only time an aide teaches a class is when teachers are out sick, and this year that has been more than normal, and they can get buy without hiring a sub for the day. There have been a lot of problems with the coaching staff this year, but blame that on the AD, for either choosing morons who shouldn't be coaching/teaching any students anywhere, or that he's such an authoritarian he can't keep the good ones around for longer than a year. Besides the fact that it's the middle of the school year, pretty difficult to find certified teachers to fill in for fired coaches midway through the year. Mrs. Huckabay has done amazing things during her tenure. When she first came here, the district was horrible, and there have been great improvements since. There's always room for more, the community just needs to come together and do what is best for our kids, instead of bickering about where a new campus should be built or whether or not an atheist or someone not so educated should be sitting on the school board. As long as they are doing what's best for our kids, and fighting for them, none of that matters. 

Hull Daisetta School Board: My husband and I love Beth. We think so much of Beth, Allen and Nina. I want to take this opportunity to say I do not believe a word of what people are posting on here about them. Allen is a hard working and good young man. He always has been. We’ve watched him grow up. It seems like yesterday when I was setting in Tang Soo Do class with Beth (A great mother) and watching our children practice martial art. Allen has done work for us on our home. He is as good as they come. The aftermath of Harvey has been hard on the Hull Daisetta residents and the school. I’m sure It has been hard on the teachers, and the school administration. Though I feel we should not build in a town that is known for flooding again unless we must, and I do feel Raywood is the best choice if we build I will not set here and let any person run Beth and her family down. It upsets me. I love them. There is reason I feel Raywood would be a better choice. The land is high and will not flood. We may get more children coming into the district from Devers or Ames. I feel it is a better choice. I love the Johnsons and please do not let people come and post ludicrous lies about them. 

Problems at Liberty County Clerk's Office

I have been a Paulette fan but there is noshading an audit report like the one presented. I don't know if her retirement is tied tothe revelations of allof tehse problems ornot,but those working in her office,just like the ones working in Donna Brown's,may need extensive retraining in order to learnthe proper way to do things. Nevertheless, I still want to thank Paulette for years of effortonour behalf. 

"Republicans" are now zero for two in the audits this year. Maybe we should have ignored party and voted for more proven candiates to do these jobs. Remember we had a county clerk and a district clerk that had already established a track record that did not include thiskind of sloppiness. I donot care for the Democrats platformin Texasor in the national party but if local Republicans do not run a qualified competent candidate for alocalposition, I willnot vote for them from now on. Delia Sellers canperformwellat in the office she is seeking and deserves my vote.The most qualified person forcounty clerkisnot the "hand-picked" replacement. It is Lee Haidesek Chambers. Some say she is the most qualified person toseekthis position in Liberty County history because of her law degree and experience. Republicans need to find the best people, like Lee, and show them why voting for Republicans is smart.If not, this county will go back to being a straight Democratic party county. 

This is unquestionable! What in the hell is going on in the District Clerk and County Clerks Office? I see the District Clerk posting some of the most out insane post on Facebook and now this is the recordson the County Clerk. 

RE: County Clerks Office: I personally have witnessed that office closed on 2 different occasions for private parties during normal business hours since Mrs. Williams has taken office. The parties did not take place on the lunch hour or after hours but after the employees went to lunch and then came back and locked the doors to the public. There should not be any private parties at all at the county court house during regular business hours. When the tax payers (the people who pay their salaries) are told to leave and come back tomorrow just doesn't do it for me. The county judges and the commissioners need to put a stop to this in every office at the court house. 

This is insane both these Clerks need to be removed 

From what I understand Paulette Williams, like Donna Brown, walk to the beat of a different drum in their relationships to many of the Republicans who actively work to elect candidates. Frustrating no doubt for someone in office to be so bold as to undermine so many in the party that elected them. You would think they would not have to be such busybodies. It does seem like Paulette's handpicked replacement got a raw deal three timesover. Once when a very well liked and respected Lee Haidesek Chambers signed up to run at the encouragement of many in her party, and a second time when she received public endorsements from two people who did so poorly when audited. A third time when she agreed to copy Donna Brown's campaign sign with her picture on it. 

Ok. In regards to the whole Donna Brown saga...why is it just now people are realizing she’s sucks. What’s odd in audits or checks or any reprimand she gets it’s always the same. She blames someone in the office, her staff that she hired and that she trained. Now she might not have done it directly but as the head of that office it boils down to her. Any and all paperwork that shes blaming others for not filing coding recording or handling correctly regardless of the circumstances. When she stamps the pages with her name stamp. She is assuming any and all blame. It’s her name that’s on the office hallway. It’s her name that’s signed. She is the one responsible for the flow maintenance and practices of the whole office. There is so much about her that people don’t know. She has NEVER accepted blame. She’s NEVER allowed her boys to accept blame. Always made one excuse or another. Once her boys broke into the Hull daisetta conscession stands. When called to the school about it she told the school since they didn’t have the reinforced glass that the school was tempting not just her boys but anyone to break in. It was the schools fault. The youngest son tried to run out on a bar tab at Chilis once but with the management there that was avoided by a phone call. Y’all talk about how she’s running her mouth. When she originally ran for office. While Mrs Gilmore was still in office her husband suddenly passed away. Donna Brown sent not one...not two... but 7. That’s right seven sympathy cards to Mrs Gilmore. All saying everyone would understand if she didn’t run. And yet while Mrs Gilmore was in office they didn’t seem to have all the drama that Donna has created. One of her campaign platforms was treating the girls in the office with respect and dignity. I don’t believe anyone was forced to work there. Mrs Gilmore might have ran a tight ship but did we ever hear of the chaos and turmoil we are hearing now? Nope. As district clerk part of the job is maintaining court records. I assure you Mrs Gilmore knew as well as Mrs Joykay any and all files the judges picked up was in order, filed, documented , and was correct. For had it not need it was a reflection on the district clerk. Everyone is acting all shocked. Surprised. Stunnned. Walking around in disbelief Asking how can this happen. Hello. It’s what the people voted for. She’s been placed in the posisiton by the people to allow this to happen. I could go on and on and on about things and Donna Brown. It would make your heads spin. But in the past did we hear any of this. Melody and Joykay ran a tight ship. Records were right. Criminals didn’t get let go due to lost paperwork. And yet it’s not Donna’s fault. They never sold stocked or ran an boutique in the office. They weren’t concerned about what holiday was next they could throw a party for. They were concerned about thier jobs. The reputation they had as the district clerks. I’m sure they weren’t perfect. But I assure you they took the criticism and made sure it was corrected and not repeated. So if everyone is tired of the way Donna Brown has made this county look to the entire state of Texas as well as who knows wherever. Make sure you get out and vote at the election. Make your voice count. Let your opinion be heard. And don’t vote for her. It’s essy. If she doesn’t win she won’t be there. It’s AN ELECTED POSITION. Get her out. I truly feel sorry for Delia. I hope she is prepared for the mess she’s walking into. From half job doing employees to who knows how many jacked up files there is to fix to all the other issues we haven’t heard about that she’s going to find when she’s voted in. My thoughts and prayers are with Delia. She’s going to need it. Dump Donna and let’s get that office fixed and ran correctly Maybe then we won’t look like that big of a laughing post with Donna and her shenanigans And my oh my where to start with Phil and Mark saga. People. Go home. You have made big enough jackasses out of yourself in the past. Do we really need to do it again?? Maybe Liz can open a office print shop. She seems to be so good working the equipment at kinkos. People don’t lay down and forget. Remember. Are these the people you want running out county?? If so are more doomed than what we already are. Out with Donna.

This comment is very common around the community Donna Brown has lived: "I have known Donna Brown since our children were in school together. She has always been a drama queen who blamed others for her problems, but with all these desperate lies and crazy accusations against anyone one who disagrees with her, it seems she has lost touch with reality. I’m seriously beginning to question her mental state as well her capacity to do her job."

I Cannot believe Donna is calling the judges corrupt for drafting a compliance letter. I read the documents and it seemed to me they just wanted her to keep hard copies to keep key documents from slipping through the cracks of the e-file implementation. One of the most important roles employees should embrace in order to do a good job is ACCOUNTABILITY.
I couldn’t imagine how frustrating it must be for the judges to try and do their job when half their cases are missing important documents. She is a secretary to the courts, her main focus should be maintaining records, documents, data entry and whatever else the courts request within reason. The letter the judges drafted in my opinion were within reason and in fact a formal way to get her to be held accountable if another criminal was let off the hook due to her negligence. Yes Donna you serve as a secretary to the courts, not the other way around. It definitely should not be in her job description to be difficult, make excuses as to why her simple secretary duties are not being executed nor argue and try to buck the judges. How hard is it to just save the hard copies per the judges request? To say the very least, she has created a shit storm for herself and the girls that work for her. It’s no wonder her girls didn’t get raises, they don’t know what their doing either but how could they when they have Donna Brown training them. All the mudslinging she has done towards the 253rd, 75th and the Texas Rangers is going to make for such a horrible work environment for ALL! Donna Brown you should be practicing imprudence at “SUCH A TIME AS THIS”. I’m still trying to figure out what caused you to come out guns blazing? On the 411 page, Mike Smith, stated that Idineout is posting lies. What stories that Mr. Youngblood has posted has been lies? The official documents of Donna Browns audit findings? The formal letter the judges drafted ordering for Donna to be in compliance and to keep ALL HARD COPY DOCUMENTS? The official court documents stating that Donna Browns negligence led to a drug dealer getting off the hook for a major felony? So official court documents are now lies ladies and gentlemen! Ha! Maybe Donna Brown and her little side kick Mike were shaken up when the 253rd court coordinators notes exposed at how incompetent Donna Brown truly is at her job.
I see people commenting left and right about how crooked the judges are. I seriously am confused as to why they believe Donna’s nonsense or maybe most of “them” are criminals along with that imbecile, Mike O Smith. The notion that the district judges are being unlawful is ridiculous. And how credulous are voters to believe her antics when it is written in black and white. Do your job and sign on the dotted line. Sounds simple enough.
Delia Sellers has not said one ugly thing about her opponent or the accusations others have made against her. All she puts on her page are prayer memes. I bet if she was to get into office it would be alot more quiet in that wing of the courthouse and a more peaceful enviroment in the courthouse altogether.

General Comments

My personal opinion: when County officials knowingly allow a person to continue acting and committing lewd acts in front of people in a community. Some of these people are even under the age of 14. Even having documented proof of the sexual offenses. Then They are now the ones who should be held liable for the damages occuring. It is extremely harmful for people to be constantly exposed to unwanted and illegal behavior and young children should be provided protection at all costs. Our community is being left on its own while the Liberty County officials make excuses and ignore their responsibility. Along with filing charges on the man who is taking his clothes off I believe it is time to file on the neglectful officials in this County! Don't forget it's election time and we don't need anymore of this in our local government! Bobby Rader you tried to make excuses but he is right back out here and not one charge has been filed. How about you and your crew move him across from your family. 

Lewd behavior, if it's going on and you say you have proof, bring it forward. Bobby is a damn good sheriff you run your mouth on here and yet you don't bring the proof to the sheriff's office. I tell you what you get out there in this county and try to be every where at once, like you people think the deputies should do. The deputies in Liberty County do the best they can with what they got. They arrest and press charges, guess what most get deferred adjudication, because that a conviction and it makes your DA look good. 

General Comments

The Lie Firm of Dewey, Cheatem & Howe is alive and well in Liberty County. They are doing business as Brown, Beausoleil & Fitzgerald these days. I would say that their tactics and Facebook lies and rants are shockingly false and slanderous, but that is just par for this group of underhanded slime-balls. Of course three lying criminals don't like judges. What criminal does? Judges demand that you adhere to that pesky rule of law thing! Donna moaning on about how everyone is out to get her and she is going to save the county. Please, the saving this county needs is from ever having to deal with these 3 crap weasel criminals in a political position! She was so concerned that she is just now telling you all this BS. She is interested in saving Donna Brown and no fact will get in the way. This woman is an incompetent train wreck and a stain on this county. She is a political animal and will tell any lie to cover her own butt. Mark Beausoleil is that attorney that give other attorneys a bad name. His "I wasn't born with a silver spoon" crap is hilarious if you have ever heard him brag about his money. He might not have been born with the spoon, but he sure learned how to lie, cheat, and steal in order to buy him a spoon! Mark and Phill want to run with the rich crowds so bad that they were/are willing to bilk storm victims and tax payers out of millions to make sure they got there. This group has cheated their way into power and only had slaps on the wrist for their crimes of the past. They have no respect for the rule of law and don't think it applies to them. These three ARE the slimy self-dealing politicians hell bent on personal power and enrichment that we have all come to know and hate recently. Rush Limbaugh often says that Liberals will tell you exactly who THEY are and what THEY are doing by what they accuse others of being and doing. There is no better description for what these three known liars are up to. I hope the taxpayers of Liberty County never let this trio of cancer anywhere near the vital organs of power. 

I have been following this Re elect Donna Brown election and something isnt right with her post and statements on her Facebook pages... She indicates that everyone in County and State Government along with the local news medias is after and against her. Something isnt right with her. Something doesn't pass the smell test with me. What I do know is that I won't be voting for her again. I just don't think she is right any more for Liberty County. 

I'm starting to see that Donna Brown just doesn't like to be told to do her job correctly. Seems like she can't handle criticism and will blame anyone and try to defame the entire county rather than face her issues. Looks like she has decided to back the two criminals we kicked out for corruption and raping taxpayers. I worked hard to try and help clean up this county up back in 2010 and by all accounts, we have cleaned up the corruption and stealing. I worked to elect these current judges, district and county and am please with their work product. I also supported Donna Brown back then, I'm now sorry to say. She has made a mockery of the office with her shenanigans. I'm a business owner and have dealt with many troublemaker employees like her. It's always someone else's fault and they create a toxic work environment for all. When confronted about their poor work product they cry foul and make crazy threats. I see one of the most productive honorable and impartial governments Liberty County has ever seen in my lifetime, despite Donna. All these players are paid with our tax dollars and business decisions about funding have to be made. Every department is fighting for a finite amount of budget dollars. Hard decisions have to be made and it isn't always nice, pretty, or easy. People often like to bring feelings into it and make it personal, but it's simply business. The business of the people and their money! The current government has done a good job of managing our money instead of lining their own pockets like Fitzgerald & Beausoleil did when they were in office. I am seriously pissed that a District Clerk that I helped to elect is willing to side with the 2 crooks that stole our tax dollars over the public servants that have corrected the problem and restored law to our county. Her actions stink of pettiness and personal ambition. 

Donna Hillary Clinton Brown must go down! No more of this person. She is not good for us the tax payers

I have known Donna Brown since our children were in school together. She has always been a drama queen who blamed others for her problems, but with all these desperate lies and crazy accusations against anyone one who disagrees with her, it seems she has lost touch with reality. I’m seriously beginning to question her mental state as well her capacity to do her job. I’d like Donna Brown to explain why a Texas City Ranger, who was reportedly hand-picked by Sheriff Rader and herself, would conclude his investigation by meeting with Judge Morefield and our local Ranger that Brown and Rader didn’t trust to do his job. Based on the time Brown’s deputy clerk spied this hand-picked ranger going into Judge Morefield’s office (5:04) and the time the hand-picked Ranger called her (5:20), it’s obvious there wasn’t much for Ranger to discuss with the judge. Perhaps that hand-picked Ranger realized very quickly what the rest of us are just now learning: Donna Brown is nuts (or maybe “a desperate, hysterical liar”), and her claims of “political assassination by the district judges” are sheer fabrications (or maybe “figments of her twisted imagination”?). Why is anyone surprised that Donna brown would do it say anything to hang on to her job at the courthouse? Where else could she show up 10-20 hours every week to decorate, plan parties, sell costume jewelry and other trinkets, and flit around like she’s some Hollywood celebrity? Where could she even get another job with her limited skills, ethics and intellect? And who besides unknowing/uninformed taxpayers would pay her $68,000 to screw up such an important job? Maybe if Donna Brown were in her office more, she’d have time to check financial reports and maybe even time to “remind” her deputies to pay their divorce filing fees like everyone else has to do. Instead, during what little time she is there, she spends dreaming up outlandish excuses as to why she hasn’t done her job. 

I am so sick of all this crap Donna Brown is putting on Hardin 411 page and her page and any where else she can find to put it. Nothing but lies. She just wants someone to feel sorry for her. When she went into office and found out its not about going to work just to look pretty and all the screw ups starting showing up she wanted to lay to blame on someone else. She needs to put her big girl panties on and fess up to her mistakes and let someone that knows what they are doing to be District Clerk. She also needs to quit bad mouthing people. If she only knew how stupid she sounded and acted. Grow up. The courthouse is not some where to play office. Go home with your grand kids and play office. Besides they are probably the only ones that like you anyway and that's only because they aren't old enough to know better. 

Anybody notice how Mark Beausoliel was all in with Donna Brown up until all of the facts hit the public. At least he downplays that now. He still is unabashedly a Phil for County Judge fan. Old habits die hard for the ole Democrat Party leader's spouse. 

Good lord! Donna Brown is the Sheila Jackson Lee of our local government. Lips always flapping and assigning blame everywhere but where it belongs. What an embarrassment. Just go away please. Now she is teamed up with two crooks in Beausoleil & Fitzgerald to try and screw the people once again. Wake up citizens! Look into these people. 

General Comments

Reaud, Morgan & Quinn seeks investigation into libel claim 12/9/2010 12:00 PM By David Yates Mark Beausoleil, local Liberty Attorney The Beaumont law firm Reaud, Morgan & Quinn has filed a petition to investigate a potential lawsuit, believing two Liberty County residents may have conspired to commit fraud against the firm. Alleging Mark Beausoleil and Lisa Fregia may have knowledge about libelous statements made about the firm in 2010, managing partner Glen Morgan filed the petition Dec. 7 in Jefferson County District Court. In the petition, RMQ states it anticipates the pending lawsuit will include allegations of fraud, conspiracy and libel. "Mr. Beausoleil and Ms. Fregia may have knowledge about libelous statements made about petitioner during calendar year 2010," the petition states. "They may have knowledge regarding fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud against petitioner." The petition fails to state what alleged libelous statement or action prompted the firm to take action. Judge Donald Floyd, 172nd District Court, has been assigned to the case. Courtesy, 

Audit of District Clerk's Office

Well folks, the dog did not eat her homework and Donna Brown does not have a sad enough story to help her greatest supporters get past this audit. She should resign.

You can multiply the yakkity yak about Donna Brown on this website and multiply it by 100 and still not reach the yakkity yak going on everywhere else. Everybody wants to vent! I can not look the woman in the eye without wanting to give her a piece of my mind. Woman to woman. 

The hypcracy erks me. Brown has been embroiled in scandal after scandal and they are just now becoming public knowledge so she supports the biggest yellow dog Democrat ever to run as a Republican in Liberty County - Mark Beausoliel. Beausoliel swept out of, and kept out of positions in the courthouse after a pretty fine set of scandals of his own. Then Brown says voters can't vote for Delia Sellers because she was a Democrat? Donna is a piece of work. 

Audit of District clerk- I just can not believe that and. Brown put one of her employees business out there like that! I have always been a supporter of her but this has me conflicted... I think that information about family violence is potentially life changing if it got into the wrong hands. How embarrassing it must be for the poor persons whose business has become public. All new low for Donna in my eyes! 

I was recently at a political function where Donna Brown and Delia Sellers where both in attendance. I admit that I would NEVER vote for Donna Brown because I'm well aware of her antics and drama, but her lack of class stunned even me at this event. Donna walk right behind Delia and her family and friends and proceeded to disparage Delia for having previously run as a Democrat. We all know the history of the political parties in Liberty County, so I won't even address that. But I would like to ask Mrs. Brown where political affiliation comes into play when your sole job is to maintain records? She brags about her "Republican" status, but being a Republican hasn't helped her do her job well. Seems to me, considering her track record, Mrs. Brown might want to find another campaign platform other than the conspiracy theory, "I am woman, hear me roar," Delia Sellers used to be a Democrat, one she is currently touting. Delia has a proven record of her skills to do the job at hand. Donna has a record of incompetence at the job, lying, and deflecting the blame on any and everyone else, including her employees....Ummm Leadership much? Ronald Regan was once a Democrat, but he was, in my opinion, our greatest Republican President. Besides the fact that District Clerk has nothing to do with political affiliation, Delia is running as a Republican. I'll take the Republican that has the skills, demeanor, and class to do the job over the "Republican" that is a proven failure, classless, drama queen. I'm interested in deeds rather than words. Delia has performed the deeds with competence and professionalism. Donna has no shortage words, but her deeds are insubordinate at best and criminal at worst. I will proudly vote for and support Delia in this campaign and I hope others will really do their homework on this race as well. Ask people in the know and get out and vote. It's time to stop letting Donna hide behind the "R" and use it to cover up her incompetence and lack of class. We don't need this gossip queen in such an important position for one more day. 

Delia Sellers is my choice this next go around. Brown must go down! She has to much baggage and drama. 

The Democratic and Republican Parties have undergone a long transition from their founding ideological principles. The Democrats started out as the conservative party but are now the liberal party, and the Republicans were once the liberal party but are now the conservative party. There are a number of reasons that an elected official, or someone seeking office, might choose to switch parties. One reason is ethical obligation when the person has views that are no longer aligned with those of the current party. I myself used to consider myself a blue dog democrat. That was before the ideals and core values turned from a conservative disposition to a more liberal stance. Following the 2016 presidential election (which saw many Rust Belt counties flip to Donal Trump), the working class Reagan democrats either stayed home or went to the polls and voted for Trump. The Reagan Democrats today are your Republican base. "White voters without college education—economically anxious and culturally conservative—are your "Reagan Democrats". Today with the Democratic parties agenda so far off of what the party used to represent, you will start to see more “blues” exchange for “reds” than ever before. So enough with the quibbling Donna Brown. No one cares that Delia Sellers was once a Democrat as long as she is competent and thrives to do a professional job. The only people who do seem to care, is Donna Brown and some low life Mike O Smith who can’t even vote.

I was also at the political event in Hardin. Donna Brown was acting very erratic and very loud. Too over the top for my taste. I too heard her talking bad about Ms. Sellers. Who as far as I can tell is running a clean campaign. It left a bad taste in my mouth. I will say this, I am tired of hearing about her! 

Donna Brown MUST go down! Support Delia Sellers

Apparently Donna Brown and her boys have forgotten how cruel and all the crap they pulled when she was running against Melody Gilmore. Melody had just lost her husband and "The Brown boys" wen to the cemetery and put up Donna Brown signs on Raymond's grave and then put them all over the internet. First of all that is defacing a grave and secondly that's about as low as you can get. The Brown's have not always lived a "quiet life". They all want to talk abut telling the truth well doesn't sound like it to me. Donna has not done anything for this county as District Clerk except made a joke out of herself and the county. The whole office needs to be cleaned out and start over.

General Comments

Why would precinct 29 Republican Party chairman hook up with Mike Smith to throw occasional political mud out from an otherwise boring website? The Mike Smith mentioned is not the local retired dentist, but another Mike Smith. Check out this Mike Smith and see what is up with his criminal record. If I were a precinct chairman who wanted to help Donna Brown gloss over the many reasons voters could find out she is bad news I would not link up with jailbirds. If I were a precinct chairman and wanted new judges for some reason, I would not dig up the former leader of the opposing party to run in mine nor would I attach myself to repeat offenders to promote my choices. 

Retired dentist Mike Smith? Where was he from?

Libertarian party turned republican party precinct 29 chairman is jeff leblanc. Maybe jeff hangs out with mike smith because they have something in common? Anyone his families court records? Talk about birds of a feather and opposing parties maybe jeff wants a liberal judge who will legalize pot? 

General Comments

This just has to be said: I know Mark Beausoliel personally. I believe him to be a good husband & father and wish him no ill will. I also know him to be an absolute liberal, lying, storm-chasing, unethical as hell attorney. He and his wife ran the Democratic Party in Liberty and were very underhanded in it. I cannot believe people would not laugh him out of town for attempting to get anywhere near the power of a District Judge position. It would be funny if not so serious a position he seeks. This man DOES NOT have the moral character to even be considered for such a position. 

Every time I read something about Mark Beausoleil writes he puts something pertaining to us needing a fair and impartial Judge. I know first hand that we already have that in the 253rd and 75th District Courts. I worked in the courthouse for about 12 years and was in the court rooms numerous times. You couldn't ask for a more fair and impartial Judge in either court. I am asking that everyone please get up and go vote Chap Cain. 

It is unfair to tie Mark Beausoliel to being the party chairman of the Democrat's Party, that was his wife. It is also filling in the blanks to associate that "stolen mail" scandal in the courthouse with Beausoliel and Fitzgerald just because of tehir relationship and Beausoliel's wife. incompetence and lack of integrity are good enough reasons for voters to reject 

I am relatively new to this area. Can someone please tell me who this Mark Beausoliel is and what has he done in the past that was so bad? Any info would be helpful.Thanks 

General Comments

Notice: LT's will pick up garbage ONLY on sunny days. Lol!

General Comments

A big thanks to the citizens who cleaned the boat ramp at HWY 90 and the Trinity River. It is a real shame that the city does not recognize the appeal of such a resource as the Trinity River especially since it just so happens to be right here in everyone’s backyard. 

Issues with Liberty County District Clerk's Office

This comment is posted in several other areas in case this gets lost.why is there no criminal charges for county clerk's office? This is not going away. 

Now I'm beginning to understand why Donna Brown does not need to be reelected back into office. She cannot do the job. It's time for a change.

I’m not sure what’s more important someone who was once Democratic and changed republican or someone that literally can’t do her job? I’m so lost... Do you guys understand the importance of the office if District Clerk? It’s an OFFICE not a place to have parties and open up shops! Donna is manipulating you all with her poor poor pitiful me act! For someone that claims to be republican she sure does spit off some democratic crap. I am woman hear me roar? Next thing we know she will be marching with a vagina on her head. The public is missing the point!!!!! PLEASE. Read into her demeanor, her mess ups are affecting you. You, the taxpayer. She’s messed up and cause drama for far to long. Let’s get someone that has a clue in office. Liberty county DO YOUR HOMEWORK. She sure is great with meaningless excuses.... but I have yet to see results. 

I've lived here all 67 years of my life and never seen such a problem in the District Clerks Office. I agree with the other poster Donna Brown must be removed. 

I cannot believe all the stuff that is finally coming out about Donna Brown. I knew when she got District Clerk there would be drama because she didn't know her job nor would she be able to do the job of District Clerk. It's time to put someone in that position that can do the job. Donna Brown is joke and a slap in the face to Liberty County. 

I realize it's difficult, but people need to stop making politics personal. A person can be a good, but not competent at their job. I have nothing personal against Donna Brown, but she is very incompetent at her job. Not only can she not do the job well, she politicizes a nonpartisan position. District Clerk is a very important, but "behind the scenes" position. Donna Brown does not want to be behind the scenes. In my opinion, she enjoys being the spectacle and creates drama. I don't know if she is a "good person" or not, and frankly don't care. What I do know I that she is an awful District Clerk. That is a matter of fact, not opinion. She blames others for her shortcomings and says everyone is out to get her. Maybe she could run for some other political office where you get out and self-aggrandize and glad-hand all day. 

I noticed Tammy Faye, I mean Hillary, oops I mean Donnna Brown set her Facebook picture to “Well behaved women rarely make history” which is a well known democratic slogan! Lol she claims to be republican through and through though? She claims to be a STRONG woman and “ain’t” one to back down but can’t own up to HER mistakes? You are a sheep in wives clothing. You won’t manipulate me. I AM A STRONG WOMAN AND NO BETTER THAN TO BELIEVE YOUR LIES! Hopefully others will see you for what you are and that is WEK 

Who CARES if Delia was once a Democrat! So was EVERYONE else in Liberty at one point! I’ll take my chances with Sellers this go around. There is no WAY in hell she can do any worse than Donna Brown has. At this point, the only WAY is up! Good luck Delia. It looks like you have a fighting chance.

Donna! Those of your friends who are being nice enough to listen to all of your trials and tribulations as a public official, they are just tolerating your usual drama about your life. please give them a break. Most of them are not going to vote to extend the misery that comes with your clerk job. Trust me.

Delia Sellers was alongtime clerk in the Liberty County Courthouse that was endorsed by the retiring clerk. She was not a politicical person. She had to choose a political party to run and, just like now, she simply chose the one most people in the county identified with. Donna Brown on the other hand is an opionated politician and part of the drama that happens behind closed doors is when she gossips about other politicians and undermines them. 

Why is Donna Brown throwing mud at Delia Sellers? Delia served this county with integrity and class for years. She was not political but she was efficient and organized and drama free. SHHHHH! Donna shouldlay out what she did in her term and if there are misconceptions, correct them. Then she should lay out her plans to do a better job if given a second chance.

I know Donna Brown personally too, like the other post. I will always love her as a person and as my friend. BUT as a tax payer I can no Longer justify voting for her, with her most recent posts on Facebook brazenly posting she will not be working as a team with the judges , other county officials and or employees; That she has been targeted because she is a woman. This statement sickens me as a strong woman. Woman’s rights have come way too far to have women crying out falsely. And for the theory of there being a big conspiracy of those in the county to target or get her, I just don’t buy it. I personally have not experience the disarray in that office but I do hear talk around town and on Facebook of Those who have. I know I’m not the only one that is coming to this realization. 

Sad to see how desperate Donna Brown is to win as District Clerk. Normally a Republican candidate pointing another candidate was a Democrat is a legitimate point that some may consider, but Donna is supporting Mark Beausoliel. Beausoliel not only has a politically haunting past in the courthouse, he and his wife and he were dirty tricksters when they were the head of the Hee Haw Party. Donna has always seen right and wrong in the light of how she is effected. She wants new judges and wants no one to know all the drama she has inflicted in her role as District Clerk so she promotes the idea of electing Donkeys. Then her opponent, Delia Sellers, who incidentally has a very professional reputation for her years of public service ……. Well, according to Donna voters should not consider her because she was a Democrat. So she wants us to vote for the Zealot of Democrat Party Zealots when it fits her needs and she wants us to ignore all of her controversies and vote for her not someone who voters elected and returned to office. How convenient! 

Two weeks ago we decided we would wait until we heard District Clerk Donna Brown's side of the story before passing judgement. She has not one. Not two. Not even three question marks by her name and her reputation a a professional. If she fails to rebutt publicly the different accusations against her, what are we to do? My sister says I should go by and talk to her. My husband says he never voted for in the first place but innocent people speak up for themselves. it is not like the accusations are some hit piece full of unheard of rumors. People working in the courthouse who have no ax to grind say she has done all of the above. So where is the clarification?

 Man O Man! Anybody it their right mind would not vote for this lady Donna Brown. Another example of how incompetent she is.  

Democratic Primary Candidates

Liberty County Democrats have no leadership. We need to get nancy Archer back. She knew so much about politics. Her husband had so much rich and varied experience and she was right there with him. Just remember when the very capable Mark and Elizabeth Beausoliel ran the party how much we struggled. Michael Mark even more capable as a good solid former Asst.D.A. at the very least needs Nancy to be at his elbows.this is war. In Texas and in D.C. 

General Comments

Wow. The County shuts down because it is going to be cold. The for profit world will be at work, while the government employees take yet another day off. I think we deserve a refund. 

Former Liberty County Clerk Delia Sellers Seeks The Office of Liberty County District Clerk

I am so excited to see Delia running against the infamous Donna Brown. I was hoping she wouldn’t be re-elected the last election (She still had a lot of people fooled). It’s time for a change in that wing of the court house. Donna Brown and all her DRAMA needs to go! You’ve got my vote Mrs. Sellers and if you taxpayers have any sense, she will have your vote too!

In reference to Donna Brown; I have always supported / voted for Donna, But after seeing for Myself and hearing of the lack of work ethics and teamwork with other sections of our county government; this is the year I WILL NOT vote for her. There is no room for this kind deliberate incompetency. Our county CAN NOT afford another Donna Browns term. 

Donna Brown's Mailbag

There is a right way and a wrong way and a Donna Brown way to do things. Liberty county has had enough of the Donna Brown way. She causes trouble every where she claims the throne. 

General Comments

Beautiful pictures of the two ladies running to be clerk in the Liberty County courthouse. It will be my pleasure to vote for them and Mr. Beausoliel and Judge Fitzgerald. I always have and always will.

The campaign posters with beautiful pictures of a woman on them are not both district clerk candidates. One is my friend Donna and the other one is a wonderful candidate running for county clerk that I met Thursday.

Cold, You gotta be kidding! Have your doctor check your Meds, they need to be adjusted. You have no clue. 

Re-Elect Larry Wilburn Liberty County Pct. 4 Justice of the Peace

Larry Wilburn has done a good job and I like David Rip. Dayton gets a good judge either way. 

General Comments

During hurricane Harvey there was a problem with the pumps and the whole system over by the football stadium. I have not seen or heard of anything being planned to correct and update the antiquated system. Are we just going to wait until we have a catastrophic failure and get FEMA funding or are we going to tighten our belts and fix it now? Very concerned citizen that almost flooded the last time. PS I don't think a line of tractors and pumps on top of the lever is the correct approach. 

The pumps used over by the school bus barn were donated by private company. Nothing has been done in that area, obviously.We suppose (city manager) will again wait for someone to bail their ass out of a sling again when water arrives.I've seen people working on that pump countless times over the years. Maybe it needs replaced.

 FYI, the pumps at the football stadium are owned by the WCID#5--NOT the city of Liberty. Instead of complaining you better be glad that the city used their resources and personnel (at ALL the taxpayers expense) to keep your house from flooding. 

Donna Brown Goes "Paperless." Judge Morefield Speaks Out

NO NO, NO, NO. NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO,NO to Donna Brown . 

Donna Brown, this negative attention couldn’t have come at a more inopportune time for you. On the flip side, maybe it did...for the taxpayers.

Well this is the second report I've seen inference to the incompetent office Donna Brown runs. She can't speak against the truth.she needs to go

Donna Hillary Clinton Brown

Donna Brown after sticking to her paperless and misguided plans is now asking voters to go "brainless" to the polls? 

"Donna Brown Goes Paperless" I've come into contact with Donna Brown quite a few times in the court house and she has always been very helping and sweet. I hope all of the negative comments about her are not true, my personal interactions with her have been the complete opposite of what's being said. Surely I'm not the only one...

To the lady that said Donna Brown is always helpful and sweet...are you sure we are talking about the same Donna Brown?

How did I-Dineout get that letter from Mark Morefield to Donna Brown. 

Apparently you didn't read the Caption. I did, " Tru an open records request " 

Through open records request. When a public office is sent an open records request generally that request must be answered. Make an open records request to Donna Brown. She can't hide the truth. 

I remember the shopping corner in the hall of the county building that was setup by Donna Brown, she sold handbags and other things. She was personally profiting out of the halls of a government tax building paid for by us taxpayers. Anyone see an ethnic issue and moral issues? 

I know absolutely zero that is negative about Donna Brown outside of the job she does as district clerk. There is however no doubt she has had many issues in the job she is asking voters to put her in for four more years. My biggest problem is she never never shows any regret for messing up. 


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