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It's Christmas

Thank you so much for posting the beautiful rendition of this wonderful Christmas Season Hymn.  The music, and especially the lyrics, are so familiar and meaningful.  Both will forever remind us of the reason for this celebrated Advent season.  

General Comments

My utility bills this year are 18% higher than last year. And last year they were a great deal more than my sister's house in Dayton even though our houses are close to the same size. Why are Liberty city bills so high? 

Bobby Rader and Ken Defoor Conspire with Convicted Felon

This doesn't surprise me about Sheriff Rader. This man is getting worse as time goes by. All I can say is that hopefully someone will step up and become our next Sheriff. 

I feel sorry for those Officers whom work for him. They deserve better. 

He’s a good Insurance Salesman and a failure as a Sheriff. That Sheriffs Office has went down hill and continues to gain momentum. Your right its for him to leave.

He is not worthy of my vote ever again.

The report about the criminal record discovered on a man in media has an unusual slant on it. After reading it, I am unsure how that reflects on the sheriff. Negative stories with strange slants reveal a bias that may make a public official reluctant to be forthcoming with a media outlet. Who could blame them? This website is important to many of us and we want this website to have access to the sheriff and his department, so please report fairly. 

Sheriff Rader enjoy till 2020, I got a strong feeling you and some of your staff will be replaced. 

Human Remains Found in North Liberty County

 How close was the skull found in regards to where Clark Roger's vehicle was located ? He has been missing for several years. He was from Daisetta. 

General Comments

While I am not completely committed to Trump with a "defend him at all cost" resolve, many of his goals are my goals. Goals I thought would never be pursued by any President. To the extent that some are completely committed to stopping him from accomplishing these goals, even if it involves targeting the President with a broad investigation that looks for a crime, I stand with him in defense of his Constitutional rights to question whether their was even legitimate probable cause to even start what appears to me to be an effort to overturn the election results'. We vote for President again in less than two years. If Trump loses, he can be indicted for any crimes that he can be proven to have committed. 

General Comments

If you haven’t figured this out the Democrats have chosen – Israel’s enemies over Israel, Muslims over Americans, Socialism over Democracy, Communism over Capitalism, Criminals over Police, Globalist over America, Wall Street over Main Street, Illegal Aliens over American Citizens, Atheism over Almighty God. Go Figure. 

General Comments If Capitalism Is Evil and Socialism Is the Answer. Why Is the Caravan Not Heading To Venezuela? Its Less Than Half the Distance? RINOS And Leftwing Liberal Democrats, Please Feel Fee to Answer My Question. 

For eight years if I disagreed with the President, I was a Racist. Now if I agree with the President I am a Racist. Go Figure. 

"Why Is the Caravan Not Heading To Venezuela?" Why did they take a left turn and go towards California? Texas was closer..... Seems they found a better place for Socialism by heading towards California. 

General Comments

 I am done with the Dayton Community Center. I will no longer rent a room there after my last event. What a shame that this beautiful building has become an embarrassment to the city. I have never seen such un- organization in my life, not to mention the lack of attention to cleanliness. My family and I have rented every year for the past six years and regretfully we rented it again this year. But I bet you at Texas hot summer I will never rent again. 

I only had one event last year at the Dayton Civic Center and that was enough for me to realize this was not the place for my family events. It was highly recommended from a friend of mine that had multiple events at the center . But after I informed my friend the occurrences that took place prior to my event and during my event they were shocked. Only at this time did they inform me that the center had switched hands from the city of Dayton to the Dayton chamber of commerce. Maybe this is the problem ? 

The problem with the Dayton Civic Center is that the city is 1) allowing the wrong individual to run that professional building 2) The city needs to be present in that building to understand what is happening 3) go back hiring staff that actually are willing to work instead of standing around all day. Are used to think this building one of the prettiest and cleanest center around but now it’s starting to look like the rest of the Civic Center’s , dirty, dingy, smelly and damage. 

The Dayton Civic Center is like a great many things that come from Dayton. In the last 25 years so many people from Dayton have taken over our local government and we have all fallen victim to their soap opera like approach to "progress". 

Police Chief Retires

Omg. Claunch May have retired on paper but that’s not the real story. Talk to the employees. They hated him. Just one question how many times can you retire?

 Hey Liberty City Council. Stop trying to play on the ignorance of your citizens. When the Chief goes on leave then ends up retiring. Come on we see whats up but you can't admit it. Stop the game playing. When you do stuff like this it makes us wonder what else you hold back on 

General Comments

I live south of Dayton at Westlake and I wish the sheriffs would be more visible her.There are people shooting guns and driving all kinds of vehicles at all hours of the night. 

"I live south of Dayton at Westlake" Ha, we've been wishing for that for years! Seems SO is scared to come down any of the Country roads in Westlake for some reason. I called one evening because of the shooting on the pipeline down here and was told that I needed to call the game warden. I informed her that if my livestock or ANY of my property was hit that they would probably be getting phone calls from whoever was on the other end since I would be defending myself and property at that point. 

City Council Meets Thursday

Nov.6th 2018 , brief note of Liberty Police Department Chief , Thomas Claunch . A public offical. Put om administrative leave, no follow up to story ? Should it no be public information ? It's now Nov.,27th 2018 . 

General Comments

I was told this week that certain members of the Dayton City Council and the City Manager are talking about reducing the size of the Jones Public Library, knocking out some walls and constructing a city council room in the civic center. Can anyone confirm this? 

General Comments

Why is city not decorating inside the Civic Center as they have in the past. Has anyone else noticed ? 

General Comments

Utility bills in Liberty are too high. What is being done about it? Competition sometimes lowers prices.

 Liberty Electric: Due to the conservative state legislature, competition is not allowed in Liberty. Too bad. . . You are stuck with what you have. Time to pay the piper (City). Your rates are a hidden "tax" used to keep property taxes at the same or lower rates. "Fake City Leaders".  

General Comments

So just found out the city of Dayton had to veterans day event today (which by the way it’s not Veterans Day). My father which is a war veteran and lives in Dayton didn’t know anything about it, did not see anything posted in the paper , do not see any flyers around town like the city used to. Therefore I father Mr. the event. Under this new manager the cities putting less effort into The city events.

My father found out the day of the City’s Veterans Day event, he was confused why it was not on Veterans Day. He only found out because one of his friends call that morning and informed him he just heard of the lunch and wanted him to go with him. 

Not to take away from the City df Dayton’s Veterans Lunch, but I have been attending this event for years and it seems to be getting much smaller. The event was ok this year and I appreciate the city hosting this lunch each year.  

I would be surprised if a hundred People showed up this year to the Dayton Veterans Lunch. I don’t know what has happened with the City but I have seen this event go from about 500 plus to one hundred this year; if that. I know we have more Veterans living in Liberty Country. Just disappointed all around.

By the sound of It the Dayton Chamber was I charge of the Dayton Veterans lunch. Therefore none of us should be shocked at the poor outcome.

"I know we have more Veterans living in Liberty Country. Just disappointed all around." With the way our Veterans are treated (both by their own Government and individuals in general) why are you surprised? Dayton does nothing for the veterans. Dayton only does things for the benefit of the city of Dayton and the city council!!!!!! My father is a member of the American Legion and even they have declining numbers, mostly because the young guys think it's just for the old guys. Its a sad fact that organizations like the ones for the Armed Services, the Masonic lodges and other organizations are declining in membership. Mainly because of the stigma that is implied by people who only spread what they're told.... 

I have been to the Dayton Veterans event for about six or seven years and enjoyed it tremendously. I did not go to the event this year after the terrible time last year, now I am glad I passed. 

The Dayton Civic Center -- What A Train Wreck.City council members Jeff Lambright and John Johnson wanted to give city money to the Dayton Chamber (Johnson was president of the chamber at the time). Could not do it with Amanda Wilson managing the civic center. Magically Mrs. Wilson is moved to city hall and reassigned to a different job. The chamber takes control of the civic center and gets a nice fat pay day in the process. Now we have gone from an exceptional facility to a poorly run, poorly advertised and poorly maintained facility. What a shame! 

If you're upset that your daddy missed the Dayton Veteran's Day celebration in Dayton, which was not even held on Veteran's Day (can you believe it?), I have great news for you next year. All you have to do is visit your local Baptist church on Veteran's Day Sunday. I know what you're thinking, "I don't wanna sit and listen to no Bible thumpin'." Me either by golly, but no worries! Like the Methodists and Episcopals do every Sunday, the Baptists take Veteran's Day off (and Memorial Day for that matter) from worshiping Jesus. Instead the Baptists put on a mean worship service for the flag and military. We got pledges and salutes and military testimonies. A great time is had by all. 

Why has the Dayton City Counsel cut the annual funding to zero for the Liberty-Dayton Chamber of Commerce after years of contributing to the Liberty-Dayton Chamber Christmas festivities in Dayton with parades and children events such as photos with Santa. One half or six of the Directors for the Liberty-Dayton Chamber are annually elected from Dayton with many Dayton members and a Dayton office. The children and folks from the Dayton area will miss out on prior Christmas events previously enjoyed by thousands through the years due to elimination of a small contribution this Christmas Season without notice. Scrooge and political shenanigans are alive and hurting our children in the persons of the Dayton Mayor and pals. 

The Veterans lunch was a joke again this year. I will not be wasting my time next year. And by reading all the comments about the Dayton Civic Center and the City of Dayton over the past year, I have come to the conclusion that the city has made a huge mistake letting miss Amanda go. In my opinion it all started going down hill the day she left and began getting worse when the Dayton Chamber took it over. 

To the poster who wanted to know why he Dayton Veterans lunch has dropped to such low attendance.First of all the city nor the Dayton Chamber advertise it properly. However, when the city TOOK IT FROM THE CAPABLE HANDS OF DEDICATED VOLUNTEERS THE CITY HAS NOW MADE A POLITICAL EVENT OUT OF IT. The speakers now are all politicans. Veterans are not interested in political speeches, they would much rather hear from someone who has walked the same path as they have. The politicans are welcome, but need to remember this if for veterans, not for them to glad hand for reelection 

For the post about the Dayton Civic Center not decorating like they have in the past. Read ALL the posts below about the ridiculous decisions the city made by putting the Dayton Chamber a non city entity over a tax funded facility “the Dayton Civic Center” I like to think the new City Manager just did not know better being he is still wet behind the ears. But we tax payers know the truth and all I have to say is PLEASE someone new run for Mayor and city council in May! We need new leadership based on this kind of ridiculous decisions being made. 

General Comments

Excerpt from the University of Washington of Loyalty, Ethics and "Whistle Blowing" In most public organizations there is great organizational pressure to be a team player and nowhere more so than in the rigidly hierarchical, but extremely cohesive law enforcement subculture. Such pressure, especially when couched within the overriding principle of loyalty, can not only be intense, but can, in and of itself, create potentially debilitating ethical dilemmas. For example, the pressure for team play can be manifested in very powerful informal codes, which basically assert "do not speak negatively of your colleagues," or in the police culture, "never rat on a fellow officer." As such, they serve to perpetuate whatever behaviors they seek to protect. Such codes are very difficult to break, especially in law enforcement since the police operate in a unique environment in which their exemplary oath to 'PROTECT AND SERVE" puts them at odds with a sizable segment of the population. Not surprisingly, police can easily come to feel they are part of a misunderstood and underappreciated "THIN BLUE LINE" between order and anarchy. As such, and the fact that they operate in an environment where they face certain dangers EACH DAY, police tend to form even stronger interpersonal bonds that include unwavering expectations that in order TO PROTECT AND SERVE OTHERS, they must protect and serve their own. Ironically, and regardless of such unrelenting pressures, it can certainly be argued that to detect unethical behavior without taking action to stop it is, inherently, unethical. And yet, being ethical in an organization with a blatantly, or even questionably, unethical climate is extremely difficult, in large part because there can be, and frequently is, a personal and/or professional cost to being ethical. Simply put, exposing ethical problems in an organization carries risks to the family and career, at best, and personal safety at worst. On the other hand, there is an undeniable consensus that to be an ethical person, one must neither condone unethical behavior, nor fail to do all that can be done to correct it. The effort to correct such behavior comes with the further expectation being that if individual efforts are unsuccessful they should be taken "up the line," to the appropriate officials. Furthermore, should such initiatives fail, there is arguably the ultimate obligations to go public. Needless to say. none of these are easy paths to take, especially since to avoid being co-opted into unethical behavior, resignation could well be the option of last resort. While some behaviors are clearly unethical, there are inevitable ambiguities within and between the manifest rules and regulations in the organization as opposed to the equally powerful latent expectations (e.g., the bonds between those in law enforcement) that generate ethical dilemmas which cannot be avoided in the decision-making process by public officials. Adding to the fact, that the general public frequently has different views than those of public officials as to not only what constitutes unethical behavior, but how, when detected, it should be addressed, the stage is set for studying an actual, high profile case dealing with the dilemmas of loyalty, ethics, and whistle blowing by law enforcement officials who were called upon to confront corruption in the volatile world of law enforcement.School of Public Affairs used for educational purposes. 

General Comments

 It's amazing watching the former Democrat party turn into a full blown socialist/ communist party.My father was a lifelong Democrat. This is not my father's party. How in the heck could any sane human vote for these radical commies? They've admitted to wanting to turn our great country socialist..Central Americans are starving to death under socialism. And Dims want it here? F that. I'll die fighting before I bend over to socialism/ communism. What kind of cool would vote for a Democrat? 

To the poster who described the dems as communists,you betray your own ignorance.


I want to thank Donna Brown for her service and her passion. And I want to pray her replacement does a better job of picking allies . 

"I want to thank Donna Brown for her service and her passion. And I want to pray her replacement does a better job of picking allies" You know....Hillary was cocky right up through Election night too..... Remember when she asked Trump if he would be able to get over losing to her....but yet she still cannot get over losing. 

General Comments

Get ready. If Florida elects the socialist running on the Democrats ticket for Governor, Texas will add Florida immigrants to te California caravans. 

General Comments

Hillary Clinton, said "they all look alike" after getting two black gentlemen's identity confused, where is the outrage? Why is CNN not demanding she apologize, be fired, be locked up for racism, I don't get it.... Actually I do 

General Comments

Ref: Early Voting Saturday, Friday Nov. 2 was the last day for early voting! 

General Comments

When did Hwy 61 become the Devers Autobahn? Morning rush hour and evening rush hour have become a tragedy waiting to happen. Forget the 60 MPH that is posted. Big rigs, trucks and cars challenge each other to see who can go the fastest. If you are not doing 80 or 85 you will be run over. We all have driveways to turn into. We all have driveways to pull out of. Forget about trying to retrieve your mail. Sheriff's Dept or Constables's Dept we need your help! 

Speaking of Devers, and the highway becoming so congested, the road leaving the airplane building to highway 90, does anybody know why there were so many houses built alike on that road which is quite nice for the crack dealers, and I wonder why other people didn't know how to get those homes? 

General Comments

Was the early voting place open Saturday? My daughter and grandson went to vote twice on Saturday and the doors were locked. They went at a little before 12:00 and again at 1:30. They went by the court house and city and someone came to city hall door and told them that they should be able to vote. 

General Comments

These bombs sent to critics of Trump are the direct result of Trumps constant hate speech. He appeals to the mediocrely educated,to the stupid, to the haters. Its likes the whole country is being led by skoal dipping, hog hunting,beer drinking morons, better known as idiots. 

Isn’t it amazing that there is never any national political hate speech until a particular liberal decides to write it. So isn’t it funny how the liberal states how hateful conservatives are but yet he, or she, or it (not sure what made up gender to put here) is always the one who begins writing the hate speech. I’m about 99.9% sure you are the same liberal who was on here gloating about the assassination attempt of republicans on a softball field by a liberal democrat. Somehow in your mind that was perfectly fine and not hateful. Somehow in your mind the lies CNN verbalizes daily about Trump is not hateful rhetoric. Somehow I’m sure you were quite alright with the idiot Kathy Griffin holding a fake replica of President Trump’s severed head. You are ok with all the hateful comments from mainstream media, idiot celebrities, SNL, etc. You are ok with the idiot Maxine Watters telling her mindless democrat followers to harass republicans and their families when they are out in public. Oh, and I’m certain you are very happy with how democrats made a mockery of sexual abuse cases as they lowered themselves to a level that is low even for the lowest nasty democrat. Your brain is truly something special. At times I am convinced you are indeed a 10 year old. It just seems inconceivable to a rational person that you could possibly be an adult. Oh, maybe I should mention I hold a B.S. degree from U of H, have an investment portfolio, don’t dip skoal, do shoot hogs though and have an occasional beer. I work at a place where everyone else has the equilivent degree or higher and most of them are Trump supporters. It’s the end of the month so maybe you should go to the mailbox, straighten your BETO sign, and collect your government check

Hey also know as idiots wearing pink things on your head is something I bet they never do. These good other people you are talking about were not very nice when they didn't get the President they wanted. I think both side have a little growing up to do.But of course there are always the whinny ones to keep it going. 

"These bombs sent to critics of Trump are the direct result of Trumps constant hate speech." The only person spewing hate speech like a sewer are people like YOU. With your comment and I quote " Its likes the whole country is being led by skoal dipping, hog hunting,beer drinking morons, better known as idiots." The only ones I see acting like "idiots" are people like yourself. I seem to remember the little Libernut Preschoolers stomping their feet, crying and cussing Trump and his supporters. Much like you're doing now. 

General Comments


FYI: It's spelled Whiny or Whiney, "Winny" is a sound a horse makes, get it right dumba$$ people 


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