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Be Aware of Shane Youngblood

Employees of the City can't wait until he is gone. It's never been worse here. 

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Since the community center has opened the digital sign out front always has said merry Christmas what does it say this year “ happy holidays “. Let me guess another Jeff Lambright decision ? 

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Has Glacier A/C & Heatiing gone out of business? Anybody know?

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The Xmas season brings out the need to celebrate, parties and such, it also brings out the ugly side of celebrations. Domestic violence, alcohol abuse etc. The media is expounding on the opioid abuse as if that's the only problem in the country. There are two other social sins that get only token notice alcohol and tobacco addiction, which do as much or more harm than opioids. I would be willing to bet that if you stopped every third car on the high way you would find a person who has been drinking. Alcoholism is an epidemic and it has destroyed more lives and families than opioids have done. Tobacco is one of the most aggressive killers around too, but the nation wont do anything about it. As we slide into the holiday season lets close the liquor stores until the season is over so that some of the misery can be averted. 

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I would like to know why Liberty County does not do more for the children of this county. A few toy giveaways only if they are selected and then one doesn't know when to sign up for help. I am a single mother of four. Two boys 15&10 and twin daughters 7. We are in need of four twin beds ASAP. That will be Christmas enough for us. Thanks. 

Republican Candidates in March Primary Election

Why is the world? Kenny Brand a moran??? LOL!

As a voter I don't forget the things our past and present things our elected officials have done. I don't forget that Phil Fitzgerald had been charged with a crime in the past. I don't forget how he tried to cover up the Glen Vickery D.W.I, I don't forget the illegal dumping problem he had. Phil Fitzgerald is not for me. 

I don't have an ax to grind against any of the incumbents in liberty Couty, but I do wish we would have had at least one legitimate challenger in one of the races. 

I for one will be voting for Delia Sellers. I had a horrible experience with our current district clerk’s office when going through an already stressful divorce. The day I was due in court for the divorce, I couldn’t even get one because they lost several documents in my file! How in the world does this happen? When I went to ask them what happened the young ladies in the office gave me nothing but attitude and I never got any answers. I asked to speak with Mrs. Brown directly but she wasn’t there! (I’ve heard she’s never there and it seems she’s always in some sort of drama from what I see on social media) How unprofessional and UNORGANIZED! ß∑

Well let’s buckle up people. This campaign season will be entertaining to say the least! I think it’s crazy that Donna Brown has already started using Christianity for political gain.... really?!? Ms. Brown you should really rethink your prayers. How tacky! She seems to be worried about everything but how to make that office better. I’m looking for someone who has integrity and competence not someone who wants to win simply because they love competition! I have talked with many attorneys around liberty county and other counties for that matter and the things they say about the District Clerks office is just down right sad. Work should not be parties and selling clothes! Smh... the County clerk race seems to have 2 women that know a lot about the office, I’m curious to hear what they have to say when they have their debate... 

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I am just going to go ahead and say it. I am not excited about our local elections after seeing the candidates. It is like the re-treads trying once again to win office vs people that have been their for years and years. I mean seriously, what Republican is going to vote for Mark Beausoliel. He and his wife ran the Democrats' party. And Phil Fitzgerald for County Judge? Really! I mean are he and Beausoliel hoping people will forget all of their dirty tricks in the courthouse when they had a job there. The incumbents are okay. To beat an incumbent you need creditable candidates. otherwise the voters really have no choice. 

 I am so happy to hear Delia Sellers is running for District Clerk. We have needed someone of her character to run that office. Up until the last few years that office has always been run very professionally and with dignity and we definitely need that again. What a circus is has been for all of us. Thanks Delia for running. I know you will do just as you did as County Clerk. A great job! You will have my vote along with many many others. 

Why in the world would someone want to run against the county Judge Knight and Commissioner Greg Arthur. Finally have things actually going forward and working and now some moron wants to try and mess that up. And yes I said try. Judge Jay Knight it the first Judge that actually has got things accomplished in our county. We also have Commissioners that work well together with the County Judge. What's the old saying "if it ain't broke don't fix it". Leave well enough alone. And just for the record the other two candidates that are running against him have already had their shot at it and well let's just say didn't do too well. VOTE.......JUDGE JAY KNIGHT AND COMMISSIONER GREG ARTHUR. 

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I heard that our Commissioner for Precinct 1 is talking about buying property down 146 and building a new Sheriff Department. Why would they do that when they have plenty of land here in town with old facilities on it just sitting and not being utilized. Clean this property up, tear down the old buildings and get rid of all the nasty looking storage sheds. Why use tax payer money to buy more when you already own it? If the Counties fund balance is healthy enough to spend money so carelessly, then maybe they need to look at lowering our tax rate for next year. 

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There are a bunch of things Delia Sellers DID well in her many years serving as County Clerk. But it is probably the things she did NOT do that make it easy for me to vote for her for District Clerk. She NEVER caused the dismissal of court cases because of her incompetentcy. She NEVER had a "after school" policythat caused problems in the courthouse. She NEVER dressed up like a witch. She NEVER had sons that were in constant trouble. She never marketed things out of her office. Donna Brown may think she has a pretty face but she does not do a "pretty" job and the public needs to know all of the drama that comes with someone like Donna Brown when she has an officail job in our government. Thanks for running Delia! Youi have lots of suppart! 

I want to thank Ms Sellers for stepping up and running against Donna Hillary Clinton Brown! She needs to be replaced with a new individual who is competent as you 

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Bailes "cares" alright! He is concerned that the voters in liberty County have figured out how liberal he is and how unimpressed they are with the "favors' he has done the neighbors he has out where he lives. He wants your vote for sure!! 

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Not surprised at all to meet one of Texas State Representative Ernest Bailes office staff Saturday. Met him at my door when the hard working congressman sent a group to my neighborhood to remind us of all of his hard work on our behalf this year. I never met John Otto or his staff butthis politician,who is not even fromthis county, is already out and about making sure we know he cares! 

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Rollback Petition: The City of Dayton adopted a property tax rate of 67 cents per $100 of assessed property value for the new fiscal year. The rollback rate is 65.5 cents. Registered Dayton voters please head to one of these businesses to sign the tax rollback petition at the Dayton Barber Shop on Main Street, Texas Country Kitchen on Main Street and Smith’s Hair Fair on Cook Street. 

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I heard a rumor that there is supposedly a Klu Klux Klan claven in Kenefick anyone know the truth? 

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I found out recently that one of my family members supported Trump to the White House, what bothers me most is that she is an intelligent person very level headed and insightful. I also found out but cant verify that she and her husband attend a church in the Atascocita or Humble area where the preacher carries a gun and many of the congregation carry guns too to the service. I wonder how some people can rationalize this type of behavior, supporting Trump and carrying weapons in a church setting? I understand the right to support whoever we want is a right in a country based on freedom, I don't dispute that part of it I just want to know how looking at all the media coverage before and after the election rational people can come to a place intellectually where the facts are ignored in order support a man that is obviously emotionally unstable. And the issue of weapon carrying in a church, a Christian church at that I suppose, is beyond my ability to grasp it or to feel safe with knowing that, I mean going to church is a outward expression of trusting in God, isn't carrying a weapon negating that trust? Where does our trust begin and end? In God or the gun? 

To the Anti-Trump and gun supporter: In this day and time everyone needs a gun bc of crazy people like the guy who shot up that church full of innocent people...if one person had been carrying a gun, then maybe so many wouldn't have died. At the church I attend, in Liberty, we have a safety team and some of them are officers and they carry guns into the church. Also we have cameras and only 2 doors unlocked during services...they safety team is always walking around and checking the parking lot. You obviously have your head in the sand if you think none of this is necessary. We aren't living in a day and time when we are safe anywhere unfortunately. I carry a gun in my purse, no matter where I am. As far as Trump goes, everyone has their own opinion and none of the candidates where good...they all suck and are liars. 

rebuttal to : " i found out recently that one of my family members supported Trump.." Psalm 144:1 , Psalm 18:34 , Psalm 82:4 , Proverbs 24:11 , Timothy 5:8 , Exodus 22:2-3 , Romans 13:4 , Proverbs 25:26 ,and the list goes on .Have fun reading,may you and all your family and friends have a very happy , healthy ,safe and prosperous holiday ! 

To the poster who posted all the scripture references supporting gun ownership why didn't you post Matthew 26:52 I think Jesus trumps all the other references...idiot.

Liberals are just beside themselves with hate and they will just never get over the Trump presidency…time for you to get over it and live a life. Leave your family members alone, chances are they are just living their lives and doing what needs to be done in this life. These facts you speak of, can you please enlighten everyone on the “facts” before and after the election of President Trump. While you are at it, why don’t you enlighten us on the facts regarding Hillary…not going to do that now are you? While you are doing this try and ignore the lies and just state the facts…oh but as we all know facts and liberals go together like oil and water. On the issue of guns in church, this is just another perfect example of the demented liberal mind. So you believe that a Christian should trust in God for protection and there should be no reason for a gun in church. So by that same twisted liberal mindset, why then should we have fire extinguishers, why have cops or a police force at all, why strive to make cars safer, why wear seatbelts, why wear lifejackets, why practice good health, why lock our doors, etc…afterall, according to you we should just trust in God and put it all in his hands. I choose to believe in the words “God helps those who help themselves”. It’s called personal responsibility, something a liberal knows nothing about so why would you understand. 

To the people who voted for and still support Trump have you been watching the news lately? Trump is obviously seriously ill, mentally ill. He like his supporters are residents of an alternate reality. First he apologizes for what he said when he was caught talking on tape about "grabbing a woman's p@@@y", then he says it was "locker room talk" now he says it wasn't really him on the recording! He takes up for a potential senate candidate who is accused of molesting a 14 year old girl and says in so may words that a child molester would be better in the senate than a democrat. This morning he tweets or re-tweets anti muslim videos. Now maybe you can understand why you supporters of T are known as deplorables. 

"Now maybe you can understand why you supporters of T are known as deplorables." What about Anthony Weiner, Bill Clinton, and all of the other DEPLORABLE democrats that were caught with their hand in someone else's pants? You don't say anything about them because your a die hard hate filled democrat loving Deplorable yourself. 

Church and Guns- Apparently one gun owner was in the church and put a stop to anymore people getting shot at. I have not been to my church in awhile. I do not think they carry guns to church but most of them were Trump supporters and I am not and never will be. That is politics and has nothing to do with the reason we are suppose to be going to church, hello? I once had an officer tell me he carried his gun to church, so maybe he was wise before all this crazy stuff happening everywhere, but Thank God he didn't have to use it. I am not comfortable being in public places with guns hanging out in open on everybody, it feels like we are living in the OLD WEST, but they passed a law, I can open carry my knife or a sword. That makes no sense whatever, when people are openly carrying guns. When they were concealed at least, we were not aware of being surrounded by guns and in church or anywhere else in public, I am not overly fond of being surrounded by them. I do not and will not ever be a gun person, BUT ON THAT SAME TOKEN, if I am in McDonalds and somebody goes nuts, I will be mighty obligatory to the fellow that has the gun to stop the nutty person and save my life and others. This is a no win situation for whichever way you feel, this is the way the world is rocking and these are the laws passed. I say this all the time, if you don't like something, VOTE! Complain about the guns, complain about carrying them to church where the nut just killed everybody, complain about the mayor, complain about the council members. I wish I had the time to sit and see what else I can find to complain about around me. We are barely keeping our heads afloat. Complainers please and sweetly get up off your behins, speak publicly, make yourself heard, city council meetings will give you your turn in the judicial way of making a time to present your way of thinking, you just can't pop in and explode on everybody. Support something, volunteer to help people, maybe you will feel better about yourself. You want something to change be the voice to change it. Stop whining, people get tired of people whining, and not doing something about it. Speak to your representatives, write a paper, do whatever it takes in a moral manner of approach, speaking with dignity and reserve, making the right approach so people will want to listen to your complaints. I'm done. I have a life, I don't have time to do this everyday. 

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Old tax and spend Lambright. Make him mad and he ups the value on your house but if you are a bud he may lower it. Case in point, his pal Councilman Townsend. Built a big fine house on Marblehead but is only taxed on the lower floor. Told his pal the mayor that the upstairs is unfinished. What a deal! Townsend can now finish the upstairs, maybe he has already started doing just that and no one knows the difference and his taxes on a brand new house are much less than they should be. Corruption at its very best. Townsend gets his orders on city council matters from the mayor and Lambright rewards him with an appraised value that is lower than it should be. As far as being mayor and number 2 at the CAD, this should have never happened and it comes home to rest with the CAD Board. They need to tell Lambright to immediately step down as mayor or remove him from management at the CAD. 

In reference to the Dayton mayor being number two at the CAD, even if the CAD board remains blind, it shows the lack of Ethics and morals on Lambright’s behalf; anyone surprised? What about the rest of the Dayton city Council why haven’t any of them done anything about this? Where is their sense of duty to the taxpayer for which they are supposed to be representing 

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Was really looking forward to Christmas Under The Stars this year. Since being struck with such catastrophic events this year, that left us in a place of tremendous turmoil, I was really looking forward to being in a place that amazed me with it's scenery of such peace, serenity, and tranquility. Feeling the precence of HIM.. our LORD GOD... So sorry to hear that it has been cancelled this year... November 26, 2017 Maria Rojas.... 

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Texas lost a Trooper Thanksgiving day,a 16 year fine public servant.Ambushed by a punk feral that was under indictment for two felonies. Yet,we honor kneelers and cop haters with praise and magazine covers. The new America. Sickening. RIP. 

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How can the mayor of a City (Dayton) charged with raising money for the budget also be employed by the CAD Central Appraisal District as the #2 appraiser of the properties in the same City that provide the ad valorem real estate taxes as a primary city revenue source? If not against the law, it should be.

The make up of the CAD has more problems than just the Mayor being on it. Sure it changes its make up but it goes from one friend of a friend to another friend of a friend. What a deal for insiders!  

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I can not believe how our District Clerk is acting. Her Facebook page was unacceptable with her letting it all hang out. Finally she took it down 

District Clerk Donna Brown is not "acting". Her behaviors are all part of a very dramatic day to day existence that has been consistent with her life of going from controversy to controversy. She adds a soap opera like touch to a courthouse that otherwise has rid itself of decades a good ole boy/soap opera like corruption. While Brown may not be corrupt, she makes up for it in gossipy drama. 

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Want feedback: what can be done with cats running rampant in your yard. It’s a neighbors and they keep them outside but one has just had a litter. I don’t care about how they keep mice or snakes away. I don’t want them sneaking in the garage pooping, climbing on the car, pooping in the yard and trying to scratch dirt up trying to cover it. A cat is not gonna bury it deep enough ever. What does a person do?

Lee Haidusek Chambers Announces Her Candidacy To Be The Next Liberty County Clerk

They have been some struggles with recent county clerks, but now I read where Lee Haidusek is running for that office.

Prediction: Everyone will recognize her to be a great county clerk

I will never vote for a husband and wife to be elected officials in the same courthouse! You talk about a conflict being set up. Thats bad!!!!!

There may be some positions you would not want to see two family members in at the courthouse, but county clerks and judges have no track record of nepotism problems. 

One Chambers is enough, two will be one to many.

Lee Haidusek Chambers Announces Her Candidacy To Be The Next Liberty County Clerk is NOT in the best interest of the County. Isn't this the same lady that was posting ridiculous information on Facebook when Tommy was running for office. She should spend her time trying to get her husband into rehab while he is making decision for the citizens of our community. I am really confused on how the county would even let her run for office when her husband sits on the bench for the office that she's running for. Can you imagine how many underhanded things will go on if he is doing s@@@ and hiding his hands already. Then he will have someone to cover up his dirty work. People wake up and smell the coffee! This is a disaster waiting to happen. WATCH AND SEE!!!!

"Wake up and smell he coffee" comment on Lee Chambers has to really be made by someone with a personal problem or a political agenda. The reason I say that is that ANYONE who know Lee knows reality informs the rest of us how wonderful she has been and is. 

Man Arrested for Exposing Himself at Convenience Store

Man arrested for indecent exposure? How many times has Trahan been caught choking the chicken in his vehicle? I know of 3 times. He needs to be stopped before he grabs a female and does something. Enhance his charge and get this freak away from our community. 

They arrested our convenience store perpetrator in Houston today.

Trahan is back in county jail. Now, find those minor girls he pulled it out on at Walmart,get those security tapes,build a felony case against this guy and get him registered as a sex offender so Leo's can keep track of this guy.He's a threat to the community. 

General Comments

To the people who have commented about the recent flops on activities at the Dayton Civic Center, the city council has moved Amanda Wilson to city hall and placed the civic center under the control of the Dayton Chamber. Another brilliant idea from the folks that just gave us and all expense paid weekend in Galveston ($ 5,000 bucks). What a train wreck. Mrs. Wilson ran a taught ship and her events were always top notch and well attended. Now there is no one at the civic center to be sure that activities come off in a professional manner. Its my understanding that the chamber manager recently approached the senior group for discussion on the annual gun show. When the chamber director was informed that 1/2 the proceeds from the gun show go to the Dayton Fire Dept. and 1/2 to the senior center, well it seems that the chamber director told the seniors that it looked like there would be no gun show. This event has produced thousands of dollars in revenue for the senior center and the Dayton VFD. There is something really wrong with this. city council elections are next May. We need a change. Keep it in mind. 

That lady was the best thing to ever happen to this community center. We took care of us and did things right. Another screw up of our city leadership 

I agree that place is not at all what it use to be.Mrs Wilson was a god send to us folks and this town

In reference to the Dayton Community Center my senior father no longer attends any activities at the senior center due to all the changes that has taken place. He said that the city seems to be non senior friendly and has ran off two out of the three young girls that normally has helped them for years. 

If the mayor couldn't control his own bowels in the fourth grade how do ya'll expect him to control the business of this small town.

In reference to comment about Dayton Chamber‘s running a top notch organization ... get real ! That place has been a mess for years and that lady from Crosby running it now has no idea what she is doing, if it wasn’t for the young lady at the Receptionist desk nothing would get done and no one would get a straight answer. 

Dayton Chamber of Commerce didn't do a top notch job promoting any of our local Mexican restaurants to the City of Dayton for the Veterans Day lunch.

What I don't understand why if you have an employee who's done such an outstanding job for us and was highly respected by the Dayton Citizens why move her. Such incompetence! 

General Comments

Went to the Veterans Day lunch again this year Hosted by the city of Dayton; they use tax payers money on a Mexican restaurant located outside the city. What happened to supporting local businesses? We have at least two Mexican restaurants here in Dayton, what was wrong with them? 

Our City is going to pot. Over $4,000 trip to Galveston and now spending our tax dollars again out of town. Its got to be the leadership is all I can say. We need change 

In reference to the Dayton Civic center, I spoke with the very young lady that works there and she told me the man that runs the sewer department is now over the Civic Center And that there is no supervisor on site. That explains a lot. 

In Reference to the Dayton Community Center remarks, the community center is ran by the City of Dayton. If you would like information about renting the Community Center please call 936-258-6630. If you would like more information about the Gun Show please call City Hall 936-258-2642. If you would like to put up a tree in the lobby please call 936-258-6630. At this time the Dayton Chamber of Commerce is busy running a top notch Chamber Organization. If you would like help promoting your business please call the Dayton Chamber of Commerce at 936-257-2393. 

Inexcusable! A city of Dayton sponsored event held at a restaurant held outside of Dayton - what kind of thinking is that? Ever hear of the city of Cleveland or Liberty doing that? If they have, they parallel our own stupidity at their peril. 

General Comments

It is not every Saturday afternoon that I can honestly say I am glad the ringing of the doorbell while I am napping turns out to be worthwhile. But this Saturday it wasn’t someone wanting to mow my grass or sell me an alarm system. This Saturday I met Emily Cook. And I can now tell you for those who have noticed how often our current State Representative votes differently than most of us, Emily Cook is a well spoken, thoughtful candidate to represent us in Austin. Anyone keeping up with the scores knows our current representative votes with the liberals almost as often as he votes against them. He has done some “favors” for a few of the local big shots, but other than them, the only people that should be for keeping him are his close friends and parents and the opposing party. After meeting Emily Cook we know we will have someone we can send to Austin that has our interests in mind rather than whatever the politician we have up there now has on his agenda. 

I have been shocked at several of Ernest Bailes votes. I have not met Emily Cook but I will make a point to. Mr.Bailes has been a big disappointment. 

Don't expect a woman to be elected state rep. It doesn't matter if the incumbent is a dud and she is a fireball, look at our history. We elect male mayors, male state reps, male congressmen. Republicans are rednecks and we are now Republican.

Imet Emily Cook today. I did not know she had announced she was challenging incumbent Ernest Bailes in the Republican primary for State Representative in District 18. Thank God. He compromises so much he seems like a Nancy Pelosi Democrat. If you get a chance meet both of them and you will see what I am talking about.  

General Comments

I know that if you work for a plant or some business you may be required to have an on the spot inspection for drug use at anytime. I think that judges and some lawyers should be under the same rule. I keep hearing about a local judge here in town who has some substance abuse issues, he should be checked too, alcoholism is rampant in this town among teachers, officials and the ordinary folk. What's the answer to this problem more liquor stores.

Please get off of the liquor store comments. You can buy liquor in most towns all around Liberty. Liquor stores have NOTHING to do with people drinking. Dumb people are everywhere. Get over it. 

The problem is that alcoholism is a social problem and the liquor stores contribute to the social problem, the only stupid thing here is those idiots like alcoholics who would rather sit in their own shit as long as it's warm. 

General Comments

Anyone else have issues such as rudeness when going to workforce.

General Comments

This Pope has proclaimed Halloween a celebration of "terror, fear and death" with an “undercurrent of occultism”, to follow a cry by the Italian Catholic newspaper Avvenire last year that it was a "dangerous celebration of horror and the macabre" which could encourage "pitiless [Satanic] sects without scruples." Keep a close eye out for our kids this Tuesday night.

I just read the post about the Pope and Halloween and searched for the article that the poster based his/her comments on and there is no validity to the statement that the Pope condemned Halloween. It's an article from an internet tabloid that used two other articles and made up the story. Halloween was and is a Christian feast on the eve of All Saints Day, All Hallowed Eve is where you get Halloween from the feast has over the centuries morphed into what we have today, and those who belong to the True Church know what the celebration is all about, or should know. So I don't think the poster has much to worry about except from idiots who use this night to act out their psychosis. Happy All Saints Day! 

The person writing about the way the Pope feels about Halloween is not as far off as the reBUTTer indicatess. Those comments are exact quotes from "the Vatican",not the Pope. 

The comments about Halloween used by the first poster were erroneous and if you want to believe them as valid go ahead and live in your alt-reality, the fact remains no Pope or even any Vatican official made any such statements. 

General Comments

Went to the Dayton Trade Days today and it was a total disaster. Don't waste your time peolpe 

The Dayton trade days this year was a total joke and waste of time 

The Dayton Chambers did NOT do a top-notch job on the Dayton Trade Days. 

Let me get this right; the City of Dayton paid city workers for years to create the Dayton Trade Days which by the way I did enjoy attending ; then this year gave the City event created on taxpayers back for the community to the Dayton Chambers and they reduced it to nothing the first time they got their hands on it. Last year the event had around a hundred vendors if not more, this year they had less than 20. Well I feel my taxpayers dollar has been spent well. One less thing to do in our little city. 

General Comments

Liberty County dodged the embarassment bullett when we helped elect Ernest Bailes to be our State Representative. The announcement that Joe Strauss will not run again and will not be Texas Speaker of the House means the moderates in the Republican party are losing their ability to reign in the conservatives within the party and we will undoubtedly experience some of the nutty ideas they campaign on. 

Speaker Strauss' and Representative Bailes' havelimited the effect of conservative Republican domination in our state. Some think that is a good thing. Some think that is a bad thing. With Strauss leaving we will probably get to experience Texas conservatism with or without Liberty County's help.

Hopefully there will be no rematch in the 2020 Presidential election. Another contest between Trump's obvious and extensive disconnection from facts and Clinton's conniving, calculated, and self-serving lies that fit snugly into her 40-year career of corruption and falsehood would be the death of most of us. Now that Ted Cruz's father has been cleared in the Kennedy assassination,I hope Ted runs again. 

Ernie Bailes clearly sides with the moderate Republicans and Democrats but whoknowswith Strauss leaving maybe he will see the light and vote like he campaigns. 

Bailes is not very effective YET. Re-elect three or four times and he may be a player in Austin however. 

Ernest Bailes, the state representative that is voting for Liberty County, scored in the bottom of Republicans in the House. He should be considered a liberal to moderate Republican or a moderate Democrat. We need someone to run against this guy. Voting records don't lie! 

General Comments

It may be good about your electricity bill for now, but think about your children and grand-children, this plastic planet is giving up, Mothr Nature is very angry, and even though we acknowledge all the fires, monsoons, tzuanmis, cyclones, earthquakes, hurricanes, huge tornadoes, globally. It takes many years for the icebergs to break away so climate and global warming most people seem not to care or not to be aware but you would think after Hurricane Harvey hit here so bad, that people would start investigating. Look things up. Become knowledgeable about the very slow change in global warming because it has been getting worse and this planet is where our children and their children will have to deal with long after we are gone. Look beyond here, look globally at what is happening. Harvey should have woke everybody up. 

RE: It may be good about your electricity bill for now: Look up the word "Cyclical". Since the dawn of time this planet has undergone changes, then reverted back. This planet has had several ice ages (Global Cooling? ugh) where the earth was covered in ice for the most part. A lot of the earth has been semi-tropical at one time or another. Where you are sitting right now in Liberty, TX was once the bottom of a vast ocean. Find a geologist. Ask him/her to show you the delineation charts of the earths upper strata. They will show ice, flood, drought, desert, volcanic ash and rain forest. repeats. Perhaps not in the same order, but it repeats. Just this past summer we broke heat records set in the 1920's. There wasn't any global warming back then. Almost all scientists have deemed global warming as junk science. Educate yourself on scientific fact and not what you hear being spewed by those who actually profit (Al Bore)from preying on your insecurities. Those same people fly to these speaking engagements in private jets creating a carbon footprint greater than you and I create in a year. Where is your vitriol concerning that? 

What I wrote was neither spiteful, mean, using your word, vitriol is so wrong. It is people like you that ignore the slowest signs of climate change and global warming. I don't have the internet or any big speaker telling me about it. I have educated myself and I would have to explain how the warm wateer comes in below the icebergs and causes the lifting and erosion of the iceberg to be able to slip away from its larger dimension. I don't think there enough room to make you understand and I don't think you care what the children, grandchildren will be living in this plastic planet and if you cannot scientifically and approach this subject with an open mind, I cannot make you. Isn't is strange that we do not have the opportunity like bigger cities, like Austin, who have different containers for the day of trash pick-up. They have their trash pick-up, but they have three containers, one for plastic, paper and aluminum. People there participate while our coastal peope do not seem to are about the trash in the ocean or anything else they can do to help clean this planet up. Put aside, your political views, and look at the global disasters and I. like you, am watching for another 1930s depression. People got to wake up. 

General Comments

Since Ole Phil and his kin folk did so well removing debris a few years ago, I assume he got the bid this storm clean up. Right?

Are you referring to the good ole Phil that jacked prices of gas during Ike, that had all thse indictments that seemed to settle among the dust, that he and his kinfolks were suppose to be in serious trouble and it just quietly disappeared.  

General Comments

Say what you will about our bombastic President, but celebrate that it has suddenly become acceptable in polite circles to care more about what working people pay for electricity than about multi-hundred-billion-dollar schemes to reduce global warming by 0.02 degrees over the next century! Could it be common sense IS returning to this nation. 

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