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General Comments


General Comments

I don’t understand why we have to deal with Donna Brown in our office. She has her own computer and office. 

I’ll be glad when is she gone. She is an embarrassment to the County and Court House 

Donna Brown is nothing but a Troublemaker, she always has been from day one; stirred the pot to try and make liberty County look like idiots . She’s always playing everyone is always picking on her game, everyone else is always trying to pick a fight with her. So ready for a change for the better, why can’t you leave now ? The Moment she walks out the door Liberty county will be blessed !

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City of Dayton: It is hard to understand that the Mayor of Dayton believes that splash pads are more important to citizens than improving roads and providing adequate services to annexed areas such as sewer, water and police protection. I sincerely hope that the City Council does not approve this splash pad. Even areas that were annexed many years ago do not have these services much less the newly annexed areas. This Mayor needs to resign and move on to taking care of taxing the citizens of Liberty County in the poor house. 

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DISD gives a 2 percent raise. That raise is off the backs of taxpayers and is due to increased appraisals.

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My hat is off to the honest and hardworking law enforcement officers who finally stepped up to the plate and busted our local dope dealer. That family has been living it up in their house on the hill for far too long,flashing their dirty money and feeling untouchable. As far as the crooked judge who ran up there to the jail and bonded them both out, SHAME ON YOU ! I hope the voters get you out of office since you care more about your crooked buddy than the law.the people of liberty county are watching and we are tired of corruption. 

I heard that Bobby Raiders drug task force caught a big fish tonight from Daisetta Texas O my how the mighty have fallen

Oh wow! Busted for marijuana while the rest of the states have it legalized. Wow, what a huge bust! Why don't they worry more about the crackheads all over Ames and Raywood. Then you could talk about a bust! 

It turns out Fregia is a repeat offender he spent time in prison years ago for similar charges. Why wasn't his picture posted? Why was he let go so soon? Special treatment that's why. 

About the Fregia mugshot...I will start the caption contest with “The face you make when your jailhouse boyfriend says he’s the daddy tonight”. What is astonishing is the people that are pushing the “well it’s legal in other places” argument. This is Texas, it is illegal here and he knows that good and well especially at his ripe old age. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out there’s other more potent stuff being pedaled, too. We will see if he’s still thinks it’s funny when he has his day in court. Maybe, maybe not. 

Well who was the judge that got him out? Help us drain the swamp. 

this may just be an over reaction, but, being the Investigative reporter that you have been in the past, it might be worth a follow up. Fact: Lonnie Lynn Fregia is a convicted felon, He spent 5 years incarcerated in TDC back in the 70's, Possession with intent to deliver is a pretty serious crime in our small community. As we see from other releases, a "Mug Shot" of Fregia was taken, where as the script writer for the Sheriffs office stated in their comment section that "NO" photo was taken before Fregia was released from custody, now, after re-reading the comments, the sheriffs comment has been removed. Standard practice is , if booked in at 5:00 p.m. you will see the judge the following day for setting a bond, in Fregia's case his bond was set that evening which would indicate preferential treatment. I find a $2500.00 rather meek for a crime of this nature, I have seen higher bonds for less included offenses. In my most humble opinion, something isn't right with this. and another thing, I find it appalling for Fregia to be smug and actually make comments on the sheriffs site commending officers for a job well done and the community standing behind him, justifying his acts because he has money.

Okay so Texas is like Mississippi, it is a little behind times, so yes, marijuana is still illegal, and you had nothing to say about the methheads and crackheads, but it that judge you talking about the same as the crack smoking attorney before he became a judge??? People we live in small communities, do you really think we should be throwing stones at people and you notice, I said WE. When we are pointing our fingers at people we have three pointing back at us. Karma is a real bitch. If you don't believe in God, you must at least believe in Karma. When you are sitting there with nothing better to do. And something horrible falls on you and you whine, "Why me, Lord?" think about that little thing called Karma that comes to bite you in the butt. And it will. 

For those who are hopeful Lynn Fregia will now "get what is coming to him", please realize the courts here are packed with this exact crime, and for that matter across Texas. He will, and should be, punished. But this is 2018 and the punishment is far from what it was in the 1970's. 

For all the people s fending this drug dealer, would it just be marijuana if your 13 year old daughter or son was smoking the drugs he is distributing? You people make me sick, he is a “good ole boy” news flash anyone he helps comes with a price, his fire department buddy is all over Bobby raider post defending, really makes me sick. This man has been peddling drugs for years, I hope he gets time and the family gets knocked down a notch, I think it’s time his family quits living off his dirty money, and has to actually get a real job and work for a living! 

who cares if lynn fregia or anyone smoked pot or not. you hypocrites drink alcohol? at least pot makes you more mellow and lethargic. people get killed by drunk drivers, drunk people get in fights. sad drunks, mad drunks, violent drunks, hateful drunks. if you can have that substance to drown whatever you can't deal with, or just because you like it, but it also has the potential to kill someone, why can't someone smoke a plant? bigots. get of off your high horse. 

Fregia stepped on someone's toes.He's not the big fish as some have concluded. The problem is, the open crack market in Ames.Baker Circle, White Street,2830....Come on guys,pot smoking don't make folks break into houses,cars,rob folks.Y'all need to bust these dealers in Ames, along with the stealing arse crack heads.. 

I am the person defending Mr. Lynn Fregia and to the coward who said I make you sick. Please Inbox me I would love to put a face with a local coward. I stand with my decision to defend now and always. The fire department has nothing to do with this. This is about friendship. He built a business that can support his family and employees a large percent of daisetta and the surrounding areas. So please explain to me how he has dirty money. Where is your proof or do you just live your pitiful life off of rumors. I’ll be waiting for your response in my inbox.

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The city is lamenting the fact that the electrical department is under staffed. Working for the city is not the prime job it once was thanks to the ripping and shredding of benefits and mistreatment of employees. Good finding someone desperate enough to work there. 

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What demons are chasing the Beasley family?

General Comments

There are some juicy rumors about the LCSO about the presence of a sexual subculture operating in the office. Married officers sleeping with other married officers on a rampant scale.

There are some juicy rumors about the LCSO about the presence of a sexual subculture operating in the office. Married officers sleeping with other married officers on a rampant scale. Trust me it's true. Happens all the time. How do you think people get hired and promotions. 

Commissioners Meet Friday

Sheriff Bobby Rader AKA Insurance Salesmen and know needs a raise. Is asking County Commisoner on pay raise for himself. He came into office knowing what pay was. Now he wants more. How about giving the officers a raise first.

Rader needs a ride just like the Commissioners. Now, you are excused. 

Rader asking for a raise, in my company I give raises when you improve work. Rader passes the buck to his staff then sits back and watches. Liberty county needs a working sheriff that will get out there with the deputies not sit behind a desk. Hopefully someone will step up in 2020 and work with the deputies and the community. Raise Ha 

Woooooooo! Wanting A Raise? Hell ya can’t get him to do his job now. 

Wanting a pay raise, Give me a brake.Sorry I even voted for you.

Does Rader believe Liberty County does not pay enough to attract good sheriff candidates or not? 

He doesn’t need a raise he needs a Shetland pony so he can ride off into the sunset. We need a new Sheriff. 

Bobby wants a raise, don’t make me laugh. He wants to be paid what the commissioners get paid...why don’t he try and work at least half as hard as some of our commissioners. He has made a joke out of that office and if anyone deserves a pay raise it’s his employees because they are the ones that truly run that office NOT Bobby. In my opinion he has once again shown me his job is nothing but a status job for him; how selfish and self important can one be. 

If he gets a raise is he going to give any of it to his employees? He’s seen at his insurance business making money there! 

I will vote for Rader again. Maybe y'all can run Greg again and he can dance around the jail. Just make sure he isn't wearing his gun.

Thank you Bobby for proving me wrong; most of my friends told me not to vote for you last time. Now I understand their point of view in regards to you being the wrong person for the job. I WILL NOT VOTE FOR YOU AGAIN! 

OK, let me get this straight. The Sheriffs office protects our county and it's citizens. they make some revenue due to drug money, cars to auction etc.The Commissioners help our county by spending money on necessary repairs. the sheriff is on call 24/7. The commissioners and County Judge work Monday thru Thursday. What a low dog, snake in the grass move to not give the Sheriff the same 10% raise. I will remember this when it is time to vote. About time to drain the swamp. 

Why does he need a raise? He must be making plenty of money as much as he advertises on the radio station for his insurance company. 

Ooooo your just a sore loser. Mr Authur would make a great Sheriff again. We were proud of him, gun or no gun! 

Bobby raider is making his job a personal vendetta , he’s so selfish he wants a raise but his employees do all the work . 

Bobby needs to worry about doing his job instead of brown nosing. He absolutely doesn’t deserve a raise , I agree with the other posts that his employees deserve the raise over him. He’s an embarrassment to our county. 

I am overwhelmingly disappointed in the commissioners that voted for giving Bobbie a raise. He was playing a game of who stick with the largest and commissioners court was week and lost. Thank you Commissioner Wilson for being the only one that understood what the real issues are with our county. I will remember this and will remind everyone when elections come around. 

I too am extremely disappointed in the county commissioners. Raises are given based on performance and you cannot tell me that Bobbie has performed all his duties to the fullest especially when he spends most of his time working on his private insurance business. A raise is given based on performance and you cannot tell me that Bobbie raider has performed all his duties to the fullest especially when he spends most of his time working on his private insurance business, it truly saddens me that his staff runs that office with little to no guidance from him and he gets a raise because he thinks he’s too important to be paid less then our county commissioners.

I can’t believe they gave that man a rise. We need a new Sheriff, PERIOD  

General Comments

I do not care who is for who, Republican or Democrat or any other party. The whole tyranny of separating babies from their parents and then shipping them so far away from each other. I don't care if they were trying to have a better life here and had committed no other crime except to bring their babies here. I put myself in their place as I have tried to get other white people to put themselves in their place, I could not stand and neither could my baby stand the emotional trauma of taking them away and trying to get them back, this is not human. Mothers put yourself in their place, your husband hasn't broken any laws except crossing the border to get a better job so he can move his family and have his children a better education. What is it was your child? I have yet to have anybody answer me with a real sentence. It is like Oh, I'm not an immigrant. My folks came over here back in the 1600s, you are an immigrant from your ancestors and the people coming cross the seas brought diseases the Native Indians had no immunity to, and then you brought slaves over here in ships that were laying them in waste, and how dare your white child be treated as these people have been treated. We have Muslims, we have people from India, Pakistan, England, Norway, you name it, this is a melting pot of people that have gotten their citizenship or in the process of it. Canadians have gotten their citizenship here. It always amazes me how a white person even though I am one, cannot see past the end of the their nose, because they say well, it wouldn't be my child because I am not crossing a border illegally. Where the hell do you think everybody came from, do your DNA test, find out what you really are. These are babies, and how any woman can be cold hearted as this and then turn right around and release them has caused a travesty, a tragedy and just senseless bullshit that should not be happening in this world in 2018. why do people want to roll back to being what their ancestors did years ago to other people. We are all here together and there should be a mother's heart for each and every one of those babies, I don't care what your race is. I will say though, many conservative old folks with their spiteful ways are getting old and dying out. These young people behind us are definitely going to vote and if they have any say whatsoever, people will be respected by the other people and the world will be right again. If you can look a person in the eye and not shed a tear for those babies, why should anybody give a damn about you. 

Ok. Let's go through this again. Stop blaming white people for all the evil in the world. You sound ignorant. I AM WHITE AND NOT AN IMMIGRANT TO THE USA! I was born here. The immigrants from Europe did not sneak across the Atlantic Ocean. They signed in and got NO help from the taxpayers. Now shut up and give up your guilt complex. 

Liberty County is full of negative people. Look for the good not the bad. Problems are not easily solved. Run for office if you have better solutions.

So here we go again with another self-loathing white guilt post. I get it, you hate yourself for being white and you jump at any chance to prove to everyone just how much you hate yourself and how non racist you are. So you basically want open borders because in your mind it’s only fair since all us white people came to America as immigrants 200 years ago (of course you ignore that fact that we did not have border laws back then). It’s all about the kids according to you. So you say screw everyone else who immigrated to America legally. They came here legally and paid the costs involved, learned the requirements, and since they came here responsibly their kids were never in danger. You say us white people should be ashamed for the treatment of the illegal alien kids. You never recognize it’s the illegal alien parents that are responsible for the treatment of the kids. They put their kids in danger; they chose to set an example of breaking laws and hiding from the law. They very well know the danger that their young daughters could be raped along the way or stolen and placed in a sex trafficking ring. They know all this but yet they choose to put their kids in that position and you defend them for it. The liberal mind is indeed diseased. No one has ever said they cannot come to America but they have to do it legally. You liberals always place feelings above responsibilities and consequences just as an immature child does. Difference is you are an adult and you are supposed to be mature and know better. 

I said I was not going to speak on this again but I hope there are some people that read this and find that the responses are still not yea or nay about the question put to them about the mess and the emotional trauma of the children. They reply with they are not an immigrant and go back to name calling as usual which proves my point in the first place. Thank you for your time. I will not try to communicate about this subject again because in this area it is redundant. 

I am well educated and I was born here also but since I am trying to refrain from making any more comments about this subject, I hope everyone duly notes that person called me an "idiot""ignorant" and is still reduced to name calling which shows their mentality and how they avoid the fact of putting themselves and their child in a hypothetical situation to avoid feelings about these children which proves again, what they resort to when they avoid answering a question quite like our present President. Again, they show the mentality of the average conservative racist population. 

Ref: Separating babies, maybe the parents should not put the babies in a situation where they will be taken away, stay in your own shithole country or come here legally, problem solved! Thank You, next problem, yo I'll solve it, ice ice baby, too cold! 

Think about this maybe the USA should consider something like this. From the Washington Times “Under the Mexican law, illegal immigration is a felony punishable by up to two years in prison. Immigrants who are deported and attempt to reenter can be imprisoned for 10 years. Visa violators can be sentenced to six year terms. Mexicans who help illegal immigrants are considered criminals.” 

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Subject: Drainage/Flood Mitigation Discussion I receive information regarding a meeting with Liberty County officials and residents of the Settlements of East Liberty County, relating to drainage is set for Tuesday, July 24, 2018, at 7:00pm, in the Pct 2 meeting room, located at 588 CR 2010, Hardin, TX. I was inform Commissioner Arthur and County Judge Knight will be attending this meeting. However, since residents of several communities in Commissioner Karbowski’s Precint 1 are planning on attending, I made contact with his office and requested his attendance. I receive confirmation from his administrative assistant today, he will attend. To my knowledge, maintenance and regular cleaning of drainage ditches, gullies and canals will be on the agenda. Hopefully, long term flooding prevention in Liberty County will also be discuss.inform This is an official Liberty County public meeting, open to all resurfaced Liberty County, your presence is requested.’ 

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Russians attack our election AMD our president gets ready to perform fellatio on Putin as a reward.

Trump and Puton: I guess you were smoking pot when Obama and Putin got together. Judge

General Comments Reply to - Russians attack our election AMD our president gets ready to perform fellatio on Putin as a reward - Barack Hussein Obama Caught On Open Mike With Russian President Vladimir Putin ...March 26, 2012 - SEOUL - In their joint statement to reporters here, President Barack Hussein Obama and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev spoke carefully about continuing discussions on the sensitive issues of European missile defense. But in an unscripted moment picked up by camera crews, the American President Barack Hussein Obama was More blunt: Let me get reelected first, he said; then I'll have a better chance of making something happen. "On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this, this can be solved, but it's important for him to give me space," President Barack Hussein Obama can be heard telling Medvedev, apparently referring to incoming Russian president - and outgoing prime minister - Vladimir Putin.  

Russians attack our election…. I find it sad that the only defense a republican can come up with when they know they are wrong is to attack the other side. “But they did this….” Like that makes it OK that they are doing wrong now. Like little children do. President Obama and other presidents met with the Russian president BEFORE they attacked our country by interfering in our election. But Trump keeps on being pals with him and praising him like nothing ever happened. But, of course, he wouldn’t be president now if not for what they did. 

I think the profound idiots who helped put this country in jeopardy by electing Trump should be recognized and let them explain why they put a man who is just one step above a chimp in intelligence in office as president. 

To the Trump voter hater..Don't you have a parade to attend.? You idiot. 

So after the election democrats decided the election was rigged. Before the election democrats were telling the country that our elections could never in no way be rigged…of course that was when the media was lying to everyone citing biased polls showing Hillary as the winner. Let us not forget this quote by none other than the great Obama… "But the larger point that I want to emphasize here is that there is no serious person out there who would suggest somehow that you could even rig America’s elections, in part because they’re so decentralized and the numbers of votes involved. There’s no evidence that that has happened in the past, or that there are instances in which that will happen this time. And so I’d advise Mr. Trump to stop whining and go try to make his case to get votes." 

Ref: Trump & Putin, Russians hacking the elections, the Russians exposed Shillary's e-mails and lies, the Russians didn't write the e-mails, Shillary did, The Russians weren't the one telling lies, Shillary was, Thanks Russians for keeping this POS out of the white house! This message will self destruct in 10 seconds, to keep me shooting myself 3 times in the back of my head and commiting Hillary-cide 

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all we hear about is how everybody is supposed to be treated fairly an equally,tell me how a young black woman attacks a 91 yr old hispanic man,beats him with a piece of concrete,i mean beats the hell out him all the while yelling at him he needs to go back where he comes from where he belongs. the first day i saw this article nothing was said except witness account ,n the next day it reads her little girl was with her and he bump into her thats why she attacked him,then after beating the hell out of this man she tells a group of men that he tried to take her little girl and had them kicking the already beat down hispanic man and please dont forget this man is 91..... then the next day i hear its not a hate crime?what? guys we cant fix a problem if we cant even discuss it,an in america we have a big problem,if a white or hispanic woman did the same thing to a 91 yr old black man it would still be front page and you tell me would it have been a hate crime?you bet your life because what happened was a hate crime. when are we going to be held accountable everybody,were so far removed from slavery its not funny prosecute her for a hate crime because it was,shame on america just keep sucking up you can see what its done for america so far 

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Just left Walmart parking lot where a tall blond haired man wearing shorts lost himself burning down his tires in his white Chevy truck and screaming and cussing at some Hispanic woman. He must have been a deplorable Trump supporter. 

rebuttal to blonde hair man leaving walmart parking lot ,must be a deplorable. A most recent study shows 2016 election triggered OCD like symptoms in QUITE a few individuals. From Baylor College Of Medicine , and was published in the Journal Of Anxiety Disorders.The principal investigator Dr. Eric Storch ,professor and head of psychology in the Menninger Department of Psychiarty And Behavioral Sciences at Baylor. Research coordinator Sandra Cepeda at Menninger / Baylor ,affliated with Fordham University and VU University Medical Center. So for all of the people suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome, might give some thought in contacting the clinic. Really it has been over a year and a half,get over it and move on with you're life. Like it or not President Donald J. Trump is the President. And hopefully with all the progressive , liberal ,democrat, left wing nut job's it will be for eight years . Have a great day the Trump Way ! 

To the deplorable defending Trump and quoting studies,the point is Trump is a nut and his supporters are too, and that guy at Walmart has a mental problem. 

Im convinced that Trump supporters are so adamant in their defense of T is because they don't know how to explain how they were so stupid in voting for him, its easier to just defend him than have toexamine their own stupidity . 

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The Dayton Chamber was handed the City’s Health Fair, the Trade Days and reduced both events to less than what I would consider successful with in one year. I did take part in both events for the last time. My question is why did the city pay city staff out of my tax dollars to start successful events and turn around after several years and give them to the Chambers? What a waste of my tax dollars and time. My second question is why can’t the Dayton Chamber create their own events? Now we have three less things to do in our town if you also count the Gun Show. It does sound like the wrong people are over the Dayton Chambers and the City; just my taxpayers opinion. 

The Liberty-Dayton Chamber of Commerce has no involvement in the Dayton Trade Days or Health Events, although having 1/2 of directors from Dayton, because of exclusion by the Dayton City Council. The Dayton Chamber is even given offices in the Dayton Center by the Dayton City Council. 

I don’t understand what the big deal is about Dayton Chamber‘s.? Why do we even need to support them when they’re not even community oriented unless there is financial gain involved for them. They have proven that the past couple years and has proven this organized is unwilling to work with The Liberty Dayton Chamber to help the City of Dayton.

In regards to the Dayton Chamber-is anyone really suppressed on the talk around town about that office? 

I too am disappointed in the Dayton Civic Center ! ! 

So I had an event recently at the Dayton Civic Center as I have for many years. But this time my room was not setup the way I asked and I had to wait for them to even bring more tables into my room for which I asked for prior to the date of event. The excuse was they had multiple events going on at one time; I guess they don’t realize every year I have had an event at the Civic Center and there’s always multiple events taking place. I have never had issues like this in the past, let’s hope they don’t continue down this unacceptable path. 

I do not care what anyone says because I know the facts. Miss Wilson would never of left the Dayton community center if she wasn’t forced out , she would not of abandoned her community and us seniors, she was too much invested in our community. Miss Wilson was always there for us even on weekends we knew we could call her on her personal cell phone and if she could help she would definitely do so . I am tired of the Dayton Chamber‘s telling us she went to a better job with more money and that she wanted to transfer to City Hall . I have known Miss Wilson and the other loyal staff members for more than six years although she will not commence a conversation of what truly happened to her; we the City of Dayton residence all know what the Dayton Chamber‘s and the City of Dayton did To her and the staff. I have yet to see any individual or team in the Dayton community center work as hard, heartless and diligently as Miss Wilson and her prior staff. We truly feel her absence every day although some of us still call her for assistance and she is still willing to help even after what we all know happened to her and her staff . No matter how many lies are told to cover up This mess the community always finds out the truth. Also I would like to add Paula At the Dayton Chamber’s is not Pro Dayton. I personally have heard her speak ill of Dayton. I was not born in Dayton, I’ve moved to Dayton later in life but this town is my hometown and I am in love with Dayton. How can someone be in charge of such an office and have such Negative comments about this town and it’s residents? 

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Ok, City of Liberty - come up with a better excuse than over 8,000 people had a spike in usage at once! Someone see why!

General Comments

“All you people out there still so proud of Trump“ You do realize that Bill Clinton started this mess when he sent an armed SWAT team into a residence in Miami to forcibly remove a child from his family......or did you forget the Democrats did that. Your hatred of a man has deluded you into believing anything you’re fed at the media trough like the swine you are.

In regards to the comment about President Clinton: What in the world does returning a child to his Father, have to do with taking children away from their parents as they enter the country? Maybe YOU don't remember what happened in Miami. The 6 year old child was not taken from his parents, he was taken from other family members and returned to his Father as the law demands. "President Bill Clinton, who occupied the White House in 2000, defended his decision to enforce the law and forcibly give Elián back to his dad. "If I had said, 'I don't like Cuba and I don't care what the international law is,'" Clinton said, "then not only me but no other American President would have been able to say with a straight face, 'You can't kidnap [American children] and keep [them]'" in other countries. 

I remember what happened in Miami. You could try a little more accurate wording. A child seeking asylum with his mother who died on the way here was taken at gunpoint during a raid by a swat team and sent back to the country he was fleeing. You could also acknowledge the fact that most of the children in these centers were sent here by their parents while they stayed behind. So it is actually the parents decision to be separated from their children. So I guess we could follow Clinton’s lead and ship all these kids back to their parents, I would suggest we leave out the step where we have a swat team stick a gun in their face. 

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I have thoroughly enjoyed the lip sync challenge going on between the agencies across our fine state! Liberty and Chambers County, plus our City Police Officers have a full slate of OUTSTANDING OFFICERS! I would LOVE to see them participate to show everyone that they are like you and me.......regular people that have a fun side to them! Just a suggestion and inquiry! Thank you for your time! 

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When will Liberty join the 21st century and accept a qualified non white leader for the schools or least for one of the principal positions. I am NOT crying racism, but there are plenty of qualified people in education and it has been too long without a non white being hired to not to choose someone that is African American or Hispanic. Surely in all of the years, over 100, there has been a person that is as qualified as the white candidate. 

By my own admission I will say that I am not the smartest person in the room on any occasion but I cannot understand how a person can say they are not being racist while in the same thought pattern state that a person should be hired to fill a position of employment that is non-white. So what you are saying is if it came down to choosing between two different equally qualified people, one white and one black, that the black person should be chosen based upon race…but at the same time you are saying that is not racist. I guess you are just saying that it is time for a black person to hold a position that has historically been held by white people…and again, because they are balck…but that is not racist according to you. Could it possibly be that the qualified minorities tend to gravitate toward the inner cities where qualified minorities are indeed hired to fill principal positions? How about we go to one of those inner city schools and demand that a white person be hired to fill a principal position that has been held by black people for far too many years. 

Rally to Keep Immigrant Families Together

re:Rally to keep immigrant families together Heck, I'll attend if we keep them together when we chunk them back over the border where they unlawfully come from. As for canvassing the community asking for votes for Beto? It's gonna take rides. And t-shirts. And free food. And unregistered voters to get that done.. Please i-dineout, cover this "rally" and let us see how it goes.. 

Kudos to Alan for covering the rally for the immigrants who's families are being ripped apart at the border by the mean ol current administration.. I was willing to bet that he wouldn't publish my earlier comment on this subject nor would he actually follow thru with coverage of the rally. I stand corrected. However with only about 12 attendees I see how popular this opinion is in our county. 

How about a "rally" supporting the people who go through the correct legal process to enter this country instead of supporting those who break in line and sneak across the border. Countries should decide how many immigrants they will allow in every year and people need to realize the people who break in line effect the numbers.

IMMIGRANTS,NOT AMERICANS,MUST ADAPT.I am tired of this nation worrying about whether we are offending some individual or their culture.Since the terrorist attacks on Sept., 11,we have experienced a surge in patriotism by the majority of Americans.However,the dust from the attacks had barely settled when the "politically correct" crowd began complaining about the possibility that our patriotism was offending others.I am not against immigration,nor do i hold a grudge against anyone who is seeking a better life by coming to America.Our population is almost entirely made up of descendants of immigrants.However,there are a few things that those that who have recently come to our country,and apparently some born here,need to understand.This idea of America being a multicultural community has served only to dilute our sovereignty and our national identity as Americans,we have our own culture,our own society,our own language and our own lifestyle.This culture has been developed over centuries of struggles,trials,and by victories by millions of men and women who have sought freedom. We speak ENGLISH,not Spanish,Portuguese,Arabic,Chinese,Japanese,Russian, or any other language ! " IN GOD WE TRUST " is our national motto.Thia is not some Christian,right wing,political slogan.We adopted this motto because Christain men and women,on Christian principles,founded this nation,this is clearly documented !!! It is certainly appropriate to display it on the walls of our schools.If GOD offends you,then i suggest you consider another part of the world as your new home,because GOD is part of our culture. If Stars and Stripes offend you,or you don't like Uncle Sam,then move to another part of the planet.We are happy with our culture and have no desire to change,and we really don't care how you did things where you came from.This is OUR COUNTRY,our land,and our lifestyle.Our First Amendment gives every citizen the right to express his or her opinion and we will allow you every opportunity to do so.BUT once you are done complaining,whining,and griping about our flag,our pledge,our national motto ,laws,or our way of life.I highly encourage you take advantage of one other great American freedom, THE RIGHT TO LEAVE ! 

General Comments

To anyone that is not happy with the current state of affairs in the U.S.A. There are 195 other countries on the planet , get on a plane and leave if you are that unhinged . May everyone have a safe and happy Independence Day ! If anyone needs help packing just call on me ,signed: One of the Deplorable's . 

General Comments

looks like the constables around Devers and Raywood are doing a lot of patrolling and stopping people, I guess for speeding. Thank You

About the Constables in and around Devers. PCT-2 put on two more and it looks like their doing a good job. It's nice to see police cars in the neighborhood. Keep up the good work.  

General Comments

So let me get this straight, the City (non-profit government entity) concludes they can do what others (for-profit business owners) couldn't do, and that is run the country club. And now, they say there are a lot of code violations that have to be dealt with now that it is in the city. But, they have no idea of the cost!! How would you acquire something knowing there are issues, and not know the cost of curing those issues? I guess that since it is on the back of the taxpayers, that's how. They never learn.

There is no longer a country club; only a city municipal golf course with equipment and service buildings with no food facilities. Now there are no food or member services expenses because there are no members; no monthly utility expenses and no ad valorem taxes. These facts make City ownership different from prior private ownership and positive cash flow possible in the future. 

General Comments

I don't know why some people are so angry about POTUS and his supporters that we get called names and talked about so much. Is it because of the fact that he won and is not a Career politician or is it just small minded BAD LOSERS. I would never talk about people that I don't know but I guess some will. 

General Comments

Work on Main Street. Main St belongs to TxDOT and I know its been rough since they milled it for the overlay but at least TxDOT is doing something to better the roads in Liberty. I cant remember the last time the City of Liberty made any street improvements. The pothole crew we have working doing skin patches is making the roads rougher than what the potholes caused. What ever happened to the Sealcoat Program the City use to have? I guess neglecting the streets for years like the City did with the electrical infrastructure will soon come to bite them in the butt! Any bets is we get a new road going into the Country Club? I just wonder if the issue is that our City Leaders have no clue when it comes to maintaining our infrastructure for the long haul. I do see where they are finally replacing some of the manholes around town to stop the water from infiltrating the sewer system, its about time since sewer boils out of the manholes on Texas Ave for the past 20 years. I understand some of the roads will need a full rehab including all of the utilities to be upgraded but there are plenty of ares in the City where this isn't the case at all, but the City just refuses to do anything. 

General Comments

All you people out there still so proud of Trump, did you hear him on Fox news admitting he wants to be a dictator just like his buddy Kim Jong Un? He said, "He's the head of a country, and I mean he's the strong head. Don't let anyone think anything different. He speaks and his people sit up at attention. I want my people to do the same." He also is still trying to get a military parade just like Kim's. But you will think that is OK too, won't you? And by the way, kids were NOT taken away from their parents at the border and put into cages during Obama's administration. Unacomanied minors were held until places could be found for them. This mess started with TRUMP! 

General Comments

So proud of the LHS girls for winning the state championship and the celebration tonight is a good things. The elected officials should play no part in stealing the thunder from the girls. We do not need to hear you nor have you play a role in honoring what the girls, not you, achieved.

General Comments

Excuse me, I hit the wrong button, before I was through. Back to the REAL MEN, the Hispanics are doing all the hard work at the best of their ability, and it is not just here, it is in Baytown, Kingwood, everywhere. If you drive enough, you will see who does the work and how many men it takes to watch what the are doing, and maybe adjust the pay of the people watching or sitting in their trucks. I know you are going to tell me they are supervisors or the foremen, but in one area, the Hispanic man was in charge of the others. Someone had mentioned the Constitution was written by the rich white men that still, to this day, try to be as overbearing as they may, they may smile in your face, but under their breath lies the threats and I have heard them firsthand, so don't tell me it isn't true. Even though I had a blimp in the middle of my writing, hopefully, the person that puts this together will see fit to mesh it together so you people, can see there is a much larger problem going on, in bigger cities also. You cannot go through Dayton without hitting a pot hole but the new street on 321, North Cleveland street, is superb, but same problem nobody has ever taught anybody about a smooth entrance onto that road and to turn in somewhere off that road, that is a constant unlike larger cities. I guess that will stay that way so we need front end jobs, because if you pull out too early you will be ran over. And by the way, who told truck drivers that they can be so obnoxious just because they are the majority in Southeast Texas. How many times I would love for a police officer to catch the smart alecs driving these machines 

General Comments

What is going on with the Liberty City Park? The pond looks terrible, weeds and algae have taken it over. The basket ball nets are all torn off the goals. The Restroom where my son plays had crap on top of crap in it was that way on a Monday, and was still there in Wednesday. Is it contracted out now? Just curious.

General Comments

All you trumpers out there have to be proud you helped elect the closest thing to a tyrant ever in the history of the U.S. You really are a basket of deploables. 

Ahhh, are you an emotional wreck right now? Is your weak childish mind actually listening to and believing the media reports about the children in “concentration camps”. All the while you ignore the fact that the same thing was occurring during Obama’s administration, you ignore the fact that the same thing happens to legal American families when the parents choose to be criminals, you ignore the fact that the responsibility lies with the parents of the children that chose to put their children in that position by breaking our border laws, and of course let’s not forget that you choose to ignore the IG report. What a about Trump and Russian collusion, for some reason all that seems to have just gone away, almost as if it was a big lie…but we all know the media wouldn’t lie now would they. I’m just a lowly deplorable using his brain and making an observation. 

re to all you trumpers..proud to have a president with balls i know it might take people like yourself awhile to get use to it,since its been awhile since we had a leader that would bring up the things he has,you know political suicide an all im proud to be an american,what are you proud of ? 

General Comments

What’s up with Main Street in Liberty? Did our favorite Sanctuary City run out of money?? Talk about a shithole...

Yes, Liberty is a Sanctuary City but Main Street is the State's. 

Like what is the ETA for putting a surface back down on Main Street? I realize we have governmental entities involved which means slow, slow, slow, but this has gone on long enough. 

General Comments

Taste of date was a failure, Way to stay consistent Dayton Chamber of Commerce 

I agree the Taste of Dayton was subpar and I do agree they are consistently producing the low level of performance for years. 

The Dayton Chamber‘s needs to find a go-getter to run that office; nothing against the ladies that are there now but sometimes you could be a good worker but not fit the job and that’s what I think is happening at the Dayton Chamber’s. 

I agree with the post that the Dayton Chamber‘s needs a new person to run the office , The lady there now although she is nice, she most definitely is not one who works awfully hard. She relies on all the volunteers to do all the hard work. 

In regards to the Dayton Gun Show, the city has always allowed the Dayton VFD and the Senior Center to participate in producing the annual gun show. For this help the Senior Center and the VFD each received 1/2 of the revenue generated. The Dayton Chamber took one look at this division of revenue and the chamber director said no to producing a gun show. Now keep in mind that the city pays the Dayton Chamber $ 30,000 a year to turn the lights on in the morning and lock the doors at night. The city council also provides the chamber with several free offices, a reception area, a kitchen area, phones, copier services and free use of the meeting rooms in the center. Looks to me like certain members of the city council and some chamber officials have cozied up on this arrangement.If this city council had any respect for the taxpayers, the senior citizens and the volunteer firemen they would be sitting down with the chamber director for discussion on why she "would" have a gun show this year and why the revenue split would be the same as it has been in the past. 

Why is the Dayton Chamber over a City facility?

The comment regarding the gun show and the Dayton Chamber‘s , the Dayton Chamber did not want to host a gun show because they would get nothing financially out of it ., apparently they’re not considering 30,000+ dollars that City of Dayton is giving them of taxpayers money for them to run that facility. If that contract between the chambers and City of Dayton does not consist of the multiple events that has been taking place for the past numerous years, The city is a bad negotiator and they are wasting taxpayers money . Just tell me what the taxpayers are getting out of this agreement between the chambers in the city ? Somebody is in somebody’s pocket ? 

When Amanda Wilson worked at the civic center KSHN radio played in the halls for years. Now that the Dayton Chamber is over the Center they have stopped playing our local radio stations.?

In reference to the question why is the Dayton Chambers is allowed to running a city facility , what I understand is the lady Paula ( from Crosby ) that runs the chambers; buddy up to Josh Townsend and Jeff Lambright to make this happen. Also what I understand is that the city is no longer helping the senior center write grants to support the seniors since the chambers took over running a city facility paid for by taxpayers. 

In reference to the Dayton Chamber of commerce ; I agree with most of the statements being made about that office. I truly believe it is sad that the city would allow such unfair treatment of long-term city employees. This just proves to me that the new city manager is not strong enough to handle certain individuals on Dayton city Council if it happened the way people are talking .

The Dayton Chambers needs to make a change NOW before Dayton grows. With the way it’s running now it’s going to be an embarrassment to the City of Dayton when all the new companies move in that the City and County are talking about.

The Dayton Chambers is most definitely in need of new leadership. 

General Comments

All of this pettiness and noise. There is an old saying about how big your house is, or what you drove, or how much money you made, in a hundred years, is making a difference in a child's life. Now I am not sure just what the order of this but it is saying nobody cares what material things you have, as long as you make a difference in a child's life. So, when we are taking each other apart, calling each other names, our belief is the only belief what do you expect your children to learn from you? Think more, speak less. 

General Comments

I have been a gun show vendor for seven years at the Dayton community center , never have I had such terrible trouble getting an answer about the gun show. I have called and left numerous messages at the community center. The lady for which I have been dealing with for years with no delays or troubles I now understand is no longer there . The gun show is supposed to be this month June. I heard through another gun dealer that also told me it took them months to find out there is no gun show taking place this year . This now leaves me without a show for June. I find this completely unprofessional and disrespectful. This was one of the best show I attended each year. What a shame. 

General Comments

Let me see if I understand this right. In the statements made about a TIRZ, they say the TIRZ cannot tax property within the zone. But they will get their funding from the municipality that created it. So, unless the municipality is overtaxing its citizens and is sitting on a pile of excess tax money, then the municipality will have to raise taxes to fund the TIRZ. So, while you will not have a tax (directly) from the TIRZ, the taxpayers will still have to pay more tax so that the municipality can shift dollars to the TIRZ. Wonder why they didn't divulge this? 

RE: TIRZ check out the following from the City of Bryan that explains how a TIRZ functions: Essentially, it establishes an agreement to provide a determined baseline amount from property taxes to the city. Any property taxes collected beyond the baseline provided will go to the TIRZ so they can reinvest in improving the zone. 

To: “Let me see if I understand this right”. Well, once again you have managed to read to respond instead of read to comprehend. If you truly cannot understand the TIRZ concept, go to Wikipedia and punch it up. It is a development tool that is unique to Texas municipalities and counties...and, IMHO, the best tool in the toolbox to aid the principals in implementing infrastructure development without raising taxes within those municipality or county confines.

TIRZ, I have an extensive amount of experence performing contract work for TIRZ's in the Houston Area. They are ran by a board that pretty much answers to nobody. They are created to provide money for public improvements. The property owners in the zone have to petition the City of County to request the TIRZ to be created. I don't see the City of Dayton meeting the requirement to initiated it themselves.

Dear Houston TIRZ contract specialist that “I don’t see the City of Dayton meeting the requirement to initiated it themselves”. What are, in your contract specialist mind, the requirements? I can hardly wait to hear!

TIRZ: bottom line is that taxpayers subsidize developers through tax money. Do the taxpayers share in the profits the developers make?

"TIRZ: bottom line is that taxpayers subsidize developers through tax money. Do the taxpayers share in the profits the developers make?" No, you have failed to understand how a TIRZ functions. The taxpayers outside of the zone do not subsidize any of the development; it is only those businesses within the zone that are subsidizing the improvements from which they directly benefit. The TIRZ is still paying their fair share of taxes to the city or county while the TIRZ is in existence. Any tax money collected beyond what is agreed upon to be payed to the City is then used for infrastructure improvements in the TIRZ. The money cannot be used for any other purposes and can't be distributed as "profits". Please see City of Bryan link a few posts above and read to comprehend not just to reply. Don't get your britches in a bunch over something you fail to comprehend. 

Regarding TIRZ's: Are TIRZ's a way of getting around the tax cap? What happens when the base value tax is not enough to fund operations of the city? To whom does the Board answer to and do the taxpayers have any control over the TIRZ or the Board directing the TIRZ? I am sure the all knowing and comprehending person can educate us all on these questions. Just an interested reader of I-dineout. 

General Comments

Liberty Panther Girls High School Soft Ball Team Just Won The State Championship in Austin, Texas Today!!!!!!!! So Proud of You!!!! Girls and Coaches!!!!!!!!

Wanted to send out a HUGE congratulations to our Lady Panther softball players for winning state!! So very proud to be a Liberty Panther. 

Go Topless for Frank

Nice article and poster for Frank Longoria who is one of the good guys that gave his best years to Dayton P.D. and Liberty S.O. Frank could have worked in a big city or county but he was always with us. Let's give back and support Frank and someone please tell us where exactly we are going to be doing this. I see no location for the barbecue and benefit in the earlier write up. 

Two Arrested for Theft at Wal-Mart

in the recent post about theft at Wal-Mart Gary Don Dews is a registered sex offender that did time at the hightower prison unit. 

General Comments

So what's going on with Constable Johnston? Have tried to call his office several times in the last three weeks but he is not in his office. Do we have another Constable that is refusing to work? Just asking.

In reference to Constable Johnston, I thought one of his campaign promises was that he would be a full time Constable. Well I guess the lies continue. Time for a new Constable.

General Comments

Our school buildings are important to educate our children, but teachers are the most valuable assets. Liberty ISD has loved spending money on construction lately while it depends on the fact school teachers in Texas don’t have that option to strike – it’s against the law. Texas teachers not only face low salaries (bottom third nationally), but also benefits such as health insurance and pensions that are the poorest in the country (50th). LISD and Texas could be the next to boil over and strike regardless of current laws as they seem to be falling further and further behind in how far the dollars from their paychecks go and the they are used as pep squads for school bond elections. 

General Comments

Liberty High School has fewer students than when I graduated but the school is so much bigger. I have not been back here in years until March and I was impressed with the gym that was added, the tennis courts doubled, and the new band hall (I guess). I wish we had had that kind of support when I was in school. 

General Comments

Why don't they start going after the drug dealers in liberty and ames? They only make those promises during election time. 

"why don't they go after the drug dealers in Liberty and Ames ? " , WHAT ? supplement to the retirement plan. 

General Comments

County Commissioners: WOW! Must be nice to vote yourself a huge raise. $20,000 a year for a car allowance! What a ripoff of the taxpayers. We need to remember that at the next election. They should all be voted out of office. That is $100,000 over 5 years. Counting all those that get the allowance thats a MILLION dollars. 

County commissioners actually only gave their selves a $5000 gas allowance due to the gas prices rising . 

I am sure the county officials will cut their car allowances back when the gas prices go down. 

General Comments

What no men are applying at LCSO. 

General Comments

When does the City of Liberty ever plan on doing some street repairs. The crew the have doing random asphalt patching is turning pot holes into bumps that’s even worse to drive over. They don’t even compact the material in place or square up the repair. What ever happened to the seal coat program? At least it extended the life of the roadways. 

"When does the City of Liberty ever plan on doing some street repairs." NEVER. That is not important to the people that have been voted in. They don't have money for street repairs, or anything else the city needs to help the majority of the people who live here and pay taxes. BUT they can find money to buy airports and country clubs! 

General Comments When does the City of Liberty ever plan on doing some street repairs. - When Friends And Relatives Live Or Move Onto Your Street! 

General Comments

My child looks forward to being an upper class man at Liberty High School and the end of year field trips for "play week". The beach. The movies etc. Poorer school districts don't have the buses and the wherewithal to take such trips one after another at the end of the year. Academically struggling school districts can't afford the idle time. But the well being of the taxpayer and students who need to use all of their time wisely should not rule over such a popular week of festivities. 

My child looks forward. WHAT? 

Your "child" has to wait their turn , but you seem to imply all of the school sponsored field trips are a waste of money. Some students have probably never been out of town to the movies or some of the other things that they will be doing in the closing days of school 

Ref: My Child, there's not a child in Liberty county who has not been to the movies or out of town, give me a damn break.

If you think every child in Liberty County has been to the movies or out of town you must be white and a voter for Trump. This shows a superior attitude with no actual facts to open mouth, to insert foot. Such as our leader does. There are many children that have not been to a movie theater unless they can make it to Cleveland, because it wasn't important enough in Liberty, because it was more important to them to have their hillbilly functions as the Grande Ole Opry than have anything for kids. God bless the man in Cleveland. There are people still without transportation and those children only get to go on school sponsored trip. Writing what you did shows that you live in a Republican bubble and have never experienced anything else in your life. Because if you had lived both ways, poor with nothing and living with a car and making money, you would know the difference. I have lived on both sides of this coin, so until you have walked a mile on the other side, you have no way of knowing how many children do without in Liberty County or in any other counties because you are so narrow-minded and from such a cliche of a town. 

To the "do-gooder" who has to tell us all how much better informed and how much more they care: It is not the school's job, nor is it the taxpayers' responsibility, to make sure every child gets a school day and a school bus to go to the movies. Period. Your party politics wreaks of unConstitutional "free-thinking". 

Could someone please tell me why the person who is forced tgo choose between paying for their medicine or eating supper is now trying to make sure our teenage Panthers are getting several free play days out of class sponsored by us. Tickets and rides included. Beach and a movie and God knows what else. Whoever thought of this needs to invest in a simple relationship to the students, not a sponsorship paid for by others. 

To the person(s) that want to blame Trump for kids that have never left Liberty County... Shame on you. That's just crazy! What have you done to help children goes places and see things. How is that the President's fault. He is to run the country, not listen to people whine about being OWED something. Obama gave and gave and reinforced the "give me, I'm owed" attitude. You are not owed anything. If the parents of these children can't afford a Saturday movie or trip to the beach, maybe another family member can help them out. The Government is not your Baby Daddy !!! 

People complaining about all of the taxpayer funded high school field trips that seem like social outings need to be grateful we have such an academically strong school district that we have days to blow off traditional learning because we are getting such high evaluations. Or not .... because we are not getting great evaluations. We need new leadership with less trying to make certain people happy and more good old fashion learning. 

You would not want to see a child deprived of an experience just because their parents may not be able to afford it. It is not just the Trump supporters, but it is most of these little S.E. Texas mind-sets, narrow minded, little cliques, only interested in country clubs to play golf, and the little women and their little clubs, and nothing for the children. This is why these children going to college will not live here because some of them also have a "free thinker" attitude and what the heck is wrong with having "free Thought" does it impede on your staunch narrow-mind that they should grow up just like you and live in a little community with nothing there and transport themselves to jobs outside Liberty County to make their homes here. These little town have been known to cater to "old last names " of the community and still do, but when they die out, I am sure you have taught your children well, to be a staunch "Trump" supporter and to hate others and minorities as you do. Bless the children that go to college and find out the difference in what you brought them up to be and see the world they would never have seen or the opportunities or another point of view besides your twisted little narrow mindedness that Heaven Forbid! should we have any "Free-thinkers" in the group. 

Wow! It looks like somebody touched a nerve in the old staunch Trump supporter. It doesn't matter if you voted for him or not. The idea of your frame of mind, your narrow-mindedness stands out from the get-go. Okay, so it is not up to him whether the kids get trips or not, so what. The mind thought of these little towns in Liberty County have always and will probably stay majority white and Republican. God helps us all should anything change before these old farts die. Like I said earlier, I am sure you have brought your children up as bigots, as you are yourself. You would not have gotten so heated had I not hit a nerve. You know what it's like to live here, you have been contributing to its substantial "old ways" of Southern bigotry and racism and it will never change as long as the same people keep running the same towns. So what? 

Well another Trump supporter came out and showed how they got the title "deplorable". 

General Comments

The Dayton Civic Center is not the same because Miss Wilson is not there. She was always very nice and easy to work with and was always willing to jump in and help with our events. You could tell she love our community; she volunteered at different churches around our community and helped with all kinds of fundraisers around town because she truly cares about our town. The center is not as friendly or clean as it was when she was there. For what I can make out she would still be there if it wasn’t for the Dayton Chamber going after the $30,000.00 + dollars of tax money the city is giving the Dayton Chambers to manage the center. There’s a reason why that Chamber can’t make it on its own. The tax payer got the shaft on this deal. I am NOT happy with the way our center is being ran And I now know from the other comments, I am not the only one. What was the city thinking can someone explain this? 

Talking about the Dayton Civic Center; I have rented for years there and the room has always been setup and clean. This time around my room was less than the standard clean That I have come to expect. I agree there is a difference in management that has become obvious. I have not heard what the other lady did to be transferred and I guess it doesn’t matter at this point; but the city needs to rethink what’s going on at this time. 

Just found out the Gun she is not taking place in Dayton this year. I have attended this show for 7 years and it has always been my best show. I have also always attended the Trade Day at the center but this past year was a waste of my time and money, never again. I thought Dayton was heading in the right direction and now it seems to be going down. 

Wish the Dayton Chamber would answer there phones or return a message and maybe be in their office !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Had to call the Liberty Dayton Chamber and they answered?

 I now see what everyone is talking about with the Dayton Chambers; I think a change is in order. 

General Comments

Well I see the Sheriff's Office lost 2 more good deputies. I know both of them and they done a good job. Wonder why they left, something to think about. 

General Comments

Since when did the hospital district move into the hospital?...... 

General Comments Since when did the hospital district move into the hospital?...... Since They Decided To Pay The Office Rent To Friends and Relatives. 

General Comments

Mayor you have always said you are there if we need anything. We do need better streets and curbs and it is only my opinion, but I think we need them more than a golf course.The neighborhoods near the river coming into town are not as nice as where you live and if we have money to fix that, shouldn't it be fixed? 

General Comments

 The city found enough funds to save the country club but not one penny for a city pool. I guess too many black and Mexican kids around for that to happen huh? 

Regarding the post about the lack of a city pool. Hate to inform you but the City of Liberty is predominately white so not sure how you can insinuate that it’s due to minority kids as the reason no pool has been built. Let go of your victim mentality and you might just live a happier life.

I haven't spoken in a while in this feedback, so I had to make out the whole submission thing again. I had stopped to let you people figure it out and yes, if Liberty is a predominantly white neighborhood that prefers a country club over a swimming pool for all people or a community center for the elderly or for use of other entertainment as well, now you will see why nobody wants to be living in Liberty, Texas and the only reason people come to the Wal-Mart there is because it is a few miles closer than another one. Seriously, who beside the prominent white folks would want to live in such an old unchanged town as Liberty, keep your old names that run the town and keep it predominantly white because believe me, nobody in their young adult life wants to live in a one horse town such as Liberty with their black beady hearts and materialistic attitudes so much better than everybody else. Nobody wants to die in Liberty County.  

The city is mostly white which means that is where the power is,there still no pool. 

My child...The poster throwing out the race card is a idiot. Get off the Democrat plantation. You're too stupid to see that this is what they want for you. A circle of poverty. Government assistance from the cradle to the grave. They keep you on their plantation for your vote.They live in gated communities,campaign as race baiting poverty pimps and fools like you fail to see through the scam.Their slogan is' keep them dumb,keep them poor and they'll vote Democrat. 

General Comments

Why are the entire election results not published? All the results are in but Ames is excluded. Why is this? Will things ever change and all get equal treatment? 

City of Liberty Election Results

How many council members were members of the country club and play golf there at the now taxpayer-funded golf course? 

General Comments

Congratulations to Eric Thaxton on winning the election for mayor of Daisetta!!! I'm excited to see what you are going to do to improve our city!

General Comments

Has anyone experienced problems with the pharmacists at Walmart over reaching their authority concerning as to when you can get your meds ffilledfilled

To the person that is having trouble with Walmart filling his prescriptions....Yes I am also. The doctor writes the script the way it should be filled but the people that fill it can’t read and do it their way!!! The way they fill it won’t get me where I need to be. This happens every time with me. May be time to move my scripts to another pharmacy.

General Comments

Bros is leaving? I bet there is a ton of ex city employees raising glasses in toast of his departure. He ran this town like his own little kingdom.Good riddance . 

General Comments

Who screwed up the Mayhew festival in Daisetta? I heard it was the fault of one overbearing woman.

What supposedly happened at Mayhaw Festival ? I haven't heard of anything happening  

General Comments

ESD 3 going for another huge tax increase after just being defeated in March. With little being said, the increase from .01 to .10 is back on the ballot in May (early voting started today) after it was just defeated in March. Of course, May. When no one knows its happening and a .10 increase can be slid in by just a few ESD friends and families. In regards to this statement, have you been to an ESD meeting to see what this increase is all about. Do you think they were keeping it a secret? far from it. It wasn't Advertised as much in March result in a failed vote. Now their are signs out and letters hanging at the stores and in some mail boxes. this increase seems like a lot it would be 10 cents per $100 of the value of land. Every little bit count im sure as they are getting right now. 

"ESD 3 going for another huge tax increase" Why are we being penalized for their failure to manage their funds! No fund raisers, not involving the community or inviting them in anymore over the last 10 years, and you wonder why nobody wants to support you? The community knows what you've done and its shows! Turning away qualified people who want to help because you're afraid they might see through your garbage! You should all be ashamed of yourselves! 

General Comments

I personally find it sickining that the City of Liberty says it doesn't have any money for a community center or anything else to help our elderly people in this town but they seem to have PLENTY of TAXPAYER money to buy a Country Club that only the well off people of Liberty county have any use for. Just like they did with the air port. What is wrong with this town? How do they keep getting away with this kind of thing? Why can't we get a vote on this? 

General Comments

Early voting for the Dayton city council and the roll back question started on March 23rd. The citizens have an opportunity to put Mr. Null in Josh Townsend's vacated seat. Mr. Null is a good man who will do whats best for the citizens. On the roll back question and reduction of taxes, the Council and the city manager's earlier actions brought this upon them. You cant take wives and go to Galveston for an all expense paid weekend and expect people to be happy with your actions. Additionally, you cant take most of the Department heads to the Big Bear Lodge for training. Word is that the city managers hotel suite ran $ 400.00 a night.Sweat deal if you can get it.The voters are tired of this kind of misuse of tax money and they have an opportunity to show it by voting for the roll back and the reduction in city taxes. 

General Comments

ESD 3 going for another huge tax increase after just being defeated in March. With little being said, the increase from .01 to .10 is back on the ballot in May (early voting started today) after it was just defeated in March. Of course, May. When no one knows its happening and a .10 increase can be slid in by just a few ESD friends and families.

General Comments

DCDC, what's this I hear on the 99.9 the Lambright's are getting another grant from DCDC, must be nice to have friends in high places, the DCDC is aware there are other's in this community??? At a certain point, you need to stop suckling from the taxpayer teet, you business is established, fund your own projects! 

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Most folks don't know the Liberty-Dayton Chamber has had 2 of the 4 most recent Chairman from Dayton, including the present mayor; and 50% of Liberty-Dayton Chamber Directors are always from Dayton. Also, the Sam's Distribution Center land in Dayton was made available based on an option paid for by the Liberty-Dayton Chamber. Why has the Dayton City Council frozen out the Liberty-Dayton Chamber from the Dayton City Center and most Dayton Community involvement? 

The Dayton Chambers has no idea how to run their own office much less the civic Center in Dayton. If it wasn’t for the ambassadors and the junior ambassadors that lady Paula at the Dayton Chambers would get nothing done. That office is a joke and for the earlier post wanting to know why the city of Dayton is pushing out liberty Dayton Chambers. It all started when that lady Paula started working at the Dayton Chambers. The Dayton‘s civic center took a huge turn for the worst . Has no one noticed that the city no longer runs the Dayton trade days after all those years they gave it to the Dayton Chambers and has anyone noticed that the Dayton Chamber has taken over the civic center. We now have less community events i.e. the gun show. Now I understand that the city let long-term loyal employees go because this lady Paula and the Dayton Chambers . A little confusing I thought the city tax money built the Civic Center and I thought the Dayton Chambers was a private nonprofit; not ran by the city how can this be?  

What happened to the Lady that was there? It’s very noticeable that the Dayton Center has gone down hill. 

I will tell you what happened to the ladies at the civic center that had worked there for years. They were ran off by the city or made to quite. This was planned by the Chambers. Put it together. One of the City council members is the president of the chambers, the chamber is now getting tax payers money to run the civic center. Therefore the city made the choice to get rid of all the long term employees and the rest of the council sat and let it happen or agreed with this wrong doing. So how I see it is the Dayton Chamber put long term city employees out of work just to pad their pockets.

The Dayton Chamber has no idea what there are doing, you can’t get a straight answer out of them and now that they have taken over the civic center they are putting to many people in small rooms. This has to be a fire hazard and the city is allowing them. Why would the city put their community in such danger. I will think twice before attending an event at the civic center again when invited. 

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Paula Moorhaj flat out lied to our City Counsel mornday evening in reference to the Gun Show. She has no ideal what a benefit to our fire department and others departments that Gun Show has been, to include the Seniors. Shame on you Moorhaj for lying to our Counsel! 

The statement that the Dayton Chamber said about the Gun Show is the exact reason I am not a part of that chamber. Not everything is about making them money. The gun show has been a positive event for the community and the Dayton Chamber is incapable of seeing that. Not only did if support or Dayton Senior Center and our Dayton VFD; but it created a much enjoyable event for many in our town. Apparently the City and the Dayton Chamber is out of touch with the public in our town. This town is made up with families that enjoy the outdoors and mainly hunting or sport shooting. This is why this Chamber has not and will not be as popular and successful as the Liberty Dayton Chamber. 

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Daisetta Mayor election: People be careful who you vote for here! The current mayor just really hasn't done much for our city, and Mr. Benny Carroll is a nice enough guy, but his wife will try to run the city if he is elected total control freak, she was elected to the City Council a few years back and was removed from her position, so please be careful, we need to get this city, government back on track" If that is even possible". Thank you, a concerned citizen. 

Meet Shirley Laytons

Shirley sounds just like a Democratic candidate when she pledges broadband Internet for everyone. Gotta get those healthcare prices down and she's gonna fix roads and bridges. Truth is, she doesn't stand a snowballs chance in Moss Hill Texas.

Problems with Dayton Water Department Explained

Dayton Police Dept. investigates the Dayton Water Dept. and three people lose their job. Who is going to investigate the Dayton P.D. and all the corruption in that department?

Dayton is expecting this Hugh growth but cannot run their water department with only 7000+ population. 

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Can someone tell me if employees of the CAD have special dispensation to trespass on private property? I have pictures of this happening and I am concerned. When talking to a friend ,the friend showed me a similar incident that happened to him. 

The CAD has no right to trespass! Who appoints the memebers of the CAD to the board and how long do they serve?

To the poster requesting “who elects members of the CAD Board of Directors and what are their terms”? 1. Voting member taxing units are entitled to vote on the appointment of voting members to the CAD Board of Directors. 2. The members of the CAD Board of Directors serve a two year term which is voted on during odd numbered years. So, in layman’s terms, the Cities, School Districts, County...which are taxing on each member’s appointment and each member has a two year term.  

Eric Wayne Brown Arrested for Assault

Hey Donna Hillary Brown, can you please defend him in this domestic violence case!!!!??

Oh Donna what a great job you have done raising your doesn’t fall too far from the tree. A bunch of BAD apples if you ask me!

Hope Brown ain’t sitting in our Jail he’s costing us Liberty folk money.

I give up who is Eric Brown and why do I care if he was arrested? I'm sure it must have something to do with a political enemy you are attempting to shame. A mug shot and rap sheet means nothing to me and where do you get your hands on classified information like that? The deputy leaking that should be fired.I thought the mud slinging and local races were over for a while. 

I remember very well how Donna defended her criminal sons in her campaign. Did you listen to her on the radio? That’s a legitimate reason for Mr. Youngblood to put her sons mugshot on idineout. I would love to hear her explanation for this disgusting incident. I’m sure she’s blaming the poor girl for him beating on her. Donna Brown you are disgusting. Fine job Raising a wife beater, what a real winner at life.

This is directed to the lady that said," A mug shot and rap sheet means nothing to me and where do you get your hands on classified information like that? " Just FYI this is not classified information. Anyone can go check and see whose in jail and why they are in jail. In case you're interested, the web address is .

To the person who said you can get information on anyone charged with a crime is full of it. They can deny you getting it. Just ask the Attorney General of Texas. 

Who ever stated, “you can get information on anyone charged with a crime” ? I read, “anyone can check and see whose in jail and why”. Which is correct, You can go to the sheriff’s page and click on the link at the bottom and literally put in any day of the week, past or present and see who was arrested and why. It’s public, not classified. Why in the good Lord’s name would anyone try and object to this criminals rap sheet becoming public. To assume it was a deputy is naive. It could be any of the 2000 or more anti-Donna Brown voters who sent it in, you know, considering it’s not classified and all. Eric Brown you are sick and if I was your momma I would be whooping your butt. Of course I’m sure your getting coddled instead. I hope you get what is coming to you boy.

Measles: Once Gone, Its Threat Has Returned

Do you know why measles are back?

Taxi & Livery Car Safety

I must hurry and run out to hail a taxi cab in Liberty! I will be hailing a long time!

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The water dept. in Dayton is needs to have someone new running it. I haven't received a water bill in months. I dont know how they expect people to not be upset when the bill has charges on it because its late. I have gone to them and asked that i be mailed a bill I am told i will be mailed one then as the time comes around to pay my bill i dont have one. The workers dont read the meter they drive by and make just write down what I was charged for the month before. I know that I had a leak but its been fixed and no other leaks were found but yet I am still charged the same amount every month. The workers for Dayton are lazy and can be seen around town doing nothing, sleeping in city trucks, standing around stores, or standing around work sites talking never see anyone working 

We have the same problem in one reads the meters.they just drive by.the who city municipality is horrible. 

What is REALLY going on with the city of Dayton's Water Dept ? My water bill has been doubled for the last few months ... and i would like to know why ! I have also paid monthly for sewer service which began in October of 2008 ... i am STILL awaiting these services to be provided !! So once again i will ask ... What is REALLY going on ?! 

To the Dayton water Dept. When the City if Liberty has any doubts about how much water any particular party has used, charge them all the same. That's what Liberty did when the new meters we're installed several years ago. Everyone was charged to have used 11,000 gallons. Regardless of what the meter read. They got away with it beacuse the public could not dis prove it.

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Bullying. The fact is parents have raised a bunch of cry babies. Children today could not have survived 30 years ago. We didn't run to mommy and daddy ever time someone called us a name or when the teacher got on to us for acting up. Children have no respect for anyone including themselves. Take away their phones and they go nuts. I drive around and on a nice day I don't see kids out playing and people wonder why kids are gaining weight and being lazy. The problem is the way parents raise their children today. No discipline. Quit being lazy parents, take away that phone and the computer every now and then. Spare the rod spoil the child. It's already to late for some of the teenagers however you still have time to help the little ones. Signed: Concerned 

TPWD, Partners Launch Arundo Awareness Campaign About: Giant cane. 

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I see people already complaining about the county government and we just had an election. If you voted for a change, you have a say. If you voted for the same old good ole boys club, then zip it! 

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The extra money taxpayers have had to throw in the county coffers because of the increase in the appraisal values is close to $10 million but the increase in services or decrease in bonded debt is el zero. While the libertarians involved in the local political party showed some promise as to holding local politicians to truly practicing smaller more conservative local government, they got all involved in other things. Those of us who would like to see bonds paid off early or taxes reduced or both are left wondering why such self-appointed purists even bothered to get involved in local politics if they are going to get off track every time someone hollers "squirrel". Unseating two District Judges for very dubious reasons with swamp creatures is far from the libertarians' stated goals. 

To the poster who is addressing he actions of the local 'Libertarian'' faction and the increase in the appraisal value in Liberty County: You are incorrect on the debt figures. As of October 1st, 2014, the outstanding debt obligation for Liberty County, ncluding principal and interest was $18,326,891. As of October 1st, 2017, the outstanding debt obligation for Liberty County, ncluding principal and interest
was $12,906,834. Therefore, there has been a reduction in the County's debt obligation of $5,420,057. As for additional  services, 6 more Deputy Sheriffs have been added to the LCSO, along with additional capitol expenditure funds for that department ... and that's just a short list of additional services realized since 2015. But, hey ... you are spot on as to the actions of the Libertarians during the most recent election cycle!!!

 I am happy to read where Phil Fitgerald's financial evaluation that he used for his campaign has been refuted. Bonded debt is being paid down and the sheriff gained six more deputies. Why Phil is complaining about the local Libertarians in the Republican party trying to "unseat two District Judges" is beyond me. Many of us already know Phil and mark Beausoliel and Mike Little pushed Donna Brown out front and tried to fabricate a reason for voters to turn against the judges. If he is disappointed in the Libertarians falling short...... well that is what Libertarians always do. 

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Has anyone at your website looked into the recent lockdown of HDISD and how it was handled by administration?

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Didnt realize, that the jubilee was a county or federal holiday and the court house tax office would be closed today??? Wonder if the is a paid holiday?? Liberty dang redneck 

About the Federal, State, County Holidays: When in doubt, go to the County Website and look at the “County Holiday Schedule”. All holidays are listed and it’s really easy to find and read. Point, Click, Boom. It’s that simple!

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The total value assessed for property in Liberty County increased by $1.8 billion in less than two county judge terms in officedue to rising values for existing property and the addition of value from new construction. Those increases create approximately $10 million per year in additional tax revenue for the county. Despite having that extra $10 million dollars, the budget records show this year Liberty County will spend $2.6 million more than revenues, creating a deficit for the year. Thta is irresponsible. What happened to conservatism? 

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We are now at that very important time in the lives of people who live in the city of Liberty. The Jubilee is here! Time to leave town and leave it to those who wanted it and who promote it and who live it. 

I've never been a fan of the Liberty Jubilee. And since the city council wants to be in the entertainment business, the bewly aquire MRCC w I uld be be a great transition for the Jubilee. At least get it out of downtown where 90% of the Post office parking is taken up by jubileers. 

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Did anybody figure out what is going on with the water department in Dayton? I went to pay my bill as usual on the 5th to be told I was late ad had to pay 68. Okay and then she said the next one was due on Mar. 22, so I went ahea and paid 61.16, then she said we would get another one for April on the 15th. Okay she said the one I had paid for Februuary was for January water, okay, I am following that, so the one I paid for on the 5th of March was for February so the one that I went ahead and paid for March 22nd was for what Month, since we are going to have one due on April 15th which should be for March's use or am I missing something? Where did the extra month come from or ar we paying for March on March 22nd and April's water o the 15th of April, this does not sound right at all. Some folks do not get paid until the 3rd so I guess they will always be paying later unless it does come due on the 15th of April but we still have a month of water un-accounted for with her explanation on how it was paid from the last month on the following month then why did I have to pay two March payments because I was not behind by any means. 

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There is nothing unusual about a county sheriff pushing for more funds so he she can better protect the community. I am concerned that we now have a very popular sheriff here in Liberty County that has somekind of political militarization using his spheres of influence to try and force his desire for more funding on elected officials. 

I see where someone commented on our sheriff and his push for more funding of his department. Every sheriff we have had since I can remember has wanted a bigger budget. Taxpayers want to be protected from criminals. And taxpayers want to be protected from ever growing tax bills. Rather than back some really questionable candidates for public office, the sheriff would be better off working within the same constraints everyone else has had to. The type of people that may have said they would give the sheriff a bigger budget are the same people that did not respect the taxpayers when they were in public service. 

Liberty Jubilee Coming Soon

Don't you think it's time to end the Liberty Jubilee? Anahuac, Crosby and Winnie bring pretty big name entertainers. Now we have gone from Tracy Byrd down to Southern Breeze. I don't know if I can stand to hear "Stars On The Water", one more time! 

I think the only way to get the attendance up at the Liberty Jubilee would be to bring Stormy Daniels to do a show.

No, don't end the city of Liberty's Jubilee. Move it to the city of Liberty's golf course.Move the city of Liberty's fourth of July celebration to the city of Liberty's golf course too. 

Election Night Results


thank goodness phill lost he ripped this county off last time he was in office he should be in jail but o no comes back for seconds 

Ole Phil thought everyone would forget his Shenanigans from the past, NAW He Gone! 

As for " Ole Phil's shennnanigans from the past", clearly Mark Beausoliel and Donna Brown were willing,and even excited about, forgetting about Phil's problem with always trying to turn an extra buck. 

I listened carefully with an open mind to recently defeated political candidate Donna Brown on her complaints and the one or two others that voiced theirs about our District Judges. I was ready tojoin them and rid the county swamp of bad actors until finally hearing exactly what their complaints were. They were all bullshit. Even using the complaintants accounts only,I would say Liberty County would be the envy of the country if their statements were all they had bad to say about our judges. It was all nonsense! 

Dayton Council and Commissioners Hold Joint Meeting

TIRZ. Making the rich boys richer on the backs of the taxpayers. The good ole boy club never ends.

To the poster concerning the TIRZ in Dayton: Apparently, you have no clue as to how these types of economic development tools of counties and municipalities work together. So, why don’t you attend the joint meeting on Thursday evening in Dayton and receive your free education. It’s all about industrial growth potential and the creation of good paying jobs...and the taxpayers will reap the benefits when new industry takes the tax burden off of our rooftops. That’s something that’s been sorely needed for many, many years in our County.

RE: TIRZ While a TIRZ is a good thing, Gulf Inland touting rail access is worrisome. Their facility is on the south side of Highway 90 and the railroad is on the north side. I doubt they intend to truck goods across Highway 90 to load or unload from rail cars. Are we in for another train crossing on Highway 90? The economic development group should talk to local and nearby business owners. They will find the biggest detriment to a business moving to Dayton is the Highway 90 rail crossing and the traffic congestion on Highway 90 through town. 

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On her Facebook page I asked Emily Cook if she supported school vouchers. Her non-answer after several rounds of ignoring the question was "vouchers are not a priority of mine." I also asked if she sought the endorsement of Empower Texans and made some comments to others about Empower Texans' endorsement of her. I was never rude, but truly wanted information on her platform. She has deleted all of my comments and has blocked me from commenting further. This really bothers me. If she were to win, would she treat her constituents that disagree with her the same way?

Ernest Bailes advertises that he is 100% against abortion. He lies! Check it out at, Research say's that he is a moderate and voted on abortion bills 42% of the time. So, that means he voted 58% in favor of abortions. Emily Cook is considered "very conservative" and she gets my vote. 

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As of As of Thursday early voting returns show republicans are outvoting democrats 173.9%. The totals are; Rep.3825, Dems. 267 

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So let me get this straight: the country club can't make it on its own, so now the taxpayers get to pay to keep it going? Sounds like a deal, well for some! 

Re: Country Club sale. The City of Liberty will do just fine since they won't have to pay all those pesky high taxes! Maybe they will get a discount on sewer, water and electricity as well. Let's Hope! 

Country Club. You mean the good ole boy system is still in effect? Vote to change it for a change. 

Sounds to me like there's some shady members of the country club who wants the Liberty taxpayers to cover all the unpaid membership dues and bar tabs. Crooks. 

The City of Liberty in the bar business with the MRCC.I can see it now. City council will have meetings at the bar? I thought that was in the City of Ames.

Magnolia Country Club . boss hogg's at it again . since the city will own it will it be open for all to attended ? without any membership dues ? since the tax payers will be funding it . things that make you go hmm. . .

MRCC...wait so are you telling me it would bother someone if people "below" them were allowed to come visit since the city would be over it? That would mean anyone is allowed. I'm pretty sure anyone would be fine visiting and taking part in activities out there...or are you worried about their status or color of their skin? Because that is what it truly sounds like. 

Just saw where Liberty was buying Magnolia County Club. I sure hope this is a lie. Why would they do such a thing? This is not a facility where ALL the citizens gets to use. So if this is true, all the BARS and RESTURANTS IN liberty SHOULD BE ABLE TO GET TAX MONEY TO STAY OPEN. So line up Club 770, Lazy H and others, Liberty will pay your bills too. Should't this be put for a VOTE. 

Buying MRCC should be put to a vote? Looks like the City Council has already voted on it. Maybe some questions need to be answered about the legality of it.Is it in the city limits? Is the City taking on the liability of the bar?Who is keeping up the golf course? Who is paying the employees? Are the employees now city employees? 

OMG!! City owns an airport that less than six people use and now they are going to buy the country club because it is failing due to too few members. Never mind that the streets and utilities are falling apart. I think it is time for a some changes in how the city operates. Do something for all the citizens instead of the chosen few who have lots of money.

The Liberty City council had visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads when they voted to annex MRCC. All those tax dollars from the the housing and Club room/giftshopetc.,etc.

The City Of Liberty. hospital ,airport ,golf course ,hey how about a yacht basin at the port ? it could very well attract some up-scale people to the area .what's next a pipe mill ?  

General Comments

Please be careful about your voting choices. I am a lifelong republican who may be voting democrat in November. Some of our choices for the March election are not who they say they are. It makes me ill for men to campaign and use dirty tactics against women yet they say they are pro abortion and believe in equal opportunities for women.

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Just a heads up to anyone who has had a DWI in felony court. Donna Brown has been adding charges on to a lot of fine and court costs without telling anyone. The auditors office found out the clerks were screwing a bunch of cases up, so what you signed for got changed without them even notifying you. I signed a collection agreement and paid everything off six months after I went to court and then they went back two years later and added $160. Then they tell me if I don’t pay it they are going to issue a warrant for non payment. They’re the ones who should be in jail. 

Brown has manufactured this entire “war” with the judges to distract the public from her own abysmal record in office. Electing people like Donna Brown, Phil Fitzgerald, and Mark Beausoleil is foolish and irresponsible. It is what keeps Liberty County from progressing and becoming a place we can be proud to live. 

This woman lies and cheats as naturally as she breathes. Have any of you actually read the audit of her office? It is not a financial audit; it explains in plain English her failure and inability to do her job. Those failures are numerous, and they are serious. Incredibly, she has accused Judge Morefield of taking files home and removing documents or otherwise sabotaging them. Ask any attorney and you will learn that they have to keep copies and detailed records of anything submitted to the clerk’s office for filing “so that when they get to court Judge Morefield knows what is SUPPOSED to be in the file”. Despite her hysterical cries of “tampering”, Ms. Brown and her staff are slow to file documents, and when they do, they are often careless and documents end up in the wrong files. Ask around. 

Do any of you good, decent, God fearing people who have fallen under Donna Brown’s spell know what a false prophet is? “The false prophet comes like a lamb, winsomely, with persuasive words that elicit sympathy and good will from others. He (she) may be an extraordinary preacher or orator whose demonically empowered words will deceive the multitudes...” Ms. Brown’s scripture-laden posts on Facebook are an insult to people who want to elect sincere and honest Christians to public office. Her true character is on full display when she makes statements such as “The cockroaches are running cray cray”. I want to believe that most people supporting Ms. Brown’s re-election think she is exactly what she claims to be. Unfortunately, unless these well-meaning people start thinking for themselves rather than blindly following a silver-tongued serpent, they will continue to be deceived. If that happens, we will all pay the price. We will be doomed to another four years of parties, incompetence, disrespect and embarrassment. To quote the serpent, “TRUTH”. 

Someone please call the men in white coats. She’s beyond delusional; she’s probably dangerous. 

Wake up people. What you’ve read here is true and undoubtedly written by people who work in or around the courthouse and know what is going on in the District Clerk’s office. As to posting anonymously, why would anyone be stupid enough to make oneself a target of a Donna Brown Psychotic Rampage? For Pete’s sake, she went on public radio and implied that the district judges are planning to kill her. Remember these statements “I think anyone in Liberty County would view that as a THREAT. I put Jay Knight and Matthew Poston on notice, if anything happens to me....” Excuse me while I go vomit. 

Okay, here’s an issue for those Donna Brown sheeple: Child Support. According to the Texas Attorney General’s office, there are hundreds of children in this county who are GOING WITHOUT the basic necessities because the Liberty County District Clerk cannot be bothered with filing the paperwork timely. It seems Ms. Brown and her staff can’t or won’t process the case filings fast enough to get the deadbeat dads served within the legal time frame. That time frame is SIX WEEKS. I personally spoke with a prosecutor from the Attorney General’s office over a year ago who advised there are enough cases pending in this county for TWO deputy clerks to work on AG cases full time! He stated the filing fees in these AG cases would more than pay for the two salaries. Obviously, financial support for these children simply isn’t a priority for Ms. Brown. Of all her inadequacies, this has to be the most disgusting. These children and their mothers deserve better. 

The day Ms. Brown spoke on the radio I never once heard her implie that the District Judges were planning on killing her. Did I miss something?

I am sorry, but I have been living here for over twenty five years and Donna Brown has been bitching about something all twenty five years of my time here.

General Comments

Emily Cook willsupport the Republican's choice for Speaker, Ernest Bailes has joined the Democrats and Joe Strausss has kept Republicans from enacting what voters want. Vote Emily Cook! Both nice people, Cook conservative, Bailes all over everywhere. 

Oh no you don't Ernest Bailes! You may stuff my mailbox trying to make me forget how often you voted with the Democrats, but there are plenty of people who will send in a few bucks to make sure Emily Kibodeaux Cook matches your deceptive mailers with actual conservative positions she can be trusted to advocate for! 

Please tell me one thing Emily Cook has said she is going to do for this district. NOTHING! She runs a campaign on abortion and that’s it. She will not answer any questions as far what else she will do except trash Mr Bailes. I want to know what else she has plans for in our district besides abortion. That is an important issue but that’s all she wants to discuss. 

Somebody has been sleeping through political forums if they are there at all. Emily Cook is a wonderful person but behind that pretty face is a wonderfully capable attorney that has covered issues and ideas at least as well as her not-as-well-trained opponent. Her positions do not sound near as political as pratical and he sounds like the Democrats in Austin. Her position on education and other big important issues does not just happen to line up with Governor Abbott's but it is what conservatives are "for". Bailes' positions try to sell teacher block votes on how all of our statewide officials are against education. But as Governor Abbott and the Lt. Governor have advertised, they are "for" the teachers and pay raises and are for reducing administrative cost. Those "administrative" costs are the money people and union types who push for Bailes. 

Ref: Walmart, woohoo robot cashiers, maybe they will be faster than some of those they got now, lord they slow. I use the self checkout, especially when I buy lubricants, rubbers, vagisil etc. I don't some walmart cashier judging me. LOL 

Wal-Mart. So your head must be in the sand. There are robot stories all over the place. They will be taking jobs. Pull up a video and see them make a car.

General Comments

Some of the local Walmart employees are saying that Walmart is closing the store in Liberty and it will be a distribution center. 

Wal-Mart employees seem unsure of their positions need to talk to their boss. This is not true. 

A Wal-Mart employee told me today they are going to remodel in two years and have robot cashiers

Wal-Mart has plans for more self-checkout places which resulted in other Wal-Mart locations that have already been remodeled and a larger place for the self-checkout places but there is still a human to help people through the process, there are no robots. People please, if you want to gossip it is one thing, if you want facts, ask the guy that is running the store. Go visit Mont Belvieu it has already been remodeled and you will see the difference. It is true that some checkers and zone managers have no longer have a job in these wal-marts, but please be realistic when posting about it, because it causes undue stress for employees and their families. These employees need to trust their top manager of their store for the truth in these matters.

I am surprised at the people that have nothing better to do than to mind other people's business. If you work at Wal-Mart you know the truth. Actually, if you don't work at Wal-Mart, why are you causing undue stress and Wal-Mart has always been at the end of a joke with the postings of people of Wal-Mart that are just rude and exaggerated somewhat like lets bring up the robots putting the cars together, yes, there are robots but there are also men in the assembly line. Kindly remove your upsetting remarks and find a yourself a life where you are not always preying on others peoples lives. These people working and waiting o you at Wal-Marts have families to support, too. Since you are so opinionated why are you shopping there, so you can belittle the ones who are? Who are you? What kind of person are you? That is the intelligence factor that drives people right out of these ittle towns.  

General Comments

If buying signs wins elections,the candidates most of the people commenting on this site are against will win the election.Their signs are all over the county. Poles,street signs, etc. 

General Comments

If you want to see the local Republican party begin to collapse, vote for Mark Beausoliel, Phil Fitzgerald, and Donna Brown. That is not meant as a mean statement,it is just reality. When a party elects candidates that have scandal filled backgrounds, its days of winning are numbered. Period. 

General Comments

I can not make up good answers for Candidate for District Judge Mark Beausoliel when he was questioned about some of his courthouse behavior and he took the 5th twenty-nine times. The way I look back at the million dollar plus goldmine he got away with, is that he chose a big payday in exchange for ever holding office. the way I look at the family deal where mail was stolen from a public official, is he knew he could never win office with his personal baggage unless he did whatever was necessary to make his opponent look bad. 

General Comments

If you ever want to hear "it", get ready to be stunned by the nothingness of Donna Brown's defense of all of her troublemaking in the courthouse. And she now is being joined by people with ridiculous complaints trying to help Mark Beasolil get some votes versus Judge Cain. Instead of complimenting or simply recognizing the normal efficiency of a Judge trying to give both sides an opportunity to make some kind of settlement before trial and save money and hard feelings, Donna has fans writing in acting like that is illegal or bad or immoral. Her high-mindedness is not rooted in law or Christian values. Anytime two people can settle their differences without the court, it is a good thing. So her saying, "see they have scandals too", is not only a stupid defense, it is a lie. 

If Donna wants to run things she needs to get her law degree and run for Judge. If she did do that she could call meetings when and with whom she wanted. She could also never push for litigants to compromise beofre a trial if that makes sense to her. Her criticism of our judges does not justify her behavior. It simply adds to the chaos she creates. 

As usual Brown gets one of her boys to call in to the radio debate a question that only an incumbent is likely to know the answer to. Rather than arrange to look smarter than your opponent Ms. Brown, please behave like you have some sense. Voters know after the one week training every elected clerk goes to, the winners all know the answers to the Brown boys questions. Delia Sellers is extremely qualified and her track record as an elected official insures voters they will get trustworthiness and dependability as well as a team player when she wins. 

I know alot of people are mad at Donna Brown for some mistakes she made and her getting so political and trying to replace our judges, but nobody is perfect. Delia Sellers will make mistakes. I am voting to give Donna a second chance. Everybody deserves a second chance. the candidates Donna is helping however have had second and third chances and if elected they will ruin this county. 

General Comments

Emily Post conservative who would vote for a conservative Speaker of the House. Ernest Bailes a supporter of the Joe Strauss as he helped the Democrats elect one of the most liberal Republicans left in Texas.

General Comments

Lee Chambers and her opponent are running such a non-controversial political race that I sometimes worry voters don't know the tremendous experience Mrs. Chambers has in actually serving as County Clerk. In the last few years Liberty voters have tended to elect the most qualified person and without any negative about her opponent, Lee will not have much of a learning curve 

Attorneys Speak out in Support of Local Judges

We should all be proud of our legal community for standing up for the truth. If Donna Brown retaliates, as is her style, she should be prosecuted. 

This is another typical example of how folks are letting us know how bad of a Job Donna Brown is doing. When u have Attorney’s that are working for us and our problems that need to be resolved but she is not competent to do the job! She needs to be replaced.

If your going to talk about Donna Brown's office let's get her staff members to be drug tested, I know a few who would not pass one who's running for Daisetta school board. And a couple of other who have no business working there than maybe Donna Brown could do her work. 

I just can’t see as an average hard workin American that’ loves my Town and the County that I’ve grown up in as being as bad as Donna Brown says it is. Something is wrong here folks and I don’t think it’s all that she points it out to be. If there’s smoke then there is fire and I think she has poured the gas to cover her mess up. I do know I or my family will not be voting for her. Enough is Enough 

Bravo to these brave attorneys for not letting their names be used to drag our judicial system through the mud. While not an attorney myself, I have firsthand knowledge that what this letter states is completely accurate. There are many more that know as well, but did not sign this for fear of retribution. Can you imagine having your profession being used for political gain because Donna, Beausoleil, Fitzgerald want power and revenge? Our attorneys are not politicians. They are officers of the court and have worked hard to get there. Donna and Beausoleil have repeatedly stated that all the attorneys are unhappy with and fearful of the court. These two are dragging private citizens and their careers and reputations into their lies and quest for power. Mark Beausoleil is the only attorney I've heard complaining and he is proven to be corrupt and unethical. I commend these attorneys for standing up for theirselves, their professions, and our legal system. Thank you all for no letting the lies and corruption of the few taint the truth for the many. 

looks like someone at the Liberty County Courthouse needs help with getting their resume updated.

I have always read I often find myself in conflict with the majority of opinions expressed on the website but read it nevertheless to keep up with ideas that are different than my own. In this election I have noticed something very different on i-dineout (and in conversations around town), it is almost universally true that facts have been presented to inform voters of reasons to keep Fitzgerald and Beausoliel from returning to the courthouse and the scene of some of their well chronicled scandals and reasons to free Donna brown so she can go be unhappy somewhere besides where it effects our justice system. To be exact,I have not talked to one person who disagrees. 

Many,many ,many of us who have been around heretry to avoid conversation with Donna Brown. She repeats herself to much and she never stops until she feels like she can claimshe convinced the poor listener. When she offers for the public to come hear her side of all the chaos she hascaused in our courts, I double dare a few of you suckers to take her upon it. Take some vacation time before heading to her office. 

Oh my gosh! I wasted part of my life listening to our District Clerk on the radio and waiting for her (Donna Brown) to say what "injustice" had been done to her. To put it in a nutshell, she was disturbed beyond reason because she was not invited to a JUDGES MEETING. She is a clerk. And I can understand why nobody, be they judge or janitor,would want to meet with someone who talks incessantly! In explanations that could be made with one sentence, Brown could easily stretch it to ten sentences and then rinse and repeat it again to extend her monologue. The trouble she caused the four judges could have all been easily bypassed if Brown only realized that what she "thinks is unfair" is not illegal. And thatif she really had no intention of going paperless, sign a revokable statement giving the judges a commitment that they will continue to have the legal documents they need in paper/hard copy to run their courts. But rather than do that Brown "researches' and finds out she can cause these judges that refused to meet and talk about this some more hell. Again describing their "order" as illegal....... signaling for the umpteenth time she hasno law degree. Brown claimedover and over she was a "team player" but at every turn she is not trying to provide what the judges say they need to run the courts, she is trying to win some debate points and make the judges regret not meeting with her. 

Integrity in Personal Financial Affairs

Ref: Integrity This does not surprise me any more about this Lady. It’s another reason she should be voted out of office. ITS TIME! I pay my bills and dedts and there should be no reason she shouldn’t do the same. Its just the right thing to do as an American. 

I am beyond exhausted with our current District Clerk, Donna Brown. Her constant attack on our judges has got to stop. Do we want someone in office that has respresented herself in the way she has for the past 7 years. I have been a long time friend of Mrs. Brown and no longer. She has never taken blame for herself or her boys. Her boys do not love a quiet life. Each boy of hers has had dwis, countless arrest and have been married or unfaithful to ever one of their wives. Donna Brown should be more concerned with her capabilities to do her job correctly than throwing parties, babysitting in her office or which plastic surgery she’s going to do next. She has covered up her own divorce filing to Billy Brown and tried to fastly file for her son during his divorce filing. Donna Brown has made a mockery of our Courthouse and it needs to stop. She just like her sons have made our county jump through hoops to keep them out of trouble. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck then it’s a duck. The constant lies that our District Clerk tells is unjust. Why would we want her back in office? Her posts on social media really have me concerned! She has lost all sight of reality. Have you ever asked yourself why all of her sons have been in constant trouble or why they have been unfaithful. They take after their mother. Let’s elect an official that can do her job and not worry about her next breastfeeding augmentation or have her trouble maker sons get away with anymore unlawful acts. 

I understand that Ms. Brown manages and is responsible for almost $1 MILLION of public funds (our funds) each year. How can we trust her to manage our money when it’s obvious she cannot mange her own?

General Comments

i see phil is running for office again heshould be in jail the way he ripped off liberty co.during the storm slimmbag an all of the people cleaning up after the storm watch what u vote for 

General Comments

"I am tired of these politicians throwing mud to try and get elected instead of using the brains and hard work." It's not mud they're slinging, and it's not just the politicians that are the biggest fertilizer problem in our county. It's BOTH sides of the street that have issues, the Democrats get away with so much illegal activity and they're supporters turn a blind eye. The Republicans can't lift a finger for fear that the Demonrats are going to file a complaint like little two year olds. GROW UP for God sake you little pansies! 

General Comments

The passage of alittle time has caused a little argument and a little bet among friends. Can someone please tell me how many times Mark Beausoliel pled the fifth when asked about the theft of one of the District Judges mail? I say it was 39 times. 

Well, you lost the bet, LOL!! Beausoleil took the fifth ONLY 29 times. If you ever want Beausoleil to know something, simply write it down in a letter and mail it to Chap Cain at the courthouse. I BET he'll get it.

Whether it was 29 times or 39 times that Beausoliel took the fifth, he should have to stand before an ethics commission and explain why he deserves to keep his law license. Stealing a judge's mail and cash payoffs in the courthouse are allegations that officers of the court must answer to keep the public's trust. 

Suggestion for Mark Beausoliel: GO OUT AND REPAIR YOUR REPUTATION BEFORE RUNNING FOR PUBLIC OFFICE! At least wait a few years before your latest scandal and give voters a chance to forget or forgive. You keep running and running and running.You remind me of that Shauberger man that did the same thing. He lost by more and more and more every time he ran.  

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