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General Comments

The Democrats set up a healthcare "system" that they knew would need repairs and they thought they knew the next step was single payer. Nobody can fix what they passed, but they knew the politics of going back to square one would be unpopular versus single payer...... something voters were adamantly against wehn all of this started. 

General Comments

Many attempts have been made to point out where the privileged among us have used tax dollars for their own narrow interests with no effect on changing the outcomes. The Liberty airport is one of them. What percentage of us really needs all the costly improvements that have soaked up tax dollars out there? The privilege unchallenged in conversations among themselves must talk about it being "their" money since they pay more in taxes, but without saying it in public, they use their political and network power to focus on things that are purely selfish. 

General Comments

We will be anxious to see if Dayton ISD is going to change their policy for bus drivers. Some of these coaches have worked far to many hours during the week to be responsible for driving our children on these dangerous roads. 

We never filed a formal complaint. We have decided if the schools are no mopre interested in the safety of our children thanto put school employees who have worked 60 or 70 hours a week behind the wheel of a school bus then we will arrange alternate transportation. Unfortunately, our tax dollars will be used to pay for lawsuits andthere is nothing we can do to prevent when irresponsible people refuse to be proactive.

People pointing out the legal and practical problems with coaches and band directors driving buses and effectively having 15 hour work days need to realize the desperate need for bus drivers. 

I understand the concern about putting tired overworked people behind the wheel with a bunch of children scrambling around the bus, but some of these people driving buses are unable to pay their bills without the extra work. 

General Comments

Sadly the air conditioning is out again at the Liberty Animal Shelter. Same story last summer. Someone called the SPCA and reported the city! Maybe now they will get off their high horse and take action.

Re: Sadly the air conditioning is out again at the Liberty Animal Shelter. Looks like they are spending more money at Liberty Intercontinental Airport. But, I guess they just don't have enough money to spend on innocent animals. Money JUST for the elite. I knew when I read the man from Dayton was on the Liberty Airport Board, that the Liberty taxpayers were going to be spending a large amount of money on him. 

General Comments

"Duh...uh...guns don't kill people...duh uh people kill people". Duh uh uh...I just posted uh how do you say it? A real smart thing, yeah I am real smart about this gun issue. I am a republican who through its post proves to be not only massively ignorant on the issue but equally stupid in the area of common sense. Guns don't kill people, people like slack jawed republicans who support the gun culture they are the ones who kill people. The repukelicans are a national joke, a joke rather to the part of the nation that is capable of rational thought. We have now in the highest office in the land a man so incompetent that by his own hand may be facing impeachment, and that cant come fast enough. 

General Comments

If the county commisioner is going to wait until a Liberty city lot has such tall grass that it needs a hay bailer, then I guess we will need protection for our children fromall of the snakes and rats. Now I ambeginning to regret these lots were put under the county's responsibility.

General Comments

You can almost always add the media to any list of “troublemakers”, rather than heroes in high profile legal cases. There is little to compare between the current “Russian probe into Trump collusion” and Watergate because the current “scandal” when it relates to the President is totally fiction. But one thing they have in common for sure. In the Watergate investigation, Federal prosecutors and agents never truly learned anything germane from The Washington Post reporters Bernstein and Woodward. They were however, certainly mortified to see the fruits of their investigation leaked onto print. History removes all doubt the government was always ahead of the press in its investigation of Watergate, but it just wasn’t publishing its findings. 

General Comments

This guy who shot up the congressional baseball team was a violent frustrated man who hated Trump and republicans and he used a high powered rifle to sate his rage, that's the American way. He used the very right that republicans defend to kill or attempt to kill the ones who defend that sick misguided right of his, these jack asses on the news who are holding each other and wiping tears from their cheeks, sobbing about how "God saved them" make me want to wretch. I hold no compassion for these idiots, they are the ones who protect gun ownership to the point of murdering innocent people and will not make any type of regulation to end this slaughter. They are the ones who were in the sights of this evil person and will still defend this guys right to own a gun, no matter what. Doesn't this all sound a little insane? I will defend your right to own a gun, even shoot me in your full blown psychopathy, rather than do something to restrict your crazy ass from owning a gun. Now that's Republican logic. Piss on the whole bunch, what goes around comes around. 

Ahhh, is the poor victimized liberal having flashbacks to a time when he, or she, or whatever made up gender you identify with, was bullied as a kid? Does the level of hate that has overtaken your soul know any bounds? Peoples families have been literally destroyed and you are on here gloating about it. I know I said I would not do it but I'm going to go ahead and pull myself down to a childlike mentality again so we can relate to one another. You will deny this because liberals, or shall I say libtards, have no concept of logic. I know you will deny this because its logical but I hope you realize that it was a gun that killed your liberal friend. It was a gun that saved lives. I know in your mind it's the evil republicans that caused themselves to be shot since republicans are typically advocates of gun ownership. As much as we try we just can't make people like you understand that guns don't kill people...people kill people. A gun cannot act, or move, or think. It is a tool that can kill just like a car can kill, a knife can kill, a bomb can kill, a baseball bat can kill, etc., etc,. etc,. By your demented logic we should take away most everything because anything can be used to kill. Funny thing is if you look at all the people that are killed by guns in America you would find that the vast majority of them were done by democrats or people that would vote democrat if they actually voted. Oh, you are not going to accept that are you? Well look at it, do you think the criminals in the streets that have no regard for the law and live on welfare and do most of the killing would vote for Trump, or Cruz, Romney or any republican that believes people should have ambition and work? You will deny it of course but they would vote for Obama, or Hillary, or Sanders. They would vote or do vote for the democrat that wants to give them more free handouts of all kinds, and empathizes with the perceived victim mentality, and of course we can't forget the fact that democrats seem to take the side of criminals over cops. Oh I know now you will completely throw all the facts out the window and say that white, heterosexual, Christian males are the ones that commit most of the gun related violence in America and thus brings us back to why it is useless to talk with a logic or facts...just childlike emotions. By the way you are welcome, I am selling one of my investment properties next week and will be taking a large tax hit. I don't mind helping you with your victimized welfare based democratic lifestyle because I will just buy a bigger and better property and make even more money. It's known as winning...enjoy your hate. 

Accidental Shooting Of Twin Brother

I see where a boy accidentally shot his brother trying to kill a snake. All over FB there are pleads for "prayers". and "please hold this family in your hearts at this difficult time" etc. I think the parents should be held culpable because they allowed these two easy access to guns at a young age. I know I will hear the typical responses "I had me a gun at that age and nothing happened to me". We live in a gun culture that breeds these types of accidents almost daily because of idiotic "parents" and that word is taken loosely, who have no more right to have a child than to have a gun. We also live in a state that cultivates this nonsense out of pure ignorance over intelligence. Pray all you want, make your self feel holier than thou, and practice your compassionate looking face before a mirror until you think you look good enough to join the crowd, because another such accident or intentional shooting is coming around the corner and no serious attempts to solve the problem will ever be considered. 

I see where a boy accidentally shot. This has to be a liberal Democrat. Bashing religion first thing out. Let me ask the idiot a question. If a parent buys their little girl a hot Camaro when she first gets her license, and she goes out and drives like a maniac, like we know they do, and has a terrible accident, should the parents be arrested and never allowed to be a parent again? Probably a little too deep for you. 

I see where a boy accidentally shot. All this is parents not teaching gun safety. I've had guns all my life like my father and grandparents. As my parents and grandparents I taught my child gun safety. If you gonna have guns YOU MUST teach your children about them, don't just buy one and say "here you go have fun". Guns are a part of life, so teach your children about them so this doesn't happen to you or somebody else. 

The kid who killed his brother accidentally because they were allowed to have guns unsupervised at 14 years old is a symptom of the sick gun culture that permeates our country, when I wrote that post I predicted that another gun incident was coming just around the corner, well it happened didn't it? There are too many guns out there, too many nuts have access to them, and too many idiots defend gun ownership. It is a scourge on our land and those who defend hyper gun ownership in the face of accidental shootings, and malicious murder with guns have blood on their hands. 

The kid who killed his brother accidentally because they were allowed to have guns unsupervised at 14 years old is a symptom of the sick gun culture that permeates our country, when I wrote that post I predicted that another gun incident was coming just around the corner, well it happened didn't it? There are too many guns out there, too many nuts have access to them, and too many idiots defend gun ownership. It is a scourge on our land and those who defend hyper gun ownership in the face of accidental shootings, and malicious murder with guns have blood on their hands.  To the person who wrote this you are one the stupidest people I hope I never meet. When someone breaks into your house and all you have is a stick and they have a gun, good luck. 

While it is a tragedy that a 14 year old was killed in an accidental shooting, look further into and you have to wonder why were these two 14 year old boys unsupervised with not one but two guns? Facebook postings by the grandmother of the boys where they were that day, states that it was an accident, yes, the boys made a bad decision but in all honestly, she made a bad decision too by leaving her grandsons home alone with access to the guns. Her posts state that the adults have to go to work...okay fine, but make arrangements for child care and make sure those guns are locked up and away from the children.

This accidental shooting was just that; an accident. You can't just make a blanket statement that 14 year olds shouldn't have guns. My father and brothers are avid hunters. They grew up using and respecting guns. They would have known how to use this kind of gun properly. I, on the other hand, would never have been (and should never have been) using a gun at 14. This kind of thing could have happened to grown men (I'm pretty sure it has). We don't always have to look for someone to point the finger at. Tragedies happen and the best thing to do is pray for the family (if faith is what you turn to) and learn from it. If you or your children are hunters, take a moment to remind them how careful they need to be. 

Feedback Report is sometimes so harsh. Back in my daddy's days it was nothing for the boys to have guns but today, we cannot do that. I definitely understand why boys should not be playing with real guns, but I didn't see one post that showed any feeling for the loss of that life, the loss and guilt, of both parents and/or grandparents of the inner conflict the other boy is going to hold without therapy could turn into another disaster. But people show no heart here. They just complain and accuse. Right now, the last thing this family needs is to read any comments from these ruthless people who spout their opinion on everything from the sorriest town they live in, their taxes, their neighbors, etc. Nobody ever has a compliment or a kind word for our officers, or heartfelt consideration to the grief of people who have lost something enormous in their lives, I never read any compassion in the feedback report. I never saw a post that said, pour out your hate and grievances here on While it may want your opinion about taxes, things going on in the community, etc. I don't think it's motive for being here is to bash everybody and everything for hateful people. I have never witnessed so much hate between Liberty and Dayton. I have never witnessed so much narrow mindedness in any other format. If an outsider were to read about all these subjects, nobody would want to visit our little Southeastern towns. And I can hear the complainer now, "We don't want them , either!" Blah, blah, blah! This is still the issue of this entire country, Divide and Conquer. Our water bill is going up a few dollars, any complaints? Our taxes are too much, we pay higher taxes and have nothing to show for it, still nothing for the kids, right? Our officers are using their vehicles for blah, blah, blah. Unless you want to put your life on the line and become an officer, shut up. If you want to build a community and have progress like Mont Belvieu and other places, give a damn, put out some efforts, go to city meetings, get involved in your community. In other words, you might understand somewhat better, Get off your butt and do something instead of putting other people down all the time! How does that make you feel? Angry? I expected you to react with anger because you are not going to get up off your tired butt and try to be involved in anything in your little town but complain, because that is what you seem to be best at. And that is exactly why our young adults do not want to live here, and are moving on to greater places and greater things in life while we stay here in a dying town. What would make anybody want to stay amid all the hostility and underlying racism these people that complain about evrything they can possibly think of. We have a good police force here, I don't know what your problem is but if you hate it so much, just leave.  

I grew up in Liberty in the 1950's and 60's. My Dad kept his closet full of shotguns and rifles. All 4 of us kids were taught from early age not to touch those guns or else we would get the worst butt whipping of our lives. In regards to all the comments about the 14 year old twins, perhaps they were never taught severe consequences of touching weapons or maybe their family members did not realize what 2 14 year old boys might think about doing when they were unsupervised. The sad fact is that one child is dead and nothing will ever bring him back. Perhaps all of us should show a lot more compassion for the family of that boy and not stand in judgement of what happened. None of us will ever know the true facts but the family does. Keep them in your prayers and start teaching your own children about gun safety and consequences of their actions. 

General Comments

Liberty is not a great place to live in many respects. Good paying jobs are few and far between. City utilities are high. School taxes are not low and even though the school district never grows and sometimes shrinks, more and more buildings are billed to the taxpayer. There are few sidewalks outside of downtown.The city police are a cast of strange characters who have secret agendas. The WalMart is more expensive than other WalMarts. 

Fatal Accident on North Main

The curve on North Main that sooner or later most of us drive as we head towards Hardin had another bad accident this week. I am guessing there are not enough accidents or fatalities in that area to force the expansion of turn lanes etc but there should be one in front of the turn into the industrial park and one for the church. I travel that road enough to have witnessed some really close to disater events with vehicles flailing off the raod etc. I can not think of an area where I have seen more of that kind of close call. None of that is reported but the turn lanes would be justified I assure you 

Please let's not wait until another person is killed before putting turn lanes inby the big church north on North main Street. We are better than that. 

General Comments

To the poster flapping about the Paris global warming con.This accord had nothing to do with you, me our children,our country,or global warming. It was about conning taxpayers out of 100 billion dollars and giving it to UN dictators and European politicians, who,in turn give it to people like Barack Obama to give a speech, as happened last month in Paris,Obama received 3 million for a speech.This accord is a scam,Trump knows this accord is a scam. 

To the idiot poster defending Trump's getting out of the Paris Accords, you obviously drink from the same muddy stream of Steve Bannon, Fox News, Bill O'Reilly, Hannity and that ilk. Your facts are as muddled as your thinking, and you are I figure a Trump supporter, so you are part of the problem not the solution, and you are supporting a President who is treasonous as you are. 

To the very astute poster who observed a comment was from someone who "obviously drank from the same muddy stream of Steve Bannon, Fox News, Bill O'Reilly, Hannity and that ilk", please allow me to add that is the same water as Congressman Babin, Senators Cruz and Cornyn and Governor Abbott. We need to elect Democrats before we all fry from global warming.

General Comments

That event held every year on FM160 and FM2830 causes nothing but headache. They park on each side of the road making it hard for cars driving through. A wreck happened last resulting in a young lady getting life-flited to hospital. Police had calls of trouble there all night. People get drunk and leave there driving to Houston, Beaumont, and putting their life and others in danger. What's it gonna take to shut this place down? Does someone have to get killed, because it almost happened last night. I believe the law says for so many people at an event there must be security, and I mean law officers not security guards. Liberty needs to shut this place down. 

RE: Rivon's on FM 160 & the corner of FM 2830. I 100% agree with the previous poster about the total lack of disrespect they have for anyone that lives or drives in this area. It started on Friday night, the music is always so loud that you can hear it from miles away. Then Saturday rolls around and they have their so called trail ride up and down 2830 and 160, blocking all traffic I both directions, not to mention all of the horse crap that we have to drive through and sling all over our vehicles. The side of FM 2830 is littered with empty beer cans in both directions afterwards. Then there are groups of 3-4 horse riders that will block the road to just talk and bullshit with each other. I listened to cars and motorcycles revving up their motors all night and then racing down 2830 and 160 on the wet roads. The music was turned up as loud as they could get it without destroying their PA system. It's all very frustrating and irritating and the cops will not do nothing about it. The City of Liberty annexed this area and they will not come out here and the Sheriff Office is a no show as usual. 

Jon Powell Announces Candidacy for U.S. Congressional District 36 in Southeast Texas

If we want to defeat Representative Brian Babin and the Republican Party we will need a strong candidate. Jon Powell, former Mayor of Taylor Lake Village, is a nice guy, but has no chance. We need to recruit a Democrat to stop this madness. 

Jon Powell of Taylor Lake Village, has no chance of defeating Rep. Babin. We need to recruit a Democrat that has the political and financial resources to defeat Babin, who is not doing anything for Liberty County. He gets a "Pass" from local Republican office holders, because of his party, not his actions locally. 

The two people espousing the theory that Jon Powell of Taylor Lake Village has no chance of defeating former Woodville Mayor Brian Babin in the next race for CD 36 must expect Babin will ride Trump's less than 39% favorable poll to re-election. Please ! Think 24/7 !! 

General Comments

To the poster who wants to call ppl idiots for vo icing their own opinion because they don't match yours. No one is an idiot. This is America and we have the right to say what we want 

General Comments

Seatbelts are a joke. People who ride motorcycles don't have to wear seatbelts or helmets. Seatbelts are only a source of income for the city or TXDOT. Depending on who writes the ticket. Sure, they save lives in certain instances, but not all the time. Back in the 60s the saying by TXDOT was I've never pulled a dead person out of a car that was wearing a seat belt. Wrong Tonto. If they burned to death, was a moot point.I always wear a seatbelt, but they don't always perform miracles. 

General Comments

Every day I wake up I wait to see what Trump will do next. Getting out of the Paris Accords is his most recent dumbass act. I think there should be a rally of all who voted this idiot in office, I mean a rally in the local arena, football stadium etc. and entitle it "idiots for Trump!" let them all gather in the center of the arena and then fly over them with crop dusters and soak them with fecal matter and urine in honor of their attempt to ruin the country by voting for this massively stupid man and for their continued support of him and his policies. This should be done once a year every year he is in office. I would think that in view of this clear exposure of mass ignorance on the part of some of our citizens those of us who can still operate with a modicum of cognition should start exposing a Trumpster and limit its attempts at every turn. It's our civic duty as Trump and his supporters are an affront to God. 

General Comments

Covefefe last night with my covefefe friends until dawn. Havent covefefed as hard and intense in a long time. All of us covefefes are now on the prowl for hog hunting covefefes in order to evolve more and more.

General Comments

Went to the Dayton Graduation in Beaumont Saturday. Almost two hours of intense boredom. Family member graduated and now he is busily engaged in the pursuit of a job...good luck. I was wondering there were at least two prayers offered by graduates thanking God for the opportunity to continue their "journeys"( a phrase that was used in almost every delivery ad nauseam) the prayers were Christian in tone. There were two women sitting behind me in Muslim dress which I can assume had some relative in the class that more than likely shared their religion. I don't know if it is at the discretion of the student who is offering the prayer to pray as their Faith directs or not, but it would seem to me that the prayers could be all inclusive and sensitive to the spirituality of all Faiths represented.

To the person who posted about the Beaumont graduation. I am quite certain you are the same person who routinely feels the need to bash Trump and any of his supporters on this site. Honestly I somewhat feel sorry for you as your level of hate and disdain has obviously consumed your life. I am sorry that as a child you were never chosen for the team, or had any close friends, and always felt like an outcast. If you are male you were just never athletic, perhaps made fun of a lot, bullied quite often, and maybe you hated yourself for being born a male. If you are a female I am sorry you were never asked out to the dance, perhaps you were grossly overweight, or maybe you just never developed like all the other girls, maybe you hated yourself for being born a female, or maybe you were just plain ugly like so many of the liberal females. If you always identified as being neither a boy or a girl then once again I am sorry. I typically do not respond to your posts because I cannot lower myself to the level of a 10 year old child. Talking to liberals is like conversing with a 10 year old. They operate on feelings with no regard to logic, facts, responsibilities, or consequences…it’s just too exhausting. I encourage you to stay engrossed in your cancerous vile life of hate and intolerance, meanwhile I will be out there minding my own business, increasing my net worth, increasing my income, paying taxes, buying bigger and bigger houses, defending American values, and of course having a beer and shooting a hog every now and then. 

In reference to Dayton Graduation: Why should anyone have to change the way they pray to suit you or anyone else? Do you change the way you dress, talk, pray, what you eat, etc depending on what ethnic is around you? Seriously, dumbest statement ever!!! This is America...Freedom to say, do and pray as we choose!!! BYE BYE 

It is first hard to believe that Dayton ISD has Graduation in Beaumont, Texas, when we have nice facilities, where the event could be handled locally. It is also hard to believe that I am reading feedback about the graduation, from a local wondering about having “Inclusive Prayers” at the graduation. I believe that if someone is asking those kinds of questions, there may be hope for the future of Dayton and the rest of Liberty County. I do not know you but salute your comments about the prayers at the graduation ceremony. The leaders of this county wants to grow, but do not think they realize that growth will also mean new people of many types coming to live here. All of these people will not look in the mirror and see themselves as; our leaders look and pray now. Will this diversity be reflected by their pocket books alone or by the image in the mirror they see each morning running our government? I say Liberty County is counting the dollars going into pockets and the county coffers, but do not want to give up the control, given them by voters that look like them now! Changes are coming and not just in spending of their paychecks as they move here, they will require leaders who look like them and pray like them. The future will be different, I think! Someone who wrote the feedback, is asking about inclusive prayers? I say Thanks for your Feedback! 

To the poster who felt it necessary to try and define me personally about what I said in my post about the Dayton graduation and then attempt to define liberals as "ugly, overweight, bullied loners who were never asked to dance etc." and then describe yourself as a "logical factual responsible" person but not intelligent enough to see that you just used your own anti liberal criteria to describe your self. You are right I am most likely the one who bashes Trump on a regular basis here, and you are more than likely a Tumpster who supports him in any way, his lack of intelligence , his sexual aberrations, his propensity toward violence, his completely idiotic mind set, his hatred for immigrants, just to mention a few. I don't need someone who more than likely lives off someone else to enlighten me about how to live, if killing hogs is part of your lifestyle then you are indeed a back water hillbilly who needs Fox News for info and never reads anything except the label of a liquor bottle or a cereal box. The graduation ceremony and others like it are a constant reminder of just how limited we are as a society, those kids should wipe their butts with their diploma for all the sh#t they ate to acquire it. And to the other poster who found fault with my criticism of the prayers at the graduation you are an idiot. 

To the poster who thinks graduation ceremonies are ignorant and high school students should wipe with their diplomas I have one question. If you think graduations are so ignorant and the students should wipe with their diplomas then why pray tell did you even go? Was it the fact that they were the first of your family of knuckle dragging hate mongers to gradumate from skool? Just shut up, you've posted enough hate filled bile for once in your miserable life. 

General Comments

America, our eyes have been looking the other way for to long. Lone Star card abuse has hit a new level of disgust. As I was checking out of a local grocer, I was behind 3 adults that has about 75 pounds of crawfish in their basket. I was shocked that they paid for this with a Lone Star card!!( i know, it is legal). I want children, the elderly and the truly needy to get assistance but this is too much for me!! Abuse of the system has gotten way out of hand! By the way it was a birthday party for one of the adults. Makes me ill. 

"America our eye's have been looking the other way for to long".If you(the poster) think that is bad I have a better story(the truth) for you.A twenty something women with three kids already is pregnant again,living in an apartment that cost $1,000.00 a month,does not work,is on probation for stealing,has a family member living with her that smokes and sell's drug's out of said apartment.Has been involved in criminal activity in the area,ie;stealing and most recently a parolee moved in with her also.These are hard cold facts.In just a little over two months the police have been to the apartment numerous times day and night.All on the tax payers dime,what a great country (we) live in.Have a good Memorial Day weekend,and let's not forget all the good,decent men and women who have endured much loss so (we) all can live in the greatest country in the world,God Bless America! now lets kick all these miscreant's out now! 

Lone Star card scam.My friend was layed off after only working 4 months.He was denied because they said he should find work.But how neighbors are selling them for cash and work nowhere.Guess you have to be from another country. 

It being Sunday, as I drove around Liberty County with its Churches filled to the brim, I came home to read two feedbacks about Food Stamp and their perceived abuse. I quickly thought back to Jesus and the loaves of bread and the fish as told in the Bible. Did Jesus have his Disciplines in the crowd scouting out the "Unworthy"? I think that was not what was being told in the Bible, so why are we the scouts, today? I think the fellow in Portland, who killed the two men trying to defend the two women wearing clothes identified with the Muslim Religion (about third largest religion in America), was not spewing his First Amendment Rights, he was mentally ill and now a murderer. He now will face the American Court System. So, if you see an abuse or criminal act, then report it to the proper authorities, but realize your rants (feedback) only incites the mentally ill to act with hate and that could include murder. What you said was your perception and not real facts. The Ten Commandments is our guide to follow by Christians using introspection and not judging folks in line at the grocery. 

I also read about the food stamp scam perceived by the person in the grocery line, and I have to say if it was spent for a party of grown-ups to have a huge crawfish party that is not the intended use. I will also say that you cannot sell food stamps, they are now on a Lone Star card to prevent that. I also want to mention about the person living wherever with the people coming in and out and the housing she gets, and she is pregnant again. In the HUD housing and the Housing Authority convicted felons are not allowed to live in these homes. So if there are things going on, they are un-named occupants of the home. I have lived in government housing before and have seen people turned down by some apartments that did not want a family because of a bad background that was not a conviction. This is in violation if people have paid their dues to society. If they were never convicted, they cannot be turned down but it has happened in these small towns, go to the Judge he will tell you what is what. There are very strict rules to HUD housing and Housing Authority, so it is so with the Lone Star card. If someone is laid off from work, he can get unemployment until he finds a job and if he quit or was fired he cannot receive benefits as people who were involuntarily laid off for food stamps. Who are we to judge people when we are not given all the proper facts. There will be a day where everybody has their own consciousness to deal with. Believe in karma because it will come to you in the most horrifying way. Don't wish bad things on people because it will definitely come back on you one way or another. Then something happens and you wonder what did I ever do to for this to happen to me. Karma can be a good thing though if you are blessed enough to see people in a better light, and quit trying to beat down the already beatened down and trodded on people. Lift them high in your prayers as you pray for yourself. What goes around comes around. To whoever, I have been there when I was pregnant back in the 80s and my husband got laid off in the 8th month and we could not get assistance back then unless we sold our truck, but he was able to go back to work by the 9th month and did not lose the benefits to have the child and we did not lose the truck. Things have a way of working out, if you don't hate on other people. 

General Comments

Bruce Karbowski? Standard Enterprises manager? Whohas replaced Commissioner McCarty? What are his qualifications? What will he do with his LLC while serving as commissioner? 

Isn't Mr. Karbowski the guy that runs a nearly 100 truck transport business. Why the hell would he be appointed commissioner? This doesn't smell right! 

General Comments

I see that there is to be a Trump rally Saturday the 20th on the City Hall gazebo, it's being touted as a chance for people to come and "support our President" and "make America great again". Yeah...righttt... You can call it whatever you want to call it, it's just a gathering of deplorables grasping at straws to try and save their ideas of America, which is being flushed down the commode. Trump was and is the biggest display of political and social stupidity ever manifested in the country since the Civil War. These Trump supporters or deplorables as I prefer to call them, don't know of refuse to see that Trump's own lawyers are looking into how to counter impeachment proceedings, that T tried to impede an ongoing investigation by firing the FBI director, that T gave away classified info to the Russians, and that maybe his own son-in-law may be a person of interest in this whole investigation, this is what we know, there is a lot of potential stuff going on that hasn't make it out yet. That's why T supporters are known as deplorables they are rallying around deplorable things. 

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Trump is good for a jaw dropping tweet on a daily basis. On FB I have "friends" who are Trump supporters and they continue lamenting his "treatment" at the hands of the DEMS. The facts are undeniable Trump is the worst qualified person EVER in the History of the U.S., and what's more his supporters are the worst people to have been able to vote him in office. A bunch of apes on Prozac could have done a better job at choosing a President. Thanks to these basket of deplorables we are nearing a Constitutional Crisis of immense proportions. This is what happens when you let morons vote. They voted their anger, their immigrant hating, racist attitudes instead of level headed thinking.

One of the commentators laments that "morons" are allowed to vote. Why not let them vote.... we let Bernie Sanders run for President. We let Hillary off scott free! We have people for allowing Mexican citizens who have illegally crossed the border to vote. why not let "morons" vote? Could the commentator define "morons" unless it just means people who voted for Trump or people who voted different from them? 

I can try and define "moron" for the posters who cant do it for themselves. It could be the poster who thinks that illegal immigrants are voting in droves, or the poster who thinks Bernie Sanders was a worse candidate than the idiot that was elected and in his second 100 days could be facing impeachment, or the poster who thinks Clinton got off scot free when there was no crime committed, the only crime she was guilty of was that she was a Democrat and a woman. Yeah a "moron" could very well be any of these but I think the best definition of a moron is one who supported Trump and helped him get elected. 

Geewilikers, the "moron" detector could when an election against a moron IF the voters who voted for a moron were not allowed to have their constitutional right to vote? Great point! Thanks for your wise counsel. 

To the poster who started his/her post with "geewilikers", I guess leaving out pertinent words in your post makes it less cogent was that your intent, because your post is stupid sounding. 

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What is up with the limb collection. Since we changed waste contractor our service on limb collection has gone to hell. Please Mr. Mayor, light a fire under your manager and get this corrected. This makes our City look bad as for our curb appeal. We keep our yards looking nice and there's that unsightly pile of dead limbs with the dead leaves blowing everywhere. Please Mr. Mayor, one word from you and maybe your manager will do his job. Thanks 

Yeah, the powers to be are constantly preaching to keep our City clean and beautiful. We pay to have our yard debri picked up. It's the elected and paid officials responsibility to make sure it's done. It's like they are littering when they don't do what they are responsible to do. Please "Get er done" thanks John Q Citizen 

Most folks aren't aware if they hire a tree trimming firm, the contract requires the tree trimming firm to remove limbs from yard; not the City. Too many of these tree folks are just leaving dead limbs on the curb and this is not the City's responsibility for removal. 

Man Arrested for Fireworks Possession

Arrested for 28 Black Cat firecrackers:: This is absolutely PATHETIC. It's a good thing the Liberty PD has their priorities in place. No wonder Cleveland is passing the "Butthole of Liberty County" award to the city of Liberty. 

In regards to the Man arrested for Fireworks. Are you kidding me? Ok, it an ordinance, but jail for something that is legally sold in Texas. I understand the noise, because wih someone popping fireworks people won't be able to hear the pipe banging together at Boomerang. To the city council of Liberty, please change this ordinance. Maybe a ticket with a fine it they pop them. Not Jail time. 

Rebuttal to "man arrested for fireworks possession".Well how about some arrests at the apartment at north travis street,with all the drug actitivy,smoking and selling during the day right across for the day care center?someone living in the junk car and stolen items being recovered from junk car at same apartments,Sunday night 05-14-2017,why no arrest ? loud music (if one can call it that)and being told "we do not want to violate anyone's civil right's ! what about other's right to peace and quiet?and feeling safe were they live? numerous call's to the Liberty Police department with no results,and has been on going since Sat.,04-01-2017,yup April fools day. 

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We seldom see or hear from the Democratic Chairman of Liberty County through Liberty County Media. Is the Democratic Chairman going to have a complete slate of candidates for the 2018 county election? Most current county office holders are just recycled Democrats and very few office holders are original Republican candidates. If you are a Democrat in Liberty County, you have to vote in the Republican primary to have your vote count. Is this going to change? Is the Democrat Party on life-support in ICU or is it alive and well? Please respond Chairman! 

As pathetic as the communication coming from the local Democratic Party may be these days, the last Republican chairman and his leadership team was even more pathetic in the way they just took our candidates and won with people who were really Democrats. The Archers were great leaders they would never have won so many elected positions by "party switchers'. They were too principled and too protetctive of our party. Pegues, when he was the chairman of the Republicans might have handpicked a candidate or two to switch but he would never have done what has been done the last few elections. Perhaps some would argue it has toned down the partisan politics, but essentailly what has happened is a change from a one party Democrat county to a one party Republican party. The candidates have changed very little and the people are left to pick from whoever the party in power chooses. Sad. 

I expect that the current Democraticparty chairman has good relationships to many current local officials since they, like him, are long time Democrats. Both parties have a great deal of work to do if their goal is to elect people that are loyal to the party platforms of the party they have sworn to support. 

Dear Sir or Madam, Thank you for your recent inquiry about the Liberty County Democratic Party. We are very excited about the upcoming midterm elections in 2018. We have several top notch Democratic candidates who are planning to run for office. Mike Collier is running for Texas Lieutenant Governor against Dan Patrick, Congressman Beto O'Rourke(D) El Paso is running for the United States Senate against Ted Cruz and Congressman O'Rourke will be making a stop in Liberty County in the near future, and Jon Powell and Dayna Steele are both running for Texas District 36 United States Representative against Brian Babin and both Jon and Dayna have been to Liberty County to visit with local voters. We are working hard to recruit Democrats to serve as Democratic precinct chairs and to run as Democrats in local Liberty County elections. Several Democrats have expressed an interest in running in 2018. We hope to have an entire slate of Liberty County Democratic candidates in the 2018 election. Sincerely, Michael Mark Liberty County Democratic Party Chairman

Michael Mark is so much more impressive than Ken Coleman and that may be the only edge we have in recruiting for now, but demographics are changing and Trump is a damn crazy fool. 

Ken Coleman is not the Chairman of the Liberty County GOP. Ryan Daniel is the Liberty County GOP Chairman and was elected June/2016. If the Liberty County Democratic Party is going to be progressive, we really need to know the opposition party Chairman. In addition, the focus should be on electing Democrats to political positions from the bottom to the top. Our eyes should be on the prize, because building a house does not start with the roof. We need good stabile soil and then pour a solid slab. 

Sounds like a Democrat does not know who their party chairman is and does not know who the Republican chairman is. No big deal. the big deal is Democrats do not seem to recognize who the President is. 

I thought Jeff LeBlanc was chairman of the Republican Party? 

Concerning the comments about the Republican or Democrat Chair, I would vote for "Eve" for head of either party. 

As for the local chairman of the Republican or Democrat party, it looks as if the grim reaper has whacked the Democrats and Andy and Barney have taken over the insanity in the elephant party. 

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Look at all the names the Liberty County Hospital District No. 1 has filed doing-business-as assumed named certificates on: Liberty Dayton Regional Medical Center; Avalon Place Kirbyville; Avalon Place Trinity; Bremond Nursing and Rehabilitation Center; The Heights of North Houston; The Heights of Tomball; The Resort At Texas City; Castle Pines Health And Rehabilitation; Dogwood Trails Manor; Greenbrier Nursing and Rehabilitation Center of Palestine; Madisonville Care Center; Twin Oaks Health And Rehabilitation Center; Colonial Pines Healthcare Center; Pine Grove Nursing Center; Briarcliff Skilled Nursing Facility; Vidor Health and Rehabilitation Center; Legend Oaks Health and Rehabilitation North/Willowbrooke; Legend Oaks Health And Rehabilitation Center-Northwest; Bridgecrest Rehabilitation Suites; Centerville Healthcare Center; Legend Oaks Health and Rehabilitation-Katy; Legend Oaks Health and Rehabilitation (Wallisville); Legend Oaks Health and Rehabilitation - West Houston; The Courtyards at Pasadena; Vidor Health & Rehabilitation Center; Pine Grove Nursing Center; Madisonville Care Center; Greenbrier Nursing & Rehabilitation Center of Palestine; Dogwood Trails Manor; Colonial Pines Healthcare Center; Castle Pines Health & Rehabilitation; Briarcliff Skilled Nursing Facility; Twin Oaks Health & Rehabilitation Center; The Heights of Tyler. Sounds like Texas is open for bidness! 

Trump Fires FMI Director James Comey

I see where President Trump just fired James Comey, the head of the FBI. I also see the Democrats in full meltdown as who seemingly was their "safety net" is scratching his unemployed ass. Here's hoping Trump appoints someone who will hold the left's disgusting ilk accountable. Also props to Governor Abbot for signing into law the Sanctuary City bill. Things are looking up around here. 

Trump fires Comey after Comey asks for more money to continue the Russian/Trump connection. Trump says it was because Comey wasn't doing a "good job". Trump is a liar. Comey was getting too close to Trump's corruption and he thinks he could derail the investigation by firing Comey. Comey is no saint but Trump is so corrupt it's time for a special prosecutor to dig into what the hell is going on. Trump is digging his own grave and I for one cant wait to see it filled with his impeached ass. 

"Former FBI Director James Comey met with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein last week to request more "resources, energy and attention" for the Russian investigation." Let us Remember 44 years ago, the headlines: "The Saturday Night Massacre refers to U.S. President Richard Nixon's orders to fire independent special prosecutor Archibald Cox, which led to the resignations of Attorney General Elliot Richardson and Deputy Attorney General William Ruckelshaus on October 20, 1973, during the Watergate scandal." Think I lived through this before and all sounds the same in many ways. Would Trump resign like Nixon or would he hang tough and be found guilty? Vanity of a thin-skinned person has to be considered, interesting times ahead. Today, Rep. and Dem. committee persons saying the same thing on televised interviews on the subject at hand of Russian investigation into Trump. Hang on Uncle Sam, going to get interesting, Russians at the White House today, for meetings with POTUS & Sec. of State. 

According to the NYT Comey said Trump was "crazy". I was putting together a profile of a Trump supporter and I don't think I missed it by much. Slow witted, fourth grade vocabulary, hasn't read a book in years or ever, watches Fox for info, if he's male then divorced, if she's female then post menopausal, conservative, Limbaugh loving gun hoarder. 

After hearing from President Trump today giving an interview on NBC, I was reminded of an old question I was asked once as a child. "Boy, what is the black in chicken poop?” I shrugged my shoulders as my answer! An elder answered, “MORE CHICKEN POOP”, to me standing in front of the chicken house! I could not argue, Today after Our President answer the question about FBI Director Comey firing. I very quickly realized I was just presented with the facts out of his mouth, and very quickly thought of the day in the chicken house! I was just given more Chicken Poop and all these years later, my IQ allowed me to realize I was just feed more Chicken Poop. I voted for this person and he just made a fool of me again, as my elder did all those years ago. Sadly, we were taught respect for the President, but today I lost my respect! I was also taught to tell the truth by my parents and I refuse to be lied to now! 

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From Ted Nugent's "suck on my machine gun" comment made in reference to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, to Stephen Colbert's more recent "cock holster" remark made in reference to Donald Trump, our "entertainers" are failing us, and flailing away at what's left of civil society. A great many Republicans turned their back on Nugent after his coarseness. Will a great many Democrats do the same toward Colbert? 

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Trump needs to go. He has ordered a investigation into Colbert's show after he skewered him on TV, thereby attacking free speech. Trump is making more blunders into his first 100 days than any Prez ever. Trump is Prez because his supporters are as idiotic as he is. Trump needs to go now. 

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Now that the County Attorney appears to be in "clean-out the swamp" mode, let's take a look at the Hospital District books. They sure are filing a lot of out-of-county Assumed Name Certificates. 25 at last count. Looks like a C.M.A. maneuver but may be copacetic.

County Attorney Poston may or may not know all of the "connections" having to do with our local hospital district, but he would set himself apart from any public official we have had here in my life time if he drained that swamp.  

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Since a petition has been filed to remove Mike McCarty from his position it wont be long until Todd Fontonot rears his ugly head. Maybe Todd could win a election if nobody ran against him,people under indictment had no trouble beating him. 

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It's all starting to come together now. The City of Dayton is in the red. They need money. The Mayor of Dayton is also the Chief Deputy of the Central Appraisal District. No wonder our appraisals went up. Dayton needs money. Lets get rid of this Man before he cost us more taxs. 

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I think an elected official should be able to hire anyone and have their constituents pay for it and accept it as just another perk, and should also be able to double-bill where available. Otherwise, there is no benefit to holding an elected office whether paid or not. They all do it so why not just make it legal rather than waste time on the drama. 

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I have observed the Democrats Advance Schoolon Presidential Insults has graduated from calling Republicans illiterate dummies to now implying mental illness. Great debaters they are! 

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It just keeps getting better. Fox News is going through a house cleaning, dumping their high profile celebs finally. And Trump is showing signs of mental illness or maybe a general mental breakdown. Those who voted for him hitched their wagons to a complete nut job, we need to get him out of office and quick before he starts a nuclear war with someone the Country should invoke the 25th amendment and rid the Nation of this guy, then figure out how to restrain the Trumpsters from doing anymore damage, like maybe putting them in the FEMA camps Obama constructed right? I mean they're the ones who said that the camps are in every county didn't they? I think the nearest one here is in Kenefick or is it Batson I forget where. 

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Poor Fox news addicts. Their supply of fake news is going down the tube as the station collapses and leans toward the middle and the ratings head toward the drain. 

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Saturday I was on my way to work and I stopped at a store in Raywood, through the glass I saw a young man at the counter and the cashier, nothing out of the ordinary. I was getting out of my vehicle when the young adult approach me. He reached out his hand and said "I just wanted to thank you for service and I appreciate what you do" I shook his hand and told him Thank You. He then handed me a Reese's that he had just bought and said " I would like you to have this" I thanked him again and he got in his truck and left. There are time in my job where I feel like why am I here and then a young man I don't even know, with a simple gesture of a hand shake and a candy bar reminds me why I do what I do. Signed: Deputy George Daniels. 

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What kind of impact is the Luce Bayou Inter basin Transfer going to do to the Trinity River? 500 million gallons of water per day will be pumped from the river to Lake Houston and points beyond. The river as we have known it will be history. This will probably devastate fishing and boating in the river. There won't be enough water flow to float an innertube, let alone a sizeable watercraft. This shows us the City of Houston owns Lake Livingston and the Trinity River. And we have no say about it. This is pitiful! 

Who would want to get anything out of the Trinity River anyway? It is nasty and has waste dumped in it. Just like Lake Houston when they can't find a body in the water, dead people floating around down there, and more waste dumped in Lake Houston from Atascocita. They are both nasty. Who can recover from rotting corpses they can't find and pooh everywhere? Take a sample of water and send it off. In fact, take your local water and get it tested, you would be amazed at what is allowed in our drinking water. 

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How about Texas weeding out sanctuary cities? Lookout liberty. 

How about enforcing the law "sanctuary city lovers"? 

Aggravated Robbery, Evading Arrest, Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle Update on Robbery at Chevron

Thanks to idineout for covering the JJ robbery is such vivid detail.

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Too bad about McCarty. He is the hardest working, most effective commissioner we have had far as far back as I can remember. It is kind of difficult to believe that someone that was so willing to do anything to help his commissioner's area was trying to steal a fewhundred dollars worth of benefit for himself. 

Goes to show how crooked this county is! There is no way he should still be in office after doing what he has done over and over.

McCarty is a Crook! 

I have known Mike McCarty since 1st grade. He comes from a very prominent family in Liberty. He was raised in church and taught right from wrong all his growing up years. He has always had the highest integrity! I think what happened is very sad and he must have major regrets. What the news media has left out of the current reports are 2 women in Liberty that used their charm and "whatever" to influence or encourage Mike to do favors for them. I do believe those 2 women cut a deal with the DA to keep from being named in the lawsuit and they avoided charges somehow. I wish the DA would bring charges against both of them and make examples of both of them to show the citizens of Liberty County that they can't get away with this type of thing. Both of them should be forced to reimburse the County for work that was done on their properties. 

After many years of Democrats looking the other way when simlar and even more grievous behavior occurred, we now learn that when Republicans are in charge the lawst might be enforced. No doubt Mr.McCarty regrets his decisions but for the rest of us we can take heart in finally seeing the system work. 

Now you know if it was one of us that did what Mike MaCarty did they would put us under the jail and throw away the key. That is a shame what he got. A tap on the back. 

Commissioners Meet Tuesday

What's going on with almost DOUBLING the CAD salaries. Commishioners agenda says, " WITH INCREASE OF SALARY OF CAD EMPLOYEE(S) FROM $35,000 TO $60,000". How do county employes get that much of a raise at one time?

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wondering what happened to Jaliscos?

What did happen to Jailiscos? 

Yes , I am wondering what happened to Jelescos 

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Well all the news outlets are saying that Bill O'Reilly is fixing to be fired, that may change though so it may not happen at all, hope it does though. The one thing is that if he is fired don't let Fox make you think it has a moral side for firing him, it's all about money not about his playing nasty, as far as Fox is concerned he could stay on forever if he could continue to generate money, and continue to play nasty as long as he wanted.

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FLNB has really over done this new fee's for everything. Time to consider moving to a new financial institution that will not want to rape and pillage.

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I don't know who owns the property that used to be the elementary school on Grand, but instead of it just sitting there and doing nothing maybe the City could spend some of the money it takes from the citizen and turn it into some rooms for the homeless instead of putting them in jail(can you hear the roar of laughter coming from the City council?). There also needs to be some kind of shelter for women who suffer from domestic abuse in this area ( again hear the laughter?) Domestic abuse is a reality here just ask the police or those who work in the local motels about how many women come crying to book a room in the middle of the night some with small children running from their husbands or boyfriends seeking a place of safety. Instead of allowing more liquor stores to be opened lets address this social problem ok? Oh wow the laughter from the city official is almost deafening!

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Why are trains that pass through here able to avoid following the Texas law governing the railroad crossing states: “Sec. 471.007. Obstructing Railroad Crossings; Offense. A railway company commits an offense if a train of the railway company obstructs for more than 10 minutes a street, railroad crossing, or public highway

Railroad Crossings and state laws that limit or try to regulate them are preempted by Federal Law:State statutes regulating railroad operations. Friberg v. Kansas City S. Ry. Co., 267 F.3d 439 (5th Cir. 2001) (state and local regulations such as those attempting to limit the duration that crossings are blocked are operational requirements and are preempted); R.R. Ventures, Inc. v. Surface Transportation Board, 299 F.3d 523 (6th Cir. 2002) (state statute regulating railroad operations preempted); CSX Transportation, Inc. v. City of Plymouth, 283 F.3d 812 (6th Cir. 2002) (holding that state law imposing limitation on duration at which crossing may be blocked by train, which is related to train speed, was preempted).

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To the poster complaining about beautifying Dayton. Have you put in any effort into projects to do anything to make it better. Bet you haven't. You'd rather sit behind your screen and find fault.

I can answer the question about whether or not the person has spent anytime beauitifying Dayton or have they just hidden behind their computer screen. Looking at Dayton it is more likely than not anyone has spent time beautifying Dayton. Hiding behind their computer screen is a much more beautifuland safe place to be versus taking on all of the brilliant people who are responsible for the city's stellar looks.

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A real news organization would have already fired O'Reilly by now, but not Fox. Trump came out yesterday and said "O'Reilly hasn't done anything wrong", which make Trump somewhat complicit in this type of behavior, but we already knew that from what he said about grabbing women's privates. If you voted for Trump and now continue to support him in light of everything he does and says and you wear your badge of deplorables like that man who drives the maroon truck with the camper on it in the area, then you are truly deplorable!

Bill Oreilly, I don't think Bill should have apologized for his Maxine Waters comment, if you don't see the resemblance, you got blinders on, walking around looking like she came from James Brown Estate sale.

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With mosquitoes so bad, I have seen some really good breeding places for them. The big hole of water on the corner store at 1960 and 321 could be a beautiful pond with little duck and an aerator keeping it clean and like a water spray in the middle like it is in Kingwood. Actually, when they left the big hole, I thought they were going to beautify by having s sprinkling tower in the middle and a few ducks. Instead it will be good breeding water for mosquito. Also, we have where the new school on North Winfree that was totally demolished and moved over, there is another nice slope in that area also that could be beautified by a sprinkler in the middle and aerate the standing water instead of making another mosquito breeding ground. In its location would be safer for the ducks than at 196 and 321. I don't understand when our neighboring towns beautify their places like this and we just let it stay like a stagnant mosquito breeder. Why do we not make it beautiful and aerate the water, and finish a project before they start another, pretty soon, we are going to have water standing in all these places breeding mosquitoes, I know people on the highway 90 with crepe myrtles was a pretty addition beween here and Liberty. You would think they would take that oportunity to kep the water moving ad cean and not for mosquito beeding groud,

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Well it looks like arch conservative fascist sex perv Bill O'Reilly has been a naughty boy and Fox fake news has no plans to get rid of him, that's no surprise given the way Fox sucks up to that crap.

Inviting someone to your room may make some people call you a "sex perv" and it may hasten the retirement of Bill O'Reilly but just in case you haven't noticed, Tucker Carlson is the the Fox worm that is tearing down all of the media and the left tehse days.

Wrecker Driver Charged with Possession

I read the story about the wrecker driver getting arrested. Nowadays, Liberty PD's stories leave me with more questions than answers. Who is writing up their info for the media anyway? In that particular story, were the officers dispatched to assist their own officers or some from a different agency? It says they started an investigation. Was the traffic stop being conducted on Harrell in his capacity as a wrecker driver or was he just on his own time in his own vehicle? Or was he the wrecker driver called to the scene of a traffic stop? What actions made the officers start investigating Harrell? What was the controlled substance? Who set the bond... the City Judge or a Justice of the Peace? And who was the arresting officer? So many times these days, LPD just says "officer(s)". We used to get the names of the officers in the stories. Why such minimalism?

General Comments

Friday President Trump and conservatives will start a long winning streak that will preserve many of the things that made America great.

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Great.. Liberty police arrested local wrecker driver Curtis Harrell for controlled substance, while driving a k and k wrecker! Get these pos's off the roads.They should be banned from doing business in liberty county. They are a threat to our community.

Wrecker driver arrested.. Well, it seems that there's 3 former k and k wrecker drivers in the Liberty County jail.. Curtis Harrell,Brian Guillory and Marcus Johnson... Wow!! It looks like one has to be a criminal before K and K will hire a driver. This company is shameless. Ban them from our streets. Enough is enough.

If you want to get rid of a wrecker service, start a petition. Go to the city and/or county meeting and have your voice heard. If enough people show up or sign the petition maybe action will be taken.

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Anyone hear the outcome of the meeting about the styrafoam down by the Cut?

The "styrofoam" situation at the cut is definitely a problem but not as large as the alleged dumping of chemical by-products the Liberty Police Dept. recently investigated down there. Better be a bit more particular on who we elect for city council next election.

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Here we go again with Al Gore playing scientist. Maybe 10 years from now Gore will make another film about the climate. His new movie should have included a world tour in which he apologizes for all the untruths that he conveniently and knowingly spread the first time .... so much that a judge ruled his film could not be shown in aplaintiff's classroom with listing the many mistakes and correcting them. But Hollywood will reward himand the media will fail to challenge him.

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Does anyone really blame President Obama and his people for collecting as much negative information about Trump and his Trumpettes while Democrats had the power and the means to do so? They simply were bypassing the cover-ups.

General Comments

I have read with a degree of dismay these thoughts of my fellow Liberty County citizens, on politics of governing, and I was reminded that encouragement can be found in the reassurance that we have been through this since the very beginnings of our precious republic. As evidence of that I offer this, a snippet from the first Federalist Paper. Written by Alexander Hamilton and James Madison, the Federalist Papers were a collection of 85 Essays, often referred to to this day by our supreme court, that were used to convince the citizens of the original 13 colonies at large and specifically New York, to approve the proposed United States Constitution! I'm thinking, based upon the obvious, that perhaps it has been a while since too many of you have read our sacred and precious constitution, and I am willing to bet an amount of money that I would not want to loose, that even fewer, if any, have read the nearly as precious Federalist Papers. This begins with commentary on the sentiments that will effect the vote to approve the constitution. The last sentence should alarm us all. "And yet, however just these sentiments will be allowed to be, we have already sufficient indications that it will happen in this as in all former cases of great national discussion. A torrent of angry and malignant passions will be let loose. To judge from the conduct of the opposite parties, we shall be led to conclude that they will mutually hope to evince the justness of their opinions, and to increase the number of their converts by the loudness of their declamations and the bitterness of their invectives. An enlightened zeal for the energy and efficiency of government will be stigmatized as the offspring of a temper fond of despotic power and hostile to the principles of liberty. An over-scrupulous jealousy of danger to the rights of the people, which is more commonly the fault of the head than of the heart, will be represented as mere pretense and artifice, the stale bait for popularity at the expense of the public good. It will be forgotten, on the one hand, that jealousy is the usual concomitant of love, and that the noble enthusiasm of liberty is apt to be infected with a spirit of narrow and illiberal distrust. On the other hand, it will be equally forgotten that the vigor of government is essential to the security of liberty; that, in the contemplation of a sound and well-informed judgment, their interest can never be separated; and that a dangerous ambition more often lurks behind the specious mask of zeal for the rights of the people than under the forbidden appearance of zeal for the firmness and efficiency of government. History will teach us that the former has been found a much more certain road to the introduction of despotism than the latter, and that of those men who have overturned the liberties of republics, the greatest number have begun their career by paying an obsequious court to the people; commencing demagogues, and ending tyrants." Alexander Hamilton, November 1787

To the author of "I have read with a degree of dismay...". Here. here! What an addition to intellect and sensibility to this site. I applaud you in calling out the ignorant and unlearned about the formation of this country (United State of America). Most of our citizens are truly at a loss regarding our history and the ideals that make this Country different, better, and worth fighting and dying for. I'm sure that most of those who are so eager to complain about our Country and it's leaders have never been on the front line of freedom, risking their lives so that every citizen retains a right to voice their opinions, even in dissent. Thanks again for your thoughtful comment!

General Comments

The issue isn't Obamacare any more, it's the Prez. He is scrambling to cover his ass in the light of these investigations, he is in cover up mode, and his administration is doing its best to help him, the country is not important now it's Trump that is important. These "butt hurt deplorables" are faced with the fact they have put into office the epitome of an incompetent. They are so stupid though they wont allow themselves to see it because when they look at what Trump is doing they are looking into a mirror and see their reflection and cant say to themselves that they share the blame of a mistake of momentous proportions. The "chickens have come home to roost" the inmates are running the institution, when I see a Trump supporter I judge them in the harshest of terms.

No one gives a damm how you judge trump supporters. Their lives aren't affected by what some liberal weenie thinks of them. You are a joke, and no matter how offended you are, it matters to no one but yourself.

To the poster who said no one gives a damn about how a Trump supporter is judged, well I must have pushed a button because you sure made the case that you care or you wouldn't have responded the way you did. Trump is proving to be the worst president in history, and he is there because people who thought he would advance their silly sick agendas are proving that whoever supported him are just like him, bigots, misogynistic (women haters), xenophobes (fear of aliens). Yes I do judge them harshly and I know there are a "basket full" of these deplorables out there.

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Well the Jubilee is over. It was over hyped, over priced, under attended, and once again over sold. Kshn said it was attended by "thousands" uh huh righhhht.

If you don't like Liberty Jubilee , why did you go to it. You must have or you wouldn't know how it was. Its a fun family day , many enjoy it tremendously and many come from far around to sell their wares. Whoever forced you to go against your will , tell them you don't want to attend !!!!

Trace Adkins free is an incredible deal for families that can't afford high priced concerts and the City doesn't control the weather. Why doesn't the complainer volunteer to help to make it better?

To the poster talking about Trace Adkins, just how coherent were you at Jubilee? It was Tracy Byrd performing.and he gets $20k to play that ain't free.

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Am I the only one watching the train wreck that is Trump? Some dimwitted poster predicting he will last "eight years" in the face of what is going on in Washington shows that Hillary was correct on labeling his supporters as "deplorabales" She should have said "stupid deplorables". As one lawyer from the Watergate era said when asked what advice he would give Trump he said "I would tell him to lawyer up!" He needs to think about resigning before he gets indicted for what looks like criminal activity. We "butthurt" liberals are waiting in the peanut gallery for the other shoe to fall in this mad house administration. It goes to prove again that republicans and so called conservatives need to stick with what they know best, running hogs, drinking beer, and sleeping with little boys they pick up in airport restrooms.

Well, looks like the great deal maker can't make a deal.

Boldly I hear people praising the future success of Trump and people prematurely predicting his failure. They are as bad as MSNBC and Fox. It won't be long before we knowthe outcome and some will get to brag while others will hurry to their next predictions to help forget the ones they blew. Too bad we are not all as interested in this country's success as we are in political churping.

I was scanning some of the posts that are about Trump and his absolutely failure so far, but what is really fun to read are the ones that slip into the old grandpa sitting on the screened in porch rocking chair sighing into the far away look assessment of the situation, that's the one that makes me want to puke! They voted for the idiot now some say "well I may have made an error in judgment" Really now? They are the ones who are busily scratching their asses for salvation so they can say to themselves and others that they are really good people in the long run, because they have come to the senses now in view of the circumstances. No sorry you don't get off the hook that easily, you deplorables put the nation in risk because in your over excited libido of hate, bigotry, and down right need to have your sick shit validated you voted for someone you thought would be just like you, guess what deplorabls you were right he is just like you, and a portion of the Nation that is wacked out. Trump is a looser just like those of you who voted for him and he is on his way out one day at a time or should I say one tweet at a time.

Different strokes for different folks, but I think the original Obamacare package passed on a party-line vote was an affront to our political process. I think the recent non-passage of whatevercare was a triumph of out robust processes working themselves out. I don't trust the politicians in the system, but I do thrust the system.

General Comments

Wow! How the butthurt libs have been pouring out of the woodwork on this website since the election is quite interesting. My advice to you is to sit back,shut the #?*! up and enjoy the ride for the next eight years. It may not be the best for your hurty feelings, but it'll be the best for my back pocket. ..

No Evidence of Trump Wiretapping Claims

I never thought that the United States would ever resurrect President Richard Nixon, but I think by gosh we may. Listening yesterday to the hearings in Washington, DC by the FBI Director Comey, somewhere down the road we may have another Water Gate involving the current President and his campaign in collusion with Russia, to intercede in the 2016 election. Well, the famous quote, “You won't have Nixon to kick around anymore, because, gentlemen, this is my last press conference.” could be uttered again someday in the future.

General Comments

What happened to Jalisco's restaurant in Liberty? The menu completely changed and the quality of the food changed almost over night. This restaurant had great food and service and that seemed to change overnight. Whoever used to cook there must have taken the menu with him but forgot to take the sign and name with him.

Jalisco's.. My wife and I went there about a week ago, came to the conclusion new owners have taken over. The nice lady that took our order, I don't think she spoke or understood english very well.

I too have heard complaints about Jalisco's. Poor service , changed menu. No business ever last long at that place.

General Comments

Is the City of Dayton going to raise taxes ? If so, what for?

General Comments

To all the nice folks in this area, with all their colorful language, especially since they voted for a man that has no intentions of making the United States great again. He is most likely to cause a war, but he has been buddies with Russia for years. It only takes a few brain cells to figure out he has not really promised our elderly anything. He is a business man and what they do is line their pockets. Haven't you learned anything? Meals on Wheels is going to be taken away, explain that to the elderly. You don't like the mayor, you don't like our police officers, you don't like the city department. Since you hate everything and anything, why don't you move to a place that will have people like yourself to talk to. That is what is wrong with this country right now. Divide and conquer, because you cannot get along with your neighbor and you hate the town you live in and the people who try to run a nice small town. This town is growing and it would be really nice if they could move in to a town that was friendly instead of all this backlash. See what happened when you bashed the last president, publicly bashing him, got you the backlash of what we all have to deal with now. It would be nice to have people speak well of our city, our county, without the ugliness that keeps crawling in through the seams. As I said, if you don't like something, the best thing to do is to remove yourself from it.

General Comments

In the Declaration of Independence the phrase "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" goes a long way in defining what we humans have as "inalienable rights". You cant have life or happiness if you are being ill and worried about how you are going to afford health insurance. Again the Congress pays nothing for its health care why do we have to?

The quoter of the Declaration of Independence leaves out the origin Jefferson and (John Locke) says our PURSUIT of happiness (and life,liberty, and property rights come from). The Creator. Jefferson and Locke said these rights are inalienable. They can not be taken away by anyone but God Himself. Where the idea of healthcare comes into the conversation is the samemythical place liberal judges interpret things to their liking rather than the documents they are suppose to honor.

To the poster who thinks that "inalienable" has nothing to do with health care shows a considerable lack of cognition. These issues of the pursuance of happiness in the 1700's are much more expanded in contemporary times. Health care is a human right by the fact of being a human being, just because it isn't spelled out explicitly in the Constitution it is inferred in the presence of medical doctors, hospitals, hospices, and even in laws that will prosecute people who don't stop and render aid. Health care is a human right, and in nations that have the power to spend its citizens money on war and free health care for its legislators then all people have a right to the same as Congress.

Healthcare a "human right"? An inalienable right is defined in the Constitution as a right given by the Creator that can not be taken away by man. The Creator's "insurance" of health would be a great policy to have, but government, federal government, is not responsible to provide it.

It is obvious that someone values their "cognition" more than that of James Madison and the Founders of this great nation. We are struggling as a nation to keep the foundations of what has made us great. The "living constitution" some envision would be a nightmare to the writers of the Federalists papers. It "lives", or rather adapts, by amendment not judiical fiat.

General Comments

When I voted for President Trump, he said he was going to go to Washington to work for all of us. The cost of each trip to Palm Beach is estimated to be about $3.3 Million Dollars. So, including this weekend (5 trips), we have spent $16.5 million. The City of Palm Beach and it’s County all want the USA taxpayers to pay them for the extra security work. Well 52 weeks in a year and for 4 or 8 years, we going to spend away all chances at ever getting a raise for Social Security. I am a “Real” Angry Old White Guy now and do not see the threat to me personally being the “Muslims” or “Mexicans”, but think the real threat to me is not moving the White House to Palm Beach, Florida! Well go to run and pick up a $4 a gallon jug of milk. Grandpa used to tell me the road to Hell was paved with good intentions. I think now I should have listened to him!

General Comments

Here we go again, waisting money on mulching the Crepe Myrtles in river bottom. Common Mayor get control of this. Waste waste waste.

If a little mulch in theriver bottom is the best place for the city of Liberty's to spend the profit they make off of elevated utility bills, why not?

General Comments

What is up with our state rep? i thought he was suppose to be representing us. Does Liberty County sound familar big shot?

Before you complain about our state representatives focus on every county in his district but Liberty County, please realize the squeaky wheel always gets the oil. Others in the district have asked for help and like a good representative, they are getting help on thier issues. Liberty is silent.

General Comments

To all you people who grip about the way an officer or deputy does his or her job. "Why didn't you arrest that guy""Your never around when we need you""Why aren't you catching real criminals instead of writing me a ticket" just a couple of thing I've heard people say. How about this if you think you can do the job of a police better, go to a academy and become an officer or deputy and you do it. Citizens only see what goes on in their little world, cops can't save the world. They leave their families to help and protect people they don't even know. They get injured, cursed at,talked about, and even killed protecting you and your family, and still yet we get up and go back at it everyday. Like I said if you think you can do a better job by all means go to the academy. Yes I am a Peace Officer

Yet another failed Republican health care plan

What the, Left Wing Liberal Cry Babies always forget is that Uncle Sam Is Your Uncle And Not Your Ma-Ma Or Da-Da

To the uber right winger who posted that we liberals are cry babies and the government isn't mama and dada. As long as the government takes out taxes we have a right to expect things like health care and expect lawmakers to do their job as our representatives they are on our nickel. The fact remains that things like health care are a human right, but I guess I wouldn't expect a republican neo-Nazi with a limited brain synopsis to understand that huh? Do you poster think that the idea that the government doesn't owe us anything applies to Congress who don't have to pay a penny for their health care? Why not just let us have access to the same health care as they have? This issue is being decided in the hands of the worst people ever, they will look out for their friends, their rich friends, before they ever make it fair for any one else. Yeah we liberals think of the government as mama and dada, but you stinking republicans actually live the dream, we can only dream it.

In 2010 somein the United states recognized, and marshalled all of their political capital to force the rest of us to recognize, the "human right" of taxes being used to pay for healthcare for some. All the name calling in the world does not help cement their case however. Many of us recognize the inefficiencies and the theft involved in government taxing working people more in order to pay for healthcare and many many other things that are not specified or implied in our Constitution.

Odd assumption: "As long as the government takes out taxes we have a right to expect things like health care." The entitlement state has not yet assumed those dimensions.

Taxpayers should "expect" only those government services that are withinthe guidelines a/k/a law written in the Constitution. Healthcare is not one of them. The Supreme Court strained in its "reasoning" that it was a tax and therefore legal. Obama said previously that it was "not a tax".

General Comments

On Saturday on the City Hall property there was some kind of rally of sorts I heard it was a rally of support for Trump. I listened for a bit then left as I had stuff to do, I wish I could have heard more. What little I did hear and see raised some questions, such as why was it necessary to hold a rally of support after he has only been in office for less than two months? Is he not loved enough already? I mean lets examine what he's accomplished so far he has insulted a whole group of people because of their religion, he has insulted the Mexican government and people( that was while he was running but it stands), he made allegations of voter fraud with no proof, just for starters, and this past week has accused the former Prez of breaking the law by wiretapping him, again with no proof. But one of the most telling things he has done is given the buffoons who support him a chance to feel like they are special, mentally challenged special, not special in a good way. He has given over to conspiracy theories instead of truth and that shows he is not living in the world of reality, which means he's goofy nuts, and so is his supporters...koo koo,koo koo!

General Comments

The Dayton Hall of Fame may be new but the people "chosen" to run it are the sameold people who run everything around here. Sick of it.

General Comments

Seems kind of funny that the Dayton city manager was asked to retire.Just a few weeks before the mayor was trying to buy tax for closed properties and it got blocked by the county judge because someone told.

Dayton City Counsel and Mayor should be ashes of their selves. They think the public is ignorant of what took place.

Surveillance Yields Drug Arrest

Surveillance Yields Drug Arrest I'm confused. The article states, "During the course of the surveillance, investigators observed a vehicle arrive at the suspected residence, stay a brief time and then depart. Investigators began to follow the suspect vehicle..." They arrested the man who BOUGHT the drugs and the house, but did NOT arrest the people at the house that SOLD him the drugs? What's going on with that? They left them open for business? I thought the war on drugs idea was to get the dealers shut down.

A typical comment from a novice. Getcha some experience as a narcotics investigator & crack open a law book & get educated on a something called "probable cause". Just a minor inconvenience law enforcement has to prove BEFORE searching a home. Instead of bashing law enforcement for trying to clean up the community, give a little encouragement so more will be done

Dayton City Manager Announces Retirement

In regards to Dayton loosing their City Manager, please consider Libertys. We will throw in a new vehicle and two employees to be named later.

Has the Liberty City Manager critic ever attended a complete Liberty City Council meeting to hear the many complex issues? Gary Broz inherited an aging and antiquated city infrastructure that while improving, has far to go on limited funds. If you want to see the true problem, look in a mirror.

One thing we can allbe certain about is that the City of Liberty issues must seem "complex" to our city manager.That we agree on!

Liberty City Manager is a okay manager. People person NOT SO MUCH. Employees, not at all.

Somebody said it right. Liberty needs someone who manages the city rather than someone who describes unsolved problems as complex.

General Comments

Glad to hear Constable Johnston is making are covery from his accident!!

General Commentsø

i want to thank the county commissioners for the high dollar equipment they buy for their precinct's that hardly get used, and for the deputies that are leaving for better pay, also for the out dated vehicles the sheriff's office has. More money is spent repairing these vehicle than their worth. We are losing great deputies and because of pay scale, The deputies are trained well here, however after their trained they realize they can make more elsewhere and not have to do as much. If things don't change soon, your going to have a bunch young deputies with little or no training to do the job properly. Commissioner you need to wake up, open your eyes to what is going on,and listen to the people that voted for you before it's to late.

How did the commenter go from Liberty County Commissioners buying expensive equipment and not using it, to Liberty County Sheriff's lack of pay and old vehicles? Sounds like the same old rhetoric, the Sheriff and some Deputies spew to try to illicit comments from the citizens. I do not see masses of Deputies leaving Liberty County in the records of county terminations. One day, Liberty County with economic development, may be able to pay more to the Deputies, but not at this moment in time. Many of the Deputies come from Harris County to Liberty County, leaving higher paying jobs to what you call lower paying jobs. It makes no sense, if they want higher pay, stay in higher paying law enforcement positions, but they move to Liberty County. The pace is slower and the supervision is less in Liberty County, than Harris County. Cite some stats on the exodus to higher paying jobs and prove them up.

Here is a real fact, Liberty County Sheriff's Deputy Pay increased in the last 2 years, from $36,800 to $42,536 (not including Certificate and Longevity pay)! This is an increase of slightly over 15.5%, in Two (2) years. A hefty increase, some would say in this United States of America. Please quit badmouthing the Commissioners Court and just tell the truth!

General Comments

As a "Senior Citizen", I have lived through many US Presidents, in my lifetime. I have always not agreed with all of them or thought the things they did was correct, but if the citizens of this great country elected them, they were the "President"! November 8, 2016, the USA elected a new President and since January 20, 2017, I try to understand what he is doing and how it would change my life. Yesterday, President Trump gave me back his Reality TV Show and it lasted nearly an hour and a half. It was a Presidential News Conference, from the White House. I was shocked, since I had never seen a sitting President face off with the News Media, FBI and CIA and really I learned nothing. I need the President to forget the election (he won) and help me, as he pledged to do. The Election is over and his Electoral Votes, that changes daily according to his own figures, means nothing, he won! This is not Reality TV, now it is about my life! Please President Trump, help me and my life at the bottom survive daily.

as soon as the new president knows what government programs you are on he will fix you right seems like everyone wants something.

General Comments

Life must really be nice when you know "the right people". It is difficult for me to believe my tax dollars are going to overpay a new head coach who has a 6 wins and 24 losses record in the last three years. We could have hired ten coaches that are better than Larry Haynes, but his pals here wanted him back.Too uch money, too little recent wins in his record..... why? When he left us last time, he left us with the bill still stinking for the artificial turf he hung taxpayers with. Poor band, poor academics....

As to Hardin hiring coach Haynes back it was a good move.Since he has been gone we have won 10 games and lost 50 games. That goes to show you get what you pay for when hiring a head coach. GO HORNETS 2017 Haynes is back!

While Haynes was gone he won 25% of his games and hardin won 20% of their games. What a perfect fit! Go Broncos!

Dayton football wasn't real impressive in 2016 with their 4wins and 6 losses. Maybe they should have considered Haynes as a coach.Seems like they have got what they paid for in the coaching too.

Regarding Coach Haynes, it doesn't matter how many games he wins or loses. The problem is how he treats his players. What does it teach or even benefit these kids to be screamed at and belittled during a game or practice? Some of them go through enough of that at home. Should they be forced to deal with it in school as well?

I was unaware that Coach Haynes yelled at his players. My impression was that he was very manipulative and ignored kids that had no hope of playing football. If he loses every game it will be vbetter than this last coach the school board hired!

Hardin Football: They play in one of the Toughest Districts in the State... If Coach Haynes Team goes 5-5 for the season, He has done a Miracle! It comes down too Talent...

There are 6 teams in the 3A district Hardin is in. So yes Larry Haynes can possibly be 5-5 for the season. Now that is if he schedules 5 non-district games against 5 incredibly weak team from the 2A districts. With the talent around Hardin, and Haynes' inability to develop a strong team in our district he will not win a game within our district. Now the people that brought Haynes in to develop their QB son is going to be greatly disappointed.

If Haynes goes "5-5 in district he will have pulled off a miracle"? That is an insult to Hardin's young men. District's are grouped in schools of like sizes and our goals must be to be competitive at a minimum. If our quarteback quits or is injured early in the season, this decision to hire someone who has established a recent record that shows he can not win in today's high school football will be proven to be a farce with no benefits. Eo you know who!ven t

Let me make a prediction after seeing several people question the Hardin school board's decision to rehire my man Larry Haynes. I bet you he goes 7-3 or better his first year here and undefeated his second year.We have the talent. Now we have the coach. Let's get behind our boys and show southeast Texas we are a great football school!

General Comments

To the poster who is defending Trump by accusing Hillary Clinton as "immoral, unethical, corrupt, and dangerous", well now what do we seem to have in the WH now? Seems like we have an immoral, unethical, corrupt, dangerous president that's what. I can't wait to see his ass thrown out by impeachment, "what did the President know, and when did he know it?" Investigations are on the way you deplorables.

General Comments

In regards to the "road to nowhere" in Liberty. That was the most ridiculous project ever by the terrible city leaders. Yes go ahead and build homes on that ground. It will cost more to bring in fill dirt than to build the home that will go on the lots.

General Comments

For all who feel threatened by the presidential actions of Trump and want to riot and protest and yell impeachment, you bunch of whiners would have it worse if the immoral, unethical, corrupt, and dangerous Hillary Clinton and her perverted womanizing husband were in the white house.

Commissioners Meet Tuesday

Regarding County Agenda for Tues 2/1417. Why would you pay Donna Burt vacation pay when she was never in the office but never turned in her time off. Wow unbelievable!

I read in the commissioners agenda about a new truck for the sheriff's office, that fine and dandy except it will probably go to someone that will just drive it around for show. Instead of letting a patrol deputy use it. I've noticed most of the deputies have old vehicles that look like crap.

General Comments

Poor Dayton. Always trying to catch Cleveland and Liberty. Ugly is as ugly does. Ya' ll should have never built a rice dryer downtown. It was all downhill planning from there on.

The comment about Dayton is ridiculous. While it was short sighted to build the rice dryer where it was built, there are few around that had anything to do with that poor decision. if the complainer knows anything about the current movers and shakers in Dayton, then the effort to remove the eye sore is known.

Whoever is in power now is not rushing to take the Dayton rice dryer down. Thta is not the old timers fault, is it?

The rice dryer gives Dayton character and is nothing to be ashamed of. It should becelebrated and emphasized. Make a museumout of it.

In regards to the comments about the rice dryer in Dayton, and suggesting that Liberty has a better beautification program. Just drive downtown through Liberty and look at all the empty dilapidated buildings. Liberty is starting to look like the run down ragged town it is. This is the county seat and what do we have, nothing but ugly. Tattoo shops, liquor stores, pawn shops, plenty of Mexican eateries, smoke shops, and empty structures that need to be removed. Liberty has the worst city planners of any city in the state of Texas. We look like Daisetta has for many years. A pig pen town.

In the contest between Liberty and Dayton to improve the looks of the two towns, Dayton has given Liberty too much of a head start to hope to ever catch big "L". If you want to live in a nice looking, well planned city, Mont Belvieu may be your best bet. And your best golf.

Oh yea, the rice dryers are classy and make people want to live here. So much so, we should chain ourselves to them if anyone ever tries to remove them!

Oh, but how we love the big old rice dryer in Dayton. It is not an eyesore, it is majestic. A remembrance of a time and hopefully it stays too close to the railroad to move it. Some wealthy person with nothing else to do could come along and make it into the most fabulous, weird house that it would be on television as one of the strangest houses but it would work. Besides all that, the younger generation, younger generation, love it as they know they are getting close to home when they are coming home from a far trip, they think of it as a welcoming beacon that they are safely home. Maybe we should just put some pretty lights on top of it. People are so mean in this feedback report. People want to complain about what they think of as an eyesore and never mind all the pot holes that are ruining everybody's front ends. Want to complain about something? Figure out how many men it takes to fix a smooth entryway from street to driveway of business, or how to fix a pot hole, or how many stand around while the other two are working, really?

Clarification of two agenda items

Just curious as to why the Dayton City Council would post a "clarification of agenda items" for all to read and consider? It's kinda like somebody fartin' on an elevator and that same person turns around and asks "Who farted?" Something here does smell, indeed.

General Comments

Regardless of our feelings about "the road to nowhere" in the city of Liberty, and regardless of who is going to make money, the land is beautiful and it would be a benefit to us all for homes to be built in that area and more taxpayers added to the list of those paying the bills.

General Comments

This Supreme Court Justice, Gorsuch, believes like most Texans that the Constitution is not "some inkblot on which litigants may project their hopes and dreams ... but a carefully drafted text judges are charged with applying according to its original public meaning.

General Comments

The Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton stole the Democratic Party nomination from, Senator Bernie Sanders will debate, and undoubtedly embarass the Senator some Texans elected, Ted Cruz Tuesday night on CNN.

General Comments

I always take up for Dayton if anybody says anything negative about it. It wasn't until I had to get my car worked on did I find out how many pot holes and uneven roads there are in Dayton. Patched and worn out. I always said "Oh, it's just fine! I can drive without hitting any pot holes." So when I returned home to Dayton with a problem with my car that I was going to take back to the shop the following week to get the front end fixed, I realized there was not a street in the City of Dayton that did not have a pot-hole, or some kind of uneven, or rough section connecting one pavement to another and this is within the city limits and right downtown. So, I took up for my hometown in vain because after my experience, I felt like a liar. I never realized how bad our streets were. and are.

General Comments

Just in case no one is listening to what's going on in Washington, Donald Trump is proving he is insane. He has threatened Mexico with invasion, is making moves to start a war with Iran, insulted more than one of our allies in diplomatic talks etc. You don't have to be a medical professional to see that the man has an unstable personality, in fact that was evident in his campaign...he is a nut! He is at the helm of the most powerful military in the world, and if he isn't stopped he will push us into a conflict that will have unbelievable devastating results. We need to figure some way to get him out of office, and put the ones who voted him into office on some kind of security watch because they are as goofy as he is, like the owner of the maroon truck with the camper that has signs that say he is proud to be a "deplorable"! What a nut.

General Comments

I live in park place apartments. This use to be a place to live. My tires have been slashed. Kids and animals running around, I only see LPD patrol once and awhile. No parents out side with their children. We have a nice park to take children to, I know because I take mine their. It will be a great day when parents will take care of their children again

park place apartment, park place apartments pretty lit yo but sometimes there be people all walking around the dealin' spot with they children and such, don't ya'll people know a drug dealin' spot ain't no place for little kids? I'm ova here tryna make a cool hunnit on some crank and there's little kids runnin' around the swing set....know yo role, park place is OUR place sincerely, Thug Nation

"Thug Nation" I appreciate your time and contribution to the feed back report in reference to Park Place Apartments. It's possible that your post was fake but as a local police officer, I'll take it serious. If you are selling drugs or involved in other criminal activity you will be caught. It may not happen during my shift or by myself but it will happen. I encourage anyone,whether you live in Park Place or just within our city to contact the Liberty Police Department to report suspicious activity. Many of us that work here are from here, live here and have family here. We take pride in serving this city. We took an oath to perform a service and we will strive for excellence. We want a partnership with our citizens to help make our community better. Thank you for your time and stay safe. Sincerely, A local police officer

General Comments

Talking about putting American on the "world stage"! Trump certainly did that for sure we are now on the world stage of rage and anger, thanks to him and his fellow neo-nazis people who are in danger of being killed in war torn Muslim countries are now being denied entrance to protection. He has made a mockery of the Statue of Liberty and what it once stood for, thanks to him and his advisers bigotry reigns supreme, hatred and xenophobia are the rule of the day. If we let him continue we will be in a totally fascist state.

Only 7 out of 50 Muslim majority countries are involved for a limited time - exempting 87% of all Muslims from the temporary ban on U.S. entry - an action also taken previously by Presidents Obama and Carter with regard to Iraq and Iran. President Obama designated the 7 affected nations as hotspots of terror and President Trump used his designations.

To the commentator talking about the uneducated racists in Liberty -- To the real point, I don't know (nor do I care) how many attended Trump's inauguration. But I can tell you exactly how many people attended Hillary Clinton's inauguration. And that's the only number that matters.

Libertarian Party Growing In Texas

While it seems like a good thing for Constitutionalists, the only beneficiary of a libertarian party in Liberty county will be the Democrats. they are hopeless without a third party to possibly take votes from Republicans.

General Comments

Why is it when Democrats banned people it was OK but Republicans do it it's racist. Can someone answer this please?

General Comments

Well better post this before Trump makes it illegal. He has now signed an order to ban people based on their religion and has openly said that he is going to give Christians priority in entering the country, and Muslims are going to be detained and in some instances completely denied entrance. This man is a fascist racist bigot. Those of you out there who profess being his supporters need to recognize your complicity in electing this neo-Nazi and why you did so. In my opinion if you supported him then what he said in his campaign you found nothing to disagree with and what he is now doing you are on board with, which makes you one of his "willing executioners" as they say about the ordinary Germans in the 30's and 40's.

General Comments

Hearing that Paul Henry is retiring from First Liberty National bank is sad to many of us. His warm smile and friendly greeting was always welcomed wherever he was met.

General Comments

Did any of you catch the news item on KHOU about Liberty being Trump country? The interviews with the locals explaining why they supported Trump and why? If ever there was proof for validating the mass ignorance of this town it was that news item. One veteran talking about the use of war as a fix it for problems, what do you expect from a vet? The post menopausal women braying on about what and who made this country, showing they have no idea what so ever about the History of this nation, only what floats around in their vapid little brains as fact. Yes living in Liberty does has its strange social makeups, undereducated racist larvae spewing their mistaken ideas like Gospel, and voting for a man who is so unqualified for the job, that he is a hero to same.

To the commentator talking about the uneducated racists in Liberty who voted for Donald Trump. My self and my three daughters have 2 college degrees each and all are hard working tax paying citizens. We voted for Trump. Race had nothing to do with it. We are simply tired of paying our way through college just to work 60 hours a week and have a very large percentage of that money taken away by the liberal government to give to the people that want to call us racist for wanting to keep our hard earned money. Nothing else - just that. If you think race has something to do with it then maybe you are the racist because we never once thought of skin color, religion, sexual orientation or ethnicity when we decided to vote for someone who wants to put the American citizens first and also to put America first on the world stage.

General Comments

I love my school board but why in the worldwould we hire Larry Haynes to coach here again. he must be very well connected with Hardin decisionmakers, but the rest of us did not appreciate him spending all that money on a 2a football field having grass turf when other school are ignored. He is a great salesmanand a okay coach, but we could have done much better. He must have whistled and said he wanted back here before retiring and some fools responded.

To the Hardin ISD schoolboard lover/critic. Twothings: #1 Football reigns #2 Haynes wins!

General Comments

Saturday, the City of Dayton lost a wonderful and kind man, Mr. Boyd Arnold. Not many men can live and do business in a community so small without a negative word uttered about them, but Boyd was one of those Men. I have lost a Dear Friend and Dayton, Texas has lost a Great Citizen. My last handshake and big small was a few days ago, but I will never forget it. May God Bless and Keep Him and I know his final destination will be Heaven.

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I am a retired high school English teacher. Since my husband is a constable and does the funeral escorts in Anahuac and surrounding areas, I sometimes read the obituaries for funeral and graveside times. I have noticed many, many mechanical and grammatical errors in these obituaries. I'm assuming that the funeral homes are responsible for the compositions, so if you could pass my email address along to them, I would be more than glad to proofread the obits before they go to print, for free. Thanks!

To the English teacher, about the obituary section. I have noticed this for quite a while. There is one funeral home in particular, that never spells the words correctly. My friend and sister was so worried that people reading it would think the family wrote it wrong . She made them let her proof read everything. I'm in a hurry and I know that my grammar isn't excellent on this note but maybe they will at least hit the spell check button.

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Gene Cernan, "The Last Man On The Moon," has died. Cernan, a friend, embodied all of "The Right Stuff" that made the U.S. space program such a historically significant success, and none of the celebrity nonsense that occasionally blighted the program. Few know that he and a good-old-boy partner once ran longhorns in North Liberty and South San Jacinto Counties. I think Gene was much more comfortable in muddy boots than in the suits his life forced him to wear. I had the good pleasure of observing Cernan at major social events. He would invariably wander away from the big shots and turn his attention to little boys. With a lap full of boys, often his grandsons, he would pass on the legendary stories of the space program. Glistening with the stories he told, I'd like to think that those boys' wide and brightened eyes are Gene's greatest legacy. Bordering on bitterness, Cernan lamented the effective abandonment of the space program. With giants like Cernan gone, the great successes of the U.S. space program are decades old, and even the physical accomplishments are rusting memories. Cernan believed that our government made a grave error by not continuing to push the envelope beyond the moon and out into space. Godspeed Gene Cernan.

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I caught Trump's news conference what a train wreck! He makes no sense, he's redundant, vindictive and doesn't have a clue as to what he is supposed to be doing. I also see at the city library a maroon truck with a camper on it displaying a "proud to be a deplorable" sign on it's window or something to that effect. I can't bring myself to understand what kind of person displays such idiotic crap so proudly. Thanks to morons like that guy who owns that truck and others of that ilk we now have the most unqualified person ever to take over the leadership of the Nation. This is the direct result of the failure of our education system. Now we cultivate citizens who are being educated for nothing more than how to make a buck. Liberal Arts are no longer emphasized, reading is mocked, and a simplistic attitude toward life has taken precedent. Television sit-coms and shows about zombies and media celebrities who are constantly being sued for sex crimes and then are allowed to keep their jobs in spite of their behavior are held up for adulation, like Fox's Bill O'Reilly. The chickens have come home to roost as one social critic once said, when movies like Abraham Lincoln Vampire Killer is a popular movie among people something isn't right. Maybe it should be said that the "idiots have come home to roost".

It is going to be a long sad eight years for the person who wrote the comment admitting he "did not understand" President-Elect Trump!

To the butthurt Dim that watched Trump's news conference. I hope you're OK, we don't need our special perpetual victims to be in distress. That mean ol' Trump, shame on him.I can recommend a hot cocoa recipe if you'd like, a warm blanket, some tissue and maybe a puppy will pull you through this stressful time.

Feedback Reply - Watched Trump's news conference.: You lost, no amount of whining or crying by you and your liberal, left-winger RINO or Democratic Crowd Will Change That! MAN-UP or Shut Up.

To the poster who thinks that we liberals lost the election and need to "man up" and stop whining, hey for your information the Nation is the looser in the election. This idiot that has been elected doesn't have a clue as to what to do, every time he opens his mouth or should I say tweets his opinion on anything it's like watching a special needs person try and express himself. But that is only half the problem here, Trump is obviously not qualified to be president, that is a given, the other side of the coin is the ones who support and supported him into office. These are known as deplorables, undereducated conspiracy theorists who have finally risen above their status in the country. They have betrayed their own ignorance. I used to be able to detect the education of some one by their vocabulary, now it is much easier to tell if someone is intelligent or not I just ask them who they voted for and when they say "Trump" their IQ in my opinion drops to the various stages of imbecile 0-50 means idiot, and 51-70 means moron. Trump supporters, hog hunters, gun worshipers, confederate flag lovers, and others of that ilk all fall in there somewhere.

"Hog hunters" equals low I.Q.? If that fact was queried in one form or another on the IQ test I must have missed it.

Americans only laugh at you liberals. You claim to be intellectual superior. Liberals have destroyed Europe, liberals have destroyed South America. Now, you intellectually superior liberals want to destroy America. It's not going to happen. You are the dumbest people on the earth.As far as conspiracy theories go,it was your queen Hillary Clinton that brought up Obama's birth. Now, it's the Russians fault. Lol.Liberal democrats haven't been this mad since Republicans outlawed slavery

You can always depend on hog hunting conservatives to manifest their limited intellect by making outlandish statements without any basis of fact. They live by what they hear on AM radio or Drudge report or what Alex Jones says as gospel truth. The country is now in the hands of the biggest idiot ever, and the deplorables put him there because they too haven't a clue about what's going on, so they elected a man who is just one step above Curly Fine of the Three Stooges.

President Trump may be many things,but an idiot? I don't think so. As for hog hunters, people that do not depend on others but take responsibility to remove destructive animals and then use the meat to feed their family ...... salute!

I cannot begin to imagine how dominated by stereotypes one must be to use the phrase "hog hunting conservatives."

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I am usually proud of my community. Liberty County is a great place to live, however, yesterday I was especially proud of my friends and neighbors. The flags placed in honor of Lucas Lowe, the people who lined the streets to show their love and respect, the people who traveled from all across Southeast Texas and beyond to be a part of the was heart stopping and awe inspiring and I would like to say thank you......Thank you to all who helped, putting up the flags and then taking them down, directing the traffic, helping out at the was to say the least a monumental task and it went as smooth as anyone could have hoped. I know the community will continue to help and support his young widow and his soon to be born twins. Thanks Liberty County!

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When you go out to eat, how do you like it when you are eating your meal and someone comes over and starts a conversation. "YOU DON"T". I'm a law officer and we get hungry like everybody else. We have a limited time to eat. Anytime we may get a call and have to leave without finishing our meal. I do appreciate it that you like police officers, but like everybody else we like a break where we can sit and not be bothered by the radio, phone, or questions from people. I hope you all don't take this the wrong way, just think about it.

"I hope you all don't take this the wrong way, just think about it." They way things are going in the world today, be glad people want to talk to you because you were the badge. They want to thank you for risking your life for theirs. Think about it.

To the Officer complaining about being bothered by your radio,telephone or the public who you occasionally are required to interact with, maybe you should take a look at your job description. I'm sure it states in at least one place that you are required to use the radio and telephone to communicate with dispatch and the public. I'm also sure it states that you are required to interact with the public in a professional manner. Having more than 20 years experience myself I don't mind telling you to suck it up and deal with it. If you don't want people talking to you while you eat then stay in your car or eat at the station. I will say I never enjoyed being interrupted either but it is part of the job. I stopped counting how many meals I got up and walked away from or threw away because "duty" called. You should also feel lucky if you are actually allowed a lunch break. Not all departments allow a lunch and not all are required to give lunch breaks since you are free to eat at any time during your shift. You chose to become a Police Officer which means you chose to put yourself in the position to be "bothered." Maybe you should go have this conversation with your Chief or Sheriff, I'm sure they will be very understanding of your problem. If you think it is wise to not talk with your boss about it then maybe you should start thinking about a new career. You will be "bothered" many times in the coming years by the people you took an oath to serve. I look forward to your response.

To respond to your comment about not being bother while I'm eating. Of course a couple took it WRONG. I don't mine talking to people it's my job, I just don't want to stop and carry on a conversation while I'm eating. I do appreciate when people thank me for what I do and I do treat people with respect,like I was raised too. As for the 20 year officer, get off your soap box. I bet when somebody ask you how your doing it take you 10 minute to tell them. Here an Idea next time your in a restaurant go sit down at somebody's table that you don't even know and start talking. I bet that will go over great. Do this hold up three fingers on one hand and read between the lines.

I'm also an officer with over 20 years experience. I too have dealt with the problem of citizens standing at my table too long while I'm eating. Unfortunately, not everyone was raised with the same manners as me. So how do I deal with it? I let them talk for a couple minutes. If they don't get the hint, I'll put my fork in my hand. If that doesn't work, I'll take a bite of my food. If they still don't get the hint, I'll go ahead and start eating. There's been several occasions where my partners and I finished a whole meal with a chatty citizen still standing there. Not much you can do about it. If they aren't swift enough to catch the hint(s), they can just stand there and watch while you keep shovelling down your grub.

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Interesting reading on the Liberty County Sheriff's office Facebook page. It's comical to read at times to believe all the BS that is written. The Interdiction Team made 14 arrest in 3 day period all on drug charges. That sure seems like a lot of Interdiction's in that short period of a time without a few of them being set ups. I am not supporting the drug dealers or criminals but I sure hope I am not caught up in one of these things wrong place at the wrong time deals.

Woman Shot by Boyfriend at Motel

Shooting at the Deluxe Inn - sounds like a romantic evening to me.

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Liberty County Hospital District Board President Bruce Stratton shamelessly announced the continuation of his controlover hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars when his good ole boy buddy Liberty Attorney Ed Pickett was sworn in. Very few people voted in their first attempt to establish this taxpayer sham and they lost so they redrew the lines and caught voters off guard and passed what has become a very lucrative district that they have controlled since its existence. Bruce Stratton's legacy!

Self-Dealing by Public Servants

thank you for calling out cad official,mayor. He learned from the pro. Allan (little D ) Conner and his family and friends have pulled this crap for years. All tax sales should HAVE to be sold on courthouse steps to high bidder and not to insiders or friends.

After reading the article about the Dayton property up for sale that Dayton Mayor Jeff Lambright has bid on, I hear the words, “Quid Pro Quo”! When you read the article and you know about what is being pointed out, then you see why “Quid Pro Quo” is so appropriate for this local issue. The phrase only being used on the national stage is because of number of Dollar Signs associated with it, but it can also be associated with a small town and county, like Dayton, Liberty County, Texas. Read about Mike Fielder’s many connections to Dayton, Texas and Liberty County and it behooves him to make a deal and sell it to Mayor Jeff Lambright as a favor to an elected official in Dayton, Texas and with his position at Liberty County Appraisal District. The definition of “Quid Pro Quo” is “Something given or received for something else.” according to Merriam Webster’s Dictionary. The property is valued at $100,000+ and if there is a structure then worth could be more and Mayor Lambright is offering only 20% of it to Fielder, in behalf of Liberty County. Remember Mayor Lambright knows all about the property because of his position with county appraisal district and the Mayor’s Father lives close to the property. In fact, the Mayor’s wonderful Grandmother lived close to the property before her death. Ms. Jackie Lambright, the Grandmother bought property in Dayton, Texas for years, amassing much property to use as rentals. Knowing Ms. Lambright, you knew she drove a tough bargain and was a shrewd businessperson, but I never thought of the term, “Quid Pro Quo”. I do think of it in this “deal” between Mayor Lambright and Attorney Mike Fielder, both innocent I am sure or am I. County Judge Jay Knight and Commissioners please review this “Quid Pro Quo” deal and decline the offer. Please, do not soil your hands and your responsibility to the “Tax Payers” of Liberty County, by accepting the deal presented to you by Attorney Mike Fielder at the next Commissioner’s Court. It does not pass the smell test…does it?

It is just sad that we put people in charge and they take no actions to make Dayton a better town but they use their office to better themselves. I think it is time to put someone in office that has the town and people that live here top priority. I see so much lacking in this town. The people in this town need things going on especially the kids to keep them out of trouble. I pay taxes for the community center to sit there with nothing being done with it. It is a shame we have to drive to Crosby to have something to do. There are a lot of families moving here and we need to step up and take care of business. If our MAYOR is doing this what else is he doing? obviously he is more worried about himself than the position he took to make this a better community.

I have confidence in Judge Knight as well as the County Commisioners,this bid should in my opinion be rejected. If there was ever a conflict of interest this one stinks to high heaven. Dayton and Liberty County have put our trust and votes in this group of public servants.

As a Citizen of Dayton I feel we the tax payers need to consider a recall on this Mayor. He has stepped over the line.

A mayor and works for the tax office? This is totally wrong. Now he trying to pad his pockets

To those complaining about Jeff Lambright's tax property bid, you need to understand how it works before you run your mouths. When a property gets behind on taxes, a lawsuit is filed. The owners then have months to years to pay the taxes or make a payment arrangement with the tax office. If nothing is done then it finally goes to court and a judgement is placed and it is set for tax auction, usually 3-6 months from the date of judgement. The owner has until the morning of that auction to pay the taxes. Then there is an auction on the courthouse steps. They are the first Tuesday of every month and advertised in the paper and online. They are open to the public. If no one bids on the property at the live auction, then it goes to the trust property list, which again anyone can pick up at the tax office or view online. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of properties on that list. You can make a bid on the properties on that list at any time through the delinquent tax attorneys. Then that bid goes to all the taxing entities who have to approve it. So, I agree it may not be the best judgement on Jeff Lambright's part as mayor, but this isn't some underhanded deal. This property has had many months/years to be claimed by the owners and then was placed up for bid at a public auction with no bidders. Furthermore, anyone has had the opprtunity to bid on it once it was placed on the trust property list....just ask Wes Hinch, he's been buying property like this for years, even as county attorney.

We elected him, lets unelect him. Totally ashamed of this Mayor.

Self-Dealing By Public Servants: Good article Allen, this smells pretty bad. The word collusion comes to mind. How much back taxes are owed? The difference between the amount owed with all the fines and attorney fees and the actual bid price, if over, that amount goes to the previous owner when sold, figuratively on the courthouse steps where the actual bidding takes place starting with the amount owed as the minimum bid. If that does not happen then the three entities school(2/3), city and county(1/3) can foreclose(take ownership) of the property and bid it out for possibly less than is owed, but all this usually takes a long period of time (years).The previous owner also has a certain amount of time to pay the taxes plus 25% depending if it is residential or commercial. Ole Clarence Martin loved to do this at the First Liberty National Bank. The Mr. Potter's in the Christmas movie "It's A Wonderful Life". They should all be fired the next election.

I don't think that public servants should be allowed to bid on tax sales. They have too much information beforehand.

Self Dealing by Public Servants: Appreciate you bringing this to the attention of the public. A similar instance occurred several years ago when a district judge bought bought foreclosed property for a song and now it is worth several million dollars. It was never made public. It is not unusual for public officials to use their office for personal gain. In fact it would be unusual for someone not to do it.

Lambright, Wisegerber, Alan Connor. All Dayton buddies. All on the CAD. This CAD "public service"needs to be spread sround. Some of tehse people have "served" for over a decade. These people have a great deal of power and a great position to have insight into real estae bargains. Don't tempt people by giving them more than a couple of two year terms!

This is totally wrong what this Mayor is attempting to do. He needs to go.

He's padding his pockets off the backs of the tax payers due to the positions he holds. This needs to be stopped and he needs to be removed.

Self-Dealing by Public Servants : Very interesting situation here for sure. Insider trading info for sure at the least. Sounds like someone is getting railroaded. This sounds like another Buddy Alder deal to me. This county is swarming with crooked politicians and officials.

Thanks to the story you printed the county,city of Dayton and Dayton ISD will not be getting the back taxes owed to them. The commissioner court rejected the bid from Mr. Lambright. This was a straight up fair deal. Everything had been posted and anyone could have bid on this. He made a full offer for over what was owed the county was very wrong by not accepting his bid and now I hope he files suit on the county. This is not fair. There is a bunch of cry babies that don't many anyone to be successful.

I think the County did the right thing. If they feel that the property will bring more money for us tax payers so be it. As for Lambright he should be ashamed of his self. As an Elected Official attempting to profit off the back of us tax payers is beyond belief.

I agree with the rest of the people this Dayton Mayor should be ashamed of his self. Come voting time I WILL let my two cents worth be known.

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Liberty City Officials, please quit wasting money mulching the Crepe Myrtles in the river bottom. It only attracts ants, termites and other insects. It also covers the base bark which is not good for them. If you want to see a Crepe myrtle that has never been mulched, look in front of City Hall. That tree has to be at least 50 years old and looks great. It was in front of the old auditorium before it was torn down. It cost a lot of money to mulch all those trees and the contractor only add to the existing mulch instead of replacing. Then they knock it back down when they mowe. Let's not try to keep up with Dayton and waste our money. Thanks

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Donald Trump starts running the world in two weeks. Experts suggest traveling as little as possible and keep small children and pets inside.

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Ernest Bailes, a dairy farmer and livestock breeder from San Jacinto County will take the state house of representatives seat being vacated with the retirement of Dayton’s John Otto. Bailes is a suspected Democrat plant in the Republican party and is thought to be a product of the teacher's union. He has said "education" was a big issue he wanted to addressWhy do I feel big government "solutions" will continue to emanate for our seat at the state house. God help us all.

Bailes - I do not know Mr. Bailes, but I do know that he is not a plant of any teachers union. Teachers unions are illegal in Texas; they do not exist here. The poster has been drinking way too much Alt Right Kool Aid.

Is it true State Representative Earnest Bailes is working on the Dayton ISD problem? Is he trying to change the ratings we were given or change the entire rating system?

Bailes, like many teachers in Texas (who are also voters by the way), will follow the teacher labor union directives. He will fight any competition with public education despite the benefits and lifeline to inner city kids. He will fight any way of effectively grading teachers and making them vulnerable to the idea of doing a good job or getting a new job. Essentially, he will be the Democrat bodyguard for the status quo in education.

Bailes was elected because the party had so much infighting that one group would rather elect a Democrat than someone tied closer to the other side. The group that was not close to Bailes Republican opponent in the primary pushed their friends to vote Bailes using whatever means necessary. Republicans are ripe to be beaten around here!

Why all the negativity toward the new State Representative before he serves? When John Otto decided not to run again some people immediately started to be negative about both candidates running to take his place. Pleasegive himthe couteousy those who started off opposing Otto gave him.

Ernest Bailes got elected because there were no better choices. Strahan may have made into the runoff, but not because Liberty County supported him. Strahan could never win in his home county because we all know his history. Folks around here know a carpet bagger when they see one. Plus Strahan ran a very ugly campaign and he turned off a lot of people on his candidacy.

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The beautiful new Liberty curved road taxpayers paid to pave along a much longer more expensive path from the bypass to Lakeland Drive makes no sense except to increase the property values of the adjacent owners. A direct connecting road from the bypass to Grand would have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars taxpayers.

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I've heard a rumor LT's Garbage Service has purchased property in the Eastgate Community for a garbage dump. Can anybody confirm this and if so why isn't it in the local papers? This needs to be fought they can continue taking it wherever they go now we don't need a huge stinking land field contaminating our drinking water in Liberty County.

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I hope the next mayor Liberty elects will promote pictures of some really nice Christmas decorations that focus on what the season is all about and ask for public support to purchase them. The current Mayor is too politically correct even though the majority of people here would love to have better decorations.

Now there is an optimistic thought - "the next since mayor". Liberty has been run by the same few families for longer than most of us have been alive. IF they do not want to focus on Jesus in the city's exhibition of Christmas spirit, then it isonly hope,not experience that would think it would be otherwise.

I was reading the two posts about the lack of decent xmas decorations and how the Mayor is getting the blame, and how the City missed the real reason of Christmas. Let's be real about this, Walmart started setting up for xmas in October, I didn't see any protests then, the local media encourages the citizens to "shop locally" I have yet to see any of the City Council or any other high profile City or County officials shopping in any of the stores I attend...none! Christmas is lost in the translation, the message of xmas has become a sentimental expression of some kind of "family" ideal that is so far from the intent of the Scripture message that to recover it would take more courage that can be mustered.

I have seen at least two city council people shopping locally in the last few days, but I agree shopping locally is a type of loyalty to the community lost by too many. As for the Christmas message and the courage it would take to lead on pushing for the community to make it clear and evident, people should not take leadership positions if they do not intend to lead. The problem is the current mayor is leading us right where he wants us to go - "happy holidays" rather than "thank you Lord for sending Your Son". Being a mayor in a small town like Liberty is not something most people would accept if given to them without a political race and with short periods of exception this lack of interest has caused the same little group to continue to direct the direction and philosophy of governing for too long. I haven't thought much about it but the Christmas decorations are a perfect symbol of the one area of the results of their "leadership". Too bad.

Ain't no "Bah Humbug" Mayor gonna steal the joy of celebrating Christmas from me and my family but you right, Scrooge's decorations do throw a wet blanket and a Maryless effort on the city's wishing everybody a merry Christmas.

Every year the church crowd complains about the way the city dresses upthe town for the holidays. Enough already!

All the critics of the Mayor of Liberty over the year should make a New Year's Resolution to focus on one amongst them to dedicate themselves to run for Mayor. I amalmost sure Mayor Pickett would welcome a competent successor.But you won't run. Your friends won't run.You are just a complainer not a problem solver.

Please leave the Picketts alone. They receive no criticism and behave as they wish. Their "we were here first" attitude is a hidden ace in the hole that leaves them declaring to themselves that they should continue to collect taxpayer money and spend it as they wish for their own idea of community "development".We are but bit players in their world.

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We need to get a little Christmas cheer feedback going. Here's the ultimate question(s). Male version - Leggos, or G.I. Joes under the tree? Female version - Barbies, or whatever?

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Like a drone in a big ant hill full of other drones, John Otto is working hard these days to cut all areas of Texas state government spending 4%. Really? Will this heretofore moderate lawmaker who has always been elected by voters who preferred himover conservative challengers - will he really do the bidding of our ultra nutwig conservative Governor? Or will he represent us here at home and stop the Draconian cuts made at a time when we need more money rather tahn less.

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Central Baptist Church Daisetta Texas will have a "LIVE NATIVITY" On Dec. 21, 2016 beginning at 6:00 P.M. Please come by and enjoy the reading of the birth of Christ and some beautiful Christmas music.

Former Police Officer Arrested for Theft

For Feedback Former Police Officer Arrested for Theft LIBERTY, December 9, 2016 – Bad Cops Make Worse Criminals, end of Feedback.

Barbie Skarpa, what the hell is wrong with you???

General Comments

People who have not been thrilled with the quality of our local attorneys over the years are really going to be disappointed when they have to hire any of these newcomers. Liberty County has some of the most pathetic young attorneys in east Texas in my opinion and it makes me worry about a decline in the quality we will have in our courts ten years from now.

I see where out of the blue someone made a comment about local attorneys. All I can say is this generation is not very mature and they are full of themselves. Sounds like they all could be attorneys!

Don't know whois being talked about here, but one young attorney's head is so big i do not know how he gets out of his house to go to work. And his arrogance is based on what?

Repeat Offender to Appear in Chambers County Courtroom

60% of the repeat offenders Jail Free Time Is The Direct Fault Of the Lazy District Attorneys and Judges not doing their jobs. They keep putting this person back on the street. Maybe Giving Their Public Defender Attorney Friends Extra Income ?

Two Deputies Injured In Assault

Feedback report, Questions: Two Liberty Co. Sheriff’s Deputies Injured in Assault: - Were the Sheriff’s Deputies Working Second Jobs as Traffic Control for The Mont Belvieu Refineries? As this Is a Parking lot, not construction site and is Within the City of Dayton, Why Were Liberty Sheriff’s Working the Parking Lot Exit Site (not intersection) Instead of City of Dayton PD? Who Pays Medical Cost City, County or The Refineries? Is Anyone Allowed to Hire Uniformed Officers to Stop or Divert Traffic on State Hwys Or County & City Roads and Hwys. If So Are Sworn Officers Required or Can You Employee Anyone with A Uniform?

What is you have against Local Law Enforcement working Extra Jobs? These folks do a Thankless job for some of the lowest pay levels in the state. When we tried, many years ago, to get raises, one of our Commissioners stated that we should learn to live within our means. Just remember, they aren't trying to get rich, maybe they are just trying to buy groceries higher than the Ramen Noodle Level.

To this commenter trying to defend the LC Deputies who were injured in an arrest of a person, please hear this point. Facts: 1) They are wearing uniforms paid for by Liberty County. 2) They are driving very nice SUV's paid for by the county 3) They are paid for their service (job) by Liberty County 4) Gasoline for the SUV's paid for by Liberty County. Therefore, they are using their Body's and their Peace Officers License to work very good paid extra jobs in the county. So, your point is their low pay, they are not indentured servants to Liberty County and are free to quit and move on to Harris County law enforcement agencies at higher pay or hire on with the Texas DPS or change professions. You talk to them they stay in Liberty County because of “low workload and loose supervision“, which equates to less activity and examination of finished product. Why do they stay for low wages? The reason is obvious. Making more money is about of workload and more supervision for you to produce better product. The DPS really pays well now, but last large group that tried to go to DPS from Liberty County washed out of the academy because of poor performance and excuses of being away from family. How many men in Liberty County, live here but work out of town/state to make more money in most fields. These are adults, who want Houston Police Department/ TDPS pay/benefits, but are not willing to do the work demanded by higher paying jobs. Ramen noodles, no way, everyday they work in Liberty County, they eat out and a bottom line of a meal in a café is $6+, many people cannot afford meals out. No Chains, feel free to leave any day, no one will stop you. Driving a New SUV Patrol Car home to Fort Bend County is a luxury, but they do it daily. Poor Pitiful Me sounds good; I guess I never could sing it to feed my family.

I haven't been here for a few weeks but I see the people are still complaining even toward Christmas. You elect these people to positions they are in, so stop complaining. I know some judges and attorneys that are very good but I also know that some are there because of their name, not their expertise. The County Sheriff's people have been doing a grand job at taking care of people not only leaving their jobs but for the people going to college and other places on the way to Baytown. Two deputies got severely hurt. I think anybody that is part of a police force in this day with all the bad things happening surely don't get paid enough to die for us. We should support our police force. They are dedicated men. You, who always condemning and complaining, put yourself out there in their place, until you do, shut the heck up. Merry Christmas to all people out there, our officers, these people complaining and everybody else. Surely, you know that it takes more energy to make a frown than a smile. Surely, you have not lost anybody in the wink of an eye, or you would realize every minute you are alive and breathing, you could make a difference in someone's life instead of bashing everybody. Be the good in the world, show compassion, because don't you know karma is a b........!

I can see from the last time I spoke up for the officers helping the traffic on South 146 on the way to Mont Belvieu. That would be the county's responsibility, not the City of Dayton, but it is within the county's line. It is so close to Christmas and yet you live here complaining about who and what does what, when you take every minute of your life nitpicking and judging, instead of living life in enjoyment. We are not promised tomorrow, so why don't you act like it is your last day, take time to help another and clean out your system of complaints, I would bet if you gave to another, your soul would be stirred. It takes much more energy to frown than to smile. Whoever is so ugly on this page, does not seem to realize how fragile life is. I am not saying I think everything has always been fair in Liberty County.But in this day, would you want your child to be a police officer, with all the recklessness going on? These people help protect us, with their lives. What are you doing? I have heard people say they would like to be a police officer but not now, because of all the officers getting killed or injured behind ignorance. Think about the children that will be adults in this world as it is. The older people will pass on, but our children will have to live with all the elects you have made, with people whose opinions are as slanted and narrow minded as yours. That will not be a very pleasant atmosphere for the children of this world. The kids today are so much smarter than back in the days, more education, and as I have seen more values and standards, than any of us had. They will make this world better if they don't get killed by all the bigotry in small towns.

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Just an FYI and some fun for anyone in the mood... I played along with the (202) number that KEEPS calling and wont remove anyone from the call list, United States Treasury (as they refer to themselves) The number to call is (646)653-0359. Call it!!! Its Hilarious if you tell them you are just calling to waste their time like they are wasting yours, try to order pizza, tell them your problems, or that you are looking for someone to mow your yard! Tell them Yennifer Barker gave you the number! Eventually they will tell you "Stop waste my time you no good mudda pucka", correct their broken English, say Merry Christmas, hang up and call back! Its comical!!! Happy Calling and you are welcome, -Jennifer Parker

Oil Well Blow Out Injures Four

Well explosion. There is a lot of misinformation in this article!

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I would like to thank the guy at A-1 Liberty County Plumbing who came out to Ameswood subdivision in Ames.They done an awesome job unclogging a major drain issue.

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This next year I am excited about Ernest Bales being our new state representative. While it is true he lives a great deal further away than the last two state representatives we have had, I am assured by Paul Newton he will not be anything embarassing like Ted Cruz or Greg Abbott. We need balance. This far right stuff around here is a bunch of crap.

I am sick of people like Paul Newton misleading their friends to vote for people like this Bailes character. Four years ago Bailes would have been likely to run as a Democrat. Newton may want to trigger a civil war within the Republican party around here. the voters will lose that war and that may be fine with this weasel.

Representative Bailes is far from being a weasel. His views were much more liberal and Democrat-like than his looney primary opponent's but Liberty County is only a few years from being a 100% Democrat county. So calling him a "Democrat" is not viewed as that bad. Mr. Newton laughs his ass off everytime he thinks about the strategy of calling Bailes a Democrat because he knows it got his friend votes.

I know that this is a wild-west, no-holds-barred Internet sight, but calling Paul Newton a civil-war party revolutionary is way over the line into aluminum-foil hats, black-helicopters, and Big-Foot (oops, I think I believe in those) territory. I'll speak up for my friend Paul. He's just a shiny-headed good old boy with a tech knack.

I must have misunderstood the post about Paul Newton. I did not see anything ugly or negative. I read where he was on the losing side of the inner party struggle that Republicans just went through and the reason was between the other people (described as conservatives) and Paul's group (described as more liberal), activists overwhelmingly preferred the conservatives. Except for the state rep race that Paul helped in. I am a Paul fan and think it is a feather in his cap to have helped elect someone that is not in lockstep with the current republicans. But who knows, maybe Paul and those of us who like his way of thinking are on a different planet!

Paul Newton a civil-war party revolutionary? I guess he could be, but if he is he is in these meetings with no allies. He is more like the last remaining tick after the dog has had a nice bath.

I have only one disagreement with Paul Newton and many with those that criticize him. First among ways I agree with Paul - though there was only a handful of us at even the largest meetings, we are moderate Republicans, not liberal. Like Paul, I did not like the undermining of the leadership within the local party that I have seen for a year and a half. Of the handful of moderates in the party that were coming to meetings, there were enough among decision makers to easily run the party the way we wanted them to. My area of disagreement has been, and it looks like will continue to be, he should NOT undermine the newly elected leadership. True, it was done to the last chairman, but that does not make it right now. Besides, it is obvious to me, moderates and supporters of the last group of leaders, are no where near in the majority. All that will be accomplished is helping Democrats.

It is not worth considering what Paul Newton thinks about politics. Anyone basing their vote on information from Newton is being duped.

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To reply to the Chickens Come Home to Roost... AND the person who insinuated that Brenda McManus Jones, or anyone close to her had written anything negative about Mrs. Brown is preposterous! Unlike the flirtatious Jezebel Brown (to put it nicely), Mrs. McManus is a TRUE Christian lady. She represents and carries herself with the same high standards that were set many years ago by her mother FORMER district clerk Joy McManus. Brown has turned the clerks office into a laughinging stock with the way she dresses and umhum . . . carries on with court officials! It is obvious that she does not fulfill her obligations of her job with morality and professionalism. Too bad the "Good Ole Boys" of Liberty county were more interested in chasing "tail" than restoring honor and integrity to this office when they elected her. Now Liberty County will once again be in the news. Karma, I'd say!

Competent Donn sound about as competent as her, thinking District Clerk's job revolves around her appearance.

Donna don't worry about these people their just jealous. You look great keep up the good job and please don't dress like most of these ladies in Liberty County.

I almost retched when I read the post about the "good Christian" McManus women. I know of one woman who worked under Joy K and she tells the story about how she took a disliking to an African American woman employee she had and couldn't find a reason to fire her so she went around to the other girls in the office and suggested that they make it hard on this girl so she would get discouraged and quit her job. Yeah good Christian woman my ass.

Hey Donna. Stop writing or getting others to write things about former clerks or their families. This is typical when faults are found during an audit. Blame someone else. We have gone from who wrote what, to religious beliefs, then racist issues. Are you kidding me? The findings of the audit will not change no matter how much you write about others. What I will say is if your going to write about others get your facts straight. Like names, who worked for who, what their race were. Maybe you should get on the audit person and their family too. But First and foremost get your ASS to fixing those audit findings.

Joy K and Donna are both fine people. Just fix the problems the audit found and be nice.

In reference to Chickens come to Roost: Donna Brown's office staff is like one big happy :) family then why is her turnover greater than any of the other previous District clerks? I believe she has only 2 of the previous clerks still working in her office that were working for Ms. Gilmore. She thinks her big brown eyes and phoney smile will get her anything she wants but she should remember the Janet Harrelson situation cause the higher ups will drop her in the frying pan or throw her under the bus before they take the fall for her. And Donna Brown, WHAT'S UP with all that plastered on makeup and too young for her age clothes???? I'm sure she keeps the cosmetic companies in business.. DONNA BROWN ........ YOU CAN'T FIX STUPID!!!! ............................................... RUMOR HAS IT..... County Judge Fiddling Jay Knight sent out donation request letters to County Vendors in order to fund the Liberty County Employee Christmas Health & Safety Celebration Luncheon. (I'm sure Donna Brown had her hand in this) All of us County employee's want is a raise not another damn party!!!

Ya dam fool they gave us a five percent pay raise last year and we aint had one in over six years. I believe they are at least trying.

It sounds like someone is consumed with Donna brown's looks and any advantage she may gain by her appearance. Is this like high school or what?

No we the voting public are not concerned with Donna Browns looks. We are concerned about her doing her job which it appears she is not capable doing. All indicators are that she is incompetent

New Offices Planed for County

I hope a traffic study is mandated. If not the traffic is going to be a nightmare at 8am and 5pm when the City Service Center across the street and the courthouse all hit the road at one time.

I wish Liberty County would use the assets they already have rather than ask the taxpayer to purchase more. The old county jail sits on a beautiful, well located piece of property. Use it!

Why doesn't the County use their old WalMart building instead of buying a new shopping center? That would be a better fit plus it wasn't under ten feet of water in '94.

They say that ignorance is bliss! To the commenter that still believes that Liberty County still owns the "old Walmart", your life must be blissful!! That building does not belong to Liberty County, "Henny Penny, the sky is falling..." Thanks for the smile!!

It is very good to have a Pro-Active & Progressive County Judge in Liberty County. The idea of purchasing the old HEB building and moving County Departments to it has been kicked around before, but County Judge Jay Knight and the current Commissioner's Court can take the idea across the finish line. By using the old Wal-Mart bldg. funds to buy the property and do the construction cost is very sound thinking by County Judge Knight. Also, selling property on Palmer and COS Streets and stop the leasing buildings will squash monthly expenditures of the county. The monthly lease payments alone are about $38,000 each month and will save $450K each year in the county coffers. It is hard to realize what County Judge Knight has done for this county’s tax payers in 2 short years. Thanks, also to County Commissioners for acting in totality for Liberty County, helping the citizens they represent and how their tax dollars are spent for Liberty County. Good Job!

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I was deeply saddened to hear of Doug Hanel's passing. What a giant of a man he was. He embodied community spirit more than anyone I have ever known. His countless hours of donated time visiting those less fortunate and bringing a smile to everyone he touched is just not seen anymore. To Doug, it was always about his fellow man. Always, what could he do to help, support or otherwise brighten their day. I know firsthand the joy he brought to our family each and every year at this holiday time. He made memories with my family that will last a lifetime and for generations to come. He served his community well and we will all feel his loss especially at this time of the year. I know my family will definitely miss his "visits" to our home as it was a Holiday Tradition for many, many years. I know that I am a better person for having the privilege of knowing him during my lifetime. He is a role model that others should seek to emulate. Here's to you Doug! God Speed and thank you for the positive impact you had on my family and the many families and friends you met along the way. We Love You!

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It was pointed out to me that on election day the Democratic vote started out with a pretty healthy lead And Then The Republicans Got Off Work.

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Nothing could be worse than putting Trump in the White House. His potential appointees are under qualified for the jobs, some are ignorant Creationists like that idiot Ben Carson, one is a anti-Semite, his VP thinks you should be able to "pray the gay away", and now we know that Clinton got right at two million more popular votes than this Nazi-larvae. The "basket of deplorables" help put this clown in office, and they are the ones that the shoes of racism, bigotry, women hating, fit their feet like the glass slippers of Cinderella. Anyone who tells me that they voted for Trump or has one of his posters in their yard I judge them in the most harshest of terms.

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I am impressed with my new home town and the people's ability to get away from all of the politics and support the mighty Liberty Panthers. We are more the same than we are different.

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Now that the election is over and it does not sound like all of the campaigning I would like to say what a miracle like effort Mike McCarty and Liberty County workers did in making the most of the grant money to repair Rice Belt road. For many many years it was going downhill and it was beginning to cause damage to vehicles. Then Commissioner McCarty began pushing for money that was not fromthe Liberty County budget. I did not hold out hope. One man nailed signs to trees blaming the road on Commissioner McCarty at the same time he was working beyond the sight of the media. He is my family's hero! His crew and him are not in our circle of friends that we see all of the time, but he helped a great many strangers that he will never know how much they appreciate him.

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when is our sheriffs department going to get off there butts and do something about thees juvinals stealing and burgers and selling drugs here it is so sad to see these deputies do nothing about it its like they just don’t care

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Congratulations Coach Taylor, Liberty coaching staff, and the entire wondeful team! You have done something that has not been done in a long long time.

Here is my kudos to Coach Chad Taylor: Thank you! Thank you fro caring about these young men. Thank you for taking the talents they have and giving themtheir best chance to be successful. Thank you for throwing the football when that is what your talent directs and running it, like this year, when that is where our skill sets direct. Tank you for enduring the few bad parents and administrators that you must survive. Thank you for making us proud!

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To the person complaining about 146 blockage, next time leave earlier. If I have an important meeting I leave early just in case something happens. You live around here and you know they are working on the roads. Besides there are other ways into town.

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I think it's wonderful that a group of men volunteered their time, equipment, fuel, etc and cleaned out the hwy 90 boat ramp. Many families in this area, including my own enjoy fishing,boating and camping in the river. However there has been no boat access for quite some time. Thank you Matthew Jackson, Bill Wilke, Dale Harryman and Trey Pike. Your kindness is appreciated. It would have been nice if our tax dollars would have been put to use on this instead of you having to foot the bill but that didn't look likely to happen.

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Who is the genius who allowed the work crews to completely block traffic on 146 between Liberty and Hardin in the middle of Friday afternoon, 11/18? This is a busy time, and much of the recent work had been done at night, thus freeing-up the road for day-time traffic. I missed an important appointment due to this blockage.


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