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The City of Liberty Water was working on the corner of Atascosito Dr and River Oaks in Travis Park about 3-4 weeks ago and there has been a constant stream of water going into the drain for that long. I don't know about these things but do they forget where they've been working? Seems like a big waste of water. 

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Earlier I complained about vehicles being parked on the streets of Liberty and choking the passageways for people traveling. Someone wished me luck in getting anything done about it. Boy were they right. The biggest offender has now put a fifth vehicle out there on a regular basis! 

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If an aide behaves inappropriate with a student, you can expect serious consequences no matter who they may know. This administration is serious about such things and rumors saying they make exceptions are all baloney. 

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Sorry to hear former Liberty County Texas Ranger Huff had massive heart attack last week. 

General Comments

just got utility bill. wondering if others are getting the extreme fuel charge that I'm getting. electric bill, $99, fuel bill, $209. know others have to pay their bill from soc sec checks, what does It leave for other living expense. why and when will this end. our property tax, insurance, and utilities are what we live for. 

 the comment of the "fuel charge" is valid. It is a known fact power for Liberty comes from the co-op who gets the power delivered at a fixed number. this "fuel charge" is a hoax put on your bill. Liberty does not buy "fuel" to supply power. They don't make power, the co-op buys it delivered from other companies at a contract price. for years the city has used the electric revenues to "tax" it citizens without upping the property tax rate. Look at the budget and you will see the transfer from electric revenue funds to the general fund to use for whatever they want. Enough is enough. 

If the city of Liberty is fraudulently assessing a "fuel charge", can citizens file a lawsuit asking the courts to reimburse the years of bills we have paid? Would the lawsuit have to be here in Liberty? 

 Liberty - I think filing an online complaint with the state inspector general may get the ball rolling. Surely there are officials in Austin that can help us here in Liberty. 

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Why are their all the orange cones on highway 90 next to the Chinese restaurant and the auto parts place? The work that was done from the highway is done. I have seen so many near accidents their on my way to work and on my way back. How about moving the cones and the danger they cause unnecessarily. 

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Any chance of building a wall between here and California. The "immigration" from Pelosi Land is breathe taking. I hope these people change their failed ideas before they come to Texas 

General Comments

did I hear right this morning on channel 2 news about the decision for a congressional sub commitee to investigate the controversional call in the Saints playoff game? what? 

General Comments

The city of Liberty needs some kind of ordinance preventing residents from using public property (the city street in front of their house) for storing their extra vehicles. Permanent or near permanent parking should be done on privately owned land. Some of our fellow citizens have one, two, or sometimes even three cars parked on the public street in front of their house. As a result of these cars being there nearly every hour of every day, we all have to drive down some very narrow passages and sometimes we have to wait until the traffic on the other side passes. Perhaps an ordinance requiring vehicles parked on the city streets be moved every 24 hours. 

Looks like the city of Dayton has finally made a good change, they cut the DC/DC director. I finally agree with something this new City Manager has done. 

 I agree about the problems we have in Liberty with parked cars on city streets. We would not need these kinds of laws if people were considerate of how their behavior effects others. But since most people are just looking out for themselves, some thing does need to be done. 

Parked cars on the streets was a problem on my street until a teenager clipped one in the middle of the night and one week later a neighbor backed into another parked car. Our street is pretty clean now. 

Good try, whoever promoted the idea of reducing the number of parked cars on the streets. nothing will happen though. You are obviously not part of Our Guiding Light leadership group. It is not their idea, it ain't happening. 

General Comments

Ref: Unemployment rates at historic low's.... Thanks Obama, you're the best. Uh Uh Uh I did that! I just wish I could cross these other 7 states off my bucket list, uh uh uh where dey at? Wow don't you wish you could have found that magic wand, Obummer??? 

General Comments

I will be voting accordingly in May, I HOPE THE REST OF MY DAYTON RESIDENTS, wake up and vote accordingly too. We need to say good by to Jeff Lamborghini, Johns Johnson and Seral Lawson. This opinion is based on the past years events. One the change at the Civic center ( what a mess) two the City Secretary (what a joke) three Chief of Police (personal agenda). City council is supposed to have our (us the tax payer best interest in mind not their own). Everyone of the three changes I have mentioned are personal not for the best of our community. My eyes are open; are yours? 

Sherial Lawson Is not up for election, it’s Troy Barton that’s up for re-election. Being on city council is not easy but one should know this before running for this unpaid headache. But I completely agree; we need a change because our current city council are just following Jeff Lam-bright’s lead. 

Troy Barton and John Johnson will be running for re-election. Barton is as dumb as a sack of rocks and pretty much gets his instructions from Alan Conner. John Johnson is in it for financial gain. Take a look at his subdivision agreement with the city. Puts major bucks back in his pocket at the expense of the tax payers. Both of these guys need to go home. 

Thank GOD Jeff Lambright is not running again. Maybe we will finally have a mayor that is truly in it for the better of the community and not for selfish reason. The last two Mayors have been the worst I have seen in years. I do agree that we need to vote Johnson and Barton out also. Every year Johnson has has personal gain while on city council with his construction business and Barton really has no self thought can’t leave Lambright out, his father has gotten how many grants? To answer your question, YES my eyes are open too. 

Everyone needs to stop Complaining about the city of Dayton because the past few years have proven that they are going to do whatever is on their personal agenda no matter how the taxpayers feel. After all the complaints about the community center they still allow that unqualified office to run the city taxpayer-funded building. And yes my eyes are wide open, I will vote against every current city Council person that allowed these things to happen. 

With the Dayton City Manager currently serving as the interim Executive Director for the DCDC, my question is:  Why look for a new DCDC Executive Director?  The cities of Liberty and Cleveland both utilize their city managers as their respective Economic Development Board leaders, thus saving tax dollars for salary and benefit expenses for this position.  

The next thing that needs to happen is they remove the the Director of the Dayton Chambers Of Commerce. It’s apparent she has no ideal what she is doing.

I completely concur that the Dayton chamber of commerce director needs to be replaced, in my eyes she has proven not to be an asset for our community nor the Dayton Chambers. I have always had issues with them hiring this particular young lady that has made it clear from her very beginning she was not sold on Dayton . 

I agree that Dayton Chambers needs a new face, the one we have is not and has not been a positive outlook in our community. Time for a change this has become overwhelming obvious. 

If the Dayton Chamber Board can’t see their mistake in hiring the Current Director then maybe a change is need there too. If you do the math you will see all the complaints being posted all began after they hired this lady. Starting with the last City Manager abruptly quitting, the Senior center being left to fend for themselves, the change of the civic center staff and the civic center Manager be moved to city hall. This lady has not been a positive community supporter, she been out for herself not for the benefit of our community, this has been overwhelming obvious. MY EYES are OPEN and I have seen John Johnson and Jeff Lambrights hand in help this lady’s agenda and theirs. 

The lady that runs the Dayton Chamber office made remarks to me about the Dayton resident being backwoods when she first started. 

I am so over the inadequacy of the Dayton Chamber, The city needs to take that office over and straighten it out or just close the doors. Just thinking of that office representing us Dayton residents; embarrassment is what I feel. 

Now let’s be fair; we can’t put all the blame all on the director of the Dayton Chambers, not saying she’s not to blame. But if you’re going to do a timeline on all the underhanded occurrences , Let’s try and be accurate, it all started with the ex-mayor Feilx Skarpa. He’s the one that put on city council to take the city staffs rights away by trying to remove their rights to put political signs in their personal yards and or vehicles and our current Mayor Jeff Lambright that was a council member at the time, backed him along with Dr Johnson another council member. During Jeff’s run as mayor with the full backing of Johnson they have approved tax breaks for Johnson’s construction company so he could fill his pockets with cash. This also happened during Felix’s run. They are the reason the old City Manager “resigned”. Johnson is on the Dayton Chamber board and he knew that this office can’t Make it without financial help therefore Johnson and Jeff put a plan together to fund this private nonprofit office. They put this office over the civic center so they could get $30,000 a year of our tax money. And by the way what I understand is that during the city council Johnson voted to remove the staff over the civic center and contract the Dayton Chamber to oversee the building when in fact he should of removed himself from the discussion because he is on the Chamber board. Big conflict of interest I would think. I bet we will have to fund Johnson’s tax breaks again now that no one is running against him, Mark my words. Thank God Jeff is not running again. 

About time everyone starts talking about the Dayton Chambers and it lack of community care. I completely agree that Director should be replaced and hopefully with someone that has a true desire to work. 

For all the complaints about the Dayton Chambers, complaining about will not fix the problem but actions will. Maybe y’all should get on the board and make those changes that are so desperately needed. But for that office running the civic center call the city council and city manager and voice your displeasure. Not saying it will help we are talking about the same council that voted the old city staff out and this unorganized office in. Good luck. 

I have numerous complaints about the Dayton Chamber, I have spoken with the Director about some of them with no changes made afterwards. I must be the only one, but when I first met this Director I felt positive after our interdiction. That positive outlook I had has diminished over time. I now see the Director is not the right person for this job. I concur with the other post, this position needs a go getter and multitasker . I also concur with the post that the city needs to hire the Director and cover the Insurance and salary. This will help the board focus on more important things other than money. This will also stop the embarrassment this office has created by only focusing on making money. This would allow the Chambers board to be able to hire at least one more person to assist in the office. I ask the Dayton Chamber board to try something new, think outside the box because what y’all have been doing is not working. Find a true hard working, multitasking, Dayton Loving person that could lead the staff in the right direction and you will see a huge difference. 

The Dayton Chamber of commerce has never really been a successful nonprofit. I personally don’t want this office to close but I do want it to be more professional and represent Dayton better. I also feel to accomplished this; this office needs to be overhauled top to bottom. I like the Idea that the City employee the Director to allow funding for a new employee. This would work until the office undergoes significant growth. This is what the board should of asked for from the City instead of asking to eliminate long-term city staff so they could receive their paychecks. This just showed me the Chamber is being ran by heartless, underhanded, selfish non-Community minded individuals and this is what has to change. I also agree the Director needs to more of self starter, multitasker and a real worker and a chair warmer. 

There’s a reason most of the Dayton businesses are a member of the Liberty Dayton Chamber alongside being a part of the Dayton Chambers, they have never done well on behalf of their members. 

General Comments

I know I’m not the only one that misses the old staff at the Dayton Civic Center. It’s nothing against the new staff they just do not know what they’re doing; due to lack of training I’m assuming. I miss the days when Laura, Candy and I think the other girls name was Lee worked here. They were always cleaning something, Pleasant and always willing to help. They never stood around outside smoking. They always had chores to do and as a taxpayer I like to see my money put to good use. The Worst thing a city ever did was put the Dayton chambers over this place. I don’t know what happened or what the reason was for this change to take place but why would you change something that was running smoothly. 

The changes at the Dayton civic center were all about money. The Dayton Chamber was in trouble financially - poor management and poor performance. John Johnson (President of the Chamber) and Mayor Lambright needed to legitimize a way to give tax money to the chamber. Amanda Wilson is moved to city hall and reassigned while the chamber gets $ 30,000 dollars a year of your tax money for "running the civic center". Problem is that the chamber can't run the chamber much less an operation like the civic center. 

The Dayton Civic Center had the perfect team, they made several events that I miss now that Amanda Wilson and everyone else are gone. But I always thought the old staff was over worked, based on my observations over the past years. Knowing how the city pays I am sure that staff was not paid what they deserved. The new staff does half of what the old staff usually did. I also agree that the new staff has not been trained accordingly due to poor supervisor skills. The city council has made a very bad call and we are all paying for it. 

It needs to be clear that the present management of the Dayton Civic Center is the Dayton Chamber and not the Liberty-Dayton Chamber of Commerce. The Liberty-Dayton Chamber has a Dayton office, 1/2 of Directors from Dayton and self-sponsored Christmas activities in Dayton this year after the Dayton City Council abruptly canceled approximately a $3,000 annual contribution that in recent years was spent totally on Dayton Christmas activities that have occurred for decades. The conflict of current Dayton City Council members in funding only the Dayton Chamber is blatant and costing precious City tax funds of at minimum $30,000 per year that has been redirected to the Dayton Chamber while, without cause, canceling involvement with the Liberty-Dayton Chamber of Commerce in providing the families of Dayton fun and well-managed events. 

I agree the old staff at the Dayton Civic Center was not paid what they were worth. And everyone knows how little the city pays all their staff. They don’t have any money for the hard working staff because the upper management paycheck take all the money. 

All you folks complaining about the Dayton Community Center just remember .... the voters get the government they deserve. I.E., if you keep voting in the "Good Old Boys" (aka the old family names that own most of the town), then you will keep getting the same old nepotism and poor government. And if you don't vote at all, you are just as much to blame. 

General Comments

power out, mon., 12-31-2018. for 3 1/2 plus hours, now what ? no water on Thanksgiving day. let's get it together City Of Liberty ! 

Texas' Unemployment Rate Remains at Historic Low 3.7 Percent

Ref: Texas Unemployment, Thank you Obama for the low unemployment rate of 3.7% you're the coolest dude ever, so cool you've visited 57 states! ;-) 

Unemployment: Your thanking Obama HA. We have the lowest unemployment percent then we have had in years. Obama had this country heading toward a recession. He and his less then pretty wife just wanted power, they couldn't care less for the people. Trump has done more for this country than any president since Regan. PS Build that wall. 

General Comments

this is my thoughts on the border and so many people from other countries, many of which come here with things like chicken pox, whooping cough, measles things our children and grand children have to take masses of shots for, sick for days, and many of dieases were brought here when crossing border from southern countries. many of us who live in this area have lived overseas, and we have to have shots for everthing or we won't be let in. Is hard to believe so many are against the border wall. they are older now and feel sorry for the news children they see there,but have you looked around, many American children and seniors are barley making it to feed educate foreigners.

Speaking of shots on people coming in, it is like history repeating itself, right? We DO remember all the Europeans coming over here with all their disease that the Native American Indians that were here firsthand had no immunity to the diseases but we by law are required to

No apologies are necessary for the diseases that were the result of The Columbian exchange because there not only were no laws and no borders, there was not enough science to prevent it. Had there been good science and a nationa border that had a gate with laws regulating Columbus and company's immigration, maybe things would have been different. 

General Comments

I am so very disappointed in the new city Manage for what he has turned out Civic Center into and now someone forgot the City Christmas decorations. All excuses “they were missed placed” there may have had a few new employees but not the entire staff. The fact is, someone drop the ball... let’s be honest. 

Eric Brown Wanted in Harris County

Man that Brown family is something else. At least Donna Brown will be History at the end of this Year 

This is what we all should be happy about. 1 The Law is getting a person off the Street that has been arrested for Assualting a Family Member 2 Getting an Arrested Drunk Driver off the Roads 3 Donna Brown was voted out of Office

You should be so proud Donna Brown.

We got a good District Clerk coming into Office in January. I voted for her.

Donna Brown is not well liked. The voters showed that.

All I have to say is the People has spoken and Donna Brown is out. Maybe this public endorsement will stop for Liberty country out of that office and that office will finally be a productive office. Maybe now we the people / taxpayers will get our moneys worth out of that staff. 

My God is this all people have to do is slam Donna Brown? Everything I read about her is just a repeat. Why is it she's named when her son gets a DWI ? Who really cares? I know some prominent people around here and  their kids have did things that was just as bad and it was kept hush hush and under the rug. Yep you know who they are.

I believe you meant to say Donna Hillary Clinton Brown.

It's Christmas

Thank you so much for posting the beautiful rendition of this wonderful Christmas Season Hymn.  The music, and especially the lyrics, are so familiar and meaningful.  Both will forever remind us of the reason for this celebrated Advent season.  

General Comments

My utility bills this year are 18% higher than last year. And last year they were a great deal more than my sister's house in Dayton even though our houses are close to the same size. Why are Liberty city bills so high? 

while reading the feedback report, was having the same thoughts about utility bills. I had a fuel charge of $200, and I live alone, have water use of 4000. And if you think that's bad, have a 1800 sq ft house, and tax was $2500, go figure

 I don't know if anything can be done about Liberty's high utility bills after witnessing a complaint in front of those who should do something about it. Either they are less capable than other city leaders or they are less caring. 

Bobby Rader and Ken Defoor Conspire with Convicted Felon

This doesn't surprise me about Sheriff Rader. This man is getting worse as time goes by. All I can say is that hopefully someone will step up and become our next Sheriff. 

I feel sorry for those Officers whom work for him. They deserve better. 

He’s a good Insurance Salesman and a failure as a Sheriff. That Sheriffs Office has went down hill and continues to gain momentum. Your right its for him to leave.

He is not worthy of my vote ever again.

The report about the criminal record discovered on a man in media has an unusual slant on it. After reading it, I am unsure how that reflects on the sheriff. Negative stories with strange slants reveal a bias that may make a public official reluctant to be forthcoming with a media outlet. Who could blame them? This website is important to many of us and we want this website to have access to the sheriff and his department, so please report fairly. 

Sheriff Rader enjoy till 2020, I got a strong feeling you and some of your staff will be replaced. 



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