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Dd anyone else living in the City Of Dayton water bill double and if so were you able to get through on the phone and get a explanation they are billing me for over 40 days of service and the dates add up to 30 and before anyone says anything my whole household are essential employees so we haven’t stayed home one day more than usual 

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i dont see any mention of an kind of help being offered in liberty co such as food,masks are testing being done to bad 

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 I see John Johnson has resigned from Dayton City Counsel. How lucky could we have gotten. 

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Things to do while under self quarantine This is directed at my fellow Senior Citizens who are staying home during the Corona Virus quarantines: Clean your closets out and donate clothes you no longer want to a charity. Pull out that box of family photos and write the names on the back for future generations to see. Organize your kitchen or garage. Donate items you no longer want or use. Check the expiration dates on all your food and dispose of the ones that have expired. Check the expiration dates on all over the counter medications and throw out the ones that have expired. Read those books you have sitting around, Work on puzzles Get a word search or fill it in book from the store and work on those. Start working on crochet or knitting projects that you have been putting off. Work on a latch hook kit or counted cross stitch project Make a bucket list of things you want to do Start a family tree and write down family history stories for your family members to enjoy. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ADD TO THIS LIST AND REPOST TO ALL YOUR SOCiAL MEDIA SITES. 

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People complain about we need more officers on the street in Liberty County. I went to the tax office yesterday and saw a Liberty County Constable just sitting there. Why isn't he out where he can be of use? We need officers to patrol, not working as a security guard. I don't know why or who put them there, but it needs to stop. PS he didn't look happy to be there. 

"We need officers to patrol, not working as a security guard." Why don't you join an academy, go through the training, put on the uniform and get paid what they do to put up with people like you????? Or you could just give him some respect for doing a job that most don't have the guts to even think about. 

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"Hint on the "dont do" part - they arent that good at collecting taxes." Sounds like other people aren't that good at PAYING their it's a moot point. The only thing more crooked than the Trinity River is politics..

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A comment of the fatality on hwy 90. Actually two comments. I have had people walk out in front of my car as if they are indestructable. Red lights are frequently ignored by people and cars. Especially around the square. Second the city police do not enforce the speed limit on Hwy 90. Its not surprising that we had a fatality. 

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So with these new garbage cans and only one day a week pick what happens to larger families? Guess they are forced to buy another can and suffer with a price hike. Do our rates go down now that only one day a week pick up? 

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Anybody know if Texas Avenue is scheduled to be completed or are they trying to break a City of Liberty record for incompetence in road and sewage repair? 

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Sure lotta folks running for Pct 1 commissioner. I don't know why both them Dayton boys wanna be commissioner over a mostly Liberty side of the river area. Somethin to ponder... 

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 "What in the heck is going on with our Sheriffs Department, I’ve really had enough of them not doing their job." Then put your name on the ballot!!!!! 

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Driving to Hardin I noticed that North Main Baptist Church is reviving their Christmas festival. The lights are beautiful! The kids wanted to park and just stare at them. We are so excited that they have decided to continue what was always a very popular event. 

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I see this item on Commissioners Ct agenda and I cringe: "CONSIDER AI\lD APPROVE THE RATIFICATION OF ACTION TAKEN BY THE COMMISSIONERS COURT ON NOVEMBER 12, 2019 MEETING, NAMELY THE AWARD OF THE CONTRACT FOR DEliNQUENT TAX COLLECTION. SERVICES TO WNEBARGER, GOGGAN, BLAIR & SAMPSON, AND CONSIDERATION AND APPROVAL OF CONTRACT FOR THE SAME" . These are the same slime balls who greased the wheels when the Democrats ruled the courthouse. Do you realize what they do to keep these contracts and what they dont do? Hint on the "dont do" part - they arent that good at collecting taxes. 

Liberty County District Attorney charged with assault after dispute with wife

Logan Pickett, well your true colors finally come out. See Ya. 

Logan, Do yourself and everybody else favor and resign 

Come on people. Give Logan his day in court. Women can nag men to the limit.

So Logan Pickett will continue to serve the folks of liberty county? That's totally laughable. I can see now why he lets people off with probation for assault with a deadly weapon, child abuse and identity theft (all this from the same person). I guess he can sympathize with dangerous criminals since he has been a closet criminal all along. Yep the good ole boy system is alive and well is southeast texas. 

This is not the first time Logan Pickett has had the same “domestic” trouble in Harris County or Liberty County. The only difference is, mayor daddy and the cops covered it up in Liberty County....

For the person posting that Pickett should step down; you must be a liberal that believes is a dictatorship. Let me enlighten you, here in my Country “America” we are all innocent until proven guilty. I also do NOT believe anything that the News channels report on anymore. To much fake news these days. He may have done what he was charged with, only God will know the complete truth. His wife could of been the aggressor, this is not uncommon, they could of been drunk and trying some kind of tricky Sex moves. The fact is NO-one was there but them; not you or I therefore No-one should be condemning him or her. This is America and I trust in our system, imperfect of not. 

I’m glad God doesn’t Judge You All like you Judge Mr Pickett. The day will come when we all are Judged and I hope that your Judgement and hatred doesn’t affect any others. No one and I mean no one knows what took place. That is to be detriments in a Court of Law.

To the person that says we are liberals for voicing our opinion about Logan Picket. I am not a liberal. I have first hand knowledge about "Mr" Picket being very soft on crime. Now I believe that he should be judged in a court of law where the good ole boy system does not work. I also believe he should resign because if for nothing else he gives Liberty County a black mark on local government and the local court system. 

The question for Liberty County should be, "Is Logan Pickett, an accused wife abuser, the best person available for the job of District Attorney? Remember Mike Little had some awful rumors about him but still managed to keep that job for years because no one better ran. 

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Why do we have all the campaign signs going up already. Political season last long enough. Besides the fact that it is unsightly & tiresome, it’s also illegal in Texas to put signs up before 90 days prior to the election. I’ve seen them putting up sign for over two weeks now. That is well before the 90 days law. I guess our desperate Government employees done give a damn about our laws or the time they spend putting them up prior to the election season, and some on our dime! Done they do enough politicking in our money during the lawful campaign season? 

 Every politician with campaign sign up right now is in violation of Texas Election code. The law say you can’t have sign up until 90 days prior to the election. Several of these Government leeches have have had them up for weeks. They put them up on your dime, and then can’t even follow the law. We have to suffer enough with their BS during election season, why can’t we adhere to the law that limits the amount of time we have to do so? 

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I must say that after attending several functions and visits to the Dayton Community Center it is really making a comeback. THANK YOU COUNSEL! General Comments

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What in the heck is going on with our Sheriffs Department, I’ve really had enough of them not doing their job. 

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Why is Jeff Nations still the head football coach for Dayton Broncos? He has not did anything for them. We keep losing.

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I would like to gripe a little. Imagine that. The City of Liberty has been and are continuing to replace electrical poles. It is something that is much needed and appreciated on my part. My gripe is that they can’t remove the old poles until the telephone and cable companies remove their wires and contact the new poles. The old poles remaining are a very much an eyesore. The city may need to hire a contractor to complete the job and bill the other utilities with a healthy administrative charge. Maybe that would get them off their high horse and help bring this city back to its glory. Please voice your opinion, and give these companies some feedback from their customers. 

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this is something I just found out. when my husband died, I left his name on our city bill, didn't know it would cause such a problem. the city had been charging me intrest on it for awhile, told me I had to bring the 1099 from social security, well, didn't think the city should know what or how much social security was paying me, finally called city manager, he told me all I needed was my ss card and drivers licenses., when I got there, the woman who came out to talk to me wanted to know my income, when i go SS, and when they put it in my bank acct, and how did I pay my bills, I didn't know the city had to have that kind of information, now you need to know, I have been paying my billsince 2012 and only missed it this june when I was very sick. has anyone had this problem. I was drilled about where I get my income. Is that going too far? 

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If you are concerned about the closing of the local Drivers license office you need to contact the local representative and senator otherwise you are going to be driving 40 to 50 miles to get your license. 

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I am so fed up with this Sheriffs Department.

I SO HOPE we get a new Sheriff. I just don’t see any reason to support the one we have now. It’s just not right how he’s not concerned about us. Someone needs to replace this man. 

 If some of you people want Sheriff Rader out then state why. Always mouthing off without stating some facts. 

So, after two recent escapes and now a suicide, you gotta wonder what kinda jail the Sheriff is running?  GEO might be the jail operator, but it’s still the Sheriff’s responsibility to oversee it all.

I bet he sells more insurance than he does catchin crooks. 

It’s simple we need a new Sheriff 

I am so sorry that I supported Bobby Rader in the past! This will not happen again. I don’t care who runs against him, they will get my support and money. 

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 Why does the City of Liberty insist on being so pathetic. I was at the boat ramp at the Port this weekend looking at all the trash laying around. Much of the fault lies with the dirty people who feel the need to dispose of trash on the ground but the majority of the trash was actually the foam remnants from the removal of the barge. All that foam was allowed to be disposed of in the river since that is effectively what happened. AS far as I can tell the company that removed the barge was never held accountable for the removal of the foam. Even still years later there are chunks of foam laying all over. The water at the Port was clear and nice looking once you exclude all the trash from your field of vision. It is pathetic that the city does no recognize the attraction that the river could be. I won't even begin to go on a rant about the HWY 90 boat ramp and the nasty littered sandbar area. Would be nice if the city would set an example and at least act like they cared about the aesthetics of the river. 

I would like to add to the comment on the condition of the Port of Liberty. Why doesn't the city take some initiative to mow & clean the area. It would be nice to have a few picnic tables there so people could enjoy it. It's really sad.

"Why does the City of Liberty insist on being so pathetic." Why don't you run for City Council and do something about it? 

 Liberty is a third world town. Get over it.

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 i live in romayor do we have a constable up here in romayor see a lot of deputies as it gets near election they will show up as every past year 

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The city should be ashamed of the civic center, what a mess. I never see anyone working this includes the Chambers office, What a bunch of lazy individuals. Well I guess I expect to much out of government workers. 

With all the complaints about the civic center, I would just like to say that I am happy our little town has such a place. I may not like the way the city / Chamber is running it, but I am proud we have it. Instead of complaining let’s try and make suggestions to the city about what we would like improved. 

Regarding the comment about the civic center in Dayton; You might want to page down and read some of the prior comments regarding the civic center for some hints on how it can be improved. It seems a lot of people enjoyed it and were proud to have it in the city. 

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Power Outage... Just saying thanks to everyone thats doing there best to keep our electrical grid going in this heat. Stay hydrated.

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I want to thank all of the law inforcement that has made an appearence in the Westlake road area. I think most of the michievious activity has slowed way down. Thank You 

Deputy R. Whitten Family Update Statement

Anybody heard how Deputy Whitten is doing? Hope ok. Always thought Liberty Co. Sheriffs Office one of the best in Texas. Talked to Deputy Whitten at Hardin Grocery once, thought he was very professional and his bravery speaks for it's self. Thank you Deputy Whitten. 

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To the person inquiring about the widening of : yes it is going to be widened but various public meetings must come first. One will be in October. Media will let us know what day. 

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Why is a Hardin constable giving out traffic tickets inside the Liberty, TX city limits with tickets stating payment is to a Hardin, TX JP court instead of a Liberty court? Hardin city making money from Liberty city traffic stops by Hardin constables needs to stop. 

A feedback was submitted asking "why is a Hardin Constable giving out traffic tickets inside the Liberty, TX city limits with tickets stating payment is to a Hardin, TX JP court instead of a Liberty court?" First, the Constable is a Liberty COUNTY Constable, not "Hardin Constable". While the Pct 3 office is in Hardin, their PRIMARY jurisdiction is Pct 3 which includes Hardin, Moss Hill, Rye, Romayor, Knights Forest, Tanner Settlement, and other Northeast Liberty County Subdivisions. The Pct 3 Constable, as well as the other five Liberty County Constable's GENERAL jurisdiction is Liberty County. The cities of Liberty, Cleveland and Dayton are all firmly in a Liberty County Constable's GENERAL jurisdiction. All six Liberty County Constables and their deputies routinely assist in precincts other than their own. They assist their fellow Constables, the Sheriff's Office, and even the municipal PDs. When doing so, they lawfully have all the rights and powers of detainment and arrest, just like they would inside their own precinct. In the case of traffic stops and citations, the Constables and deputies can set the citation for a hearing in ANY of the six Justice of the Peace precincts. Sometimes they'll set it in the JP precinct they're currently in, while other times they'll set it in their primary precinct. The feedback poster also incorrectly assumed that any fines collected would go to the City of Hardin. In Pct 3, and ALL Texas counties, fines collected by a JP Court go to the County's general fund. Finally, the feedback poster (and others) might be wondering why a Constable or deputy with a Hardin office is down in Liberty. The simple fact is, Liberty (the city) is the County Seat for Liberty (the county). All of the county government is centralized in Liberty. So observant citizens will often see the other five Constable precincts inside the Liberty city limits. Part of normal Constable activities includes trips to the District Clerk, District and County Attorney's Offices, Treasurer, Auditor, District and County Courts, Jail, etc. Additionally, there are merchants, restaurants and services in Liberty that aren't available in Hardin for the Pct 3 Constable (or in Raywood for the Pct 2 Constable, or in Tarkington for the Pct 5 Constable). When any of those Constables and their deputies witness traffic offenses while in Liberty, or Dayton, or Cleveland, they will stop the violator. When the stop is made, they'll take the lawful actions necessary, including warnings, citations and even arrests. Here's hoping that clears up the misconceptions submitted by the feedback poster. 

 The clarification on County constables authorities and the placement of constable tickets revenues in County coffers is appreciated. However, since cities have to budget and pay city law enforcement officers and for city equipment, does not the diversion of city ticket funding into County bank accounts instead of City coffers deprive cities of desperately needed funds from law enforcement events within the City limits? Maybe the placement of funds from tickets issued within a city limits needs to be reviewed and changed to go to the cities if not now equitable to the cities. 

When a county deputy writes a traffic ticket inside the city limits, any city limits, and the ticket is placed in Justice of the Peace Court, that city is not "deprived of desperately needed funding". That's because, BY LAW, the police departments, sheriff's offices and constable offices aren't funded by fines collected from tickets. That's why ticket "quotas" are against the law. A police chief can't tell his officers, "We don't have enough money this year for new cars, so you officers need to go write some more tickets." By STATE LAW, when a Municipal Court or JP Court receives fine money, a portion goes to the State and a portion goes to the general fund of the respective municipality or county, NOT to the law enforcement agency. If a city or county is basing their law enforcement agency's budget off ticket fines, they are breaking the law. Finally, if the feedback poster thinks there needs to be a "review" of how ticket fines are handled between a city and county, that process won't start at your City Council or Commissioner's Court meetings. You'll need to go to Austin and get the Legislature to change the state laws. 

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 I notice Liberty County Constables PCT2 have been really cracking down on violators. I see their white Tahoe's a lot. Glad to see them, the traffic in Devers and other areas they work have slowed a lot. I see them in the school zones enforcing the speed limit to protect our children. We need more like them. Thanks 

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Recycling Liberty or Dayton? Is there a drop off container for separated household garbage, I would gladly separate my plastics, paper, etc. and drop it off if available. 

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With the latest eyesore (the tower) in the heart of downtown Liberty, the area continues to take on an industrial look. From the tower to the ugly fence and rock and sand and equipment storage area where the Chevrolet dealership used to be, they might as well give up on any effort to beautify downtown. What next?

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I stand corrected from a post I made before. I said that the Dayton Community Center could not get any worse; but here it is much worse. What a disappointment for the city and us taxpayers. Here sits a building my tax money paid for and the city is allowing it to be come a filthy investment. The poor city employees look so lost and not very pleased with there job, my heart goes out to them. What I see is nothing but a lack of supervisory experience. I am also very disappointed that City Council has paid our tax money to a private nonprofit without asking the citizens what we thought, let me be very clear, I would of stood up and absolutely disagreed with the Dayton Chamber running a city building, I would of been against any outside organizations running my tax money. I will vote against ALL city council that voted in favor of this ridiculous decision. What will it take for the city to wake up and see that everyone is not happy with this arrangement? 

Have you seen the construction in the building? All the new screens, projectors, TV's, kiosks, smart boards, etc... I am sure it is a constant battle to keep everything clean and dust free when there are outside contractors working on the walls and in the ceiling every day. I don't think the employees are lost, I think they are exhausted. 

For the post talking about construction at the Dayton community center , This is most definitely A chamber member statement . .. get Real the construction has not been going on for long. The building does not get this filthy on bathroom floors, hallways and the walls from a short period of neglect. This is due to long term neglect due to poor or lack of care. .. instead of trying to make excuses on this site why don’t you “the Dayton Chamber” ( paid by my tax money to supervise the city center ) properly supervise the staff and get them to properly maintain this tax funded center. 

So with the Dayton Chamber be over the Civic Center and receiving $30,000 a year, what is the benefit to “me” the taxpayers? Are they also over the city staff, or is the employees considered Chamber staff? Because there are so many faces that have come and gone under the Chambers. I would think the city would see the red flags just from the turn over in staff. How can a outside company tell city employees what to do; if they are city employees? It also raises the question does the Chamber have the ability to spend the city’s money for the center for supplies or dose the come from the $30,000? This would explain all the complaints about the Center being dirty, they may have cut back on supplies to make the money last longer. $30,000 is not much money to keep a center of that size running and clean. This could also be the reason the events have stopped, I am sure events cost Money.

Shooting Sends One To Hospital

 Warning to young people. Never mess with an elderly person. They are too old to care if they screw you up. 

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The City of Liberty sign coming in on has the 2 cement Liberty bells (one on each side of sign) and rose bushes (or whatever they are) covering up the bells and half the sign. It seems like there could be another way to landscape all that so it can be seen. 

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The Trade Days at the Dayton Center this past weekend was a flop; what has happened to all the events at the Center. 

The Dayton Trade Days was the worst I’ve ever seen it.

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Are the rumors of widening highway 90 from Devers to Liberty true?

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Matthew Posten excepted his mistake and immediately announced his findings of said mistake. County Commissioner Leon Wilson immediately took action to fix Matthews mistake and for what I understand did a great job on the road. Mr. Wilson is not to blame, all he did is seek the guidance in the county attorney to ensure the rightful path. This is what Matthew is elected to do; it’s his job. Unfortunately in this one instance the county records going back numerous years prior to Leon Wilson‘s election were not properly updated. What we should be asking is what office / County employee was responsible for said records and what is the county going to do to assure the public this mistake is a one time occurrence. We also should be concerned about the liberty County CAD office not having appropriate records. But I do agree with the other post, legal action should be taken against those slandering any innocent individual and this does include our elected officials in Liberty County. This kind of slander should not be tolerated in our community. But I do not agree that county commissioner should have to fund this legal defense. 

 I hope Commissioner Wilson does sue those fools. Get in their back pocket will stop thier lies. 

Mr. Poston has done a good job. I did not know him before he took office but he seems to be bright and he also has a great reputation for being very ethical. Good to hear about a politician these days. 

I have only known Matthew Poston a short time but I can tell you two things about him, he is an ethical and Godly man. Did Mr. Poston make an error, you bet. Did Mr. Poston take responsibility for the error, you bet. Looks like the end of the story to me. Move on! 

 I seen a post on Facebook that called for Commission Wilson to apologize for not fixing a road. This man has nothing to apologize for, the person who made the mistake released a statement taking full responsibility. For what I understand from other posts, the very next day; first thing that day; Commissioner Wilson corrected the wrong and fixed the road. All those residents in my opinion should be thanking commissioner Wilson for his fast reaction to the press release. We all should learn by mistakes from the past commissioner. He was indicted for spending County money on private property; has everyone forgotten this ? I rather have a commissioner that takes time and checks his facts to ensure no wasteful speeding and he is not breaking the law. Commissioner Wilson is not my commissioner unfortunately, try living under Commissioner Reeves Pct. than you will have something to complain about.

Burglary Suspect Arrested in the act

So he has money to have a spider put on his head, but none for a bottle of water? 

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It really makes very little sense to have our high school start later than the younger grades. If someone has to wait for the bus when the daylight is yet to come, it is better for it to be someone older. I don't know if the Superintendent has just not paid attention to this or what but the school board needs to remedy the poor scheduling. It is safer for children. Liberty should rethink all of its safety areas and make sure there are not other things they are doing like this. Start high school first (earliest). No excuses. Safety first. 

To the person complaining that Liberty lets high school start later than the other campuses, move. Over here, and in most places, we have less politics and more common sense. 

Let the smart people run the school and just get your kid to school at the time they have told you. This community complains about the school and the courthouse too much. 

Our schools start the latest and let out the latest for younger children. Besides schedules like ours being safer for smaller younger children in the morning, it also allows old children to get out of school earlier with more time to take care of things in the afternoon while younger ones are in a safe environment at school while parents work. 

The late start for Liberty High School was set up for kids like mine who are always late. It didn't help. He is still late at least twice a month. 

I am not complaining but I do agree Liberty High School starting school so late is a bit of a problem for our family. I wish they would start when most high schools start. Starting after eight o'clock does not prepare young people for reality anyway. 

I hear the city hit us again, hiring untrained electrical workers, who will probably be the same as the ones who were or still are here. Know there were companies who have worked replacing California electricity to cities, and electricity to cities after hurricane Florence in the east, and they were rejected for the cheaper people, not the ones of knowledge of city electrical workings. I paid $1600 to have a new electrical box put in my house, only to have the same problem, so after calling the city mamager, finally they sent a machine out with bucket, got to top of pole, the squirrels had chewed the wires in places. But I didn't get my money back. recently the lights went out, for a short time, after I called, they said I don't have a problem, they looked at the meter, it was running at the time, but wonder if wires on the pole are being attacked again. 

 Local radio said Liberty ISD just came out with a new and somewhat different than past school calendars. There was no mention of changing the start times for different schools in the district. I would like to attend the school board meeting when this comes up. Our high school has a ridiculously late start time and it needs to change.

Devers ISD has plans to have four day school week next year. Is Liberty ISD considering the same? Is high school in Liberty sticking with their late start date for their school day? What time do they start I heard it is the latest start in Texas? 8:45? 

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I would like the editor of i-dineout to ask for a statement from all of the folks running for city council. Incumbents too. Liberty is in a race for the future and in many areas we have been left 25 or so years behind. Thank you. 

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The manager of the FB site Dayton 411 posts all these patriotic Trump anti liberal posts but if youcall him out on the posts that are just plain BS he will ban you from commenting. He doesn't have the courage of his convictions. He follows the most ridiculous of ideas right into the proverbial rabbit hole,then again what is to be expected from Dayton. 

Dayton 411 information page His name is Mike O Smith, he's nothing more than a bag of hot wind. He's like a child if you play differently than he does, he take his toys and goes home. lol he doesn't work and relies on his family to support him, but hey he's king of facebook and isn't that all that really matters? He's been called out several times, but instead of manning up, he chooses to hide behind his keyboard or his wife's skirt. Just feel sorry for him and pray, that one day he will grow up and be a man. 

That dude is weird. I don’t get on any of his 411 crap.

I don’t look at the Mike O Smith pages. He doesn’t understand that he’s not welll liked.

Mike O. Smith also doesnt understand that even people that agree with him wish he would get right. 

 Mike O Smith is full of falsehoods and when you call him out on them he deletes you from his 411 pages. It’s kind of comical when he gets called out! 

Dayton 411 ran by Mike Smith is What’s wrong with our world today. I have un-friended that page and most people that feeds into his uneducated, unfounded, slandering lies. I am shocked there are so many stupid people that believe what others stay instead of doing their own research. This man is overwhelmingly stupid and unwilling to educate himself. 

I’ve been told that Mike O Smith has Felony Conviction and is a Thief.

Mike’O Smith Runs Dayton 411 like a dictatorship, he will block you if you don’t follow his fake news that he and what I believed to be fake Facebook profiles that he has created to appear to have friends so he may sprouts his BS. All I can say is anyone that joins in with him spouting all the slanderous, deformation of character harmful BS to our community has got to know they also could be held accountable. At least this page has alerted us to all non-self thinkers that will follow anything with a loudmouth. Anyone on that follows his page has to believe in socialism. Kind of brings back a history lesson of Hitler if you are different , he will knock you off or in this case block you from the page. This is what’s wrong with our country, everyone sits around and talks about people and their actions like Mike’O Smith and all his fake news but very few are will take action. This is how we all can take part in changing our country back, one small step. I Made that change By blocked and removed his trash from my Facebook page. I have also blocked individuals and/or all Mike’s fake friends / Facebook profiles that has contributed to spreading false hoods and harming our community. 

 He is a dictator and a bully. I’ve gotten off of his 411 pagess. Someone needs to contact Facebook about him as I have.

 I was not blocked by Mike Smith but I choose not to partake in all that unnecessary fake drama and it was only a matter of time before he blocked me anyway. Because I have my own mind and I also can think for myself. We all know he can’t have a adult conversation or debate without using childish name calling and blocking anyone with any amount of intelligence. I have also I blocked other for taking part in him brainless unfounded rumors. I can’t understand what is missing in his and the others life that’s on his page to have to reduce our community to such gossip. 

Dayton 411 information page His name is Mike O Smith, he's nothing more than a bag of hot wind. He's like a child if you play differently than he does, he take his toys and goes home. lol he doesn't work and relies on his family to support him, but hey he's king of facebook and isn't that all that really matters? He's been called out several times, but instead of manning up, he chooses to hide behind his keyboard or his wife's skirt. Just feel sorry for him and pray, that one day he will grow up and be a man. 

Mike O Smith is a keyboard Sissy and is a black eye on our community.

Mike Smith is nothing but a childish lying troublemaker . What he is doing is defamation of character to a public official where is the county attorneys on this matter .

Mike O Smith is nothing but a gossip community hating troublemaker. Matthew admitted the mixup on the road was his fault and he took ownership to his mistakes. But yet select individuals On that Dayton Texas 411 page are having to much fun slandering a 30+ year police officer and a Country Commissioner that has lived in our community all his life. Leon Wilson has always been a positive influence on our community and everyone spreading harmful defamation of character lies about him are the individuals we do not need in our community. They continue to spread legend illegal activities lies about an upstanding community member with no true evidence. They should be ashamed of their selves and they should bitch-slap the individuals lying to them ; making them look even more ignorant than they are for believing without Proof. Matthew should go above and beyond to clear Leon Wilson‘s name not only for Leon but for liberty County. I also think Leon Wilson should also file charges on all individuals involved. I will personally financially contribute to his legal defense and I know others that have said the same thing. We are fed up with this trash in our community.

Dayton Texas 411 page ran by Mike O Smith is the most childish Facebook page there has ever been. This man has done nothing but tear down our community and lies to everybody on that page that he’s doing it for the community. This man “allegedly” has multiple fake Facebook pages to make himself look like he has allies. I do not believe we have that many uneducated small minded people that believe everything they hear without seeing an actual proof. This man and all his fake allies are a Minnis not only to our community but society. People that continues to talk trash and spread rumors but not willing to take action about all the legal activities he “allegedly” knows about; just proves to me he’s either 1) a coward or 2) a crooked liar. 

So fed up with Mike O Smiths attitude and judgment of everybody. Doesn’t he know we only care about GODS judgement. He has to know he is unliked within our community, just as much as all his made up friends on Facebook. People stop feeding into his drama, find your entertainment elsewhere. All he is doing is harming our community and you are just as guilty. 

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 just got utility bill. wondering if others are getting the extreme fuel charge that I'm getting. electric bill, $99, fuel bill, $209. know others have to pay their bill from soc sec checks, what does It leave for other living expense. why and when will this end. our property tax, insurance, and utilities are what we live for. 

I do not think the problem with high utilities bills will ever be solved while a Pickett or one of their little friends is the mayor. 

Liberty Utilities: People are talking about this. Well, your chance to make a change is on the horizon. There are 3 challengers to the incumbent positions and one special election for the unexpired term. You voice can be heard and you can make a change. If you do not vote, you cannot complain about the rates. Remember years ago when there was a change at city hall and things got better, rates were lowered. It has been a long time coming, but change is needed once again and swing the majority back to the people and away from the status quo. Good Luck! 

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KSHN said to today that Dayton City Council did renew the Dayton Chamber contract to run the civic center, what big pile of personal agenda. KSHN said Council member Alvin B was the only one to speak up. He’s seen the writing on the wall that the rest of us Dayton residents. Not surprised to hear John Johnson made the motion to pass it, but I am very shocked to hear Wendell Null Second the vote. I wasn’t very excited about Alvin being on Council but turns out he likes to speak his own mind. I WAS WRONG! I HAD positive thoughts on Wendell being on Council but that has passed. Why is my tax money being spent on funding this private nonprofit, us tax payers were not asked? I am not surprised that John and Jeff are for this waste of tax money. Alan Conner is on the Chamber board so is John and Jeff worked with Alan for years at the CAD office. I smell something funny. John is a developer and Alan is a Real Estate agent. Does Jeff still work at the CAD office, please tell me he’s not the boss of that office. 

Well it appears Mr Null has become one of the good Ole Boys. Wonder what he’s getting out of this. 

Dayton City Manager stated on KSHN that the prisons use of about 40 to 50 thousand gals of water a mth. He was only about 100 thousand gals off. What else is he guessing about??? 

I also had positive thoughts about Mr. Null but I see he is becoming a disappointment its ashame 

Wendell Null May know something the public don’t. I know he is a smart person and is community minded and would not of made that vote knowing all the unhappy community members there are. 

They don’t understand what we deal with on a weekly bases. Things have gotten worse and it is terribly disappointing that Mr Null has turned his head to us after we supported him. 

I couldn’t care less about who the manager is over the Dayton Civic center as long as the City runs it and not a private nonprofit. Although The old staff was sufficient. I don’t agree with the Dayton Chambers managing my tax money. I mean they have proven they can’t run their own office. And they have in my opinion decreased the public activities that was desperately need. 

I totally care who runs the Civic Center that my tax money paid for. What happened to Miss Wilson and the rest of that awesome staff is completely unfair, underhand and I do know it all came from the Director of the Dayton Chambers. Everyone around town is taking about it. That Director know the individuals on City Council that would support this type of Underhanded work. Wish someone had a backbone to stand up for what’s right. We keep hearing Dayton is going to grow, well this just shows me our current city council can’t and will not be able to handle what growth we have coming. I mean think about it, we paid millions for a Center and had multiple successful events in my opinion; and now we have what???? No events.

The Dayton Center has become a joke just like the office that is running it. I do believe there’s more under the table hand shakes going on with that office and some of the City Council members to put this kind of BS together. I am shocked that the city has allowed the center to decline in activities after spending so much time and tax money to build up the activities. It just makes no sense at all, therefore it only leaves ones mind to wonder what was given or promised to make the city to remove all the city staff so the Chamber could get the reported $30,000 + a year of tax money. 

The civic center is most definitely a bad joke. I do feel bad for the Chambers because everyone knew that their Director could not handle running the civic center. I agree that the City needs to be running the tax payers investment. I don’t know what happened to cause the council to make this change but it was a BAD idea on their behalf. I do know that Amanda Wilson ran a clean, organized and happy environment, unlike what’s happening know. I am also disappointed in Wendell Null and John Johnson for their vote to keep the Chamber running our center and all our city events into the ground. I am also disappointed in Sheryl Lawson for sitting out and using the excuse she did not have enough information. We all know the City gives all Council members their council info at least a week before.

 I now understand all complaints about Dayton community center, What a shame   

 I am so fed up with the chambers running the Civic Center , when the Civic Center was sold to the community to be built this is not what we were told. That office is so in adequate, un-organized and I am over the individuals running that office and the better than you attitude. 

 I have been a part of the Dayton senior center for almost 8 years , this has been the worst treatment of the seniors ever. We all blame the Dayton chambers, the mayor Mayor and Mayor pro tem for purposely trying to tear down the center. The Chamber ladies now I’ve taken over the staff parking so they can park their vehicles. I can’t believe the cities has allowed such horrible treatment to the employees to take place. Everyone at the Dayton senior center has asked me not to post this because they are afraid of the chamber ladies causing them problems. But I will no longer be attending this center, I will be going to Crosby instead, Where they listen to the people who actually use the center and you can tell they care about their job. 

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The City of Liberty Water was working on the corner of Atascosito Dr and River Oaks in Travis Park about 3-4 weeks ago and there has been a constant stream of water going into the drain for that long. I don't know about these things but do they forget where they've been working? Seems like a big waste of water. 

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Earlier I complained about vehicles being parked on the streets of Liberty and choking the passageways for people traveling. Someone wished me luck in getting anything done about it. Boy were they right. The biggest offender has now put a fifth vehicle out there on a regular basis! 

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If an aide behaves inappropriate with a student, you can expect serious consequences no matter who they may know. This administration is serious about such things and rumors saying they make exceptions are all baloney. 

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Sorry to hear former Liberty County Texas Ranger Huff had massive heart attack last week. 

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just got utility bill. wondering if others are getting the extreme fuel charge that I'm getting. electric bill, $99, fuel bill, $209. know others have to pay their bill from soc sec checks, what does It leave for other living expense. why and when will this end. our property tax, insurance, and utilities are what we live for. 

 the comment of the "fuel charge" is valid. It is a known fact power for Liberty comes from the co-op who gets the power delivered at a fixed number. this "fuel charge" is a hoax put on your bill. Liberty does not buy "fuel" to supply power. They don't make power, the co-op buys it delivered from other companies at a contract price. for years the city has used the electric revenues to "tax" it citizens without upping the property tax rate. Look at the budget and you will see the transfer from electric revenue funds to the general fund to use for whatever they want. Enough is enough. 

If the city of Liberty is fraudulently assessing a "fuel charge", can citizens file a lawsuit asking the courts to reimburse the years of bills we have paid? Would the lawsuit have to be here in Liberty? 

 Liberty - I think filing an online complaint with the state inspector general may get the ball rolling. Surely there are officials in Austin that can help us here in Liberty. 

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Why are their all the orange cones on highway 90 next to the Chinese restaurant and the auto parts place? The work that was done from the highway is done. I have seen so many near accidents their on my way to work and on my way back. How about moving the cones and the danger they cause unnecessarily. 

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Any chance of building a wall between here and California. The "immigration" from Pelosi Land is breathe taking. I hope these people change their failed ideas before they come to Texas 

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did I hear right this morning on channel 2 news about the decision for a congressional sub commitee to investigate the controversional call in the Saints playoff game? what? 




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