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Genereal Comments

Texas Avenue down by the Headstart building has reopened and is ever bit the same ghetto-like street it has been for the last year or more. Who do we need to come down and drive on this mess before we get our road fixed as well as the road everyone else drives on in Liberty? 

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I found it odd that 8 City of Liberty trucks were on Old Beaumont road last week. They were at a bridge. Please tell me whatever was being fixed did not take 8 city trucks at one time. They waste a lot of man hours. We need a watch dog group. 

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Thankyou for making it easy for us to register for the Christmas parade. We always look forward to the parade and a little bit cooler weather.

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I am surprised no one commented on the mass killing in Las Vegas, I guess it's left up to me. I saw a statistic that said all the guns in the U.S. were owned by only 3 percent of the population. It's time we suspend the Second Amendment or amend it in order to confiscate all the assault rifles and allow only a certain number to be owned by the people. It's time to do something and end this slaughter of innocent citizens just so people can own as many guns as they want. I am certain people who own many more guns than they need are suffering from some type of mental illness and their gun ownership needs to be curtailed. 

And here we go with a liberal discussing gun control. Typical liberal always wanting to take something away from somebody, punish somebody, or make new laws. So let’s get this straight, you think something must be done to prevent people from acquiring guns. So in your mind you have absolutely no problem taking guns from Americans or at least limiting the number of guns acquired by Americans. I think we can agree that is your stance. Now at the same time the liberal agenda is to have open borders and we should allow anyone that wants to come into America to come on in unvetted because it’s their right as a human. So you give the utmost trust to people coming into our county illegally to not bring in guns or other means to do us harm but those evil Americans we must disarm (face to palm here). How come after the Boston bombing you liberals were not trying to take any sort of bomb making materials away from Americans? Do you not think that if you take guns away bombs won’t become popular as a way of committing mass murders? 

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It looks like the recent storm may have started a cottage industry for trial lawyers as they pursuit the "keepers of the dams". Too bad these barristers were not ready and willing to file lawsuits after the 1994 flood when Lake Livingston was let loose on all of his south of that dam. 

Here we go with the conspiracy theories on the local dams. What is the matter, someone tired of Oswald/Kennedy argument?

 There were public meetings in 1994 about class action lawsuit against Livingston Dam water retention to fulfill legal obligation for Houston water supply versus concern for population below the Dam. Most wanted to sue, but few wanted to pay for legal fees. Lawsuit demand died on the vine for lack of funding; not merits. 

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People were concerned about Dayton city manager,mayor and council members going to Florida. Well how about the 4100.00 Moody Garden weekend Sept 23rd.Enjoyed by the city manager,mayor and all but 2 council members? The 2 council members that did not attend new it was no ethical most likely. 

The Dayton mayor and counsel need to go. Spending tax prayer money like that is asham

Has anyone noticed how our City Manager is so much like President Trump? He doesn't tell the truth. He rambles on when he's speaking. I don't know if he tweets because I don't do that. His staff is constantly having to cover for him to keep him out of trouble. He is so incompetent that just about all his top staff have guit or retired. So many good honest people are gone because of him. The latest is the new electrical superintendent. That man has done so much for our system. The manager can't stand having people around him who is smarter than him, which is everybody. Therefore he makes their lives miserable so they will leave. I hope he's not here much longer. Concerned citizen. 

Dayton City Council and City Manager spent the weekend at Moody Gardens on the tax payers ticket. Wow! This is the same bunch that set this years tax rate nearly 4 cents above the rollback rate. This 4 cents will generate about $ 400,000 over and above what they need to run the city. Guess they need extra money to pay for this bunches excessive spending. It would serve the Council and manager right if the voters got a rollback petition in place and forced an election on the tax rate. That can be done a lot easier than some people may think. 

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Going to be interesting in Dayton. If the football team keeps losing what will prevail? Education and leadership versus a winning football team.

In reference to the comment about if the Dayton Football Team keeps losing what will prevail, education and leadership or a winning football team. The two are not mutually exclusive. You can have both, that is why changes are made when necessary. 

General Comments

People need to get out and vote in the May elections to make sure people who represent your values get elected to office. Look carefully at city council incumbents and the Mayor. Make sure these people are not just representing themselves but represent the good of the town. 

City elections: don't expect anything different on the ballots. Nobody wants those thankless no paying jobs. We're stuck with what we've got unless someone quits. The mayor can't just appoint somebody to fill a void. Go to a meeting and make suggestions if you have one.

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Every time we visit about all of Liberty ISD's shortcomings I can not help but think of Dr. Crane. he was an exceptional leader. He neceer tried to impress but was always sincere. He was a great example for our children.

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Can someone please tell me what in the world the City of Liberty is up to now? Texas Avenue down in front of the Met Head Start has been in disrepair for several years and suddenly they have come to a solution: closing the street? It has been closed for weeks and there is no other conclusion that makes sense. No conclusion that is honest anyway. One dishonest conclusion could be that the City of Liberty is deceiving FEMA and acting like this street is a FEMA claim. Surely our fine upstanding city leaders would not dare risk being turned in and embarrass themselves? Or would they? It has not embarrass them to leave this street and the citizens that live near or drive down it up the proverbial creek! 

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RE: City Of Liberty Billing - Check your city bill. They are charging the full amount for garbage collection during the Hurricane Harvey / flooding period. I did not have garbage collection for 2.5 weeks. I'm sure they have some clause buried in the legalese which allows them to charge you for services you did not receive. I am calling to raise hell. I hope you fine readers will do so as well. 

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Very disappointing in the Liberty ISD administrators that they would allow the Homecoming Bonfire to take part on Wednesday night where the kids will have to choose over going to the bonfire or church services. I guess I may boycott the homecoming game on Friday. Just saying.

Not everyone attends church services on Wednesday nights and there are many other things the district must consider when planning events such as these. Middle School, freshman, and JV teams play on Thursdays. Volleyball games are held on Mondays and Tuesdays. There also happened to be a See You At The Pole ( students uniting themselves in prayer before God interceding for their generation ) scheduled for Wednesday morning, which students who felt torn could choose to attend. The district works very hard to schedule events so that many people can attend, but there is no way to satisfy everyone. Go ahead and boycott the game on Friday, but please remember you will be missing the moment of prayer before the game.

Maybe the churches should encourage their congregations to get out into the community and attend the bonfire. Building relationships with those who do not know Christ might go a long way toward advancing the kingdom.

To the person addressing the bonfire being on a Wednesday, the JV played in Shepherd so that was not possible since they were already gone at that time.   

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The Austin County fair, in Bellview, has Tracy Lawrence and Charlie Daniels. The T V E has Hispanic Heritage Day. LOL!

The T V E has Hispanic Heritage Day. LOL! How about they park an I.C.E. van at the entrance and see how many show up. Now that would be funny. 

Leave it to TVE to create a Go Tejano day at the fair. Glad I boycotted years ago. One more viable reason.

TVE having a tejas day. The meaning of the word tejas is the Spanish spelling of the word Texas meaning "friends" or "allies". Aren't we suppose to be known as the friendly state? Etymology. Texas based on a Caddo word, the Spanish applied this word to the Caddo themselves, and to the rgion of their settlement in east Texas. Where did Texas get its name? From Caddo and Hasinais Indian word "tejas" meaning friendly or allies. Prior to gaining its independence, Texas was a province of Mexico names Coahuila y Tejas. In the 17th century the Spanish knew the westernmost Caddo peoples as "the great Kingdom of Tejas" and the name LIVED to become the 28th state of ther United States. There is much information about Texas and how it got its name from the Spanish and you are having a problem with TVE having a "tejas" event. Still showing the hapless mentality of hate. What difference does it make? Who is becoming the minority in East Texas? 

RE: Go Tejano Day I for one welcome this Go Tejano Day as it provides the TVE and our communities to generate funds for the general scholarship fund. If you don't support it, don't attend that Sunday and please contact your local school district so that you may begin a scholarship to give to a deserving student in your area. 

Three posts about T.V.E Hispanic day all negative all derogatory and yes all racist, this is why they are kneeling at the NFL to protest racism, I am not Hispanic but I cant wait to attend Hispanic day at the Fair. 

But for those three comments that were so negative, we have three that wre positive. That is why I tried to explain the word Texas "friendly" "allies". Now we have 3 plus this one that is positive. So good for us!!! We make a difference! 

Texans that support the invasion and take over of Texas by Mexico or traitors. They will always be loyal to Mexico, not Texas. 

The last time I was at TVE was when Moe Bandy was to perform . For some reason he either didn't show up or decided to NOT perform . Anyway I'd say 90% of the people on the fairground were Hispanic. My point is , what difference does it make what nationality the paying guest are , Hispanics earn money in the community just like anyone else. 

What's the problem with TVE having Hispanic Day. 80% attending are Hispanic. Their money supports the cause just as anyone else's. 

To the history teacher. I know about the Tejas Indians(native Americans). And it does not give me the "warm fuzzy feeling" about the Hispanic Heritage nightthe TVE is having. That is another reason to boycott such trivial money grubbing tactics they are known for. 

General Comments

Open letter to our city councilmen: Some questions I would like to have answered. On the electric bill: The fuel surcharge was put in place when the price of oil was around $100/barrel. Oil has went down but the surcharge is still there. Why? The surcharge is over twice my kw/hr charge. Would it be more efficient for entergy to take over? I love the fact that we have a great park, I walk there every morning, but the city streets are in much worse shape than the walking path. On most of the drainage ditches the dirt has filled in so that half of the drainage pipe is obstructed. Why not clean them out at least every other year? When the trees are trimmed around the utility lines the center is trimmed but limes are left on either side of the line so that any good blow will blow them into the line. Why not trim like the power line crews do and trim all of the tree below the electric line? How much revenue does the airport bring in as compared to what the city spends to maintain it? Kin of the same question about the city run ambulance service: Are they billing enough so that they at least break even? Maybe a private ambulance would save the city money. What are the long range plans to improve the sewage and drainage system? Left alone things always go from bad to worse!

The City of Liberty Library really screwed up their computers installing a watchdog site, slows up stuff and is a bitch to log on...idiots.

Open Letter: Liberty would never allow anyone to take over. The city electrical revenues are a "profit center" and transfers are made to the general fund so the tax rate can remain artificially low. I would much rather have a little higher property tax and take the income tax deduction than the high energy bills we have. That fuel surcharge is a joke as the City receives all of its power at a fixed charged "delivered" to the co-op Rayburn. under a contract negotiated years ago which is in place until 2021. These city "funds" water, sewer, electric, etc. are all "profit centers" used to contribute by transfers to the general fund. It is a "hidden" and artificial "tax" on the rate payers of Liberty. We need another coup at the City level to stop this insanity and consumer rip-off. 

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Considering the amount of rainfall we got from Harvey, the City of Liberty was really lucky as opposed to the unfortunate neighbors in Harris County. Our city employees did a commendable job of maintaining the equipment, keeping the streets clean of debris and water flowing out. Thank you all!. The only problem I saw was the levee road in Travis Park got nasty. Maybe the short span could be paved to alleviate that problem should it arise again. I was totally amazed at the lack of electrical interruptions. Luckily we had minimal wind with the rain! That would have been another horror story had the wind been 50-60 mph. Thanks again City Employees for a great job! 

General Comments

Are the cameras on the main drag in Dayton operating? Has Dayton joined the fundraising mentality that looks to fine its own citizens for running yellow lights rather than using traffic techniques to prevent accidents? 

General Comments

On facebook tonight there is a picture of our new city manager sitting in front of a huge plate of seafood while in Florida. Apparently the folks in Florida sent some splys. to Dayton during Hurricane Harvey. It was not all used so the city council decided to send what was left back to Florida to aid in their recovery. Great goal and I applaud the Council for doing this. However, does it really take Jeff Lambright, the city manager, John Johnson, Alvin Burris and John Coleman to deliver a trailer load of splys. This is something that a single person could have done - not five people. I can only guess that the non-essentials (council and mgr.) paid their own way for food and lodging. Sure they did and I have some swap land for sale. Jeff Lambright just put the tax rate in Dayton a good bit higher than was necessary and said they needed this extra money for additional police. A good goal so spend our money on police. This little photo op looks like some council people and the city manager wanted to take a little road trip and once again the citizens get soaked for this bunches extravagant spending habits. 

Dayton city manager eating seafood in Florida. Poster are you sure the city picked up the tab for this? They could have all paid their own way. I think when dignitaries travel they should have body guards travel with them. With that said John Coleman would have been the only one that the city should have paid for. 

On the city council and managers trip to Florida, I'm pretty sure that some of these elected officials read idineout, particularly the mayor. Lets give them a chance to answer up on whether the citizens picked up their tabs for this little trip. 

On the managers and city council trip to Florida. What difference does it make who paid for the trip? 

I have read a report that our City leaders as well as City Manager made a trip to Florida to return supplies. I certainly hope this is just a rumor,however if it is not a rumor it makes me nauseated. With so much that desperately needs done to bring our town and citizens that are experiencing losses is poor management by this group. We need leadership that can make decisions to benefit our community's loses. Good thinking Mayor, I hope this makes you all feel special.

On the Mayor, Council and Manager's trip to Florida and the individual who thinks it does not matter if the City paid for the trip. I think it matters a lot. We elect these people to be good stewards of our funds. The Mayor, John Johnson, Alvin Burris and our new City Manager seem to have no concept of using the public's money wisely. What a shame! 

General Comments

Where are all the horror stories about Fema and local insurers not paying up? I have been hearing a host of people who are being screwed by local insurers who find loopholes in their company policies that allow the insurance company to get a way with non payment. And Fema doing the same thing faced with massive destruction of property and Fema turning down those who have applied for assistance. The people are getting screwed by the local insurance companies and aren't even being kissed. Tell your stories. 

Questions about Aerial Mosquito Control

Of course the mosquito spray will not harm humans. Just like Round-up, it is safe.

"Of course the mosquito spray will not harm humans. Just like Round-up, it is safe." Tinfoil hat time......would you rather have mosquito sprayers whatever disease the mosquitoes are carrying now? You can't have it both ways...

And what diseases have you heard they are carrying in this area? So you think mosquitoes kill more people than cancer caused by chemicals, etc.? If you do, you are greatly mistaken. 

When we are all trying to recover from the many floods and damage, I have noticed how these mosquitoes flying around are huge. The fog truck has been making its routes to help with the mosquitoes. I have mentioned the stagnant water by the Corner Store in Dayton, and when it rains where the old school was by Cherry Creek, also holds water. Wouldn't it be worth it to the citizens of Dayton to bring beauty to the waterhold breeding ground by 1960 and 321 turned into fountain spray like kingwood has. Instad of laying there stagnant and doing nothing, it could be a beautiful aeriated spring and we ould enjoy it. Wouldn't that be worth the cost, instead of the stagnant water and breeding place for mosquitoes? It would be a beautiful addition to the city, across from our much loved historical rice dryers that many young folks love to see as they are coming home to Dayton. To some of them, they loe that old building and were upset when they were talking about tearing it down. It has gone thru many years and storms. Thank God it is too close to the railroad for them to tear it down. It would be awesome if somebody could fix it up and make it into something we could visit inside or someone with ther architectural ability to turn it into a home of some kind. You know on television we see many outrageous things turned into homes or make some historical museum of it. So these two things would be awesome for Dayton. We have no problem paying taxes for all these new schools, and other things, the fountain would be such a beautiful place rather than the stagnant water. Don't you think? 

I just thought it was a good opportunity to bring up all the places holding large amounts of water that could beautify the city like other cities. And I would think that everybody knows that stagnant water is perfect breeding grounds for more mosquitoes. That was the point. 

General Comments

Do we have mosquito control in the city of liberty. Oh and i Would like to thank every one involved in the rescues in Liberty county and city. 

General Comments

What is it? This storm granted all wannabe heroes a chance to shine in the spotlight. I mean ever person with a boat, a hero. Every person who donates anything, a hero. A volunteer at a shelter, a hero. And lets not forget the ones who want to make sure you hear their stories of rescue and their battle with the rising water, they will tell their story over and over and over and over again until every one gets to hear of their over the top super hero story. Gag me with a spoon. 

So you can’t stand it that people with boats coming to the aid of the less fortunate in a time of need are considered heroes. I’m guessing the real reason for your hate is the fact that most of those people with boats are likely those “deplorable” Trump supporters. You can’t stand them being noted as heroes but you had no problem when Obummer labeled all the homosexuals coming out of the closet as being heroes. If you go to a shelter you may find that someone donated some crayons for kids to play with, perhaps you can get them and go back to your safe place and temporarily forget your hate. 

Seriously, the person fussing about trash pick-up and the so-called heroes sound like the same mean hearted person. If not, then again, that is why the young people don't want to be part of these crippling little towns with their mean people. You would have thought that a storm of this must destruction which brought plenty of people from all walks of life together will not be easily forgotten. All of those people are heroes, what is wrong with you? Look at the United States, we have four states on fire, we had an earthquake and now we have had a mass destruction with Hurricane Harvey that went to Tennessee and now we have Irma destroying Florida and anything else in the way that is actually a historic storm for the Atlantic Ocean. All the island people are not evacuated, they have to live in it. They rescued tourists though. Now Katia headed for Mexico right along the border and then there is Texas right there. Mexican big trucks came to help Texas, and you wanted pictures of it, go on Facebook there are picture everywhere. You have no problem being man to people but you can't look up about the Mexican trucks aiding Texas, can you use Google? Mother Nature is tired of the abuse. God doesn't like ugly. Don't you think with all these tragedies happening in the United States, the Islands, and Mexico, God may be trying to open those beady, mean eyes of yours. What is it going to take to soften your soul? There was even an earthquake in Texas, so look that up too, on Google. Question is, if one of these storms hit Mexico like it hit Texas, will Texas help them like they did for us? It is no longer about Obama or Trump, it is about love in your heart fort your fellow man no matter what race they are and helping each other out. Maybe you need some church people to come by and see you. We can only help a mean heart if it wants to be soften. The times these days are perilous. Not only does it seem like all this is happening for a reason even to those that don't believe in climate change, if you have lived at least 70 years, you know the climate has changed enormously, and look it up on Google about the waste in the oceans. All you want to do is complain abut trash-pickup and people that took the time to help out people in distress. Also, for the mean people in Dayton 411, trashing the Red Cross, I know people that volunteer their time and risk their lives to help others. How can you sit there in judgment when you are not part of the solution, you are the problem that has led to this country being so divided. There is an old saying, Divide and Conquer. Don't you think while we have all these fires and floods, and storms other countries could be looking at us as a weakened country right now? Do you even realize what that perspective could mean if somebody really wanted to harm this country?? If you have the sun beaming down on your face today, why don't you take a few minutes to thank GOD, and no, before you say it, I am not a religious fanatic so don't even go there. I don't remember the last time I was in a church building but God is either in your heart or not, compassion is either there or not, yes, there are so many heroes, and there are still people helping others. I don't want to be ugly back at you, but I cannot understand each time I come here that there is this malignant cancer in our neighborhoods and little towns. 

To the poster bashing the "heroes". Where where you when the storm hit? If you have no contribution or didn't volunteer to help just sit there and keep your mouth shut. God doesn't like ugly and that's all you are being. Helping with your civic duty, regardless of letting the world know that you did it or not, is still helping to your community, and helping those that lost everything. Take your nasty comments somewhere else. 

General Comments

People talking about the drug enforcement team. You need to go to the jail site and look at all the arrests. The largest part of them are for illegal drugs. If the law enforcement does not arrest them and get them off the streets, they will be stealing your stuff to support their habbits! And the judges need to send them on rather than slapping them on the hand and letting them out!!! Liberty county does have a LARGE drug problem. 

I agree with the poster on the drug task force team. They are doing good work.I wish they would spend more time in RaywoodAmes.We've basically open air drive up drug markets on CR 158,2830,Baker Circle, Cormeir and White, even the store at 160@90. 

General Comments

If you didn't want to be part of the relief effort, why did you volunteer ? I am referring to a group of "helpers" at FBC Liberty . RUDE isn't necessary or wanted when so many are in dire need. I'm not the only victim of such circumstances .After I received what items I was given chance to obtain , I was so offended , I left the items as I exited the building . The lady that gave me a ride is a member of FBC Liberty . She was appalled at the show of rudeness displayed. But its okay , I'm a better person than to let others unhappiness get to me . I went elsewhere and felt welcome . 

General Comments

I fully understand we have had a storm but, no garbage pickup in over a week? I guess they will credit my bill, right? Yeah right.

 Trust me, there are plenty of people who want to come pick up our trash. All for a "small" fee.There will be more trash, not less. I will be satisfied with my normal bill and pick up asap. 

When garbage pick up restarts they should first pick up the garbage complaining about no garbage pick up during the flood and hurricane! 

Garbage. Since I started this post I must respond. Wednesday will be two weeks. Do you see a sign in my yard saying, "Garbage Storage"? People went to work at Wal-Mart, Brookshires, etc. It must be nice to have a business that you can save fuel cost by not having to fulfil your contract.

It seems President Trump is having second thoughts about building the Wall since the storm has ravished so many people. Those big trucks from Mexico came to help everybody in Southeast Texas. That did not go unnoticed by the President or anybody else. So if he has any heart at all, it will soon show, and Mexico has already shown their heart was big enough to send help to Texas. I would wait until further notice before I would start talking crap again. I think this feedback report is for connecting people and ideas, comments, not a war on who is right or wrong. People have lost everything they owned houses, cars, etc., but among all that they lost photos, lost sensitive belongings, can you have a heart not to complain because your little trash didn't get picked up on time. That is exactly what makes people want to leave this area is such mean-spirited people that care only about themselves. I guess you couldn't wait for your Internet to work so you could complain about your garbage. Look on the T.V. sine your electricity is working and what these people in all these areas, Beaumont, Port Arthur, Galveston, Houston are going through, what a mean-spirited soul you have. Do you not have people in these areas? Or are you really this hateful all the time? 

How did you get on Mexico when I was speaking about garbage pickup? Did Mexico bring some drugs with them also? I Did not see any Mexican trucks. Did you get a photo? For the amount of money the American taxpayers have shelled out on illegal invaders, they should do something 

Hi. I am the man who wanted my garbage picked up after two weeks. I am not going to apologize for asking people to fulfil their contracts. If you Don't pay your bills on time, you will get a late fee. They Don't care if you have had a storm. What is the difference except that I can't charge a late fee? They will probably not credit my bill so I can get my late fee.

General Comments

To the poster about the city management. They have done a great job. Mr Broz has done wonderful with keeping the city informed and up to date. As best as they can since this has never happened before. Hats off. And to the poster regarding mayor turner. Kiss off. What did Sylvester Turner do for liberty. NOTHING!!! Has he posted daily Facebook messages to inform Liberty citizens of the latest information?? Nope. Has he been out daily walking the levee?? Nope. Has he been answering phones at city hall?? Nope. But Gary Broz has. Tell ya what.... if oh Sylvester is so good to you. I'll help you pack. Get the hell out of liberty. What an idiot. 

General Comments

Some folks are including the storm damage in their reasons for not building a border wall. President Trump would build a wall to keep out hurricanes if it were feasible, but it is not. the wall can be built and the wall should be built. These are separate issues. 

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Harvey ;where in one to take a shower ?

General Comments

People that like to lie and cheat on FEMA paperwork better really be careful after Harvey. There will be a major crackdown on people who try to take advantage of this storm and jailtime will be the result for some. 

General Comments

Entergy has some issues. They are moving extremely slow to restore power, even in areas where the storm has vacated. And remember, we didn't get strong winds, just lots of rain. Aging infrastructure, lack of maintenance, failure to trim trees might all be part of the problem. Heaven help us if we do get hurricane force winds if rain alone can leave so many without power. 

General Comments

Just wondering when the trash pick-up by LT's will resume in Liberty. Also wondering about mail delivery for Liberty. 

General Comments

I have not been a fan of the management of the city of Liberty but I must say, even before this disaster is over, their plans to protect this city have been so much better than the past. the workers for the city have always been great, but I tip my hat to the management! 

Mayor Turner, Governor Abbott, FEMA Director, you are doing a great job. 

General Comments

Mandatory evacuations...Why doesn't Liberty or the county have a city,county evacuation center? Money? Personnel? What's that expensive building by the Sheriff's office? As far as manning a center, there are plenty of good folks that would volunteer. I know, we need new Tahoe's for the SO and new Charger's for the PD. 

General Comments

lol, no storm threat in the area yet, but driver's license offices and county offices closing early. Long weekends are hard to beat. It isn't like they don't already get an inordinate amount of time off. 

General Comments

As a storm approaches batten down the hatches,load up on water and some yummy canned good's,and maybe check on the elderly in the area where you live.Now roll them britches legs up and hopefully all (we) will have to do is tread a little water.

Man Arrested in Case of Revenge Porn

In the case of joey nunan..... I believe that the one giving y'all all of falls info needs to stop being a child and grow up... you cheated on him and left him for anther man why don't you live your life and leave him alone... if you ask me you always have all this stuf to say about him but you don't see him doing it to you so why don't you stop harassing the man and leave him alone.. 

For the person defending Joey Nunan......I'm sure if it was just his ex trying to cause him trouble he wouldn't have been charged. I'm sure it was proved that he did this & that is why he was charged, you can't just demand charges. I'm sure you wouldn't want an ex or other individual posting inappropriate pictures of yourself. However, yes, I do agree there is some growing up that needs to be done, but thats from both sides. So, that being said, You commit a crime or break the law, you pay. 

If this man would just move on with his life and stop trying to do evil against this girl we could all stop seeing all his dirty laundry. All she wants is to get out and away from this guy. He has cut her tires, stalked her house, harrassed her in every way. He makes himself gold on social medias but she has the pictures to prove it.ask her, she will show you. She had 97 phone calls in 1 day, over 200+ txts. She had tires cut 3 different times. She had been bruised up and drug down a road one time. This guy knows people she does not, this is the community he grew up in. He has had so many tracks covered, it's easy for people too think she always has somethikng to say about him, it's the truth. Tires don't cut themselves, she can't make up being beat with pictures and witnesses. He has proven himself dangerous to her but it doesn't matter because his pockets are deeper than hers. He needs to stop trying to ruin her and just MOVE ON, it's pathetic at this point. 

Weekly Tip: Bullying

Regarding your Weekly Tip: Bullying article: I fully agree with your seven tips. But the shame is how this has become such an epidemic in our schools and elsewhere in this period of our culture. Believe me, it was not always so. There have always been bullies and there always will be, just as there always will be crime and poverty. I have lived in this country for almost 70 years and have seen societal ills I never thought would plague this culture of ours. When earlier generations were of school age the family unit generally prepared their children to deal with the issue in a civil way, and the school administrators used common sense to deal with it, backing up the parents and their disciplinary efforts. Parents and the school worked together better and had similar concerns for the children. I remember in elementary school in the early 1950's it was not uncommon for the school to recognize the bully and to hold the parents responsible until the behavior was terminated. In other words, the seven tips you offered were understood and followed as the accepted norm of the times. Today, the parents do not parent, teach or discipline effectively in this regard, and the schools have to defend their decisions when confronted by the angry parents who have failed to do their job. Both parties fail to be responsible for their part, and it's the kids that suffer. Again, I appreciate your article and the recommendations, but all adult parties are responsible for this problem, not just the confused kids. 

Bullying has been going on forever. Kids have been picking on each other in school since school began. One problem I have is that when boy or girl has had enough and stand up to the bully and defend them self's they get in trouble. Kids are like anybody else you push and push them to a breaking point, they will retaliate. Instead of punishment find out why this happen and go after the real problem the "Bully" 

I have to speak out (write out) regarding the ever present issue of bullying. Having worked with various local school districts, I can say bullying is VERY alive and well. The most upsetting things I encountered were when information about a student being bullied was shared with administrators... The usual response was 'he/she can take care of herself/himself' !!! WHAT?! Obviously very upsetting, shocking and disappointment that was heartbreaking. This talk and supposed support of bullied students is almost non-existent. Window dressing. What was even worse was the fact that there are teachers/staff that are themselves bullies. Do not think that I include all schools, districts or staff in this poison that is bullying. THERE ARE MANY teachers, etc. that are beyond exceptional in their commitment to the success, safety and acceptance of all students. We all need to be aware of the things our children allude to when speaking of tension, embarrassment and discomfort with their school experiences. 

General Comments

Has anyone seen Liberty's street sweeper in the last few years? 

"liberty's street sweeper".within the past month on Travis Street,and we all know who lives on Travis.In life it is not what one know's BUT who you know that is how and why things get done. 

General Comments

Lock your doors,your cars,keep your kids in site.William Earl Durham has been released from prison and is living on the bluff,poised to prey upon the citizens of Liberty. He was sentenced 20 years for burglary, 12 years for failing to register as a sex offender,and his sorry crack head stealing arse is out in 6 years.

Dayton Man Arrested for Possession

Dayton man arrested for possession. Austin your first mistake was going to Liberty with expired plates. Had you would have stayed in Dayton you could have driven for years with expired plates. 

This is to the poster on that driver could have driven for two years with expired plates and no insurance in the city of Dayton. What a bunch of clowns. they can't seem to do anything to anybody for anything. They will show up and respond but there is nothing they can do or will do. This is a situation that I know of for sure, Parking on the residential street facing the wrong way or have expired plates and no insurance, it doesn't matter. I love the Police but I think the Chief John thinks he is on " In the heat of the night"

The City of Dayton had a chance to do the right thing and hire a Police Chief that could do the job that needs to be done. Dayton being Dayton disregarded the recommendations of the people they had ask for help in hiring a new Police Chief and hired home town hero John. 

Chief Headrick is one of the best police chiefs the City of Dayton has ever had. He has lifted morale and implemented many new positive changes. He is in the office over 60 hours a week - show me another Police Chief who puts in that many hours? He is a strong leader who sets an example everyday and truly loves the people of Dayton. If you would like, he would let you take over his duties for a day to see the amount of stress and responsibilities involved with law enforcement administration. He actually is a HOMETOWN HERO to a lot of folks.  

John Headricks is the best man for the position he is in. He worked very hard and very fair, eve weeded out some bad boys, and kept a few bad boys, it doesn't matter. It is your opinion as I disagree and we can do that. I would be so nice for Liberty to worry about Liberty and leave Dayton out of it. I don't know about your police force but we have the best police force in Dayton with John at the helms. God Bless him and wish him many years just as Chief Pete. If you don't know John to do not speak on his behalf or his force, and if you do know him, you would not be de-facing him in a feedback report. Tell him to his face, he can handle it. You people are all very mean and hateful to one another. I hope when I die, people remember me and pleasant things,and not all the ugly I see here. Yes, this is an opinion based feedback report, I get that. But why do you have to be so mean and hateful with your words? 

General Comments

Well Liberty city council, Liberty city manager, and city mayor; all of you need to kick it in gear and bring in more business. Dayton has a new McDonalds, a soon to be completed Chicken Express, and other new businesses opening. Liberty you need to get another pawn shop, tattoo parlor, smoke shop, liquor store, Mexican restaurant, or another quick loan business. The present city leaders can only seem to get those type of business to come to Liberty. We can't even get another lumber supply business because people on the city council do not want any competition. The electrical rates alone will keep future business out of Liberty. Perhaps we should do away with the electrical department and let the utility provider to Liberty take over. Liberty you are going to the sewer as a city and we are the county seat. How sad. 

General Comments

Many of us are sick and tired of hearing "racism" accusations over some of the most unrelated things but sometimes people have a point. When overhearing aconversation about the horrible condition of Texas Street as it approaches Main, it is more than plausible that the City of Liberty has patched and repatched and patched over repatches rather than fix the street because of the ownership of the two residencies facing the street. The owners of two of the nicest homes in Liberty probably pay a nice chunk of change in taxes, but have a disaster of a road to drive on. If the backs of the houses in the Oak Forest subdivision faced Texas, the home owners there probably pay less in taxes, but racism concerning their lack of services would not even be suspected by a reasonable person . But it sure smells that these nice homes are owned by hispanics and there is no comparable street anywhere in that area. Not many votes to be gained by the homeowners. Probably very little clout to exert. But many many people drive down that part of Texas and I wonder how many are like me and that hated accusation of racism comes up as we drive by? 

Texas Street in Liberty IS an embarrassment no matter the motivation. 

Texas Street an embarrassment? How about Grand and all the rest of the patched and repatched streets? The whole city street paving project is an embarrassment! The electrical situation has improved ever so slightly after much needed upgrades and repairs. But nothing has been done for resurfacing streets. I'm pretty sure it isn't in the budget. Try riding a bicycle around town. Potholes are relentless! Never ending problems.

Iam familiar with Grand Street in Liberty and it does lack a little to be desired. Texas is horrible. But if you are from Dayton, these streets are nothing. We need new leadership or something over here. Our taxes are higher. Our streets and our city services are lacking. And we just do not have the kind of access to things Liberty has. 

I hate to see another fast food place built in Dayton, especially Chicken Express, at least, it could have been Church's. Anyway, we need other things in our town to bring money to the town, like Cleveland's theater, maybe a Roller Rink and a Bowling Alley, so we don't have to drive all the way to Baytown for fun. We can only have so many fast food places to eat that are 440 calories to 1600 calories for a biscuit with egg, sausage and cheese and a hash brown. As far as the patched roads go in either city, Dayton or Liberty, I remember when I had to get front end work done on my car. I got it out of the shop and was bringing it back and they said just avoid pot holes until I got back, I said sure, no problem. I came into Dayton, and I couldn't help but hit or miss by going around at least 20-30 pot holes and I don't even live that far off the main road. I couldn't believe it. I guess I have covered the street thing and the fast food thing and as far as the mayor and the council goes I have not been attending so I don't think I have the facts to be saying anything at all about them at this point that could be cold, hard facts. 

We came. we looked. We agree. Texas Street is the worst of the city of Liberty's street neglect problems. 

"Liberty City Streets".what the !@#$ does race have to do with street repairs?comment has to be from some mis-informed left wing not job liberal. 

General Comments

I noticed last night that Dayton City Councilman Josh Townsend is crowing on face book about reducing the property tax rate by 1 penny - 68 cents to 67 cents. This is just smoke and mirrors to cover up the fact that the city is actually going to receive substantially more revenue over what it received last year. Keep in mind that the councilman's partner Mayor Lambright, through his job at the CAD, orchestrated a huge jump in property values. What Mr. Townsend needs to tell the citizens of Dayton is how much money the city got from property taxes last year and what the anticipated revenue will be with a 1 penny reduction in the rate. Keep in mind that even at 67 cents, the property tax rate in Dayton is the highest in South Liberty County (Liberty is 61 cents). When will the Dayton city council move away from a tax and spend position and act to generate some real tax relief for the citizens? 

 It is not Josh Townsend's fault we pay somuch more in taxes than Liberty. And it is not his fault our town looks like it does compared to Liberty. The Old Guard .... you know them ..... they were all knit-witted game players and it will take years to catch up with Liberty because of them. 

I have lived in Dayton a long time and have seen good and bad Mayors, but Jeff Lambright has been the worst one of them all. He should never of been allowed to be mayor working for the CAD. Why is there no rules to keep this from happening and if there is the Board members of the CAD should be thrown out / off the Board. 

Keep in mind that Lambright and Townsend live very close to one another. Keep in mind that Lambright worked for Alan Conners in the CAD. Keep in mind that Lambright still works at the CAD and is Mayor of Dayton. Keep in mind that Alan Conners is the Judge for Dayton. Something just doesn't smell right folks! 

What does the "old guard" have to do with Josh Townsend and him howling about a 1 penny decrease in the tax rate. The question is this - "how much tax revenue did the city of Dayton get last year and how much will they get this year. Keep in mind that thanks to Mayor Lambright property values are much higher this year. 

Lana McCarty seems to be a pleasant and knowledgeable young lady. She knows her business and will probably turn out to be the best Chief appraiser that the CAD has ever had. It would be a crying shame if she let the improper actions and absences of Jeff Lambright get her in dutch with her Board of Directors. 

Today's issue of the Dayton News has a public notice from Allan Conner, the City of Dayton's tax assessor. This notice says that Dayton has a proposed tax rate for next year of 67 cents. The kicker is that the effective rate that gets them the same money they got last year, that effective rate is .6385 cents. My high school math tells me that this is 3.15 cents higher and will generate a large amount of additional money over and above last year's revenue- perhaps as mush as $ 300,000 to $ 400,000 more. Another interesting item is the roll back rate. This rate is set at .6557. This means that any tax rate above .6557 is subject to an election where the voters could choose to reduce the tax rate to .6557. Not sure about the exact process to force a roll back election but I don't think it is very complicated. What a racket. Lambright raises the property values, gets his old boss Allan Conner to certify the values and his pals on the Council find all kinds of reasons to once again stick it to the tax payers. Who is kidding who on this years tax rate. Mr. Townsend wants to tout a 1 cent tax rate reduction when it could have and should have been lowered to the effective tax rate -- .6385 per $ 100 

I think it was a mistake when Jeff Lambright was promoted to his position at the CAD. I agree with the earlier post, it has PROVEN to be a mistake / conflict-of-interest to have Lambright as Mayor of Dayton and working for the CAD. How could this not of been foreseen by those in charge at the CAD? 

General Comments

Okay opinionated political activists of the three choices that follow, which is your favorite: 1)President Bill Clinton's deal that pledged $4 billion in energy aid to North Korea in return for a promise to slow and eventually dismantle its nuclear program. 2) President Barack Obama ’s two terms in the White House using an approach known as “strategic patience” 3) or President Trump's real clear "keep it up and we will blow you to kingdom come" approach? 

General Comments

Why does the city of Liberty use the city bills they send out every month to add income to the city coffers? Shouldn't they simply charge us the cost of the services? Why can't they manage the money we give them already? Spend smart and purge the drunken sailor mentality from city hall!

How would you pay for immediate but unexpected City' crisis such as hurricanes, levy breaks, accidents damaging electrical poles, sink holes, flooding, etc. City budgets must be balanced; not like Federal. Have you ever been to a City Council meeting to ask your questions? 

The way to pay for emergencies and non optionalcity expenses is the same way my family pays for them. Save money by not spending on non essentials. If the person suggesting the first commentator go to a city council meeting has not observed or recognized non essential spending, perhaps they should stop going to city council meetings. 

General Comments

Driving people of Earth, please use that real cool 'thingy' most people call a blinker. Some call it a turn signal too! It's the law BTW! Oh and if a person lets you out of a driveway or lets you cut in, why not throw caution to the wind and wave a hand of thanks. You could still be sitting there 10 more minutes waiting on traffic to clear. It's called common courtesy. End of rant, stepping off soap box. 

Adding to the driving "rant", Texas law says if you are not passing someone you should not be in the left lane. 

General Comments

For years we have climbed in the car and headed toward Liberty or Baytown to eat supper at a decent restaurant so imagine our excitement at the addition and rennovation of more fast food here in Dayton. Please! I can only eat seafood and steak at the local motel so many times. How many mobil home neighborhoods do we have to erect before we at least get a Applebee's or a Golden Corral or something? 

When will the seafood place on the corner going into the Liberty city park open? 

General Comments

I noticed on a news report from a Houston channel that Liberty ISD still uses paddling as one of their methods to encourage good behavior fromtheir students. Dayton ISD was not mentioned in the report. Please tell me we either paddle or it is on the board's agenda to bring paddling back. If parents object to their child being paddled for misbehavior, they can come up to the school and substitute in for administration. Tried and true methods in a day and time when behavior and respect were far more evident. 

General Comments

Teachers need to get back to work and earn their big buck contracts! 

General Comments

Sad that when our little town gets a new fast food restaraunt and when another remodels and expands, that brag about the beautification and updating under their prefered politicians. Liberty is so much prettier. When will we get some fresh opinions and catch up?

Hey watch out! Don't be stepping on the bravado of the "great" leadership we have guiding the growth of Dayton. More fast food chicken and a bigger better Mac House is notable progress to these geniuses.

General Comments

Can anyone tell me why the Mayor of Dayton Jeff Lambright is spending so much time at the city hall when he is supposed to be working and drawing a pay check off of the tax payers back? They have a new boss over at the CAD don't they? I wonder if they know about this? 

Concerning Mayor Jeff Lambright's time at City Hall, it is well known by all employees at the CAD how much time he is at Dayton City Hall, and you can bet his pay is not affected. His time cards will show that. At some Businesses stealing time is a crime. Time for an INVESTIGATION. 

I have noticed a negative change in the city since Jeff Lambright became mayor, also how is it not a conflict of interest to be paid by the taxpayers at the CAD abd be mayor of Dayton? Someone is slacking at the CAD...! 

How can that mayor get by with something like that? 

This isn't right he needs to be removed from office 

General Comments

I guess Brooklyn luce getting shot in the face wasn't enough for her? 

General Comments

Don't worry about Trump, he now has the "Mooch" to stab his enemies from the front because he is not a back stabber! The "Mooch" says he is a good Roman Catholic and if you read his "Profane Laced" interview he gave to some newspaper this week about two of his co-workers, you would see he is not a Altar Boy! He is straight from being a "made member" of the Mafia. a perfect fit for our new President. God Bless America!

OMG!! The "Mooch" is gone in 6 days from the day he arrived as Communication Director at the West Wing! Will the New Chief of Staff in the West Wing of the White House, be able to handle the multi-personalities disorders he will encounter daily? Can he massage the Sensitive Commander and Chief ("Twitter Man")and the parade of characters lurking around every corner? My money says the 4 Star Marine General will be a causality of War, since he doesn't wear his feelings on his sleeve and has no delusions of grandeur! Why would a man take that job at his age? Money?? Fine Mess You Got Us Into, Now!! 

General Comments

I see Trump banned transgender people from the military after being visited by a group of evangelicals two weeks ago. this was reported by David Brody of CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network). This idiot of a president listened to a biased prejudiced group of ass holes and acted on their suggestion to single out one group of people to persecute. Who is next? Homosexuals? Catholics? Jews? The sky is the limit in this administration, he will do anything anyone tells him if he thinks they like him. He is deranged not sick, he is ignorant, he is needy, and the worst thing of all he's President. The second worse thing is his supporters because they are just like him, these equally stupid needy ignorant deplorables are the reason he is in office, all they did was validate the sewer side of America and they need to be held responsible . 

And there he is. Did you decide to come out of your safe place today? Did you decide to put down your coloring books and crayons and try to talk with the adults…or did your hate just reach a point where it could no longer be contained? The liberal experiment with the military is over. I know your diseased brain thinks being transgender is normal but it is not. There is nothing normal about being a transgender person. It is a sign of a mental dysfunction. As a working tax paying citizen I should not have to pay for a person to have a sex change in the military. If they want a sex change then they should pay for it. Better yet since you are a declared liberal how about you open your checkbook and pay for someone else’s sex change…as usual though, you never meant for your money to be spent on it…just everyone else’s. 

There you go again, you must not have much of a life if all you do is wait for me to post something on this site and continually miss my point. I smile every time I read about how "sad" the "name calling" is when you support a man for President that bragged about grabbing a woman's crotch and making fun of physically challenged people and calling Mexicans rapists and thieves etc. not to mention his communication director's vulgar rant in the media. You have these episodes of fake indignation when you read these posts but defend a man who lives by the same things you pretend to hate, you are a hypocrite, a deplorable hypocrite.

I just noticed the post about Trump keeping transgender people from the military divisions of this country. I did not vote for him but my parents did and also, because of the name-calling once again, I will defend the people that voted for whom they thought best at the time. Many older people voted for him and still believe in him regardless of what he says or does. I have to say that the Republicans that voted for Trump, many of who I personally know in this county are not stupid people, or deplorable. They are highly respected people of these communities. Regardless of what I think or anybody else, that would so much love for Trump not to be in charge does not give us the right to put down people and call them names. Rise to the occasion when it is your time to speak, take an issue and make it about what you think should or should not want and discuss it with your local electives, and follow through when other politicians came to these small towns to find out what you want. As far as the transgender thing goes, we all have different opinions about that, but that is not my call, but the way women were treated when they first became part of the military, it would be absolutely horrible for a transgender person. The thing about this subject is it has been put out there more these last few years on television, the news etc, but until you have known a person you cannot walk in their shoes. So whatever the decision, it still remains that people voted him in and now see what it is all about, should push to get him out. And it still remain after all this, why do you always resort to calling people morons and names when you post an opinion. Why would the people in office listen to a person that has such a limited vocabulary when they are posting about people they know nothing about. Until you have met and got to know a person that is transgender, I don't think you can speak for how they feel. Furthermore, when you post if you would not resort to name-calling, somebody might want to listen to you. Sometimes I feel like you come to this site to put down small towns, the people you elected into office, and belly-ache. If you want to make progress and change things you are going to have to become active in the political scheme of things and become a positive person working for a cause instead of coming across like a person with name-calling abilities. These posts may not be the same person and for that I apologize, because I hate to think there are that many people in this area who have to resort to name-calling and belly ache here and do nothing about it. Vote, become a voice, use it for something positive, bring about a change publicly and legally. Stop being a mean, ugly name-calling prejudicial person, that just causes people to want to run from this area. Please think about what and how you say things. Don't you think it would be more appropriate for your opinion to stand more noteworthy as something you don't agree with without lowering yourself to name-calling and assuming the worst in others? I know I would rather post to someone that wasn't name calling. You don't like who you have elected or who is in office, make the change, make a voice, do something rather than just complain everyday. Work toward a goal to make the place you live in more productive, talk to your local people you have elected. Call an official of higher rank, write a letter. In other words, do something with some kind of dignity instead of backwoods name-calling, we are not calling in the hogs or the cows, we need to call upon people in charge. If you have a problem with transgender people, that is not the world's problem or the transgender's problem, that is something you will have to work on in your own spirit. Quit hating, it only hurts you inside. Thank you and I hope this reached whoever needed to be touched. 

Family wants Liberty Co. commissioner held accountable

Concerning the Greg Arthur dilemma....he is a good man! No one can make him feel any worse than he already does! I noticed they sued him, CRAZY that the parents were not with their son that night but want to jump on the sue bandwagon! Accidents happen....had there been a crazy person there that you needed his weapon for....things would be different! Just saying! LuLu 

Greg Arthur. Good men don't run and hide after an accident.

To the poster regarding the young boy and Greg Arthur incident stating "where were the parents"? I'm by no means condoning Mr. Arthurs actions, but I have been attending Garner State Park for 27 years with my children and it is not at all uncommon for children of any age going to the family dance with other family members or family friends. I feel that I am a very good parent and I my self have done the same on many occasions as well as talking friends and other family members children as well. The child's parents arent to blame here at all. For all we know they could have been back at camp with another child that couldn't attend for what ever reason. Are you going to tell me that you have never let some one you know and trust take your child or children some where that you were not going to be. 

To all those bashing Greg Arthur. It's funny that when this initially happened everyone was so happy that there was some sort of law enforcement there protecting them and now all they see is money. I have known Greg Arthur for 20 plus years and he is a very compassionate man that is always there to help people. He is a Christian man that loves the Lord. If people are going to put things out there for other people to read they need to get the true facts before doing so. I know he feels bad about what happened and accidents happens but that hasn't changed who Greg Arthur is. I know God is in control and will take care of the matter. Thank God we have people like Greg Arthur out there looking out for us. Love our Arthur family. 

For the wrongful discharge of a weapon- Greg Arthur this isn't the first time he has "shot someone" by accident. This is getting to become a habit. Remember safety, guns and alcohol don't mix. 

General Comments

So looking forward to the school year starting as my oldest begins high school. We moved here a few years ago at the suggestion of a dear friend and a great deal of the reason for the move was the small town atmosphere and the good people Liberty High School has guiding our young people. People living here may not know how lucky they are to have nice friendly neighbors watching out for and teaching our children. 

I agree with the positive view of LHS. The staff wants students to succeed and it makes a difference. 

LISD is the best!! And I do not work there!!

A few years ago LHS had some realcultural problems that were easy to see at pep rallies and more difficult to see in other places it was present. But things really have changed for the better. I can understand why some parents in the area would want to tranfer teir kiddos here. 

General Comments

I don't understand why you people cannot see a President getting along with a culture of people or countries that would be a formidable enemy. It is not a bad thing that the United States and Russia get along because if they didn't as long as I have lived people have talked of what if? scenarios of a war of Russia and the U.S. would definitely be the end of us. Also, with President Obama, so he had friends of a different culture, that is also a positive thing, to get along with people of different cultures. You vote, you get people elected local and otherwise, then sit back and complain. You vote for your local town people and then complain about them. So why do you vote them in? Again, it is better to be friends with people of different countries, especially one like Russia and to get along, it is imperative to get along with people of different cultures. Somewhere in your ancestral tree, you were also an immigrant except for the Native American Indian. AND if you go far enough back in history some of the Indians traveled from Africa. I am sure I will get rebuttal on that last statement. But our entire existence would be so much better if people saw people as other human beings and tried to co-exist and be happy. If you cannot bring yourself to do that, remember the old phrase, keep your enemies closer. There is not much more anybody can say to change the old set ways of these small towns and that is a pity! May the younger generation understand and see further than the older generation can. God help us all. 

Armed Robbery at Liberty Valero

Armed Robbery at the Liberty Valero. I'll bet when they're caught their grandma or mom will tell everyone what good boys they were. Or how they were getting their lives back in order and going to church and back in school. Lol. What a joke.

General Comments

In a few weeks the Dayton Broncos will start the football season with one of the best teams on paper we have ever had. Go Big Purple! We can doit!!

Every year the West Liberty Broncos are said to be going all the way. After saying it for years, maybe they will finally do it.

General Comments

I think it's wonderful that the City of Liberty wants to "repave" the jogging and walking trail, but what about our city streets within the city limits ? Our streets are in shambles...pot holes...horrible conditions. Beaumont Avenue is TERRIBLE....especially the part which is within city limits between the 146 Bypass and the country club. Lots of citizens complaining about the condition of our streets and nothing being done...yet we are worried about a walking/jogging trail ! Are you serious ? 

Is it possible we could relocate the "jogging path", moving it from the city park to Beaumont ave. between the bypass and the country club? That would make it where we all could park our cars rather than drive on the perpetual pot hole road and exercise to get out to the country club. Not!

General Comments

It has become clear to me how things work in politics. When conservatives in Washington sin, it is valuable window into their dark souls; when liberals do the same, it is a minor and regrettable lapse, attributable to the toll taken on them for heroically advancing the morally superior cause.

General Comments

"Drive through Dayton" and see WHAT? Politicians and busy bees have done little to improve our town. People using their own hard earned money wanting to provide for their families just need the do-gooders to move out of the way!  

Love the way Dayton is starting to look! Where are the "MAKE DAYTON GREAT AGAIN" going to be sold? 

Game Wardens Investigating Fatal Boat Wreck on Lake Conroe

In response to y'all posting about the boat wreck on Conroe. Both Jason and his wife have passed away. Yes Jason at the scene and his wife a few days ago at the hospital. Prayers to there 2 children especially the young girl that was involved. I can't imagine how brave and smart this young girl is to have the snap to call first responders and direct them to the accident scene by cell phone light. 

General Comments

Well it looks like our famous commissioner, Greg Arthur, had another discharge of his firearm at a state park where a 4 year old and a 29 year old was hit. This happened once before where David Milam was accidental shot by Arthur when he was the sheriff. Looks like he needs to have his gun taken away from him. And he is running again for office? What is Liberty County coming to? 

Seems the peons always get reported on but not all public officials.

Read the negative comments on Mr. Greg Arthur on this website today, now I came back to say that you really do not know the man you are tearing down with your comments. He was Texas Dept. of Public Safety Trooper for 30 years, the last 5 being Sgt. in Liberty County and I believe you will find he had a very clean record during this service as State Trooper. Ask Mr. David Milam to tell you how the gun discharged in the incident you are speaking of, so you know the right story. Mr. Arthur served 8 years as the Liberty County Sheriff. The last point is the number of children and grandkids he has and participates with on a weekly basis. He would never ever harm a child or anyone. Now, after carrying a pistol for 38 years as part of your job and having an accident, equates to being a bad person or a Bad County Commissioner, is beyond me. If you want to run against him, do it on his record, not an accident. You do not know Mr. Arthur or his family, if you think he would shoot a 9-year-old child or any innocent person. Therefore, easy to tear down a person, when the facts are not known, but if you want to speak to him about it, he is at Hardin Baptist Church every Sunday morning for services and Sunday school. Yes, he is and tries to be a good person, because his Parents taught him that. God Bless You, the Child and Adult and Mr. Arthur! 

We keep voting for Greg Arthur no matter what he does. I am not sure what that says about him, but I am afraid I do know what that says about the majority of Hardin area voters. 

Liberty County Commissioner Pct. 2 Barney Fife 

Trump administration under 'avalanche of lies'

When I see a "Trump" t-shirt, I look to see if it says "Putin" on it! I never thought our Arch Enemies would now be the Partners of our United States President! God Bless America! 

So you think our current president is getting too close to Russian leader Putin do you. Well we had 8 years of Obama having too close a relationship with his Islamic friends. He was a traitor to Americas safety due to his Islamic friends. 

Drive through Dayton and see how their city leaders are bringing in new family oriented business. New eating establishments. More business complexes that will bring in more tax dollars for their city. The city leaders in Liberty (mayor, business manager, and the city council are doing nothing to bring in more family oriented business. What does Liberty have? Lets list it. Pawn shops, Quick loan shops, liquor stores, smoke shops, many tattoo parlors, empty dwellings. Liberty is becoming a cesspool of a town due to a city council and city manager that allows high electrical rates to keep business out and they are more concerned about a damn private airport.

My guess is the realstory on the city of liberty airport is that it is a boondoggle that benefits few but is paid for by many. Proving it is a whole different thing than guessing. 

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As a lifelong Liberty Panther football fan I am excited about the upcoming season. The decision to change cwork to win another championship.aches a few years back has allowed our school to have opportunities in sports it would not have had. Come support the kiddos and the coaches this year as the Panthers f 

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First off don't get me wrong I believe in the Fourth of July celebrations, there are a lot of places where people can see fireworks in a safe and controlled area. Every year on average 230 people are injured or killed by miss use of fireworks. Three wheelers, yard darts, beer tabs, and several other things were took off the market because of the danger they posed. People turn their children loose to play with fire works unsupervised, grownups are sometimes worse than children. Think about it if 230 people were injured by anything other than fireworks the American public would demand the product be taken off the market. I know that I'm going to get negative comments and again I am thankful we can celebrate our freedom, and I thank GOD for the USA and that I was born here. Hope you all had a good Fourth and that none of your family or friends were injured. 

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The Fourth of July means more than just a celebration of an event that happened more than two hundred years ago, it is that of course but it means that what happened keeps evolving into a better Nation, it means that we need to ask the hard questions that keep the country on the right road. Patriotism means that we reach down and ask the questions and confront the truth that makes us a great country like are we putting enough money into education? How can we improve a health care system that rewards the wealthy and ignores the poor , the elderly, the most vulnerable? Should we continue to put more than half the budget into the military? To be a patriot means that these issues and others call us to our founding ideals and end putting our national politics above our national character. 

"Our founding ideals" would require a change in the Constitution to tax and spend money like this nation has done for decades. The Founders documented their belief in a limited government and to "improve" on it like the person commenting on patriotism and the Fourth wonders about would require more than electing a liberal progressive President. It would require a Constitutional convention. If President Trump appoints one more conservative Supreme Court Justice the system of chack and balances will be revived and these "improvements" can bebe left upto the states. Remember we area a republic! 

Happy Fourth to every American out there! Today I thank God for Samuel Adams, Thomas Jefferson, John Hancock, John Adams and Benjamin Franklin and their nationalism. If they had shared former Presdient Barack Obama’s aversion to ‘aggressive nationalism, they would all have been a lot less likely to pledge their own lives, fortunes and sacred honor to what was, after all, a war for the cause of starting a new country.... one like noother. 

Okay, let’s examine what one comment calls “the truth that makes us a great country”. One offering is asking whether we are “putting enough money into education?” It implies raising school taxes would help make us a great country, but wouldn’t that mean if our expenditures per student were high, we would have the best education system. Another offering by the commentator explains we have a health care system “that rewards the wealthy and ignores the poor , the elderly, the most vulnerable?” This assertion is puzzling since the government’s healthcare system is not really used by the rich and it is designed to redistribute wealth to help the poor. Then the final offering questions the percentage of the budget that is spent on the military and goes on to say these issues “call us to our founding ideals” and “end putting our national interest first”. If the commentator really wants to answer “the call” by our founders, the defense of the country and national interest will be the priority. The federal government when calling on the founders receive no order for action on education or healthcare. Some people “use” the Constitution incorrectly to try and persuade and some misread it. The real question is who of these two choices is the commentator? A Constitutionalists that needs to reread it or a car salesman talking politics? 

 When I posted about our "national ideals" and suggested some issues that needed to be addressed I completely forgot who I was posting to, when I read the responses this am I received my daily dose of reality. The response posts were as usual completely off, they missed my point, and went into defending a warped sense of status quo instead of a more helpful social policy. I never said anything about "national interests" I said national politics, but never mind, the response post was more than likely posted after a few beers and watching some fireworks on TV and allowed him/her self to slip into some hyper patriotic sense of self righteousness. The founding ideals would not require a constitutional convention idiot. The health care system I was mentioning had to do with the one the Senate is proposing, you slack jawed moron, but again never mind, Just because you can type doesn't mean you can think logically. 

 It seems the srgument several of us looked forward to will not happen. Instead name calling and this term: "more helpful social policy", are left for those who love the Constitution to roll our eyes at.

To the poster who is looking for "an argument" and is reduced to a "eye rolling" "love of the Constitution", there was never a issue of an argument, I made my point but to those who suffer from a mediocre intellect you and your points of contention are left listing like the Battleship Texas stuck in stagnant water with little or no hope of moving beyond your ingrained ideas. 

To the "eyeroller" who had hoped to get a response from the name caller that has "better" social policy ideas, just be glad this towering intellect is not in charge. We need to elect people that have good ideas and want to improve the country WITHIN the boundaries of the United States Constitution. Thee arbitrarism witn which some of these self proclaimed geniuses approach government willonly contiunuie the trend of taking freedom away from us. I join you in rolling my eyes at their comments.

It might be good if some of us, sat down to read the 1876 United States Consitution and realize it doesn't work in 2017, no matter that it has been adapted like 300 something times, it's language and substance was vague enough to still be the acting Constitution. So, in turn read the Texas Constitution, we are living in 2017 that was made so many centuries ago, and was more specific and has been appealed and remanded more than the U.S. Constitution per year. Also, it is the longest Constitution, longer than the U.S. Constitution so it might take you a while just to get through all the amendments. It would be very interesting if all citizens take time to read while they are barking about immigrants because the immigrants to get the citizenship right, they know the Constitution and the amendments and can argue with you in a very knowledgeable conversation because it was in their knowledge to become a citizen here, not from Mexico anymore than Canada or other places. If people wold read before attacking people then maybe these small towns in Southeast Texas would not look so demeaning, hateful and just down right ignorant. Just a thought....

With the Declaration of Independence, Americans ceased claiming the rights of aggrieved Englishmen and began asserting rights that are universal because they are natural, meaning necessary for the flourishing of human nature. The Constitution is America's fundamental law but not its first law. Liberals that say the Constitution is outdated or no longer relevant, do have onearea to pursional auit changes, amending the Constitution. But the laws of this land are not irrelevant or outdated and subject to change just because the Democrats or their judges wish they were different. Or they shouldn't be anyway. 

As suggested, I sat down to read "the United States Constitution of 1876". It didn't take long. While it is true it doesn't apply to some things today, the lack of application is not for the reasons suggested by the poster. The lack of there being any United States Constitution other than the one ratifies in 1787 would have a great deal to with considering the proposition. Besides struggling with the history and the timeline, the poster is ignorant of the methods of legal application and using principles to remain faithful to "new" legal questions. 

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Recently had some dealings with Lambright. They weren't pleasant. People like him are always hanging around that public feedbag. Let's see how this goes... Lambright is the Dayton mayor who collects city taxes after being a part of the group who sets the tax rate and then sets the values of Dayton and other county property since he's camped out at the Liberty County Central Appraisal District feedbag. Then, to rub salt in the wound, he steals some of that property which he helped tax to begin and he also set the CAD value of that property. As if him serving as the Dayton mayor and the number two person at the Liberty County CAD is not enough of an ethical and perhaps legal conflict. He should be ashamed. And so should the Board of the CAD. Pitiful! 

This shouldn't be happening what is wrong with that CAD Broad allowing Lambright to do this. Its unfair to the public. Sounds like a fox guarding two hen houses. 

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Can you believe FM 1960 east of Dayton to the county line has been resurfaced and now it appears it will be over a week before they re stripe the road. It is the most poorly designed state farm to market road I have ever seen. There is a turning lane then it changes to 2 lanes east then 2 lanes west then occasionally a turn only between and now we have nothing but some reflectors on the road surface. Who knows where to go, can you imagine driving on it for the first time and trying to figure out where the heck you are suppose to be. It is insane they didn't re stripe immediately any accidents are on their head. 

Can you believe FM 1960 east of Dayton – When you see a Two-Hump Camel you are looking at a Thoroughbred Race Horse built by a Government contractor 

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Liberty Police respond yet again to the Taylor household in Liberty. A drunken party involving Samantha Taylor resulted in an off duty officer assaulting a woman. Event under investigation by the Liberty Police Department detectives office. Will Liberty PD once again cover for their own.

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Hopefully, we can put the political posturing and game playing aside, and our State Rep Ernest Bailes will get more involved so something gets accomplished on the issues that are important to all Texan’s--property tax reform and school finance reform. he is a wall flower in Austin and a motormouth back here in the district. I voted for him and still hope he will catch on and represent conservatives. 

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The Democrats set up a healthcare "system" that they knew would need repairs and they thought they knew the next step was single payer. Nobody can fix what they passed, but they knew the politics of going back to square one would be unpopular versus single payer...... something voters were adamantly against wehn all of this started. 

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Many attempts have been made to point out where the privileged among us have used tax dollars for their own narrow interests with no effect on changing the outcomes. The Liberty airport is one of them. What percentage of us really needs all the costly improvements that have soaked up tax dollars out there? The privilege unchallenged in conversations among themselves must talk about it being "their" money since they pay more in taxes, but without saying it in public, they use their political and network power to focus on things that are purely selfish. 

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We will be anxious to see if Dayton ISD is going to change their policy for bus drivers. Some of these coaches have worked far to many hours during the week to be responsible for driving our children on these dangerous roads. 

We never filed a formal complaint. We have decided if the schools are no mopre interested in the safety of our children thanto put school employees who have worked 60 or 70 hours a week behind the wheel of a school bus then we will arrange alternate transportation. Unfortunately, our tax dollars will be used to pay for lawsuits andthere is nothing we can do to prevent when irresponsible people refuse to be proactive.

People pointing out the legal and practical problems with coaches and band directors driving buses and effectively having 15 hour work days need to realize the desperate need for bus drivers. 

I understand the concern about putting tired overworked people behind the wheel with a bunch of children scrambling around the bus, but some of these people driving buses are unable to pay their bills without the extra work. 

Someone is misinformed. Coaches do not get paid in Liberty for driving a bus to sporting events. They are right about them being tired though. 

I have never worked at a school where whoever drives the bus is not compensated. That is beyond Draconian. Driving a bus is a very difficult job. I would never do it. School board members and/orSuperintendents know this and should make sure employees are well rested before they get behind a wheel driving children back and forth to school or ball games AND they should be paid! Codifying within their "duties" is chicken#@$%! 

Not to argue, but coaches do get paid to drive kids to sporting events. Coaches receive stipends for the extra duties and time involved in coaching a sport. Just like anything else in education, these coaches rarely get compensated what they are worth. Often times coaches are told that they will have to drive kids to sporting events when they are getting hired. The bigger issue is just finding people that will drive a school bus. This is complicated because you also have to find people that want to work with kids. It's a tough job and fewer people each year sign up to drive a school bus. 

I was reading about the assignments that are attached to coaching jobs and though I am not wanting to argue either, I just wonder what happens when you have a great coach apply for a job, but he or she is a horrible or reluctant bus driver? I am not sure tying these jobs together is the kind of thing us parents should appreciate. It may be difficult to hire bus drivers, but do we want to sacrifice hiring a good teacher/coach because it is easier for human resources to couple this? Do we want to endanger our children? this may sound good to people who noone wants to disagree with, but it sounds like bad policy to me. 

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Sadly the air conditioning is out again at the Liberty Animal Shelter. Same story last summer. Someone called the SPCA and reported the city! Maybe now they will get off their high horse and take action.

Re: Sadly the air conditioning is out again at the Liberty Animal Shelter. Looks like they are spending more money at Liberty Intercontinental Airport. But, I guess they just don't have enough money to spend on innocent animals. Money JUST for the elite. I knew when I read the man from Dayton was on the Liberty Airport Board, that the Liberty taxpayers were going to be spending a large amount of money on him. 

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"Duh...uh...guns don't kill people...duh uh people kill people". Duh uh uh...I just posted uh how do you say it? A real smart thing, yeah I am real smart about this gun issue. I am a republican who through its post proves to be not only massively ignorant on the issue but equally stupid in the area of common sense. Guns don't kill people, people like slack jawed republicans who support the gun culture they are the ones who kill people. The repukelicans are a national joke, a joke rather to the part of the nation that is capable of rational thought. We have now in the highest office in the land a man so incompetent that by his own hand may be facing impeachment, and that cant come fast enough. 

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If the county commisioner is going to wait until a Liberty city lot has such tall grass that it needs a hay bailer, then I guess we will need protection for our children fromall of the snakes and rats. Now I ambeginning to regret these lots were put under the county's responsibility.

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You can almost always add the media to any list of “troublemakers”, rather than heroes in high profile legal cases. There is little to compare between the current “Russian probe into Trump collusion” and Watergate because the current “scandal” when it relates to the President is totally fiction. But one thing they have in common for sure. In the Watergate investigation, Federal prosecutors and agents never truly learned anything germane from The Washington Post reporters Bernstein and Woodward. They were however, certainly mortified to see the fruits of their investigation leaked onto print. History removes all doubt the government was always ahead of the press in its investigation of Watergate, but it just wasn’t publishing its findings. 

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This guy who shot up the congressional baseball team was a violent frustrated man who hated Trump and republicans and he used a high powered rifle to sate his rage, that's the American way. He used the very right that republicans defend to kill or attempt to kill the ones who defend that sick misguided right of his, these jack asses on the news who are holding each other and wiping tears from their cheeks, sobbing about how "God saved them" make me want to wretch. I hold no compassion for these idiots, they are the ones who protect gun ownership to the point of murdering innocent people and will not make any type of regulation to end this slaughter. They are the ones who were in the sights of this evil person and will still defend this guys right to own a gun, no matter what. Doesn't this all sound a little insane? I will defend your right to own a gun, even shoot me in your full blown psychopathy, rather than do something to restrict your crazy ass from owning a gun. Now that's Republican logic. Piss on the whole bunch, what goes around comes around. 

Ahhh, is the poor victimized liberal having flashbacks to a time when he, or she, or whatever made up gender you identify with, was bullied as a kid? Does the level of hate that has overtaken your soul know any bounds? Peoples families have been literally destroyed and you are on here gloating about it. I know I said I would not do it but I'm going to go ahead and pull myself down to a childlike mentality again so we can relate to one another. You will deny this because liberals, or shall I say libtards, have no concept of logic. I know you will deny this because its logical but I hope you realize that it was a gun that killed your liberal friend. It was a gun that saved lives. I know in your mind it's the evil republicans that caused themselves to be shot since republicans are typically advocates of gun ownership. As much as we try we just can't make people like you understand that guns don't kill people...people kill people. A gun cannot act, or move, or think. It is a tool that can kill just like a car can kill, a knife can kill, a bomb can kill, a baseball bat can kill, etc., etc,. etc,. By your demented logic we should take away most everything because anything can be used to kill. Funny thing is if you look at all the people that are killed by guns in America you would find that the vast majority of them were done by democrats or people that would vote democrat if they actually voted. Oh, you are not going to accept that are you? Well look at it, do you think the criminals in the streets that have no regard for the law and live on welfare and do most of the killing would vote for Trump, or Cruz, Romney or any republican that believes people should have ambition and work? You will deny it of course but they would vote for Obama, or Hillary, or Sanders. They would vote or do vote for the democrat that wants to give them more free handouts of all kinds, and empathizes with the perceived victim mentality, and of course we can't forget the fact that democrats seem to take the side of criminals over cops. Oh I know now you will completely throw all the facts out the window and say that white, heterosexual, Christian males are the ones that commit most of the gun related violence in America and thus brings us back to why it is useless to talk with a logic or facts...just childlike emotions. By the way you are welcome, I am selling one of my investment properties next week and will be taking a large tax hit. I don't mind helping you with your victimized welfare based democratic lifestyle because I will just buy a bigger and better property and make even more money. It's known as winning...enjoy your hate. 



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