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LIBERTY, February 1, 2018 - An open letter to my community: I come to you with concern and sadness. I like living in Liberty County. We get the benefit of being near a large industrial city that creates many jobs, but we have a small town environment to live in and raise our kids. I like to raise my children in that type of environment. I want the smallest and least intrusive Federal & Local government possible and would like it to be morally fit and honest. That's why I am so concerned with the recent political environment. I have family that works in concert with local government daily in their profession and have for over 15 years. The government environment has greatly improved in honesty, transparency, and legality in the last 8 years, with only a few exceptions. There are now several candidates that threaten that much improved gain. My objection to these candidates is not based on personal feelings, political parties, grudges, revenge, or any other persuasions. For me, this is simply about moral character, fitness for the job, adherence to rule of law, and honesty. Basically, it boils down to RIGHT & Wrong. Recently, through a opens records request, i-dineout obtained and published official investigation documents and dispositions that involve current candidates. These are a matter of record and facts. This is not hearsay or opinion and should be taken very seriously. I have heard about these people and their history, but never any real detail. There is no question about what Mark Beausoleil and Phil Fitzgerald have done in this pst matter. They used their positions in government to profit off the backs of taxpayers (You & me) and attempted to destroy any political opponents that threatened their underhanded dealings. Again, the police and court records prove this. We also have a District Clerk that has not done her job. When confronted about the incompetence, she has chosen to make it personal and attack the very courts she was elected to maintain records for. She wants to make it a personal vendetta about the Judges, but her incompetence is actually an attack on the citizens that depend on her office to competently manage OUR records. The judges, attorneys, and public simply want her to do her job fairly, correctly, and without gossip and conspiracy. Instead, Donna Brown has decided to politicize her position and attack and slander anyone that questions her fitness. This election she has decided to team up with Beausoleil and Fitzgerald to attack the integrity of our courthouse. The history, audits, and records prove which parties are on the right side of the issues and the law. I'm not here for vengeance. I personally believe that will be done by a higher power. I am here to say that the people of Liberty County now have the verifiable proof of who these people are. These are facts. You know the truth if you actually read the documents. You can choose to ignore them, but it makes them no less true. It is your right to continue to support these people based on friendships, relationships, political opportunism, or whatever, but their lack of moral character is proven and on full display. We know how all three have used their political positions historically. As I said it's your right to support such candidates. I find them to be a threat to the rule of law, honesty, my community, and my way of life. Your support of them, knowing what you know, makes you a threat to me as well. Again, it completely your right to support them, just as it's mine to make my personal judgements accordingly. Please continue to display the signs of these candidates at your places of business, homes, and cars. I consider it a public service to let me know who I am dealing with, or not dealing with. I don't wish the candidates, their families, or their supporters any ill will. Frankly, I feel sorry for these candidates families. The candidates ego and thirst for power has drug their families into the mud. The candidates know very well their history and have chosen to pursue power at the cost of embarrassing their family. I watch federal politics and wonder who these people are that continue to elect proven criminals to political office year after year. I often wonder how Senators & Congressman get elected after being caught stealing money, sexual misconduct, abusing power, and blowing taxpayers money. Now I am starting to understand. People just don't care about truth, facts, or character. They let feelings and politics determine everything. I often feel helpless to have any input on these Federal elections, but I'll be damn if I won't do everything in my power to confront such atrocities in my Local government. The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

Edmund Burke 

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