Holiday Crime Prevention for Businesses

LIBERTY, October 23, 2017 - The holidays are the busiest time of year for retail sales. With more customers and transactions, employees and managers must be more vigilant over store activities and employ additional strategies to prevent theft, shoplifting and robbery. Prevention tips to reduce losses:

• Increase staffing levels during the holidays in line with expected customers.
• Train all employees, including seasonal workers, how to identify counterfeit bills.
• Greet all customers as they enter your store and make eye contact with each one.
Continue to engage them throughout their visit.
• Step up your efforts when visitors behave suspiciously i.e. scanning the store for staff
and cameras and appearing to conceal items.
• Store only what inventory is needed on the floor even when you have more in stock.
• Maintain an orderly store, so that theft is more apparent.
• If your cash receipts will increase during this time, deposit excess cash in a drop safe
and make more frequent and random trips to the bank.
• Keep small, valuable items in locked cases near the cash register.
• Lock up offices, dressing rooms not in use, employee purses and cell phones.
• Have a bag check for customer backpacks, large bags and purses.
• Use the buddy system when locking up the stores and taking out the trash.
• Encourage your customers to remove packages from their vehicles. Car prowls
increase in shopping areas during the holidays.
• Post rules of conduct in a visible location and ask people in violation to leave.
• Locate cash registers, aisles and displays so that staff can observe all store activities.
• Call in suspicious activity to the police at 9-1-1 for immediate threats to life or
property; otherwise, call the non-emergency number to the police if the activity is
occurring in Liberty at 936-336-5666.

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